Best off-road camper trailers & RVs with bathrooms

Any outdoor enthusiast would enjoy an extreme off-road trip. Choosing the right vehicle for such an adventure is important, and the first choice would be an SUV.

These vehicles are designed to handle harsh road conditions and traverse various rugged terrain types. It is not ideal for someone who wants to get off the grid for a while.

Maybe you want to escape the busy city life for a long time. Camping in a travel trailer will be an amazing experience for an outdoor lover like you.


From going and trying different units, it became clear to us that the best off-road camper was the Black Series HQ21. The best off-road camper trailer under $20,000 was clearly the Cub Explorer.

Besides those, here are the models we looked at:

Why you can trust us & how we picked

The nature in our country is beautiful and worth exploring. That’s why we got the idea of searching for the best off-road camper trailers. We’ve visited several retailers and inspected these trailers ourselves. We also asked the staff for as much information as possible before choosing our winners.

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Maybe you found a hidden gem in the wilderness and want to visit that area, which seems to be a perfect fit for camping. But the road there is almost inexistent, and the bumps and holes make it difficult for your regular trailer to cross.

That’s why you should buy an off-road trailer for such driving conditions. It allows you to reach places with difficult terrain. Since they are well equipped, you can extend your trip for longer if you feel strongly connected to the place you’re camping in. 

In this article, we will talk about the best off-road camper trailers and RVs with bathrooms. Explore them and choose your new mobile home.

Best off-road camper trailers

The best expedition vehicle for an off-road adventure is an all-terrain travel trailer equipped with a toilet and shower for all of your hygienic needs. Such a trailer allows you to escape city life without sacrificing the comfort you feel in your home. 

Here you can find more about the best off-road trailers on the market right now, as well as some tips and tricks to follow before making your big purchase!

Opus 15 Off-Road Hybrid

Opus 15 Off-Road Hybrid

This is one of the best choices when considering both durability and luxurious comfort as important factors for your mobile home. The Opus 15 Off-Road Hybrid has a design comparable to most popular road travel trailers.

Towing is made simpler by the low profile of this mobile home. An extendable top allows for extra headroom when stationary, adding more interior space. 

Considering a trailer of this size, most people would be interested in the true size of the interior. A smart design developed by this brand makes the Opus 15 a great choice for everyone, regardless of their height. The interior is larger than what the competitors offer at this size. Such a development boosts both the practicability and comfort of this trailer.

It is important to mention that there is no kitchen within the trailer. Instead, you can find it on the galley outside, which is installed with the help of the convenient slide-outs. Opus decided to do this modification to maximize internal space.

Therefore, more access and space are available for the bathroom and the living area. If you want to continue your research into small-sized and compact trailers, you should check this guide. 

Specifications of the Opus 15 Off-Road Hybrid are presented in the table below.

Length15 feet
Ball Weight496 pounds
Aggregate Trailer Mass6393 pounds
Trailer Tare Weight4188 to 5511 pounds

Black Series Classic 12

The Black Series Classic 12 is slightly smaller than the Opus 15 presented above. Due to its compact size, this off-road trailer is perfect for couples or travelers with one extra guest. The top can extend when stationary, eliminating tall owners’ height issues. A slide-out extends at the back and increases space. 

Black Series Classic 12

It has an extra bunk and a bed that can be converted on the inside. Like the Opus 15, this off-road trailer also features a galley outside. Eliminating the kitchen from the inside space makes the interior much more comfortable. The bathroom is made of fiberglass and equipped with a toilet and shower

Black Series HQ21 inside

The freshwater tank of this mobile home has a capacity of 50 gallons. It should be enough for a couple that plans to stay in the wilderness for a few days. 

If this trailer caught your attention, take a look at all the features you get to benefit from once you make the Black Series Classic 12 your new mobile home:

  • Internal toilet and shower included
  • A table that is removable and adjustable to your own preferences
  • The flooring consists of modern vinyl
  • Leather seats in the dinnete style installed in the lounge
  • 24-inch TV with DVD functions

Black Series HQ21

Black Series HQ21 kitchen

Another popular choice from Black Series is the HQ21 model. While the Classic 12 is the smaller variant, the HQ21 is Black Series’ bigger option. It has a 21-foot cabin with a durable exterior. The interior is comfortable and elegant with an interesting layout.

Black Series HQ21

The HQ21 has distinct compartments which are situated next to each other. This design is more practical than cramming the bathroom equipment into a single space. 

One of such compartments has a toilet and a sink, but a private one is also found nearby. This one contains the fiberglass shower and is separated from the rest of the space to ensure privacy. The shower door will slide to your convenience and won’t take up space in the hallway when opened. 

Black Series HQ21 kitchen

Conqueror UEV-25

This off-road travel trailer sets the standard for luxury and comfort while camping in the wilderness. With the luxury and comfort it offers, the UEV-25 will make your trip unforgettable. High practicability and relentless performance are also important factors that contribute to the reliability of this off-road mobile home. 

This company decided to think outside the box and considered new approaches when they built the UEV-25. The aviation industry’s components are used for this trailer’s elegant body design. Such an implementation helps with weight reduction. However, it also delivers outstanding insulation protecting travelers from the harsh weather outside. 

Bruder EXP-6

Bruder EXP-6 inside

On the outside, the EXP-6 may appear intimidating and ready for the most extreme off-road conditions. On the inside, the interior is comfortable and practical.

The EXP-6 performs exceptionally on difficult terrain since it got a high degree of articulation. The innovative suspension allows for more wheel travel time compared to most conventional trailers on the market. 

The kitchen is situated on the trailer’s side wall. Therefore, travelers can use it both from the inside and outside. There are 2 refrigerators available in the kitchen, one of them easily accessible with a sliding mechanism outside. 

Bruder EXP-6

A typical door situated at the back of the trailer will be your mobile’s home main entrance. With the help of the performant suspension, the height can be adjusted. You can set your mobile home on any level that you desire.

A high level will protect the chassis when you’re towing the EXP-6 through rough terrain. However, a low level will offer easier access and comfort when you settle down and expand your mobile home. 

Such an extreme off-road camper can only be described through the most impressive specifications.

Sleeping capacity4 to 6 people
Solar power800 Watts
Battery600AMP Lithium
Water capacity52 gallons
Tare weight5070 pounds
Aggregate Trailer Mass7716 pounds

Taxa Mantis

The Taxa Mantis is one of the best choices for travelers looking to purchase off-road trailers. It has all the basic features necessary. At night, up to four people can sleep in this mobile home. 

A couch that can be extended at night will offer a comfortable sleep. A hammock is available for your convenient use to relax in the daytime. This hammock can also serve as a 5th sleeping space if necessary, allowing accommodation for one extra guest. Tents are also included and will be useful if you have a large group of friends camping with you.

Interior space is relevant to your comfort, and you shouldn’t feel cramped in your own personal space. Luckily, the team at Taxa created the Mantis with this detail in their mind. Mantis has a unique design that can be useful in many ways.

You can use the interior space to the fullest. Some shelves will hold crates for better storage, and other sections can be modified to your needs. More amenities necessary for the day to day life are included. It makes long-distance travel with the Mantis much more comfortable. 

A fully equipped bathroom will be useful when you’re isolated deep in nature. An air conditioner will keep you cold during the heat waves. A furnace will provide you with a comfortable temperature during cold days. 

Best off-road camper trailers under $20,000

Customers are increasing the popularity of off-road camper trailers because they are reliable and comfortable. The companies producing them are trustworthy, operating under high-quality standards. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best off-road camper trailers under $20,000:

Skamper Kampers Ranger XL

With a selling price of just $10,500, this tent trailer is ideal for those looking for more affordable options. This is the company’s best-selling product. Its increased popularity successfully convinces more and more travelers to explore and live off-grid more. If you want to travel light, you should also check out the best small travel trailers on the market. 

By consistently improving its offers, this company placed its market position at the top way above competitors in this field. Ranger XL is their signature product. The durability is shown through the aluminum body and chassis, which will not allow any rust to form.

Compact and basic but with exceptional off-road capabilities, this off-road camper trailer will get you to a lot of places difficult to reach.

Families will find the tent ideal, which is 9 feet high. For an additional option, the length can be increased to 12 feet allowing accommodation for larger groups. The kitchen unit is well equipped, and a bench extension will give you more space.  

Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of the Skamper Kampers Ranger XL:


  • High value for the money
  • Repleacable parts and panels
  • Easy to set up
  • Strong and durable in construction


  • No option for second water tank
  • The kitchen is small
  • Basic electrical setup

Challenge Outback Off Road Deluxe

Most of the trailers produced by the Challenge brand have a side-fold. The Outback Off Road Deluxe model is no exception to this feature. Even those buyers that are strict with durability will be satisfied with their purchase. This off-road camper trailer has a robust frame, a drawbar, and a tailgate latch that is unique to Challenge’s style. 

Maybe you find the customization option important for your purchase. This trailer comes in 7 different colors available for you to choose from. For an additional cost, color matching will satisfy your inner aesthetic side.

The tent comes with a 10 feet height with larger sizes available for an additional cost. Basic features, such as a high-quality mattress and a kitchen wall, are already included.

Talking about the latter, the kitchen offers a variety of amenities. One such is the stove with a removable sink. An 86 liters water tank is also included as well as a variety of alternative equipment choices.

Priced at $18,950, this trailer will always be a valuable investment for outdoor enthusiasts who want to travel within a budget.

Cub Explorer

This company builds sturdy and dependable campers with increasing popularity due to their positive reviews. A full off-road warranty is included, taking your stress away when you’re starting your off-road trip in the wilderness. Cub’s unique winch system is well known, making the task of towing your trailer incredibly easy. 

Although the Explorer can be considered a basic option, it includes everything necessary for a prolonged off-road trip. Practicability is a strong point since this camper is all about maximizing its capabilities.

At the camper’s ceiling is an LED light with high brightness. The storage space is underneath the bed, and two 12V plugs are available for use. They are draining power from the battery, which is attached to the side in order to maximize space. 

The interior layout of this camper trailer sticks to traditional principles followed by other manufacturers in the industry. The price of this off-road camper is $19,990 sitting at just $10 under our starting budget.

For the value and performance Cub offers on their Explorer models, this seems to be the ideal choice for those who want to maximize the capabilities of their mobile home. 

What to look for

The greatest advantage of owning an off-road camper is the flexibility to travel anywhere regardless of the road conditions. Most conventional campers prefer to stay in nature. Therefore, these mobile homes are equipped with all the necessary equipment required for outdoor survival.

Comfort might not be as high as the one found in traditional travel trailers. However, outdoor enthusiasts admit that it’s more fun and enjoyable when you can get off the beaten path.

The main objective of an off-road camper is practicability over rough terrain. Efficiency is also measured, and comfort should be delivered even during the harshest weather conditions nature offers. 

Before choosing your favorite camper and making a purchase, you should take into consideration and analyze some features that are found in every off-road trailer:

  • Suspension
  • Chassis
  • Frame
  • Basic amenities
  • Hitch
  • Strong External Protection
  • Weight

A strong chassis with tight pieces is the standard for all off-road campers. When facing the elements of the wilderness, your mobile home should be the comfort zone and the safe place that will give you some stability. That’s why extra attachments are typical for such products.

How much do they cost?

You can find off-road camper trailers at any price, so it depends on your budget and your needs. There are some great options below $20,000, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money especially if you only want to take some weekend trips during the year. But those that appreciate luxury and have no limits on their budget will find some high-end options priced above $1,000,000.


How much does a Black Series HQ19 cost?

The Black Series HQ19 sells for an average price of $84,000. This luxurious off-road trailer has a lot to offer for this price. It makes the price worth it for the high-quality product you’ll get.

Who makes the Black Series camper?

Black Series campers are manufactured by GIV PTY LTD, a family-run company operating in this field for more than 11 years. They are popular among outdoor enthusiasts due to their creativity and affordability.

How much does a black series HQ15 cost?

The Black Series HQ15 camper costs $59,995. Slightly cheaper and smaller than the famous HQ19 produced by this company, this trailer offers the same high-quality experience promised by this manufacturer.

Are there any 4WD RVs?

Yes, there are many 4×4 RVs, and they are fit for traveling across extreme off-road terrains using all four wheels. They have an increased ground clearance which will eliminate any risk of damaging the underside of the vehicle. 

How much do Earthroamers cost?

Earthroamers are the leaders of luxury and elegance in off-road traveling. The HD model produced by them will cost you $1,700,000. For this price, traveling in style is guaranteed even in the harshest conditions. These astonishing trailers have a modern and minimalistic outlook. If your style is old-school, you can find the best vintage retro campers here.

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