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We strive to work with architects who design homes that meet the IRC when they are designed. Architects cannot consider the local codes where these homes may be built. Some of these plans could potentially not work for your building project.

Different states and municipalities may have different requirements. There may be other scenarios where there are usually stricter building codes.

Before you start building your home, ensure the plan lives up to the applicable building codes where you live. It may require a licensed structural engineer to review and stamping the plans when you are applying for local permits.

Passion Plans’ liability will not be more than what you paid for the house plans when you bought them under any circumstance. Passion Plans cannot be held responsible for any wrongdoing that occurred throughout the process of building your home.

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Terms of use

These Terms of Use (these “Terms”) make up the legal agreement between the user and Passion Plans and dictate your use of this website. It includes any products or services offered, including purchasing and using house plans offered through this platform. It includes other platforms owned by the business.

By using this platform or any other product or service the company offers, you acknowledge having read and understood the terms. You agree to be bound by this as a legally binding agreement.

Using our platform and website

This website and platform are only used by users considered adults under their respective countries’ legislation. You may not use this platform to use or purchase any plans from this site under any circumstance if not considered an adult.

What you can’t do

You agree to engage in no action against the list of things not permitted by the terms and conditions on this website.

  • You must follow all applicable laws, present or future. You must follow laws and other judicial authorities applicable in your respective region.
  • You may not in any form share images, video or material that you aren’t legally allowed to share. It includes but not limited to any materials being covered by intellectual property rights.
  • You may not falsely state or otherwise misrepresent any person.
  • You may not in any shape or form try to access information in illegal ways or violate the security of the site or “scrape” information.

Our privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us and is outlined in our privacy policy. You can find a link at the bottom of this page. We specify your privacy terms when using this platform and its various services. Using Passion Plans, you consent to collecting and sharing various data and information. You also accept that you are solely responsible for staying up to date with our privacy policy. We may choose to change any terms specified in it.

Ordering house plans from our website

The brief description

You agree that Passion Plans cannot be held reliable for anything that happens before, during, or after the construction of any building. You agree you are solely responsible for ensuring the plans live up to any local or country legislation. You will ensure the required permits necessary to proceed with the project. Passion Plans cannot be held liable for any part of your project’s planning or construction or other parts. It includes but is not limited to mental and physical to any property or other entity.

The plans we sell on our platforms are created by designers or architects (each a “Pro”). In certain instances, Passion Plans may own the copyright for those plans. We license those rights to use the house plans following the purchased package. When a Pro owns the rights, we license the rights from the designer and sublicense these rights to you. Otherwise, the rights are licensed straight to you from the Pro. By licensing agreements, you agree to the terms through the transaction.

Enganging in a transaction

House plans can be ordered from our platforms by paying the agreed amount. You are responsible for any taxes and handling costs. You are responsible for other costs associated with the transaction, not charged during the act of the transaction. That includes any costs associated with the potential requirement for getting plans reviewed by an engineer. It includes other professionals in your local area to ensure compliance with local building codes. Any refund policy is outlined on our page dedicated to the purpose. Plans may be sold in various currencies specified on each page.

Free plans may be sold through this website or platforms. You agree that Passion Plans may share the information provided as part of that transaction with other companies. These companies may contact you by way of their choosing, including telephone and email. They may contact you through text/SMS and physical email. They may contact you in other ways, including using an automated dialing system.

You agree that Passion Plans may choose to use the information you have provided at our convenience. It includes various marketing campaigns and more. You also agree to share the information in ways we deem appropriate with internal and external parties.

Customizing house plans

You agree that you will not attempt to modify house plans unless allowed. You additionally agree not to ask third parties to modify house plans for you unless allowed. You agree that any breach of this agreement will immediately and effectively void your licensing rights. The rights will be revoked and returned to either Pros or Passion Plans. You may no longer in any shape or form attempt to use the house plans where the rights were breached. You also agree that breaching this agreement will entitle Passion Plans and Pros to fair compensation for a breach of those rights. You are responsible for paying any reasonable costs incurred by Passion Plans or Pros regarding handling the breach of your rights.

Reach out to us if you’re looking for someone to:

  • Customize your design
  • Get input
  • Figure out what the right style is for you

The right to customize house plans

You agree that only permitted parties will attempt to customize any house plans obtained through the legal transaction. You agree that if you desire to change any house plans acquired. You will acquire the necessary licenses through the legal transaction. You also agree that you will only try altering any plans acquired through this site, for which the transaction allows the altering. You are aware that not all options permit the transfer of such licenses. You agree to contact Passion Plans regarding any questions regarding licensing rights unconditionally. The only transfer of licensing rights outside the purchase agreement specified on this page requires written consent. No licensing rights can be passed on through verbal agreement. Any verbal agreement shall be considered void without the immediate issuance of a written confirmation.

Additional services provided by Passion Plans

Passion Plans may choose to offer additional services outside the licensing and sublicensing of house plans. It includes but is not limited to the revision of house plans. Should you be interested in services outside the previously mentioned legal transaction, such services are considered “more services.” They are quoted independently. You will receive a price quote specifying an additional fee. You will become liable for by agreeing to the terms specified in the said quote. You agree that you are not entitled to any alterations of any house plans without engaging in more services. The scope of those services will be limited to the specific quote provided and agreed upon.

You agree that more services will not include any engineering services required by local building departments. It includes adhering to local building regulations and lot or site evaluation and estimating services.

When you decide to engage in more services, you will be deemed to agree to pay the quoted cost stated on your specific quote. Payment becomes due immediately at the agreement of proceeding with the desired alterations of the mentioned plans.


By using said services or visiting the various platforms owned by Passion Plans, you agree your interaction does not constitute a joint venture or partnership. It does not constitute an employment or agency relationship between the various parties. By using these services, you agree that you have read and fully understood the outlined terms and conditions. You will keep yourself updated by visiting this page before any interaction with the platform. Visiting this platform constitutes agreement to the most updated terms and conditions.


We strive to have house plans live up to building codes. It’s done to make it easy to get approved by your local government’s building department. By transacting with the platform, you agree any product you buy through our platform is provided without any warranties of any kind. We do not promise that the house plans live up to local regulations. Nor that you will be able to get them approved at the state that you buy them in.

You agree it is your responsibility alone to make sure that you build your house while abiding by the necessary laws. We cannot be held accountable for any damages in any shape or form.

Submitting information to the platform

When you submit information to the platform, you acknowledge and agree to submit information to us. You provide us with unrestricted and perpetual rights to use and otherwise use any information submitted to us as we see fit. This includes selling any information included in connection with the nature of this platform.

By submitting this information to us, you promise that you have the necessary rights to grant such authority rights to us. You agree we cannot be held liable.

You also agree that we have the right to terminate any agreement we may have at our sole discretion. We can do so with or without notice. Such can be done at our convenience for any reason. You agree that we may terminate any party’s access to the platform. It includes any material shared on the platform. Upon terminating such rights, any rights will be returned to the original rights holder.

You agree that the platform will not be held liable in any case when rights are terminated. You additionally grant us the right to modify any content submitted to us at our sole discretion. It includes but is not limited to making any changes to the house plans. You additionally agree that we may limit and terminate or discontinue any content. You agree that we may change the product listing that we see fit. It includes but is not limited to changing the price and changing the description to any product listing.

You additionally agree to pay any fees or charges agreed to. The platform may withhold earnings corresponding to the charges owed to us and reasonable charges incurred.

Information we may keepWhat we use it for
Login informationIt makes it easier for you to pick up on your journey.
NameIt lets us tailor marketing messaging.
Contact informationIt allows us to get in touch with you if we need to.
IPKeeping location information allows us to know how to tailor marketing.

Agreeing to the various terms

Using this website, you agree to abide by the terms laid out on this page. You agree to visit this page to continuously monitor changes to the terms and conditions that we operate by. Using this platform, you agree that you accept the latest version of these terms. You agree your use acts as a commitment to abide by the latest version of the terms and conditions page.

You agree that you approve of and will abide by all the information listed on various pages. It includes but is not limited to the:

  • return policy
  • the disclaimer
  • the copyright pages.

You will continuously stay updated on any changes made to those. Your continued use of the platform means you agree to the most recent version of those pages.

The return policy

By buying any product from this website, you agree that you fully understand and accept the return policy. You also agree that the return policy listed in the footer section lists all the terms for potentially returning a product. It supersedes any verbal agreements. You agree that the terms listed on that page at the purchase constitute all legal meanings of the words “return policy.” The terms listed on the relevant page are the only ones that hold up in the case of a legal dispute. You agree that any verbal agreements cannot be considered legally binding under any circumstance.

Purchase price, $Credit received, $

Limitations of liability

By using any part of this platform, you agree that we cannot be held liable for any reason. It includes but is not limited to purchasing any products offered by this platform. Suppose you have any issues with any parts of the offerings of this website. You agree to immediately stop engaging in the action that can reasonably be assumed to cause the given issue. Immediately notify us of anything causing you problems. You agree that we cannot be held liable for any reason. It includes anything that may come up during the construction process. It also includes but is not limited to unforeseen fees related to obtaining building licenses or any other fees.

Waiving your right to Class Action lawsuits, mandatory arbitration, dispute resolution, and governing law when using our platform

By using our platform, you agree to handle any disputes by arbitration. You agree to waive your right to Class Action lawsuits. The use of arbitration is that you agree that disputes are handled individually with the arbitration. You agree that your right to a jury trial is additionally waived. You agree that you limit the remedies available to you should a dispute happen. You agree that any disputes related to our platform or other assets operated by the company shall be handled and will be resolved by arbitration procedures set below. You agree that the arbitrator and not a court solely determine any dispute. Every single claim can only be handled by itself. Other people’s claims may not be bundled. By using this platform, you agree that you waive the right to trial by jury. You agree that you fully understand the implications of the use of arbitration dispute handling.

With arbitration being used as the medium for handling disputes, you agree that you understand this process. It involves using neutral arbitrators and no judge or jury will be involved in the process. The arbitration may seem more formal than a court trial. The arbitration verdict is legally binding the same way that court trials are. You agree any arbitration cases will be brought forward in the state of North Carolina with the use of North Carolina law. You will seek to honor the arbitration process.

You may not make any public remarks regarding the arbitration process. You will never talk about your dispute resolution with any non-essential people. You agree the decision and result of the dispute shall be treated as a confidential issue. You are not entitled to share any outcome publicly.

We may want to outline these limitations to dispute handling. We are sure that the absolute vast majority of disputes will not have to go through this process. We have a very talented customer service team that seeks to work with our users to handle any issues they may have in the best way possible.

Maybe you have bought a modern house plan or a mansion. You find yourself having trouble with your purchase. Please proceed to our contact page, where one of our team members will be happy to assist you with your case. We understand disputes are one of the consequences of running a business where thousands of people come by our platform every day. We also hope that you understand our desire to try and resolve such matters before making use of arbitration. We tend to find that most disputes can be handled in a very civil manner that does not require the need for outside parties.

Modification to these terms

By using this platform, you agree that we may modify the terms and conditions listed on this page whenever we wish to. You agree that we may modify the terms either in whole or parts and at our sole discretion. You also agree to comply with changes to the terms when they go into effect. Changes to our terms and conditions will go into effect immediately as they are posted unless anything else is specified. You agree that we may choose to change the terms as we wish. Your use of this Platform constitutes agreement with our updated terms.

How to contact us with disputes

You agree to contact us through the contact page indicated on this website with any potential disagreements. You agree that you will spend 30 days resolving any potential dispute with our customer service team before starting an arbitration process.

You can contact us through:

  • Contact form
  • Email
  • Phone
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