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Questions regarding specific house plans

Maybe you are contacting us regarding questions specific to one of the house plans. It is better to narrow down and point out the specific house plan you are referring to and the specific question. We cannot answer some questions, such as whether specific plans will live up to the specific building codes. You will likely have someone local sign off on the plans to ensure compliance with local building codes.

Maybe you are wondering whether you may change certain aspects of a plan. It helps us significantly the more specific you can be in what you are looking for. If you want to know what sort of elevation is intended for the specific plans, then let us know about that. Suppose you have a general question regarding whether we have floor plans with the specifications you want. We will be happy to see if we can better match you with what you are looking for. Our platform is very robust in how it has been set up, allowing you to do very specific site searches yourself.

You can start by determining what type of house you may be looking for. Choose only to see houses that work with a narrow lot by setting the maximum width of the lot you are building on. You can then specify if you want a single-story or a 3-story home by adjusting the various parameters.

We encourage you to read this specific section of our website concerning copyright issues. Maybe you have found out that there are designs or plans available on here that do not have the necessary copyright permits.

Please contact us as quickly as possible to take the necessary actions. As a platform selling digital products, we know how hard it is to ensure proper compliance with copyright regulations. When we are made aware of such issues, we take swift action to address them to comply.

Suppose you find the plans available on different websites. We always appreciate being made aware of them contacting those websites and having them taken down. We want to ensure the livelihood of the architects we work with. We find that some plans are made available through other websites that often have malicious intentions. They lure their users to submit private information.

They promise that you will then save some money on plans. We will make it very clear that engaging in actions that may get your plans without having to pay for them is illegal.

Architects spend a lot of time creating those house plans, and we want to make sure they also get what they deserve. Sharing your private information on a questionable website will leave you at significant risk. It may be unintentionally shared across the website, leaving you and your loved ones at risk.

Do you want to customize house plans?

With some of the plans, you can work together with an architect to modify the plans you are interested in. It is very difficult for us to do much without actually knowing what you are interested in.

If you want a wall to be removed from the plan or anything else, it might be a small task. If you want to add an entirely new story to the house, it is more substantial. An architect will not just need to know what you would want to have on that specific floor level. The rest of the plans would also need to be altered to accommodate the changes you hope to make. It may end up being changes of a significant nature.

If you want to have any changes made, you must be as specific as possible. It allows us to best estimate the amount of work included in the task. Being specific in your initial email helps you think about the aspects you may consider putting into the plans. You’ll realize what features are important.

I want a consultation with an architect

There may be certain things that you know for sure that you will want, like whether you want 2 to 4 bedrooms. You might not know the more specific aspects. An architect could recommend suggestions for you to start looking into.

Suppose you are a young couple looking to find something that is affordable and practical. You might be interested in the possibilities offered by building a duplex. If you want something that stands out more, we might consider some more modern options.

Many of our users find that it can significantly help to have a conversation with an architect. It helps ensure they aren’t missing out on any important considerations in this important stage of their lives.

Do you think your question is one that others may have asked previously?

We get asked many various questions. What you are interested in hearing more about may have already been addressed before.

We have various sections of the website that you may be interested in reading. It includes the section containing many of our users’ questions. To find it, visit the FAQ section listed at the bottom.

What is your return policy?

We have made a specific section dedicated to our return policy. We are talking about a digital product that has taken architects many hours to make. We hope you understand our stance on the matter. Please find a link to that specific page at the bottom of this page.

How do I find all the different categories that we have available on the site?

We are adding more and more house plans on the site and seeing which ones are gaining more popularity from our users. We are continuously adding more categories to the top menu navigation bar, where you can easily jump between categories.

Maybe you already know the type you are looking for, like a U-shaped or narrow lot option. We also have a search function that will take you directly to those options.


We are still a growing platform and have yet to establish our footprint fully. We are curious to explore advertising opportunities with manufacturers interested in being placed in front of home builders. We envision working together with construction material manufacturers, including those creating roofing and siding.

Do you have any ideas about how you would be interested in advertising with Passion Plans? Get in touch to see if there is potentially enough value for you to get exposure on our website.

All the advertising we offer on this platform is marked as an advertisement. We do not publish paid articles that only intend to link back to other websites. We may choose to publish articles provided by other websites. We will only consider doing so to the extent that it complies with Google’s guidelines on the topic and benefits our user base. We have no interest in unsolicited, low-quality articles. Refrain from contacting us if you are trying to get out of it.

To comply with the various guidelines from Google and FTC, we are mainly interested in offering banner advertising on our platform. We can incorporate your banner into specific sections of the website. We can work with relatively small budgets to test out. Let’s make sure you get the value out of it that you are hoping for.

We do not provide cost estimates to build homes

We would love to tell you what it will cost to build your dream home. It is not the business that we are in, nor are we qualified to do that.

We understand that it would be great for you to know. Given the many factors influencing building costs, it is not something we can guide you on.

I am still not sure how to proceed.

If you are still unsure what you should do next, please follow the instructions at the top of the page. An associate will help you answer the questions you may have. We dream that you get the home you have always wanted. It is an important process you are currently going through.

How much do house plans cost?

That question is similar to “how much does a car cost” in many ways. Many variables will play a huge role in how house plans are priced. Many of the ones we offer on the site come with a price tag of around $1,000. It is not unlikely that you can find ones that are cheaper on our platform. You can find house plans that are significantly more expensive than that. It’s often the case when you are either looking in the category with modern options or the especially luxurious ones.

The price we choose to sell the house plans includes careful consideration. We estimate the market is for those specific plans and how many competing designs we have for that category. We have sophisticated math helping us ensure that we make the beautiful design more accessible. We want to provide architects with fair compensation for their hard work in the process.

We will sometimes discount products and sell them slightly cheaper than usual. We do not encourage you to wait around to see if you can get a better deal on them. You may have to wait many months.

What drawings are included in a typical set of house plans?

It is always a good idea to understand what you’re buying.

If you have been to other platforms, you may find out that some of those platforms miss significant aspects in their offering. You won’t be able to build a house simply by buying the products they are offering.

We cannot ensure that your licenses are granted based on the product you buy from us. We structure our products to maximize your chance of easily obtaining the necessary building licenses required.

These are the things that are usually included when you buy from us.

  1. A foundation plan will show you how we intend for you to build the type of foundation you have chosen. Many of our plans will let you choose between the type of foundation you want. It can vary between a slab or crawl space, and the drawings will include things such as the post and beams. It also includes the footing layout and aspects of the structural slab necessary to start building.
  2. The floor plan shows a layout of the entire house, including the layout of rooms and doors. Find walls and windows marked as well.
  3. The roof plan includes and illustrates ridges and roof valleys. It also includes other important aspects of the roof and its intended use. Chimneys and decorative elements will likely be included. Slopes and material suggestions may be included.
  4. The exterior elevation will give you an understanding of what the house looks like when you see it from the side. It usually includes materials for the roof and walls.
  5. Electrical plans show the layout of light switches and lighting fixtures.
  6. Notes on how to build the specific home.
  7. A building section that shows the home relative to things such as slopes.

Combining these many things should help ensure easy approval of the necessary building licenses. We are always ready to assist you with further questions.

Questions regarding building codes

Do you have specific questions about building codes in the area you live in? Unfortunately, we are not qualified to answer specific questions about the various building codes in the area you live in.

There are no universal building codes that have been applied by all counties and across all different countries. Some areas have very specific requirements for what they will allow. Other places may be a lot more relaxed regarding this specific topic. We may have our architects review certain house plans and ensure they live up to the most common building codes. It might be an additional service that we provide.

We get users from various counties and countries. It is very hard for us to tell you if we have someone on our team who is an expert in the requirements where you live. It is better to have a local architect comment on it. See whether they believe that we are offering options that would easily be approved where you live. You can ask your local architect if they can adjust the options that we already have available.

Other topics

We’re a growing platform that attracts more and more users every month. We are naturally interested in exploring new ways of doing things. That means if you have something you are very passionate about, we would be happy to hear from you.

Are you an architect?

If you would like to be among the earlier architects displayed on our platform, get in touch with us. We have a lot to offer, and we offer better conditions for architects than most of the other platforms out there. We are also sincerely committed to further improving our platform and our services.

Read the sections at the bottom to better understand our minds when working with architects. You will find additional information on topics such as copyrights and return policies. We have spent time elaborating, so any partner who may reach out understands our philosophy.

Are you an aspiring home builder who has previously bought from us and you found out that you aren’t happy with your purchase?

We understand if you bought a design but later found out you were more interested in one L-shaped design. We understand that people sometimes buy things that they. Later on, you find out that you shouldn’t have bought it. Perhaps you changed your mind. Perhaps you found out that you don’t want a house that is quite as big as you thought you wanted. Instead, you found out that something slightly smaller was better for you and your family. There are times when we all make mistakes and when you may want to change your mind. Perhaps you didn’t sit down with your significant other and find out what sort of features it was that you wanted. You made the mistake of continuing to browse even after finishing your purchase.

When you kept browsing, you kept coming across previous designs that you hadn’t previously seen. You ended up convincing yourself that you chose the wrong design for your house. We go to great lengths to try and teach home builders about the things they should be looking for. You must determine the right house plans to go with for their needs. You must make sure that your entire family’s needs are considered before you make a purchase.

We do not offer refunds, given the nature of the product. We would love to offer refunds and be able to give you back all the money for the product. It would simply be impossible to ensure that the products are adequately being returned. We offer a 65% credit towards your next purchase instead.

The purchase price, $Credit toward a future product, $

Many other platforms don’t offer any refunds. We only find it fair that you get most of the value back when you make a purchase you aren’t happy with. When we offer you a credit worth 65% of the value of your initial purchase, that is our way of trying to remedy the situation. We want to ensure that you are still happy with the service we are providing. You are getting most of the value back by giving you a 65% credit towards purchasing a different house plan. It will give you a major discount on your alternative purchase.

We aren’t giving a full credit towards your next purchase. We have a lot of talented architects that we work with. Most of the money is sent to them when you buy from us. We want to be sure that they also feel that they are being treated fairly. We send the money to the architects quickly when you buy from us. We would have to approach the architects and ask that they send the money back to us if we provide full refunds. By giving you credit, we feel that we are still honoring the quality work that they are doing. We ensure the architect does not feel that their work is being taken for granted by giving you this credit.

What do other similar platforms do? Maybe you have been on other platforms similar to ours. It will be no surprise that most of them do not offer any refunds on purchases. That means that all your money will be lost if you decide on buying the wrong design. We do not feel that that is fair either. We believe our refund policy is a fair hybrid that is fair to both the user and the architects that we work with.

Do you know someone we should work with?

We are currently reaching out to architects to grow the number of house designs that we offer here. We also know some users come to the platform that may help us get in touch with architects whom they know already.

If you design homes yourself or know someone who does, we would love to connect with you. Can you connect us with someone who owns at least 25 different designs that meet our quality requirements? We are even ready to compensate you for the introduction! While we won’t work with all architects, we work with architects who produce high-quality house plans.

Connect us with an architect who owns the rights to at least 25 designs that we approve for sale on this website. We will compensate you for the value of 5% of the architect’s products in the first year. If you connect us with an architect with 25 designs sold once every two months at a value of $1,000, you are entitled to a compensation of $7,500. If the architect has more designs that they can share with us, your compensation can also increase as a consequence.

Number of designs sold per month, $1,000 average priceYour compensation per month

Passion Plans is a relatively new company in the space. We have experienced significant growth across the various categories in selling house plans. While the vast amount of our traffic comes from the United States, we also increasingly see traffic from other countries.

We offer more favorable conditions to architects than a lot of the other leading house design companies out there. At the same time, we are growing at a rate that far exceeds the industry standard. We work closely with architects interested in a more prominent partnership with us. We share a lot of analytics data from our website to make it easier to create designs that will attract users’ attention.

We are very interested in some of the more common designs, like those that include:

  • single-story houses
  • two-story houses.
  • Duplexes

We are also very open to more unique designs. We are experiencing significant growth in the interest of our L-shaped and angled-garage house plans!

Passion Plans
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