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This page will include a list of all the most frequently asked questions (commonly referred to as FAQ) as well as our disclaimer.

How does the Passion Plans platform work?

Passion Plans works by being a platform that transparently brings together architects and users.

Users can easily browse the many already-made house plans available on the site. Unlike some platforms, we are not limited to publishing plans in a couple of categories. You will currently be able to find an array of different categories, including H-shaped and narrow lots. They are currently our most popular categories, but not our only ones. We also have the traditional 3 and 4 bedroom places that you can check out.

The fundamental limitation is your mind. You can always work with an architect if you find a plan that fits 95% of your desires. Have them make the modifications that ensure you’re getting the dream home you want.

How does the platform work for architects? Does it cost anything?

Our platform is built on the principle that when you have success, you have success. It means we won’t charge architects to be listed on the site. We believe that’s wrong. There are already too many expensive marketing channels out there that promise a whole lot and provide very little. We want to be different.

What we provide is a way for architects to easily be seen by thousands of people. It increases the transparency in the market. We enable architects to remain without worrying about the cumbersome task of selling the masterpieces you’re creating.

However, we have also invested and are continuously investing massively in growing the platform. Unfortunately, that is not cheap.

What does that mean for you? Some may not believe it is fair to take a significant portion of the sale when plans are sold. It is our way of keeping the platform at no risk for architects while providing the marketing initiatives to grow it. You have to feed your family, so do we. Suppose you do not feel that the conditions are fair. You can permanently remove the designs from the platform. We will peacefully go our separate ways. If you would instead create plans rather than sell them, this may be the platform where you can do so. We’ll provide the platform and drive the users, and you list the designs you have available.

Are you ready to talk with us to see if there is a basis for us to work together in the future? If so, feel free to reach out. We can talk.

Passion Plans is a relatively new platform established in 2020 to help homeowners and architects meet. We let homeowners buy pre-made plans easily and for architects to sell them conveniently.
This platform aims to help increase transparency in the home building industry. We want to make it easier for homeowners to get the homes they desire without starting from scratch with an architect.
We admire the craft of architecture. We also admire the desire to make the home building more accessible to anyone interested in the activity. We believe that is done by increasing the future homeowners’ accessibility to affordable plans. We want to allow them to work with an architect to customize those already made plans.

You’re taking advantage of the many thousands of hours that have spent on the craft-making of these beautiful plans. At the same time making, it is a lot more affordable to have customizations made if you don’t find anything perfect.

We also believe that it can often be hard to visualize the exact end product that you may want. Having a platform that showcases thousands of plans makes it a lot easier to get it right. Increased transparency allows you to get a much better understanding of the various options available. You might’ve otherwise not been aware that it was an H-shaped house you wanted.

We realize that there’s no chance you will visit every plan on this platform. It is not the intended use either. The intention is to narrow down better the criteria that are important to you. Get a more thorough understanding of the different categories. Understand the limitations that different designs have. For some people, the U-shape is what best fits their goals. For others with a narrow lot, it may simply not be feasible to go with a plan like that. Every family’s criteria are different. We hope you can find something that matches exactly what you’re looking for. Otherwise, we hope you get inspired to work with an architect following your search on this website.

If you know any architects out there struggling to get in front of a user base, refer them to this site. We’re still onboarding architects at the rate we possibly can justify. It needs to make sense for both them and us. We offer what we believe are better terms and more transparency than other similar platforms. Being listed on the site does not cost anything for the architects. We share the revenue more favorable to the architect when a sale is made than on similar platforms. Does it not at the very least warrant us having a conversation?
Our goal is not to tell you what you need but rather to give your mind inspiration and the possibility to wander. We want to inspire curiosity and lead you further down the line in searching for the place you will soon call home.

How much do house plans cost? Can I get them cheaper?

The various house plans available on our site are priced in a way we believe is fair. They are still affordable to people building their homes. House plans generally start at $1,500. What you are buying is the work of an architect. They have had to go through years of school to get to the point they’re at.

You’re buying the result of talented individuals spending lots of hours perfecting their craft. We want the home to reflect your desires and have the features you’ve wanted. Maybe you want to retire there when everyone has moved out.
We realize we’re not the only kid on the block and that other platforms also offer plans that we’re competing with.

Our intention is not that you need to spend every waking moment trying to figure out if you’re getting the best price. We’re offering you a 28-day price-match guarantee AFTER you buy. It means you can confidently buy the plans you want. If you find them elsewhere for a lower price, we will refund you the difference up to 28 days after your purchase.

I found some designs that I like, but there are certain things that I would like to change. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to change the plans. You may also change the plans if you buy some AutoCad files available. If you want to alter plans, make sure you buy the license to make the desired changes. You may also be in breach of the Terms & Conditions. Avoid copying or altering plans that you do not have the necessary licenses to alter.

I have a question for you guys, what is the easiest way to contact?

We are happy to hear that you have interested in contacting us, no matter if you have a question. Suppose you’re getting ready to place an order, great!

The easiest way to ensure that you get the help you’re hoping for is by going to our contact page. Figure out who you should be reaching out to.
There may be specific questions that part of our team cannot answer for you. When that happens, they can lead you to the right person to ensure that your problems are addressed.

We encourage you to read through the various sections on our website as we get a lot of questions. We try and post answers to questions that keep coming up. It is why you may find out that the question you have has already been answered. Don’t worry. It is not that we don’t want to talk with you. We also realize you may not be a fan of getting on the phone if you don’t have to.

Why does the cost of the various floor blueprints vary so significantly?

Not all floor plans are created equal. They don’t all take the same amount of time for the architects to design. The different prices listed will usually reflect some combination of how long they take to make and how popular they are. It may not seem fair that the Mediterranean home you have been looking at is more expensive than other options. We are helping ensure that the architects get fair compensation for the work they have been doing.

I want to learn more about Passion Plans. Where can I do that?

We have a whole section dedicated to getting to know us better as a company. It includes what we stand for and learning about our values. Suppose you go to the “About us” section. It is easy for you to learn how we strive to become better. We want to have a sincere impact on transparency in the industry. We also make it easier for architects to sell their work online.

I am an architect. How can I sell my house plans online?

The easiest way for you to sell your house plans online to our rapidly growing audience is by getting in contact with us. We’ll see if there is a fit for what you are trying to achieve and whether it works with the direction we are trying to take the platform.

We are investing heavily in improving the platform. It is also vital to work with architects who share our values with the same vision for the site. We encourage you to read our “About Us” section. See what we look for in architects before promoting their house plans to our audience. We would rather skip working with someone than work with someone we don’t feel aligned with our quality standards.

Where can I find more information on what I can do once I purchase the plans?

We have many resources to help you better understand what you are buying. It includes what you are allowed to do with the licenses associated with your purchase. Please find out how to take the next step after purchasing from us.

We understand that some of our users might prefer it if our restrictions were less strict. We are working hard to ensure the intellectual property and copyrights of the partners we are working with. We want you to be happy with the purchase you make. We also want to provide adequate protection for our partners. We invite you to read our terms & conditions as well.

How can I design my house plans?

By using some of the best home design software available on the internet.

We would love for you to design the home you are building entirely. We have decided that we will not go down the route of offering software that may enable you to design your own home fully. We offer many options where we are trying to ensure an option that fits every family’s needs.

We see certain advantages in doing it like that rather than letting you design everything from the ground up. You save time since you don’t have to figure out some software you may only use once individually. You may think that certain things would be great to include in a home. They may not be feasible to try and include. A trained architect will be more likely to know what works better. House plans designed by trained architects are a lot more likely to be accepted by your county’s local building division.

You will save time and money on obtaining the necessary licenses. Besides evaluating what is feasible, an architect will better create house plans in the most convenient way possible. They can incorporate as many of your wishes into the final designs as possible. You’re both saving a bunch of time going with one of the options we have available on the site. You are also a lot more likely to avoid crucial mistakes that would otherwise likely delay your projects for months. Are you ready to spend months figuring out advanced software to battle with local building authorities?

How much does it cost to have designs drawn up?

Suppose you go out and get an architect to draw up custom house plans for you. Iit will quickly cost you more than $15,000, assuming that you are pretty confident in what you want. You’ll need to avoid having to do many rounds of revisions on the design that you and the architect agree on.

Every time you ask for changes, you can expect that the price will increase. It will require that the architects sit down again and figure out the best way to implement the changes.

What drawings are included in a typical set of house plans?

To better understand the various things included in the sets, refer to our page on “what’s included.” You can see the various things you can be expecting when you buy drawings from us. That way, you don’t end up with any unfortunate surprises.

If you have any questions before you choose to buy, please do not hesitate to reach out. They will better answer your specific questions.

How much does it cost to make modifications?

The cost of having modifications done to existing designs on our website starts at $500. Still, it will entirely depend on what exactly it is that you want to have done. Unfortunately, we often come across users who think it is easy to implement their suggestions. They don’t realize that they are suddenly asking to turn a small castle into a 2 bedroom row house.

Some changes are easier to make than others. You should know that it is always more challenging to scale things down than up. When making things smaller than they currently are, you require adjusting all the other elements to fit.

Who draws the designs available on your platform?

We curate the different designs available on this site from a host of different architects from all over the world. We find it exciting that our business allows us to work with skilled people worldwide. Our team isn’t confined to a specific geographic location.

Rest assured that we have a thorough vetting process for the architects we work with. We are only working with people we believe live up to the reputation that we are building in the industry.

How much do other architects charge for house plans?

Suppose you are concerned with the prices we charge on this platform. We encourage you to visit other comparable platforms and see what they charge for similar products. If you find a better value proposition on those websites, we encourage you to buy from them instead. Our goal is not to sell as many house plans as possible. We want to help you ensure you get the home you always dreamed of.

How do I navigate the platform?

You can easily use the links in the navigational bar at the top of the page to find the category you are looking for. The links we have chosen to include are the most popular categories we currently offer.

What are some of the advantages of buying house plans through this platform?

There are many reasons why you may choose to work with an architect directly and have your house plans drawn from scratch. There are also reasons why you may choose to consider what we offer on this platform. One of the most apparent reasons is the cost of the product you get. You will end up spending a significantly more significant amount of money if you have designs drawn from scratch.

Working with an architect may be suitable for some homeowners. It may be right if you have some particular reason why you want to go down that path. Working with an architect will allow you to create a unique solution tailored to your particular needs. If you want something that is still unique but where you save money, you can work with one of the architects that we work with. You can have designs adjusted for your specific needs.

There are a lot of other advantages to using our platform instead of having an architect draw up a house from scratch. It includes the fact that we have renderings of many of the products available here. It makes it significantly easier for you to get an impression of how big the house will be.

Suppose you don’t get renderings generated of the house. It might be tough for you to understand the various possibilities properly. You can get an architect to produce renderings of the house they designed. Suppose you are making changes again afterward. It may not be a simple task to update the renderings and ensure that the architect can achieve what you want.

The renderings help you realize what different house models will be like to live in, similar to houses being staged when sold. It will help its future inhabitant better understand the possibilities and limitations of the space. If you browse our site, you will find that many of the different house plans may have various renderings. They include image renderings, video walkthroughs, and 3D walkthroughs. It makes it possible for you to feel like you are standing in the middle of the house. You haven’t even started obtaining permits or any part of the construction process yet. The advantage of these house renderings is that you will spot undeniable flaws. The chances are if you start making changes midway through construction, you will both end up delaying the construction process.

You could also have to spend significantly more significant amounts of money remedying construction mistakes. Create the blueprints before you start construction. If you suddenly find out that you want one of the bedrooms to be bigger, you need to change the entire process. You would likely need to reapply for building permits. It could set back the entire process for several months.
You choose to spend a period browsing before you start committing to an idea. You can browse all the different options available. Start narrowing down what type of house you want to move forward with. If you start working with an architect, you might have to make up your mind quickly. The architect will then start the various drawings.

The easiest way to get a good sense of the features you want is by visiting the designs that we have already shared online. Every time you see a feature you like for a specific house design, write it down and compile a list. When you approach an architect, be sure that you both understand their process. It ensures that you get precisely what it is you want to build. Make sure you have also found an architect who has enough experience with precisely the type of style you want. If you want a modern home, it’s essential that you also find an architect that has experience with such homes. Check out their portfolio of previous projects. If you want to build a mansion, you should make sure that you hire an architect with experience with these impressive buildings.

Before choosing the right architect, make sure that you have considered all the various aspects of working with one. Make sure that you have done your research to find the perfect one for your home. We help homeowners directly with architects. Our strength lies in making homes that may help make dreams come true for more prominent people. We’d be happy to either consult for you or otherwise help you along your journey. Before you choose to work with an architect, we want you to understand what the process includes. Make sure that you understand the philosophy that the architect lives by. Then you don’t suddenly end up with a project that may have a ton of features that you do not want.


We work with talented individuals to produce the products available on this platform. We cannot ensure that they live up to the unique building codes in your local county. We tend to find that local counties sometimes have unique requirements. We strive to make designs that you can quickly get a license to build. We won’t promise that your local building department may not have strange requirements that we couldn’t possibly know about.

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