Legal notices, intellectual property and copyright information

All home plans sold on this site are copyrighted intellectual property belonging to their respective owners. They’re protected under the Federal Copyright Act, Title XVII of the U.S. Code, and Chapter 37 of the Federal Regulations.

It is illegal in any shape or form to copy and modify or take any action outside the scope of the rights purchased for those specific plans.

How we feel about copyrights

Copyrights are hard to deal with. It’s especially about digital products and offering something as widely available as the entire internet. We have users from this platform from many different countries. It can be hard to ensure that everyone has good intentions.

The house plans offered here aren’t just created by some supercomputer that can spit out 1000s of plans every hour. A human individual has gone through many years of education and training to create the products. Whenever someone decides to share copyrighted material maliciously, it hurts the creator of those plans in many ways. It includes financial ways.

How would you feel if your work was being shared maliciously?

What actions we take

We take necessary legal action against sites and individuals that wrongfully download or reproduce the copyrights. We do so to protect the architects we work with on this platform, and our aim is not simply to increase transparency in the market. We also want to create better conditions for home builders and architects. Unfortunately, that means doing the unpopular thing and taking legal action to remedy a situation.

What can you do and how can you help us out?

Let’s say you find one of the plans we have available in a category like this one. We are working with the architect who holds the copyright to that specific house plan. We appreciate it if our users contact us to know about this possible copyright infringement. It allows us to take the necessary action to remedy the situation. We wish we could scour the entire internet. It simply isn’t possible to do so. We often rely on users telling us about these instances before we can act on them.

We can’t reasonably find everything ourselves. We not only work with a company that helps us in scouring the internet for infringements. We also have various alerts set up to help ensure compliance.

These alerts will let us know every time new results pop up in the search engines. It lets us find illegally shared house plans elsewhere.

We see if someone uses any combination of words that people would include when illegally sharing products.

We partner with a company that helps ensure the IP of companies online with unique algorithms. They help us find results that we may not be able to find ourselves.

It is also illegal to download the house plans from Passion Plans in any other way than buying them straight from our website.

It is illegal to sell or make the house plans available on other websites. It is also illegal to download house plans made available through Passion Plans on other websites without securing the necessary licenses. Licenses will originally belong to the license holder, usually the architect. Maybe you find the house plans available to download for free somewhere. They have likely not been legally made available by either the architect or Passion Plans. When in doubt, reach out to the architect or us directly to ask them whether the plans you found are legal or not.

Suppose you find the option to download these products somewhere for free. We strongly encourage you against it. We take all options available within the law to pursue legal action against anyone found to breach the copyright laws. That also means that we go after people illegally downloading them. While there may be the perception that it is only illegal to upload them, you should know that it isn’t the case.

Suppose you have previously illegally downloaded the plans. We encourage you to reach out to our team to hear your options. Most of our architects want to get fair compensation for the work that they put in. It is why we often find that the best course of action is for you to get the license. Suppose we find out that you downloaded the plans illegally without coming to us and admitting it. We are more likely to take action than allow you to buy the licenses.

We understand that it may seem like a harsh measure. Still, we are trying to protect the interests of everyone involved in the production of these products.

What sort of copyrights are on the plans you receive, and how can I use them?

Various plans have various rights. If you only purchase house plans that allow you to build one house with those said plans, it’s important to stick to them. Before purchasing plans, make sure you purchase the option that best matches your intentions for those specific plans.

When you buy house plans, they will be marked on every option you can do with them. We also encourage you to read through our terms of conditions to understand better what you are allowed to do.

Suppose you have any questions that you would like to have answered. We are always willing to help you get those answered. We will also always be available to answer questions about whether you can make changes to house plans. If you wish to have alterations made, reach out to our team to determine how much it will cost you if we do it for you.

In many cases, we will have the architects who originally made the house plans to alter them that you are requesting.


We understand the concern of copyrights that is very obvious since you will be buying a copyrighted product. Our users also like to be informed about the questions that we have answered in our FAQ section. It’s where you can better help understand who we are and where we come from. The page also contains more information about potentially altering house plans.

About us

This dedicated page to copyrights serves an important function to architects and the users of our platforms. We want to help architects understand our stance on the issue and what we will do to address potential issues that may arise. It is as important that we trust you as you trust us when we start a partnership. We want to make sure you realize the lengths we will go through to protect the things you have created as a skilled architect.

We want to help clarify why we have a stance on users. Your purchase from us allows us to help grow this community.

How we monitor the internet

It may be impossible for us to monitor the entire internet and ensure that there are never any copyright issues. We take serious action when we websites post copyrighted material on them. Those actions are directly financially damaging the architects that we work with. We want to keep their interests at heart. We are very familiar with sending DMCA requests to websites that may be posting content that they are not allowed to. Let’s come across websites that repeatedly post copyrighted material on them. We likely take legal action to make sure financial compensation is received to the fullest extent of the law. It’s done to compensate our very talented architects adequately. In those instances, we will be as aggressive as the law permits in the compensation we seek. It’s especially when a website hasn’t taken adequate actions to ensure our architects’ interests.

We are notified every single time our website is mentioned on the internet. We have various alarms set up for the names of the different products we offer here. It’s done to ensure that we can take swift action and that our products won’t be illegally accessible for extensive periods online. If you or a website you work for receives a DMCA request, we ask that you take it seriously. Make sure to take down the relevant content as fast as possible to comply with the request. We also ask that you stay honest with us. Take future actions to ensure that you won’t be violating our copyrights in the future. This is especially relevant when you may be running a website where users post a lot of the live content. Suppose you find out that other users may have posted things on your website that violate our copyright agreements. We encourage you to reach out to us as quickly as possible. Be honest about the situation, and tell us which actions you have taken to address the situation. Please include which actions you have taken to ensure that these incidents don’t repeat themselves in the future.

How do I make sure users don’t post copyrighted material on a website I own?

Suppose you own a website that hosts a part of a website where users can submit content independently. Content isn’t heavily moderated. In that case, there is a chance that these users may be sharing content that they do not own the copyrights for. We encourage moderating content published on a website. We also realize that it may not be possible to moderate all the content posted without hiring additional employees. It may not be feasible. There are ways you can help better ensure your website doesn’t end up hosting or linking to illegal content.

We encourage you to research software-specific ways that help flag potentially illegal content on your website. Suppose your website is hosting a forum on it. In that case, plugins can be installed to notify you if certain words are mentioned in the posts posted by different users. This type of software is usually specific to the specific software you are using. There may be more options available for some more popular forum platforms. Besides that, we also encourage you to be especially careful with new users on your forum. It is very easy to have a forum degrade over time if there is no moderation. The easiest way to assure there are no copyright issues is by establishing the processes to avoid them. Copyrighted material is often more likely to be posted by new users that aren’t afraid to have their accounts banned. If it is made clear that posting copyrighted material will result in an immediate ban, it usually discourages illegal behavior.

Is copyrighted content really such a big issue?

There are different opinions in the society about whether copyrighted content is an issue or not, and our definite stance is that it is. Some people may not believe that non-physical products should have legal protection as physical products. We fully understand that we may have very different opinions on the topic.

We hope you will one day understand our stance on the topic. We are obviously in a situation where we only deal with digital products such as mansions and 2-story house plans.

The work that goes into designing these products is very extensive. It is time that architects aren’t focused on working on other projects. Trust us when we say that we would love to hand everything away for free that we offer here at PassionPlans. We also must be a platform that can provide a living for the architects that rely on us. They rely on our work to uphold copyright content laws to ensure that homes aren’t being built illegally.

They require us to uphold copyright laws. It’s done so they can practice the profession they love. They can keep designing the architectural wonders you see as you travel the country.

You take pride in the work that you do. You also have a very hard time simply seeing others copy it without giving you credit for it.

We understand that there may very well be differing opinions on the topic as to whether it is right to digital copyright products. We have spent a long time explaining our position on the topic. We hope you desire to respect the hard work we are doing. With all of that being said, can we count on you? Can we count on you to respect the hard work and not plagiarize it? Can we count on you to help us out if you discover that our work has been stolen and published on other websites?

A final note

We understand that the message above may not seem like a message of joy. We want you to understand where we are coming from. The home-building journey should be one of joy. It undoubtedly starts with you finding the right design that matches your dreams and desires.

We want to be part of the journey. We also have to take necessary protective measures to ensure that our work isn’t taken for granted.

We love it every time a buyer sends us an email with photos of their newly built home. It’s great when they tell us that our platform was the one that they ended up buying the house plans through. Nothing makes us happier than knowing you and your family built exactly the home of your dreams.

With this page, we hope you understand that we have an interest that we need to take seriously. We also have a dedicated about us page to learn more about our values. We encourage both users and architects to read through.

We still hope you may consider buying your house plans through us. If you are an architect, get in contact with us to see if there is a basis for working together and licensing our plans.

Are you ready to get started building your new home?

We fully understand that you may have just spent a significant amount of time better understanding how we handle copyright issues. We understand it may not be an exciting reading out there, and we truly wish we didn’t have to include such information. The reality when dealing with digital products is that many of them end up getting copied and shared illegally online. It makes it an issue we have to take a firm stance on.

When that’s been said, starting your journey of building your new home is an exciting one. It is a journey that will bring you a lot of unknowns. It is also a journey that you will one day look back at and hopefully be happy that you decided to undertake. As you’ll be living in your new dream home, it will all be worth it. Your family will have a new place to live. The possible frustrations you may have had with the previous home you lived in are now a thing of the past. You no longer have to endure the lack of space that you were experiencing where you previously lived. You decided to upgrade your last 2 bedrooms to a more spacious 4 bedroom option. It isn’t just able to accommodate your family’s growing needs better as you added a family. It also allowed you to host those guests at your home easily. You had previously otherwise always had to put in a nearby hotel whenever they would come into town. It could also mean that you would finally be able to have that private office that you had always wanted. All simply because you managed to find your way to our platform. At this point, you decided to look at the many different house plans that we offer here. It was a step that you may have ended up taking a lot too late.

Perhaps you moved from a house that you were previously renting into that new home that you had always wanted. By the end of your journey, you will end up looking back at all the memories you made throughout the home-building process. You’ll remember the many things that went well, as well as the things that could have gone better. These are the thoughts you’ll be having in the future when you look back at the process. You and your family decided to undertake because you finally convinced yourself you weren’t happy with your living situation. When you end up on the other side of the journey, you’ll be able to look back at the journey. You’ll realize the many great things that you were able to continue. It will be a sense of pride over what you have achieved.

We’re not claiming that this is a journey that won’t be stressful. It definitely will be. You’re not simply fixing up your old car in the garage. You may not even currently have a garage in the place you live in. It is one of the big reasons you are currently building a house that does have one. However, this is a journey where you will learn to work with contractors. You may be the person who additionally has to apply for building permits. It may be the contractor who ends up doing that part of the process for you. They may offer to help you out with that part as well. After all, they are more used to dealing with the local building department. They will be better able to assist you in submitting all the necessary documents to get the plans for your dream home approved. You may find out that a certain part of the process you were expecting to take 2 weeks ended up taking 2 months instead. It adds to your frustrations over having everything take a lot longer than you anticipated. You may find out that you should have put more consideration into choosing the contractor you work with. You may end up having to change your contractor midway through the project. You realize that the many things they were promising you were never realistic. Perhaps you find that certain parts of the new home were never done to the standard that you were expecting. You end up having to replace the floor before you even move into the home. You want your new home to be up to the standard you set out to get, and when things aren’t done right. We fully understand that.

These are all parts of the usual frustrations associated with building a home. It’s only natural for some things to go wrong when undertaking such a big project. Many projects will face difficulties through the process, and home building is not exempt from this. It can especially be the case if it’s your first time building a home or if you end up choosing the wrong contractor. It’s so imperative that you find the right company to work with.

You will get a feeling of accomplishment when you buy a house, as will you when you build one. It will not just be a feeling of accomplishment, but one that far outweighs the feeling you would have if you bought a home. When you buy a home, you’re left with the fact that you will have to accept certain limitations. There may be smaller flaws with the house that you found while looking at the various options. You already knew then that you would likely end up having to make the changes as you move into it. With the home you’re building, you can get those things addressed before starting the building process.

Let us help you get started on your journey to move into your dream home.


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