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Passion Plans and its affiliates (“PP”) offer a variety of different offerings (“Serves”) through its platform and website We very much rely on maintaining the trust and goodwill of our users to be successfull in our endeavor, and we are committed to ensure your privacy as per the agreement outlined on this page, that covers our users and visitors.

As we are trying to create a higher transparency in the construction industry, we try to lead the way as per example to set the standards for proper privacy protection.

Our intention in the information gathering that is done through this website is to improve the offering we have, and make it a better user experience for our site’s visitors. We respect the privacy of our users, why we are elaborately outlining the privacy policy that we abide by, and this page covers what we do when you interact with our website or app. We have outlined how we both ensure your privacy while improving your experience with this platform.

Our Terms of Conditions page outlines other guidelines that you accept having read by using any of our services – a link to that page can be found at the bottom of this page. This privacy policy page outlines how we handle and use personally identifiable information, and outside the terms stated on the terms and conditions page, we do not release identifiable information about our users or visitors without having been granted permission.

At Passion Plans we are committed to staying in the forefront of the industry, and that means that we will periodically ensure that our terms are at that front of what we consider the industry standard, and by using the platform you agree to be bound by our terms (including but not limited to the ones on the terms and conditions page, as well as the ones on our privacy policy page). You also agree to visit our terms every single time you visit any service we offer, and that your use of our services constitutes an agreement with our terms. To contact us with any privacy questions, go to our contact page and abide by the instructions listed on there.

What information does PassionPlans gather?

The section below covers the different type of information that Passion Plans gathers for its visitors and users. A description of the different types of information is also included to give you a better understanding of how we use it.

Non-personally identifiable – what is it

If you visit any of our platforms, by automatic means and non-automatic means, we collect information on our users that includes which categories, pages, when they visited each part, the order in which they did so, how they navigated the platform and which aspects of the platform they were using. We may additionally receive information from third parties such as Youtube, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, where they share information such as how a user came to the site.

When you are visiting a website, certain information can be logged by the website including your IP address, your operating system, and the software you use in order to use the website. While it may not be obvious, this information in itself is not personally identifiable, but the logging of the IP address does allow us to determine the broad geographic location of a user and their point of connectivity, to the extent that we are able to see what city a user is located in.

The collection of this information is important for us because it helps us better understand things such as how to better structure the website, where people end their journeys on the website, and how our various marketing initiatives may be successful in different parts of the country.

We may choose to share some of this non-identifiable information with our advertisers in order to help better ensure that the various offering you will encounter when using our services is as relevant as it can possibly be. This information is shared in an aggregated manner that is not personally identifiable which helps the advertisers stay informed on the number of visitors that may have interacted with their ads.

Cookie policy

We additionally use cookies for similar purposes as outlined above, which are small files that are stored on your device that help is determine how to keep it as relevant to you as possible, the length of your visit on t he website, and the various parts of the platform you use, as well as the services you use. With the help of cookies, your device is telling us how you have interacted with our platform. Cookies serve as your identification card, allowing Passion Plans to quickly realize what you have previously been doing on the site so as to easily allow you to pick up from there, including showing you house plans that you have previously visited or indicated some sort of interest in.

Cookie are used by a lot of different websites to improve your user experience, and they are only read by the server that created and stored them. These files pose no harm to your computer. Cookies are placed on any type of device that you may choose to use to use our services including but not limited to computers, phones, tables and more. Cookies may be turned off on your device, but doing so may significantly worsen your experience using Passion Plans.

We intend on serving you a better, more personalized experience through the inclusion of cookies on our site. Should you choose to desire to change your cookie preferences, please refer to the documentation provided for the software or device that you are using in order to access Passion Plans as we cannot be of assistance in doing so.

Other services that your device uses may also be storing cookies when you are using our services, and we cannot assume any responsibility for the actions or information gathering that is done by those third party services. Typical services that may be gathering such information include Facebook, Twitter, anti-virus software and more.

We may also choose to collect anonymous information through the use of “web beacons”, sometimes referred to as “internet tags”. This information serves roughly the same purpose as that of cookies, allowing us to track certain information with regards to user behavior in an anonymous way.

Personally identifiable information

In some parts of the site, we may be collecting personally identifiable information, for instance when a user chooses to create an account with Passion Plans, or if you choose to subscribe to our website, including our newsletters. This personally identifiable information may include your name, email address and phone number, but is not limited to that. If you choose to purchase a product sold through our platform, we will require the necessary billing and mailing information in order to be able to process the payment.

We may also collect personally identifiable information through third party software, including various messaging functions, where we or the third party may ask for your name, email and phone number in order to initiative the requested service. Various forms that are filled in by the user on the site may additionally collect personally identifiable information.

If you choose to call us, we may gather the information gathered over the phone, which may be of identifiable nature, as they are inquiring about some of the offerings we provide. Phone calls may additionally be recorded to ensure a better user experience using Passion Plans.

Our platforms are entirely intended for people over the legal age, no matter the location of the user, and we do not knowingly collect personal information of anyone that is under the legal age. People that are under the legal age are prohibited from using our platforms in any way.

We cannot be held responsible for the acts of our users, and anyone using the platform consent to having read all the terms, and have been made aware that they are personally responsible for the extent to which they disclose personally identifiable information on any platform, forum or offering by Passion Plans or any of the third party software that we work with. While we do our best to protect personally identifiable information, the sharing of such in public forums may be used by others to distribute unsolicited and undesired communications as a consequence of you sharing your information on here publicly. Use good discretion and avoid sharing information you don’t want to have publicly available in public spaces like public message boards.

If you happen to encounter any event of improper collection or improper use of information in any way, you agree to contact us through the contact page in a reasonable time frame.

What we do with it

We encourage all users to learn more about using online services and how those services choose to use the information that they gather, including ours. We also encourage all third parties that may in any form end up part of your experience with Passion Plans, to read through these terms. This includes but is not limited to advertisers, to ensure that proper terms of conditions and privacy policy adherence is ensured. Our intention is always to ensure the responsible use of personal information handed over by users. We cannot assume any responsibility for any actions taken by third parties in the way that they make use of said information. If you encounter any misuse of such information, please reach out to us at the earliest time possible.

Our usage of non-personally identifiable information

Non-personally identifiable information is valuable to us to be able to build the high quality experience that we seek to, and allow us to expand our offering of useful services to our users. With the use of information in an aggregated form, we can make statistical analyses to better understand the overall behavior of users, to find out how demographics and interests can be used in our offerings efforts.

In aggregated form, such information may be shared with prospective advertisers, current advertisers and other third parties that we find relevant.

Our site also includes links to other websites, and you should be aware that we are unable to ensure that those websites have the same privacy policies as we do, why you should ensure that you are familiar with those respective terms when leaving our platform.

These sites that we link to may include, but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google, and we do not operate such websites. Unless expressly stated in writing, we cannot be held liable for the privacy practices of any website that we choose to link to, and how they use various information. We do our best to screen such websites and try to ensure that those websites are safe for our users to visit, but cannot be held responsible for any malpractice or harm caused by visiting any links on our website.

Our usage of personally identifiable data

As previously mentioned, certain actions may lead to the collection of personally identifiable information, including creating an account or buying one of the products made available on our site, or submitting any type of form, whether offered by Passion Plans or through a third party.

The terms laid out in our privacy policy constitute the consent of the user that they acknowledge and agree with our collection of information, both personally identifiable and not personally identifiable.

This information is gathered to maintain and improve the quality and usefulness of Passion Plans, as well as developing an idea of the typical user profile of our users,,

Certain features of the website may require that you register an account and become an account holder, whereby you consent to sharing information with us. You may not opt out of the processes established on this site in our data collection, but you may opt out of receiving electronic email communications from us, by following the instructions outlined in our emails, or you may choose to otherwise contact us as per the means provided on our contact page. Passion Plans does, however, only choose to include you in email communications that we believe would be of interest to you. We do maintain the right but not obligation to email you with non-marketing communications related to your usage of various services, including emails related to purchases, or changes to various aspects of our website or terms.

We do use personally identifiable information to send information regarding orders placed through our platform, when a user has either purchased a product or gotten a free product, and we may also choose to use personally identifiable information for marketing materials by email, text or mail. To unsubscribe our automated marketing communications either follow the instructions provided on the communications or contact us to opt out. We do allow ourselves a reasonable amount of time to ensure you won’t be receiving any additional automated communications from us going forward if your request to opt out was not done in an automated way that syncs up with our data sources. Passion Plans determines any reasonable allotted time to adhere to such request which may be affected by public holidays, but we strive to get such request finished within the span of no more than 7 business days.

We mainly use personally identifiable information for purposes of providing the services offered by Passion Plans.

There may be circumstances where Passion Plans chooses to sell, merge or otherwise change its various business offerings, and in accordance with such, we may be enticed or required to disclose information to prospective partners or buyers, and we will seek the appropriate protection of information as permissible under relevant law and circumstances in such instances.

We reserve the right to disclose any information necessary we reasonably feel is necessary in any circumstance where it is of matter of protection for our systems or business. If any actions is taken that is not in compliance with our privacy policy, terms and conditions or other published terms, that user voids their privacy protection privileges to maintain the integrity of our offering. We additionally reserve the right t o disclose any information that may not be in compliance with regional, local or country laws, and will work with law enforcement to the extent it is required, and to the extent we believe it ensures the integrity of our offerings. This may be done by sharing access to an account and sharing all the collected information on a user when suspected illegal activity has taken place, or we deem it likely that it may have taken place or is likely to take place. We reserve reasonable judgement rights in any circumstance.

Our commitment to security

On our platform we have a firm stance on security, which means you can navigate the platform without risking that anything bad happens. It means that we have implemented the top-of-the-line security measures in order to properly make sure that your information isn’t exposed to people that shouldn’t be gaining access to it. As you can see on the device that you are using to browse our platform, your connection will be loading through HTTPS which means that any interaction that you have with this platform has been properly encrypted. We were extremely early at adopting this measure to ensure the protection of the privacy of the users of this platform, even before Google began saying that they would demote websites that weren’t secure.

We have strict requirements on our end, which mean that it is only a select number of relevant people that will be able to access any personally identifiable information, and we continue to monitor our website logs to make sure that no one is unlawfully trying to gain access to the information. The server logs are usually the first place where an attempt at an intrusion will show yourself, where the possible intruder will try to break into a site using various types of software. The software that they use will often try and guess the login credentials of some of the users. You should know that we have partnered with 3rd parties that are experts at ensuring the safety of the data transmitted across websites, and we have received training in how to continuously ensure that no information is accessed by people that shouldn’t be allowed access to it. We also continue to receive training on necessary safety protocols in order to ensure that you can keep finding the house plans you love through our platform, without having to be afraid that your data may have been compromised.

Our various security measures are implemented across our different channels, helping ensure that you are protected no matter how you choose to engage with us. We understand that some users may be concerned about data breaches, and we are committed to staying transparent should any data be shared in a manner in which it wasn’t intended. Additionally, you should know that we do not store credit cards or other essential information that would be required for malicious purposes. Certain order details may be stored to be able to fulfill the order you put into our system.

Our platform uses some of the most widely used system online, which also helps ensure proper security protocols for those applications, and we continue to use professional security advisors when we update any of our systems to ensure proper protection.

Should you enable cookies on our site?

We fully understand that there has been a growing community that is taking a significant stance on privacy matters online, and we don’t blame you if you are in the same boat that really believes that privacy is a serious matter. We fully understand your stance, and we fully support any decision that you might make as a consequence of it. We fully understand that there are malicious companies out there that will engage in a bunch of business practices that they may financially gain from, while the users’ data is being compromised. We fully agree that such companies should be exposed so that their users learn about their practices, and so that the users may be able to decide whether or not they actually want to continue using the service after learning about the things that those companies engage in. We cannot blame you for taking a strong stance on privacy, nor will we try and change your opinion.

We fully agree that it is long overdue that privacy has become a serious concern that the public has started caring about, and we fully agree that there should be protective measures that help ensure the data integrity. We agree that companies should not be selling the users’ data if the users haven’t reasonably been made aware of the possibility that such things may happen, and we fully believe that all websites out there ought to both have a page where they address privacy concerns, but should additionally  be making websites that inspire the trust of the users. Without the trust of the users, it is also extremely difficult to get users to do what you want, no matter if it comes down to purchasing from you, or whether you have some other objective with the website. We are not here to discuss whether or not you should feel a certain way, and we hope that all the information that we are putting forward is hopefully helping give you a reason why we believe you should trust the service that we are providing. We hope that the various pages we have included will help inspire trust, including the pages on our terms and conditions, the page that talks about our company, the page that helps answer a bunch of the most common questions that we get, the page that explains our stance on copyrights, and more.

When that’s been said, we also hope that you may consider allowing the use of cookies when you visit our website for a number of various reasons, including usability. If you deactivate the cookies on your phone and start searching the internet, you will soon come to realize that a lot of websites will prompt you to activate your cookies to improve the experience you have when you’re visiting their website, as cookies allow for very important features to function properly. While we may operate a website that is in a different industry, it does not change that we also have a website that relies heavily on the data that is being transmitted to it.

We like to see this as a healthy game of ping pong. While you might be able to get some of the excitement from playing by yourself, there is no denying that being two players playing is significantly more fun. When you’re playing one person, you might still be able to improve your game and get some level of fun out of it, but you don’t really feel that you are achieving the main point of the game. When you interact with our platform with the cookies enabled, you serve us the first ball by allowing us the possibility to start understanding who you are and what you may be interested in. You will start interacting with various functions on our platform and with the behavior that you are showing us, we start being able to better match you with what it is we believe that you might be interested in. When you come to our website without cookies, we are forced to only show you a limited amount of the functionality that we are able to offer.

Sure, we are able to show you various sections of the website such as our mansions or our modern homes. But all of those things will be served statically, meaning there won’t be any chance for us to continually improve the experience to you on the basis of what we learn. While we are constantly working on making the website more intuitive and easier to navigate, we’ll also happily admit that we are not perfect, and that we can definitely improve a lot along the way. However, we do need for a segment of our users to have cookies activated before we start being able to determine what the right path is for the users, and how to additionally improve the platform. If no one had their cookies activated, we wouldn’t be able to see any of the interaction, and ultimately that would mean we are building a platform while being blind.

While there are companies that abuse the privilege of obtaining user data on their website, there are also a lot of websites out there that are legitimately using cookies in order to improve the product that they are offering, and we strongly believe that we are one of those platforms. We believe that we try to balance the need for users to send us certain information that will not just allow us to better match you with the right house plans, but also that it allows us to better match you with the various helpful resources that we are building. We continuously build out extensive resources on various topics that we believe would be beneficial for the users, and the topics of such resources are often chosen on the basis of our users allowing us to collect certain information on their behavior. For instance, we may run a test that tests the inclusion of a piece of content in a specific category, but without our users using cookies, we won’t be able to see how that piece of content performs relative to the function that it replaced. Yes, in order to be able to insert a new piece of content somewhere, we often have to replace an older piece of content. In other cases, we may choose to rearrange a certain function in order to be able to provide the desired piece of content where it is now being tested. When we run such a test, we will look at the user data that we get back from the test that we are running in order to understand the differences in user behavior. If it seems that the new inclusion gets more engaged users, we often choose to keep the feature around for a longer time, which would in fact not be possible without allowing us to gather certain information. Although we are a company that is obviously trying to make money from our operations, there is no doubt in our minds that you wouldn’t be coming to our website if you didn’t trust the information and the product that we put forward.

We like to believe that we are providing as good of a service as we possibly can, and that that is very much one of the reasons why our platform is growing at the rate that it is. However, all of this is made possible from the various data that we are able to obtain. We truly believe that if you trust us when it comes to your home building experience, we will continue to be able to grow and further help create more transparency in this industry, which is ultimately our goal. While we understand that trust is not something that you can take for granted, we really hope that you trust us enough to consider allowing us the possibility to help make your home building experience better. If we are able to understand where in the process you are, we can better match you with the information that we believe is important to you, and thereby better help guide you with a more tailored experience. If you have already found the house plans that work for you and your family, there is no point in us showing you resources on how to go about picking them.

Some of the ways you may forget that you are potentially revealing information you don’t want to when you interact with our platform

It’s important that you are aware of how you could potentially be revealing more information than you want to, why we want to take a moment to ensure that you know how we’d encourage that you are careful when interacting with the site. While you shouldn’t be scared when being on our site, there are things that you should know that will still help protect yourself. We offer a community related to the house building experience where you are able to go and talk with others that may be in the same situation as you, a feature that we often find home builder longing for. It’s great being able to ask other people questions about potential issues you may be having related to you working with a contractor, how to go about various steps of the home building process, and more.

While you are able to ask a professional a lot of these questions, there may also be instances where you really just want to be able to talk to someone like you who has gone through the same experience. While we monitor that community and help shield our users from potentially being exposed to scammers, there are certain precautions we believe you need to take to be able to better help yourself. First of all, it is important that you are aware of the information that you are sharing and that you recognize that you may be interacting with total strangers. What that means is that we encourage you to make sure that you are not sharing information about your home building that you don’t want the entire internet to have access to. We recommend that you are careful in talking about contractors that you are working with.

We encourage you to only talk about contractors without necessarily mentioning their names, as the pages end up being able to be found on Google. If you have had a bad experience with a contractor, we fully understand your frustration, however if we are contacted by a professional who says they believe the post is slander, we are forced to remove it. We do not have the necessary staff in order to be able to look into individual cases, and what happened between you and another service professional, why it would otherwise be very easy to make claims about such a situation. There are other platforms where you can leave reviews of service professionals, but it has never been our intention to be the place where service professionals get rated. We would rather be a platform that focuses solely on becoming the best possible option for your home building needs and providing you the necessary resources to do so. When you are reviewing a contractor, it is also very easy to end up revealing personal information that you don’t necessarily want the entire world to be able to have access to, why we must emphasize how important it is that you are careful in the information that you reveal.

We also encourage you to make sure that you don’t reveal any personal information online that you might not have an interest in knowing, such as the address of the place where you are building your new home or your current address. While we would be able to ensure that such information wasn’t used by people with malicious intentions, there are unfortunately people that won’t respect your privacy online, and it can be extremely hard to stop them. We often find that there are bots crawling our website, and some of them may be good bots whereas others may not be. A lot of the bad bots may be crawling the internet looking for things such as email addresses, and since they know that we offer a platform where people go when they are looking to build a home, you might soon start receiving ads that you did not sign up for if you share information about yourself publicly that these bots may be able to pick up.

Although we do not want to discourage your use of our platform, we want to ensure that you have the best possible experience on the journey that you are embarking on. Building a house is a big decision, and we want to be the platform that helps you take your first step and find the house design that best matches your needs.

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