20 doorless walk-in showers ideas

When you purchase a house, you spend thousands of dollars bringing it up to your style. Whether it’s introducing a hot tub in the backyard or a kitchen island, you want the space to reek of luxury and comfort. But why stop at remodeling the kitchen floors or the lounging area? Why not make the bathroom feel just as luxurious? 

You can do that in many ways, including using the right mirrors


The biggest mistake you can make for without door, doorless walk-in showers is to create a tile arrangement prone to gathering dirt and mold. The most popular without-door, doorless walk-in shower idea is to create a contemporary corner shower that saves space.

In this article, we’ll also take a look at the following topics:

  • Marble
  • Double showers

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bright bathroom

Most people think of remodeling a bathroom as a second thought. After all, what more could you need if you’ve got a functional toilet and a sink? But it’s time you changed your perspective on the classic bathroom design

The best place to start is by rethinking the typical layout. Changing a single element of your bathroom may not seem like a drastic change. But we assure you that installing a walk-in shower will make your bathroom seem like it came right out of the architectural digest.

Now that you’re convinced your bathroom deserves a portion of your renovation budget, let’s get down to business. The internet is crowded with advice on the proper ways to install a walk-in shower. But only a few discuss all that could go wrong.  

Instead of reading through multiple pages of doorless shower ideas and splurging money on an ineffective design, here are the 8 most common mistakes you ought to avoid when it comes to upgrading to a doorless shower:    

Leave your bra at the door because you’re about to get an experience of a lifetime.

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Without doors, doorless walk-in shower ideas.

The door to the future opens up into a doorless shower. A walk-in shower style has been modern architecture’s most celebrated bathroom upgrade. Not only does it free up ample space in the bathroom, but it takes the entire look up a notch. If you’re considering making the change into a shower without doors, let’s convince you:  

1. Minimal design

Contrary to popular belief, a walk-in shower isn’t a luxury that can only be afforded by the rich. Instead, you can turn your small bathroom into a vision from an architectural magazine with a few changes. 

All you need to do is incorporate marble elements or gray tiles into your bathroom for a classy look. You can even invest in a top-mounted rain shower that will make every shower feel like a monsoon. If your budget permits, you can surround the setup with glass walls. Otherwise, an open or half-wall style feels just as lavish. You embrace the modern, minimal design without spending too much or incorporating too many elements.    

2. Half-wall

Just because we’re recommending doorless showers doesn’t mean you must air your dirty laundry to the public. After all, privacy is still a staple requirement of a shared bathroom. And if glass walls aren’t your style, a half-wall alternative will blow your mind. 

At first glance, they may resemble a high school gym shower booth. But once you realize how versatile the design is, you won’t look any other way. In addition to adding an element of mystery to your shower, it will cost you half as much to set up.

The half-wall creates a subtle division between the shower and the toilet area. You’ll think you’ve entered a completely different space without doors and full-length walls.    

3. Wet room

What would you choose if you had to decide between romance and reality? We suggest you take both if you’re struggling to settle on just one option. After all, life is too short of making unfair compromises. Similarly, you don’t have to choose between a bathtub and a shower. With a wet room design, you get to enjoy both. 

With a bathtub in one corner of the bathroom, you can introduce a walk-in shower right next to it. If space is available, you can build a bench or storage shelves. You can separate the area from the rest of the bathroom using a glass window or a marble half-wall.   


modern walk in shower

When choosing the right flooring, an aesthetics isn’t the only factor you should be concerned about. Pay close attention to how much effort you need to make to clean the surface. With a mosaic tile arrangement, you’ll have to put in all your effort to clean the grout. Therefore, style and hygiene must go hand in hand. 

Here are a few options that are low-maintenance and aesthetic: 

4. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is the way to go if you want to create a contemporary-style bathroom with a tight budget. The material is water-resistant, so you can go decades before seeing any water damage or expansion. Additionally, you can get the floors insulated for a low cost. Finally, shivering in the shower is a thing of the past. With vinyl flooring, you’ll no longer hesitate to shower even if it’s sub-zero outside.

The material is best suited for a family bathroom because it can handle multiple showers a day without staying damp for too long. And since it’s water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about slipping accidents. In addition, the surface offers a firm grip. 

Bacterial ResistanceGood
Material compositionPolyvinyl chloride resins, plasticizers, pigments, and trace stabilizers.
FireproofResistant to ignition and stops burning fast when the source is put out
Slippery Yes. Avoid the use of the anti-slip coating.

5. Wooden flooring

beautifully tiled bathroom

An all-white or gray interior may be the pinnacle of modern architecture, but it lacks the depth a wooden floor adds to the room. In addition, the wood’s warm color contrasts with the cold tiles to create a balanced environment. Wooden flooring is also ideal for winter because it naturally retains heat. 

As for being practical, the wooden floor is much easier to clean. You don’t need to use any harsh chemicals. Instead, just sweep the floor and mop with a warm soap solution


Specifications Description
Composition Engineered wood
ThicknessBetween 5/16″ and 3/4″
WaterproofWith a water proof seal.
Easy to cleanYes
HypoallergenicYes. Resistant to bacterial mites.
Termite resistantNo

6. Waterproof paper flooring

With kids and elders in the house, you’ve to take extra care of the bathroom. If the flooring isn’t up to mark, you risk serious injuries. If your showerhead isn’t compatible with your setup, your bathroom will house puddles of water. And even if the drainage system works perfectly, there’ll always be a film of water coating the flooring. 

Therefore, waterproof paper flooring ensures no water sticks around. Using this, you reduce the risk of bacterial growth on the tiling and slipping accidents in the bathroom. It also becomes easier to clean the bathroom.       


beautiful tile

Do you want marble tiling to adorn your walls, but it’s way out of your budget? Or do you want a mosaic tile but fear the cleaning process? We don’t blame you. Practicality and affordability are realistic aspects of a renovation. 

Keeping that in mind, we’ve gathered a few tiling options for your walk-in shower that we hope you’ll like:

7. Terrazzo

Relying on the classic monochromatic design is a little overplayed at this point. But if you are afraid to incorporate bold colors or mix and match different patterns, terrazzo tiles are ideal. They add depth to the bathroom design without altering too much of the personality. 

To get started, you can install a terrazzo tile arrangement behind the showerhead. The remaining walls can follow a similar color palette. Not only does this style allow you to experiment with different patterns, but it is also pretty light on the wallet.

8. Digitally printed porcelain

Only eating homemade food for months to save money for marble tiles is a valid cause. But why go through such extreme lengths when a much more affordable alternative is possible? 

Instead of drowning your bathroom in marble tiling, you can use digitally printed porcelain to have the rarest marbling. Not only will this fool all your friends into thinking that it’s a marble wall. It also gives you the feel of luxury at an affordable rate.

9. Bold ceiling motif

Most people set aside a large chunk of their renovation budget for tiling. However, those tiling options seldom go into redesigning a bathroom. Instead, the kitchen and the living room are filled with color. As for the bathroom, the same gray and white walls are chosen. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Enough of embracing minimalism. It’s time to go all out. You can add brightness and warmth to your bathroom using colorful ceiling motifs. Once you’ve seen floral motifs on your bathroom walls, you will never return to the grays.  

Small bathrooms

beautifully tiled bathroom

You will see multiple pictures of lavish bathrooms when drawing inspiration for a bathroom renovation. But the size of your bathroom shouldn’t discourage you. Instead, you just need to incorporate elements that work well for you. Such as:

10. Corner unit

With a bit of understanding of math, you can utilize the space available in the corner of your bathroom. You don’t need to install multiple amenities, but a simple showerhead and shelf combination will do. 

Consider a half-wall instead if there isn’t enough space to build a proper cabin around the shower. 

11. No windows, half-walls, and doors

The glass wall around the walk-in shower doesn’t occupy too much space. But the enclosure creates the illusion of a much smaller bathroom. Therefore, you need a completely open layout to avoid feeling everything being pushed together. 

With a simple showerhead attached to the wall and a few shelves or a bench, we guarantee you the same showering experience. 

Master bathrooms

Renovating the master bathroom is not a task for the faint-hearted. But since it tends to be the most spacious bathroom in the house, there are multiple stylistic choices and design elements that you can incorporate into the space. 

But to help you pick the best, here are a few ideas to compliment your master bathroom walk-in shower:

12. Craftsman style

Warm and neutral tones have reigned for ages under the rule of craftsman-style bathrooms. As modern architecture and minimalism spread rampantly, the craftsman style was forgotten. However, you can revive the style with a little bit of effort. We assure you it’s worth it. 

The warm tones of the wood make the bathroom seem much livelier. You also wouldn’t have to worry about stepping on cold marble tiles because wood paneling retains heat. Apart from that aesthetic value, the craftsman style will be a much more affordable option to adopt. 

13. Vault style

There’s no point in letting an ample bathroom space go to waste. Instead of building storage cabinets and closets, you can opt for a vault-style shower. The area seems secluded from the rest of the bathroom, offering you privacy. 

It also ensures you don’t have to make the difficult decision of choosing between a bathtub and a shower. So why settle for less when you can have everything?

14. Marble tiles

There is a reason marble tiling has been used by monarchs and Royal families throughout time. The luxury exuded by it remains unmatched. You could install a gold wall that wouldn’t have the same aesthetic value as marble tiling. The material’s ability to complement any color or pattern is astounding.

So if your budget allows, do not shy away from tasting a touch of luxury. 

Double showers

Sharing a bathroom with your partner is no picnic. Love comes at a high cost, from limited storage space to drainage issues. Unfortunately, we can’t help you pay the price of love. But we can certainly make your couple’s life a lot easier. 

Double showers eliminate the hassle of waiting for your partner to finish before you can hop in the shower. There’s also added security that if one showerhead stops working, you’ll have another one that works perfectly. 

So instead of wasting time planning a bathroom schedule, look at the following double shower ideas that will change your life:  

15. Double wet room style

Marriage requires compromise from both parties on multiple fronts. But deciding to let go of your bathtub to make room for a walk-in shower is a compromise we won’t let you make. After all, why must you sacrifice the warmth of a bathtub when you can have both? 

A wet room-style shower includes a bathtub and a shower, separated by glass or tile walls. With this design, your partner won’t keep asking you to cut your bath time short. Instead, you can lay in the tub for as long as possible to eliminate work-related stress.   

16. Double showerheads

Does your partner like to take long showers in the morning? Have you confronted them about using all the hot water? If so, we suggest installing two showerheads. Then, the next time you won’t have to report late for work because you can hop in the shower simultaneously. 

Apart from a couple’s perspective, the double showerheads offer the perfect pressure to take away all your worries. So even if your partner is an excuse to install two showerheads, we promise not to tell.  

17. Sauna-style space

If you’ve ever visited a sauna during peak hours, you understand how uncomfortable the entire experience gets. This is why you need to incorporate the same style in your bathroom. We assure you that you won’t have to sit through another awkward sauna experience.

A bench on either side of the walk-in shower with a ceiling showerhead is the ideal setup for a couple. Not only does the layout make the bathroom feel much more spacious, but it also exudes luxury.  

For the elderly

As you age, you learn a lot of valuable lessons. But the most crucial lesson is prioritizing your comfort and ease over saving a few bucks. Self-cleaning for the elderly can be quite a challenging task. A typical bathroom risks way too many injuries. There’s a lot at stake, from slipping on the wet floor to no support to hold on to. 

A walk-in shower might not come off as a senior-friendly design, but we assure you that’s not the case. Here are a few ideas for walk-in showers that are ideal for senior citizens:

18. Barrier-free, doorless design

Surface, a bathtub might seem like a better option than a shower. But when you look closely, you realize the flaws with a bathtub design—the elderly despise getting out of it because it gets too slippery after a bath. In addition, you’re likely to slip if you hold onto the tub’s sides for support. Therefore, a walk-in shower becomes the only viable choice.

With no doors to open or enclose you in a tight space, you can quickly waddle into the shower and back. It’s also easier to call your children for help without seeking a firefighter’s help to break in the door.   

19. Non-slip floors

As an older person, your biggest concern is protecting your body from injuries. For example, slipping on the wet bathroom floor is quite common for the elderly. As a result, they end up severely damaging their bones or relying on crutches to walk correctly. But before such an extremity occurs, you can take precautions. 

Non-slip tiles swap a smooth surface for a textured design, which makes slipping much harder. Since a more significant friction force is required to break contact, being clumsy is a thing of the past. If you can’t get your hands on non-slip tiles, you can always go for non-slip stickers. They don’t cost nearly as much and produce the same result. However, you’ll have to remove the adhesive tape from each sticker before pasting it to the floor.   

20. Bench

For the young, a bench is merely an aesthetic choice. It fits their interior design plans and provides space to hold all their skincare products. But for the elderly, it’s the most crucial feature in a bathroom.  

Installing a bench reduces your grandparents’ struggle to bring a plastic chair every time they shower. They can use the bench to rest after standing for long under the water or use it as support to move about. 

Mistakes to avoid

Hesitant towards installing a walk-in shower due to too little space

cozy bathroom

You’ve probably scrolled through a hundred bathroom inspirations on Pinterest. It might seem you need to have a spacious bathroom for a walk-in shower setup to work. But we assure you, that’s not the case. If there’s enough room to house a bathtub, there’s plenty of room to install a shower. But if your bathroom is smaller, you can always use the obscure corner.

Apart from shifting the entire setup into a tight corner, you can decide to go completely doorless. With less space occupied by a glass wall or door, you can quickly move about in the shower. It’s less about making the space work for the shower and more about making the design work for your space. 

So if you’ve let go of installing a shower without doors because you fear there might not be enough space, it’s time to revisit that decision. You can use a few other design tricks to make your room appear bigger. For instance, you can use neutral or pastel color tiles to create the illusion of a larger space. And you can replace any cabinets in the bathroom with shelves to make a less bulky design.      

Pros of a walk-in shower

  • Easier to access
  • Easier to clean
  • Less expensive option
  • Luxurious-looking interior design


  • You might feel a little chilly when it’s cold out

It would help if you pushed the Walk-in shower to a corner of the room.

doorless walkin shower

If it’s an issue of available space, then we can justify your choices. But if the only reason you’re going for a corner walk-in shower is that you think an alternative isn’t possible, we’re here to prove you wrong.

It’s not every day that you renovate your bathroom. So we suggest splurging a little and only installing the best option. For instance, you can display it in the center like a masterpiece instead of pushing it into one corner. To make it even more extravagant, you can introduce a bathtub and marble tiling.   

But it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. Getting a center walk-in shower might even help you save money. Maybe you already have a bathtub in one corner that you’re not willing to let go of. Installing a shower in the middle of the space can be cost-effective.  

You can take the design up a notch by introducing storage space or benches on both sides. Whatever you decide to do, remember a corner design isn’t your only viable option.    

Pros of a centre shower

  • Luxurious addition to your bathroom
  • Makes your bathroom look bigger
  • Easier to clean
  • Can access from all sides


  • They can be draughty

Compromising on privacy

Closed-off spaces and wooden doors afford you the privacy to bathe in peace. But you may wonder if an outdated bathroom design is too expensive to pay for privacy. Let’s find an answer to your dilemma. 

You don’t have to choose between having a modern bathroom and privacy. With a doorless shower, you may feel exposed. But introducing a glass block shower wall or a half-wall can be the solution you’re looking for. The design will look pretty similar to shower booths at the public beach. So not only do you bring a touch of summer to your bathroom, but you enjoy showering without the fear of being too exposed. 

But if your budget doesn’t allow the room for additional costs, we suggest trying out a shower curtain. It might not be the most lavish option, but it does the job it advertises. But if money is no object, we have an option that is the true definition of modern. The opaque smart glass may appear like any other clear glass. But with a simple click, you can turn the glass opaque. 

We’ve given you different options at different prices, so you don’t have to compromise your privacy.    

Skipping on a built-in bench to save space

You may think a bench is a luxury that yields no value. Some people consider it an eye sore, and others believe it makes their bathroom look smaller. Besides all the criticism, benches can inevitably elevate your interior design. The bench doesn’t have to take a significant chunk of your space. Instead, you can opt for a plan that works for you.  

A bench doesn’t only serve aesthetic purposes but provides excellent utility. It’s a terrific option for the elderly to sit and wash themselves easily. Adding this simple feature in the bathroom makes them feel more in control.

But your grandparents aren’t the only ones that could use a bench. Instead of leaning against the wall and risking an injury, you can comfortably sit on the bench and shave your legs. The bench adds convenience to your skincare routine, whether you’re planning to exfoliate or moisturize. 

If nothing else, a bench is a reliable way to add storage space to your bathroom.    

Choosing between a tub and a walk-in design

After a long week of 9 to 5, you probably come straight home and run a bath. You can use bath salts and candles to add to the recovery of a five-day work week. Before you know it, all your stress drains away. But a bath isn’t the most practical option when you’re looking to get cleaned quickly. It is why most people sacrifice the luxury of a bath for the practicality of a shower.

But we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to compromise on either. You can genuinely have the best of both worlds. You don’t have to limit your bathing options with a doorless shower. If the space allows, you can go for a central shower-bath setting. But it’s not necessary to have a spacious bathroom for this setup to work. 

Small bathrooms can enjoy the same feature by pushing the walk-in shower setup to a corner or opting out of mammoth glass walls. However, it’s essential to revisit the concept of walk-in showers with a new perspective. They don’t have to be separated like an office cabin, hogging a significant portion of your bathroom. Instead, you can choose an open design with a single showerhead and shelf combination. 

Luxury doesn’t have to mean abundance, but it feels nice to have both bathing options.         

Selecting the wrong showerhead

double shower setup

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, a showerhead is the last thing on your mind. But this simple component can make or break your bathroom design. Maybe you end up with a showerhead that directs water at the entrance. Your bathroom will end up in puddles every time you run it. Depending on the size of the walk-in shower, go for an option most compatible with your setting.  

Top mounted, and rainfall showerheads are ideal for creating a luxurious space. As opposed to regular showerheads, they direct the stream of water to fall like rain. A wall-mounted rain showerhead will work tremendously, even in a small space. In addition, it saves you a fortune in plumbing maintenance.

Alternatively, small walk-in showers can benefit from a handheld showerhead that you can extend to move about in the bathroom. It’s a highly reliable and water-efficient model that will cost you mere peanuts to set up. For a family bathroom, you can opt for a sliding bar showerhead that allows you to readjust the height for all family members.  

We suggest you take your time to decide on a showerhead. An impulsive and uninformed decision may cost you hundreds in plumbing issues.    

The arrangement is not suitable for when it’s cold out.

gorgeous bathroom

Most of us dread taking a shower when the temperature is below zero. At least with a full shower, the hot water quickly warms up the cabin, and you don’t have to worry about freezing to death. But a walk-in shower lacks the warmth to keep you from shivering. Doesn’t it?

Well, this may not entirely be true. You can always choose an option that doesn’t consider the cold, but there are multiple ways to heat your doorless shower. For instance, you can add a heated floor. But if that sounds like too much work, you can choose to shut your open shower halfway. Installing a glass window or tile paneling is a reliable way to retain steam and heat from a hot shower.  

Don’t let the fear of the cold make you walk away from a tremendous doorless experience. Instead, redesign your bathroom not to be a dreaded place for the winter.  

Settling on an arrangement that is prone to gathering dirt and mold

Installing tile is an excellent way to incorporate depth into your one-dimensional bathroom design. The contrasting color or pattern blends modern design and Spanish architecture. But choosing a tile solely for its aesthetic value is bound to cost you. 

The mosaic tile arrangement is a magnet toward dirt, grit, and mold. The crevices between the tiles are the perfect breeding spot for bacteria. If you don’t want to dedicate the rest of your life to cleaning the moldy grout between the tiles, we suggest you choose an alternative.

A non-grouted tile arrangement can do wonders for your cleaning time and the overall bathroom design. The modern design uses bigger chunks of tiles to cover the space instead of breaking it down to a hundred tiles.     

You may have gotten so excited from reading this article that you want to break out the hula hoop.

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