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We work together with skilled architects and designers, to give them a platform where their work can be brought to life.

By combining the work of several architects and designers, we ensure that you find just the house plan that works for you.

Browse our website to find the best designs offered by a bunch of selected architects. 

We have a growing number of options that we are excited to show you, and that you will either love so much that you choose to buy one of them, or at the least get enough inspiration to help you forward on your journey.

While we have a pretty thorough FAQ section that you can find a link to at the bottom of the page, we have answered a bunch of the most common questions that people want to have immediately answered as they land here with regards to Passion Plans.

While we are still a relatively new platform, we are growing at an impressive rate.

That also means that although we may have a limited set of options in a specific category currently, we are working hard to expand our offering as fast as possible so that we are better able to meet the demands of our users. 

While you can browse our platform, your house building project will only become a success if you get exactly the floor plan that matches your family’s needs, why we encourage you to seriously consider what those are.

We do not specialize in one specific type of homes, but we are rather working on onboarding architects with different specialties so as to best be able to serve the industry’s various needs, and so that you can find the option that best suits you.

We’ll be adding more payment systems as we get going. If there is a payment system you would like to use that hasn’t been listed, feel free to reach out to see if we can work with you.

If you’re an architect wanting to sell your house plans, we encourage you to get in contact to see how we  might be able to start working together.

Before we start working with any architect, it is important that we make sure we are aligned in terms of the quality that we expect on this platform so as to ensure its standard.

We strongly believe that we would rather allow fewer architects onto the platform that believe in our mission, rather than allowing ones on that do not believe in what it is we are trying to build.

Passion Plans is a platform that is growing at an incredible rate, and we believe that is mainly due to the standard we put into the work that we and our partners are both putting into the platform.

While we strive to be very cooperative, we can unfortunately not accommodate refunds due to the nature of the product, being digital. 

Once you have received the plans, it would be prohibitively hard for us to ensure they aren’t used. 

Again, if you are not just hoping to look around but you are getting serious about wanting to build a home, the first step is to determine what your family’s needs are.

Are you looking for something with 3 or 4 bedrooms, like the average family might be looking for? Perhaps what best serves your needs are something that would fit on a narrow lot. If you are either just browsing the platform and getting inspiration, or if you have a slightly bigger budget, we have some very interesting options available that include H-shaped, U-shaped and L-shaped homes.

While we know that building a house is a big endeavor, we also know that you might be able to find house plans that are able to provide 95% of what it is your looking for. The good news is that it is very likely we will be able to make the alterations so that the final product has exactly what it is you are looking for. 

Depending on the types of changes you are wishing to have made, it might be something that will take our designers and hour to adjust, but it could also be something that takes significantly longer to do.

Custom changes are something that we do on an hourly basis, and the cost for these changes is in addition to the purchase of the house plans. While we do believe we charge an amount that is fair for these changes, we also want you to understand that certain changes just take longer to implement than others. 

While we understand you may want to be able to purchase house plans at the price of stock plans, the reality is that our architects have spent many hours designing these plans, and the benefit from selling them is that they can be sold over and over, whereby the architect gets their compensation over time, rather than having one single customer pay the entire price of making the plans.


Local building departments often have their own sets of building codes that they require homes live up to, and while we strive to have the homes published on this site live up to the most common standards, we are not able to help you in ensuring that homes live up to building codes in your region.

You will usually need to have a local architect or engineer sign off on it.

No matter if you choose to purchase from us or a platform similar to ours, those platforms won’t be able to ensure compliance with local regulations either.

As we mentioned in a previous section, there are certain types of changes that will take a lot longer to implement than others. 

If you are looking to make alterations, it is important you do not choose a house model that is too small to start off with, since it takes a lot of time to scale down a house. When you are scaling down a house, it often starts interfering with various elements such as the plumbing and electrical work.

Here is a list of some of the changes we often get asked to evaluate in terms of feasibility.

Again, the closer the existing house plans are to your final product, the less you will have to spend additionally to bring it up to the level you are hoping.

Smaller changes:

  • Adjusting the roof pitch of the home
  • Adding or removing windows, assuming no electrical needs changing and it doesn’t interfere with the layout of the house.
  • Making a garage bigger so as to include an additional car.
  • Changing the garage entry location into the house.
  • Minor adjustments to rooms, especially when it requires no external restructuring.
  • Rearranging a room layout.
  • Changing the materials used for exterior surfaces.
  • Smaller interior design changes that won’t affect the plumbing or electrical.
  • Reversing house plans.

Bigger changes:

  • Rearranging room locations or doing significant redesign of kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Changing the type of roof
  • Depending on the complexity of the task, doing home additions may be a substantial task.

Significant changes:

  • Major changes to the floor plan that may include substantially increasing or decreasing square footage.
  • Change the amount of floors the house has.

There is a fee associated with having our architects evaluate how much work will be required in incorporating your various wishes, as they will additionally need to understand exactly what it is you desire before they’re able to move forward with the project.

Please visit our contact page to best find out how to request getting changes made to existing floor plans. If you have bought them from other platforms or from other architects, you also acknowledge and agree that you have the necessary rights to alter the existing ones, and that you liberate Passion Plans from any potential responsibility from requesting alterations.


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