Best toy hauler travel trailers & 5th wheel campers in 2024

How often have you looked at a motorbike catalog and put it down because it wasn’t a practical choice? After all, what sane person would choose to drive a heavy bike on the busy roads of a busy city? It might not necessarily have been a motorbike. But we’d all like to fulfill the dreams we had as children.

From a ski boat to a golf cart, many impractical decisions keep our adventurous spirit alive. But what if there was a way you could put your little toys to use? You can go ahead and purchase a ski boat even if you live nowhere close to a beach. Because instead of calling the beach to you, you can always move towards it.


When we tested different options, we found that the best toy hauler was the KZ Sportster 301THR. The best toy hauler 5th wheel camper was the Jayco Seismic 4013.

Here is a summary of the category winners:

  • Best overall toy hauler travel trailer: KZ Sportster 301THR
  • Best toy hauler 5th wheel camper: Jayco Seismic 4013
  • Best toy hauler under 5,000 lbs: Forest River Wildwood FSX 180RT

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A toy hauler is your traditional travel trailer with a delightful twist. As the name suggests, the extra space in the vehicle provides room to carry your toys. You can quickly load your golf cart on the toy hauler and drive off into the sunset.

Even if you don’t like collecting eccentric toys, you could always repurpose the extra space into another bedroom or office space. A toy hauler offers a standard RV’s amenities with additional space.

Best toy hauler travel trailers & 5th wheel campers

We’ve gathered a few models to introduce you to the best toy hauler travel trailers & 5th wheel campers in the world.

Toy haulers under 5,000 lbs

You may think a trailer must weigh a ton to carry your toys effortlessly. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. With multiple ultra lightweight toy haulers available in the market, your biggest concern would be picking just one.

These vehicles have been meticulously designed to offer a significant carrying capacity while weighing under 5,000 lbs.

To help you plan a trip along the coast with your ski boat, we’ve compiled the 5 best toy haulers under 5,000 lbs:

1. Forest River Wildwood FSX 180RT

Forest River Wildwood FSX 180RT inside

Toy haulers have a reputation for being heavy-duty. So even when the design seems compact, it weighs a couple of tons. However, Forest River ensures the toy hauler experience in a lightweight body.

The Wildwood FSX might weigh only 3,045 lbs, but it has a loading capacity of 1,776 lbs. So whether you’re planning to bring along your race buggy or your kayaking gear, the trailer will comfortably house all.

As for the floorplan, the small toy hauler makes efficient use of the available space. It places a queen bed with overhead cabinet storage on the front living of the trailer. At the same time, the middle portion is dedicated to the classic kitchenette and bathroom setup. Once you’ve prepared a meal in the kitchen, you can dine on the sofa that faces the entertainment unit.

Forest River continues to impress all motorhome fanatics with its designs. But if you still need extra assurance, the trailer’s affordability might be able to convince you.

Hitch weight440lbs
Exterior length 21 ft 8 in
Exterior height10 ft 2 in
Exterior width90 in
Freshwater capacity 43 gallons
Black water capacity 30 gallons
Awning 12 in

2. Jayco Octane Super Lite 161

Jayco Octane Super Lite 161 from the outside

If your priority is cheap cargo space over a grand RV experience, then Jayco Octane is the right trailer for you. Even though it provides the same amenities as any other trailer weighing about 4,570 lbs, it lacks luster. Instead, Jayco takes a more practical approach to adventures.

The ultra-lightweight trailer is ideal for a weekend getaway, even though it has enough fresh water and fuel capacity to last much longer. It features an L-shaped kitchenette with a microwave, two-burner stove, and a sink. A spacious bathroom with a tub and toilet is next to the kitchenette.

Jayco Octane Super Lite 161 kitchen

Jayco Octane offers a compact sleeping space that ensures maximum comfort without too much space. The small toy hauler’s rear end features a queen-size bed at the top bunk. In comparison, the bottom bunk includes two convertible sofas and a table, which you can change from a dining area to sleep two people.

Jayco Octane Super Lite 161

Not all practical decisions have to be boring. For instance, you can pull down the ramp to set up a picnic area with camp chairs and a view of the great wilderness.

Hitch weight710 lbs
Height11.25 ft
Width 8.5 ft
Length20.58 ft
Fresh water capacity 53.2 gallons
Black water capacity 45.4 gallons
Awning 11 ft

3. Quicksilver 7x18FK Ultra Lightweight

Pairing comfort with practicality seems to be a Quicksilver strong suit. The 7x18FK utilizes the available space to provide all necessary amenities and a significant hauling capacity. It may only weigh 3,320 lbs but guarantees a loading capacity of 3,680 lbs.

The linear floor plan focuses on providing the necessities. This includes a fully-functional kitchenette and a bathroom. Instead of a traditional lounge-style dinette, the trailer offers a convertible sofa. It’s well within the range of a refrigerator, so you can grab a chilled beer and relax to the tunes on the radio.

When it’s time to end the night, you can walk to the side extension with a queen bunk bed. The trailer can comfortably sleep up to five people. So even with half a dozen people on board, you can conveniently load an ATV or a heavy bike.


  • Super light weight with aluminum construction
  • Huge freshwater tank with 50 gallons capacity
  • Top of the line kitchen
  • Full bathroom
  • Two burner stove


  • No AC unit but has plenty of ventilations units.

4. InTech Flyer Explorer XLT (1990lbs)

InTech Flyer Explore XLT from the outside

Why spend thousands of dollars purchasing a towing truck to pull behind a heavy-duty trailer when a compact and ultra-lightweight toy hauler is just as feasible. The InTech Flyer Explore XLT weighs only 1,990 lbs but has a hauling capacity of about 1,300 lbs. But what’s better is that you can pull behind the trailer with a vehicle as simple as a minivan.

The small toy hauler might not be ideal for a family, but there’s nothing better for an individual heading out on a solo expedition. The trailer features a double bed, which can comfortably sleep up to two people. As for the standard amenities, the Flyer Explore reserves that space for your toys. In addition, you can set up a kitchen area on the shelves and the countertop beside the bed. Or you can use the same space for storage.

InTech Flyer Explore XLT

As for the garage, you can either set up chairs to seat guests or park your motorbike. The Flyer Explore might lack the glamor of a heavy-duty toy hauler, but a small toy hauler gets the job done! Additionally, it’s not too much of a hassle to drive.


  • Lightweight
  • Fully welded cage frame and all aluminum construction makes it super durable
  • Comes prewired for solar, TV, cable and airconditioning units
  • Air-conditioner and heating units are included
  • The hitch weight is only 240 lbs


  • Doesn’t come prewired for washer/ dryer
  • Is not WiFi capable

5. Forest River No Boundaries NB19.1

Forest River No Boundaries NB19.1 inside

You may think extra space is an undefeated advantage. However, your opinion may change when you tow behind a heavy-duty trailer offroad. Many inexperienced drivers find that dragging a more compact model makes for a much more hassle-free journey.

The NB19.1 plays to its strength with an ultra-lightweight and compact structure. It weighs only 1,606 lbs but guarantees a much higher loading capacity of almost 2,000 lbs. So don’t shy away from loading your heavy bike or dune buggy.

With an outdoor kitchen set up, you can pull out the two-burner stove and prepare a meal out in the open. This way, you won’t have to worry about the entire unit reeking of spices and herbs. The trailer has shelf storage, which offers ample room for all your clothing items and other essentials. Since there’s no allocated sleeping area, it gives you more freedom over the floor plan.

Best toy hauler travel trailers

Purchasing a toy hauler requires the same attention to detail you’d offer when buying a house. After all, the investment is just as significant in size. But the responsibility of a toy hauler owner is much more critical.

From the amenities to the price, you must look after many factors. And with multiple models flooding the market, it isn’t easy to finalize one. However, going into excruciating detail will cost you your precious time. So leave that responsibility to us.

Here are the 5 best toy hauler travel trailers:

6. KZ Sportster 301THR

KZ Sportster 301THR

Adventures can be pretty expensive, especially when they cost you your comfort. However, you will not have to bear such a high price with the KZ Sportster. The toy hauler is an 8,070 lbs monstrosity and stretches way over the typical 20 ft mark. It has all the features of a traditional RV and then some more.

The floor plan allows a sleeping capacity of up to eight people, with beds and rollover sofas spread throughout the trailer. The design places the primary bedroom with a king-size bed in the front to ensure privacy. The bathroom can be accessed from the bedroom and the lounge area. With a 75-gallon freshwater capacity, you won’t have to worry about running out of water soon.

Exploring the wilderness doesn’t mean you have to resort to gathering berries for dinner. Instead, you can cook a lavish meal in the Sportster’s fully-functional kitchen. And in case you’ve leftovers, the refrigerator more than welcomes them. There may be no dinette-type setting, but two rollover sofas spread across a table make up for the loss.

As for the star of the show, the 15 ft garage pulls the entire design together. You can set up patio furniture in the garage and gaze at the stars with a glass of wine. Or you can use it as a drying space after your swim at the lake.

7. Genesis Supreme Genesis Prime 2414

There’s beauty in simplicity. That is why we find ourselves returning to familiar designs. Genesis Prime may appear like any toy hauler, but its simplicity is its most robust feature. The 6,508 lb trailer keeps the layout straightforward. So that when you return from exploring the unknown, you’ll have a place to call home.

The private main suite features a queen-size bed with ample wardrobe space to store all your change of clothes. You can also access the bathroom directly from the bedroom. It offers a classic toilet, shower, and sink combination.

Moving to the lounge area, you’ll find the floor plan quite spacious. With the kitchen island pushed to one edge, you have plenty of space to move about. After preparing an adventure-friendly meal, you can dine at the bench dinette setup.

Whether traveling along the coast or driving up to the beach, there’s enough room in the garage to store all your toys. So dust off your dune buggies and heavy bikes because Genesis guarantees a storybook adventure.

8. Forest River XLR Hyperlite 2513

Forest River XLR Hyperlite 2513

Whether planning a solo expedition or a family trip, don’t let your trailer discourage your plans. Therefore, invest in a vehicle that’s versatile enough to accommodate your changing plans. Forest River XLR Hyperlite is ideal for all types of adventures. The 13 ft garage can hold anything from a golf cart to a kayak.

In addition to the trailer’s adventurous spirit, it also pays close attention to your comfort. With a sleeping capacity of up to six people, your entire family can rest comfortably in the trailer. The master bedroom is pushed towards the front living and features a queen-size bed, a private entrance to the bathroom, and multiple storage cabinets.

As for the kitchenette, it’s equipped with all the essentials to help you cook a well-balanced meal. So before you head out to explore the wilderness, finish your vegetables. You can include additional bed space in the large garage to comfortably house everyone or pop open the ramp door and enjoy the landscape.

9. Coleman Lantern 251TQ

Coleman Lantern 251TQ

Planning a romantic getaway is trickier than arranging a trip for your entire extended family. You need to have all the forces of a road trip on your side, including comfort, privacy, and a sense of adventure. And what better way to sway the forces trifecta towards you than by investing in a trustworthy trailer brand.

The Coleman Lantern 251TQ guarantees to exceed all your expectations. It’s stretched about 30 ft and has a loading capacity of up to 4,000 lbs. With a 13 ft garage and multiple storage cabinets, you don’t have to leave your toys, camping gear, or wardrobe behind.

Coleman Lantern 251TQ

The deluxe bedroom is towards the front living of the trailer. It features a queen-size bed, ample storage space, and a private entrance to the bathroom. As for the lounge, there’s enough seating to invite over half a dozen guests. In addition, the lounge-style dinette lets you enjoy your meal comfortably before you go sightseeing.

Make the best use of the toy hauler’s additional space by setting up a date night under the midnight sky. We assure you there’s nothing more romantic than gazing at the stars.

10. Keystone RV Carbon 36

Keystone RV Carbon 36

You may think luxury is a privilege only the rich can afford, especially when purchasing a heavy-duty trailer. But Keystone assures you otherwise. The RV Carbon is under $100,000 and features two bathrooms. That’s more than what any other trailer offers at this price. But that’s not all!

The toy hauler features a 13 ft garage that you can repurpose into a convertible bedroom for when you’ve overnight guests. And for the primary bedroom, it’s pushed into the frontal end. A queen bed, wardrobe, and private bathroom ensure a deluxe living experience.

The kitchenette is a classic microwave, burner-stove, and refrigerator design. But instead of a traditional dining area, Keystone replaces it with a recliner sofa for extra comfort. The additional bathroom is ideal for when you’ve kids on board. Instead of waiting around the main bathroom to use the toilet, you can simply access the other one.

The large garage has enough room to hold your toys and a single bed. So don’t shy away from bringing your heavy bike on board.

Wheel campers

To tow behind a heavy camper can be pretty risky for an inexperienced driver. In addition to the trailer’s dry weight, the loaded weight can put the driver in a tough spot. So before you find your golf cart rolling onto the highway, it’s better to seek alternatives.

A 5th wheel camper provides all the comforts of a traditional toy hauler. It offers extra garage space with the classic amenities of an RV. But additionally, it gives stability to the camper structure. The fifth wheel distributes weight much more evenly and even reduces swaying as your drive.

To help you bring balance to your life, we’ve curated a list of 5 best toy hauler 5th wheel campers:

11. Jayco Seismic 4013

Instead of saving up for an extravagant vacation that’ll likely last the weekend, you can invest your money in a trailer that offers all the same luxuries for an indefinite period. Jayco Seismic doesn’t just sell a vehicle to accompany you on your adventures but a life-changing experience.

The fifth-wheel camper weighs about 15,205 lbs and stretches 44 ft long. Its mammoth size is only one of the many commendable qualities that make it a customer favorite. It can sleep up to ten people and carry a load of about 5,490 lbs. So even if you’ve got an entire town on your trailer, there’ll still be enough space to load a heavy bike or two.

The master bedroom is at the frontal end of the trailer. It includes

  • a queen-size bed
  • a 39-inch TV
  • a private entrance to the bathroom
  • and multiple storage spaces.

The kitchen is just as extravagant as the deluxe bedroom. It features all the essential amenities but on a marble countertop. Speaking of luxury, the dining table is set beside the fireplace. Seismic offers such a great living experience that you’ll forget all about your camping trip.

The cherry on top is the 12 ft cargo area, which provides enough space for a queen-size bunk bed, storage cabinets, and a lounge-style dinette. Then, you can replace the additional living room space with your ski boats and dune buggies.

12. Forest River Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 37RTH

Whether you’re looking to venture off on a camping trip with your friends or take your family on a road trip across the country, Cedar Creek ensures you do so in style. The aluminum structure gives the exterior a futuristic look and is the perfect companion on an offroad.

The 14,190 lbs trailer has a loading capacity of about 4,000 lbs, which means you can carry an entire fleet of sports bikes. In addition, Cedar Creek features a splendid living room towards the front of the trailer. With a tri-fold sofa, a 60-inch TV, and a surround sound system, you would never feel like you’re in a moving vehicle. To add to the extravagance, there’s a fireplace in the living room.

Moving to the kitchen has the most premium version of all the necessary amenities. From a double-door fridge to a three-burner stove and oven, no other kitchen compares. The bathroom has a simple but much more spacious layout. With a freshwater capacity of 69 gallons, you won’t have to hold back on taking multiple showers daily.

When it’s time to call it off, you can rest in the primary bedroom. It features a queen-size bed, a TV, and multiple storage spaces. The trailer has many admirable qualities, but a large garage area takes the cake. It’s large enough to house a small vehicle or a couple of ATVs comfortably.

13. Forest River Sandstorm F286GSLR

Owning a fifth-wheel camper is not only about greater structural stability but a luxurious traveling experience. Instead of booking a suite at a five-star hotel for the weekend, you get to relive the same luxury every day at almost the exact cost. The Sandstorm is a prime example of luxury, comfort, and practicality rolled into one.

The master bedroom features a king-size bed with a wardrobe and multiple storage cabinets. It also has a private entrance to the bathroom that you can access from the living space. The dining area and the lounge are rolled into a single unit, which clears up plenty of room to move about. Overall, the Sandstorm provides excellent value for what it’s worth.

But what makes it a highly in-demand article is the 16 ft long cargo space. So forget about loading a motorbike alone. You could probably fit all your eccentric toys and still have room for more.

14. Keystone Raptor 351

Keystone Raptor 351

Exploring nature doesn’t mean you can’t still travel in style. Keystone understands the importance of making a statement. Therefore, it incorporates a futuristic vision with a luxurious experience. You’ll feel like you’ve boarded a spaceship when you travel across the country in the Raptor 351.

The fifth-wheel trailer offers a king-size bed with an entertainment unit in the master bedroom. You can also directly access the bathroom from the bedroom. However, the living space truly sets the trailer apart from others. In addition to a modern kitchenette, the room features a kitchen island dining setup. And to tie it all together, Keystone introduced a fireplace. So on days when you’re not in the mood to explore the wilderness, you can sit by the fireplace and put your favorite show on the television.

The cargo space can hold up to 2,788 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about loading your kayaking gear and a ski boat on the trailer. If all that wasn’t enough to convince you, the addition of a half bathroom might be able to sway your decision.

15. Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 340AMP

Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 340AMP

Like its name, the Thunderbolt stands out from the other trailers. Its defining feature could be the orange stripes on a black background or that a 12,698 lbs cost less than $100,000. The Thunderbolt offers a living experience that’s nothing short of grand.

Keeping up with its excellent layout, it features the main bedroom at the frontal end. The room has a king-size bed, a wall-mounted TV, and ample storage spaces. You even get a private entrance into the bathroom, directly from the bedroom. As you enter the living room, a fully-functional kitchen awaits your chef’s expertise.

And once you’ve prepared a three-course meal, you can head over to the power recliner sofa to enjoy it. The patio door opens into the 11 ft garage, which can hold up to 4,000 lbs. So load up your toys because the Thunderbolt is ready to set sail.

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