9 things to know about the Hellcat Minivan (Dodge & Pacifica)

Car enthusiasts often like to get creative with their projects. Tuning and modifying their cars is something they enjoy. From minivans to supercars, many owners customize their vehicles to their preferences. But the big companies are also experimenting with new models.

They often release special project cars which are limited in their production. When you hear about a Hellcat minivan based on the Chrysler Pacifica, you might be confused. You’re trying to create a mental image in your mind. As you keep thinking about it, you realize that it makes sense and that a Hellcat Minivan could be a great model.


The most important thing to know about the new Dodge Hellcat minivan is that it has a 700-HP engine. The most important thing we know about the Pacifica Hellcat minivan is that it’s still a concept car by Abimelec Design.

In this article, we also cover the following:

  • Specs
  • Price

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Minivans are intended for large families, so they often lack the sportiness and power of a supercar or a muscle car. These vehicles are focused on efficiency and practicality more than anything. That is why the actual models are quite boring, as the manufacturers are not focusing on design as much. 

We didn’t grab your attention without reason. If you are interested in this prototype, we will show you 9 things you need to know about the Hellcat Minivan.


Is the Hellcat minivan real or fake?

For many people in the car community, a Pacifica that is powered by a Hellcat engine is the perfect way to make a minivan exciting. You could have the same practicality that people like about minivans while also enjoying the sportiness and performance of a muscle car. 

You could satisfy your family’s transportation needs and your own need for speed with the same vehicle. The Hellcat Minivan was created in 2020, but it mostly remained a concept by Abimelec Design. Everyone got excited when an unofficial rendering of a Pacifica featuring a Hellcat engine appeared.

Nowadays, you can find a few Pacificas that feature a Hellcat engine. It is not officially produced by the company but modified by tuning garages and automotive workshops. The closest official resemblance to a Hellcat minivan is the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat, but many people consider it an SUV.

But the Durango SRT is a limited edition as well, and it was only produced and sold in 2021. Dodge quickly discontinued the series because of environmental concerns. This vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5, which is quite impressive for such a heavy vehicle. 


New Dodge minivan

In 2021 Dodge announced the production of the Durango, which features a 700 HP engine. The 6.2-liter supercharged V8 Hellcat engine is very popular in the car community. Its members were noticeably impressed by this outstanding idea from the American manufacturer.

This vehicle saw exceptional results. Many people were interested in what seemed to be the perfect option that could combine practicality with power. Unfortunately, Dodge discontinued the line at the end of the year because its engine did not meet all the emission requirements.

Although it lasted less than a year, the Durango with a Hellcat engine proved better than some high-performant SSUVs. Top choices like Lamborghini Urus or Rolls Royce Cullinan were always focused on specific points. They lacked versatility, which is much needed for the American family.

A supercharged minivan could have been the only vehicle to satisfy such a large range of customers. While it was produced, the Dodge Durango SR had a:

  • length of 200 inches
  • a width of 75 inches
  • and a height of 72 inches. 
Dodge minivan with Hellcat engine
Engine6.2-liter supercharged V8
Expected price$60,000-93,000
0-60 mph2.9 seconds


The closest thing that resembles a Dodge Hellcat supercharged minivan is the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat. It features a transmission with sequential shift control and a 6.2l Supercharged V8 SRT engine. It has AWD capabilities, so you can easily drive this car on snowy roads or off-road tracks where the grip is low.

It has a gross weight of 7,100 pounds, and the fuel tank holds a capacity of 24.6 gallons. On average, you should expect a range of 295 miles in the city and 418 miles on highways with a full tank. The safety of the driver and the passengers is important. Dodge implemented an Electronic Stability Control which makes the drive easier.

A superior ABS system ensures that your wheels will not lock under hard braking. At the same time, the Dual Stage driver and passenger airbags will minimize the injuries in case of a sudden impact. On this vehicle’s exterior, you will find Pirelli tires and deep tinted glass. It increases the sportiness. 

The wipers are sensitive to rain and vary in speed depending on the amount and intensity of the precipitation. Galvanized steel plates and a black grille complete the sporty look of this SUV. 

The interior features front seats with lumbar support for better comfort on long rides. The cushion is heated for the driver and passenger, a great addition during cold winter days. If you live in a hot climate, the seats are also ventilated.

Lastly, the entertainment system has a 10-inch display that will keep you updated with your vehicle’s condition. Live statistics are shown on this screen, as well as various entertainment options. 9 Alpine speakers create an immersive ambiance inside your car, and your favorite songs will sound better. 

Top speed


Not many people expect to see a regular minivan reach incredible top speeds and fast accelerations. Surely if the Hellcat minivan project reaches the auto market one day, it is expected to have a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. 

For a practical vehicle, reaching such a high speed is incredible. At this point, this minivan can easily compete with supercars and even outperform some of the older models. The acceleration is also estimated to be fantastic, with the Hellcat minivan reaching 60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds. 

The powerful V8 engine uses all the 700 horsepowers to deliver this performance to the wheels. Looking at the 2021 Durango special edition, its 6.2-liter engine allows it to reach a top speed of 180 miles per hour. It can also accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 4.4 seconds, which is still remarkable considering the heavyweight. 


With an eight-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive capability, the Dodge Hellcat minivan is expected to have a V8 engine featuring 707 horsepower. It is considered a high-end vehicle, so Dodge will also introduce luxury features such as leather seats and an automatic sunroof.

When efficiency meets performance, you get the Dodge Hellcat minivan. Many people are discussing this prototype on automotive forums. They are all waiting for the next announcement made by the American manufacturer. 

After all, having a family-sized van reach 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds is outstanding. While illegal and not encouraged, driving a minivan filled with luggage and work items at a top speed of 200 miles per hour seems like a movie plot. 

Minivan with Hellcat engine


The history of the Hellcat starts way back in the Pacific war that lasted from 1943 to 1946. The Grumman F6F Hellcat was a fighter aircraft that became a superior fighter that could easily outmaneuver Japanese anti-aircraft guns. 

Dodge named their engine after this legendary aircraft. Before releasing it in 2014, the American company kept the work a secret and surprised the automotive world. While other companies followed the rules and standards, Dodge completely disregarded them when they produced the 700-horsepower engine.

The result was a massive success, and the company quickly increased in popularity. Since its launch, this engine has always met the highest expectations of any car enthusiast. With incredible levels of power, the Hellcat engine became a standard for future Dodge vehicles.

Nowadays, you can find a Hellcat engine on the

  • Challenger
  • Charger
  • and even the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

The latest model to feature this engine is the Durango SRT Hellcat also referred to as the ”Hellcat minivan”. 

Price & MSRP

While the price for a possible 2023 Hellcat minivan is currently unknown, experts believe it will be quite expensive. People with smaller budgets will have to reconsider and look for other options. For those that don’t have limits on how much they can spend, the investment will be worth it. It’s especially if they make full use of such a vehicle.

Suppose you want to have a car that can handle the everyday tasks and requirements of a large family that also is capable of satisfying your weekend adventures. In that case, you will have to spend a significant sum for such a unique model. 

If you want to purchase the 2019 Hellcat minivan, the price starts at $60,000 and goes up as more features are added. For the SRT model with 700 horsepower, you will have to pay almost $73,000. 

If you truly know what you want and love this car, consider the Demon model, which starts at almost $93,000. You get a blacked-out grille and 18-inch wheels at this price tag to increase sportiness. 


0-60 MPH

From what we already know, the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat had a 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration of 3.5 seconds. This performance can be compared to some supercars. It is impressive that such a heavy vehicle can deliver outstanding performance. 

When the same engine is placed in a Pacifica minivan, we can expect the same level of performance. While several SSUVs can be considered sports cars, there are no minivans that can deliver exceptional results. 

But the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica already performs well on its own, even without a Hellcat engine. After several tests, drivers found out that the minivan accelerates from 0 to 60 in just 7.3 seconds. While it’s no match for a Ferrari, the Pacifica still delivers impressive performance for this vehicle category.

Besides, it is also equipped with a comfortable and spacious interior that can accommodate large families. There is plenty of storage space, too. You can haul the furniture casually or in sport mode. Returning to the Durango SRT Hellcat, we know it can deliver a quarter-mile in 11.5 seconds while reaching a top speed of 180 miles per hour.

It can easily compete with some entry-level supercars. What is certain is that nobody will be expecting you to speed past them in such a large car. With 700 horsepower and a 645 lb-ft of torque, the road becomes a race track. The only competitor to this SUV is the Jeep Grand Cherokee which has the same engine installed. 

DimensionFord ExplorerHyundai PallisadeDodge Durango SRTChrysler Pacifica
Length198.8 in196.1 in200.8 in204.3 in
Width78.9 in77.8 in75.8 in.79.6 in
Height69.9 in68.9 in72.9 in69.9 in

Release date

The 2023 Pacifica Hellcat remains a concept that the company disregarded long ago. But fans gather together and send requests to the manufacturer demanding this new model. After all, this will be the first minivan with a competitive engine, so the manufacturer will also increase in popularity with such a unique model.

Because the engine is the biggest upgrade to the Chrysler Pacifica Hellcat, it is also the defining factor of this vehicle. While comfort and practicality are still kept as a standard for minivans, the American company looks to incorporate both in the same car. 

But good things take time, and there could be years before we can see a Hellcat minivan enter the production lines. While this is a concept intended for 2023, the dealerships could sell these vehicles in 2024. But be advised that the starting price will not be as budget-friendly as other minivans. 

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