What are the sizes of 70 & 75-inch TVs

It’s been a long time since people watched live transmissions from a big box featuring a fuzzy image in black and white color. Nowadays, TVs are so modern that some feature special displays that can accurately replicate colors and small details. 

You can get on-demand entertainment on a big screen at a reasonable price. Still, the display technology is what changes the price tag of these TVs. OLED models are superior but more expensive, while UHD ones are more affordable. 


The dimensions of a 70″ TV are a width of 61″ and a height of 34.3″. The dimensions of a 72″ TV are a width of 65.4″ and a height of 36.8″.

Some of the most popular brands that offer 70″ and 75″ TVs are the following:

  • Vizio
  • Amazon Fire
  • TCL

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LG 75” HDTV LED Smart 4K Bluetooth Tv UP8070 Series 2021

If you are ready to change your TV out, you might be overwhelmed with many available options. That is why we did this research for you and picked the best ones for you to choose from. If you also wonder about the dimensions of 70 & 75-inch TVs, we will show you that. 

How are TVs measured?

It is not difficult to measure the TV size. This measurement refers to its diagonal length. All you have to do is find the distance from the upper left-hand corner to the lower right-hand corner. If you take this measurement, only consider the display, not the entire TV.

While the TV dimensions differ, getting the largest size your budget allows is often recommended. Many people choose the biggest size available and are often satisfied with their decision. TVs are measured without the bezel or frame that is present around the edge of the screen.

That is because only the display size matters, which is the same across various models. However, the frame might be thinner or thicker. Small LED TVs will start at just 28 inches, while the largest OLED screens can reach up to 80 inches. 


The 70-inch size is a common one for TVs. Many people choose this size when they consider upgrading their old TV. It is ideal for interior spaces and suitable for large living rooms. If you consider getting a TV of this size, you should expect high-quality and highly-defined pictures.

Depending on the manufacturer, you will find some 70-inch TVs overpriced. Some companies might inflate the price tag to encourage you to go bigger, but you should always choose the best one for you.

Overall, a 70-inch TV has a height of 34.3 inches and a width of 61 inches. The diagonal measurement of the television will be 70 inches, so you should consider this size and find an ideal space for the TV in your room. 

The width of a 70-inch TV is 61 inches, which is smaller than its diagonal measurement. Keep in mind that these devices are designed for an aspect ratio of 16:9 units. You should also consider the width as an important factor to look for. 

Your TV will come with a chart that will specify its size both in the imperial and metric systems. When companies design their TVs, they use special formulas that include algebra and trigonometry to figure out the best dimensions for their product.

While most of the specifications are provided for the display itself, you should also keep the bezel of the TV in mind. Some manufacturers will aim for a thin display with sharp edges where the screen occupies most of the front side. Some older models will have thicker frames, which will take up more screen space. 

TV dimensions chart by size

Knowing your TV’s actual size before purchasing it is crucial. When advertised, most will feature the diagonal measurement of their display. But if it features a thicker frame, the actual size might be significantly bigger.

These measurements use old standards, and they apply to TVs that have an aspect ratio of 3:4. But nowadays, the newer models feature an aspect ratio of 16:9. At the same time, some displays can even reach 21:9. This resolution has a lower height, but they are much wider.

For new models, you can consider 0.5 to 1.5 inches to be the thickness of their bezel or frame. This frame holds the screen, but companies focus on further reducing its thickness. Converting the size manually might be difficult. That is why we provide you with a table below that already features the conversions of the most popular TV sizes.


Best 70-inch

70 inch tv

Best value – VIZIO M-Series 4K QLED HDR

The first model on our list is this high-quality product made by VIZIO. With over 1,000 satisfied customers, this product is an excellent choice for someone who wants the best value for their money. With a 4K UHD display, there are 8 million pixels ready to display the sharpest and clearest images you ever saw.

4 times the resolution of the classic 1080p, you will be impressed by the sharp quality of this screen resolution. The visual system has been carefully engineered, and the company used the Dolby Vision Bright Mode. It is a technology that allows a lifelike accuracy where all the colors will have a natural look to them.

There are a billion hues of vibrant color ready to be displayed at any moment. The next-generation QLED technology will also offer a cinematic experience like no other. For delivering deep black levels, there are 30 local dimming zones that automatically adjust the backlight. 


  • We love the Alexa compatibility of this model.
  • The selection of built-in apps is great.


  • Screen mirroring is difficult with this model.
VIZIO 70-Inch M-Series 4K QLED
Check out this one from Vizio.

Best cheap option – VIZIO V-Series 4K UHD LED with Voice Remote

Another option from the same manufacturer is this cheaper model that will fit most budgets. While they are the same in size, the main difference between these two models is the display technology. While the first model had a QLED display, this one has an Ultra HD one.

Both have the same 4K quality with over 8 million pixels offering the best detail. You can also find Dolby Vision Bright Mode, where the colors are finely tuned to reflect real-life accuracy. An active IQ processor quickly delivers superior pictures and upscales them to increase sharpness.

Your favorite series is now more enjoyable with this spectacular 4K quality. 2000 zones on the screen are working simultaneously. Each of them changes the contrast levels frame by frame for the best results. 


  • Easy to set up
  • It looks great.
  • The Smartcast feature works perfectly.


  • Getting it to connect to the wifi was a bit of a struggle.
Here's another one from Vizio.

Best 75-inch

If you want something bigger than the 70-inch models, you might want to upgrade to 75-inch ones. These are bigger than the models presented above, but they are still ideally sized for your living room. 

Best cheap option – Amazon Fire Omni Series 4K UHD

Get the best cinematic experience with this high-quality UHD TV from Amazon. It features brilliant colors and a sharp display that will make every detail matter. The Dolby Vision technology offers an HDR experience you’ve never seen, with spectacular colors and contrast that will surprise you.

Several built-in microphones allow you to operate it hands-free with the help of Alexa. You can use your voice to turn on the TV and control the displayed content. You no longer need the remote when you want to get comfortable.

With Netflix and Disney+ included, you can stream over 1 million movies and shows. You are no longer limited to what your provider offers through cable TV as you got all the entertainment in one place. You can have lots of fun with this TV, from music to video games


  • It has a great display.
  • The setup is easy.


  • If you’re an audiophile, you’ll want to upgrade the speakers.
Amazon Fire
Get one from the Amazon store.

Best luxury option – TCL 6-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED

TCL is known for producing high-quality devices. This model is no exception. It features a combination of the 4k HDR and mini-LED technology on a screen that was placed in a strong and durable metal frame. Quantum dot technology is well known, and the experts always recommend this option for the best viewing experience. 

It offers better brightness and contrast and a larger variety of vibrant colors. The TV automatically optimizes zones on the screen and controls them separately to deliver a noticeable contrast between light and dark areas. Special algorithms learn and constantly improve the image’s color, contrast, and quality.

If your favorite show or an important match is about to start, but you cannot find the remote, all you have to do is use your voice. This device can be controlled with voice commands which further increases your comfort. The variable refresh rate and auto-game mode for competitive gamers will significantly help their gaming experience. 


  • The picture quality feels unreal.


  • It’s not always available on Amazon.
It's impressive!

Another great option from our list that you should consider is this Smart TV from a famous company that specializes in manufacturing displays and screens. You can notice the superior quality in every scene, which is delivered by the 4K superior display.

The processing power of this device is something worth mentioning. A 4-core processor gives you a smooth and crisp viewing experience while enhancing contrast and offering a natural feeling to the colors displayed. 

A smart remote makes this TV easy to operate, and you can enable even simpler navigation with voice commands. Most popular streaming platforms are available on this device so you can watch your favorite movies and shows at the press of a button. 

LG also has some nice options.

Best value – VIZIO M-Series 4K QLED HDR with Voice Remote

The final product on our list is another VIZIO TV with a 75-inch display. It features Quantum Color technology and HDR enhancement for better picture quality. It can display over a billion colors that replicate lifelike accuracy in a wide range of shades. A full array of backlights delivers impressive picture quality thanks to the Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range. 

The processing power of this device is quite impressive, with the VIZIO IQ Active processor delivering an enhanced picture on-demand and fulfilling operations almost instantly. A new gaming menu will take console gaming to another level. You can truly get competitive with your favorite gamers. 

For your comfort, the voice remote allows you to power and operate the device with specific commands. Suppose you want to redirect the device’s audio to your Bluetooth headphones. In that case, you can do so by activating the built-in Bluetooth system. 


  • The picture quality is very high.


  • The software seemed a bit buggy.
Here's a 75-inch option from Vizio.

Viewing distance

There is a specifically recommended TV viewing distance for all sizes. You might want to consider this distance before installing the new device at home. Experts recommend 40 degrees of field of view to be taken by the screen for the most immersive experience.

The field of view can be calculated simply by knowing the size of your TV. Multiply it by 1.2 to 2, and then you get the ideal distance. For example, a 75-inch TV has a suitable sitting distance of 90 to 150 inches, which is an acceptable range. 

At this point, you will be able to fully immerse in the image and see all the small details while also keeping your eyes safe from inadequate screen exposure. Sometimes you might be too excited about buying a new TV and completely forget about the place where you want to install it.

TV SizeRecommended Viewing Distance
26 inches4.3 feet
32 inches5.3 feet
40 inches6.7 feet
50 inches8.3 feet
65 inches11 feet
75 inches12.5 feet
75 inch tv

That is why you should decide on this factor before leaving your home and heading towards the electronics store. Prepare your room beforehand and calculate the viewing distance using the simple method presented above. If you want to install the TV in a tight space, take exact measurements of the available area and look for a TV that can easily fit. 

Remember that their size is often represented as the display size, which is measured diagonally. TVs with thicker frames will be bigger than their diagonal measurement. Compare the exact width and height of your furniture and ensure it can fit perfectly. 

The total pixel count should proportionally increase with the screen size. The better the resolution, the higher the clarity. While there are many options on the market, you should also consider the display technology and quality instead of focusing only on the size.

If you prefer a larger TV, look for a higher pixel count and a sharper resolution. You don’t want to end up with a large screen that cannot display sharp images and accurate colors. 

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