16 benefits of drinking beat juice extract at night before bed

Beets are not necessarily vegetables that people start thinking about first thing in the morning. It’s also rarely what people start thinking about right as they’re about to head to bed at night.

However, there are reasons why you may want to change that. 

This article will explore what happens when you drink beet juice before bed and the benefits of eating beetroot extract at night. Are you ready to dive in? 


The two biggest benefits of eating beetroot extract at night before bed or drinking beet juice are that it improves your sleep and helps with blood pressure.

When we tested the various products, we found that the best beetroot juice for nightly consumption was BEET IT Organic Beet Juice.

In this article, we’ll also look at the following:

  • When’s the best time to drink it.
  • Pregnancy and beet juice
  • How much you should consume

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If you press the link below and read the reviews, it’s clear that it not only tastes great but also has had a tremendous impact on some people’s lives. 


  • It’s so easy
  • No need to mix powder
  • Easy to bring with you


  • More expensive than powder in the long run
  • If you don’t like the taste of beet, you won’t enjoy this.
  • Some have received bottles that leaked.

Check the price on Amazon.

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16 benefits of drinking beat juice extract at night before bed

Research has taken a hard look at what it’s good for, and the results are pretty impressive.

Blood flow and blood pressure

With its naturally rich chemicals, it can do things from improving blood flow to lower blood pressure.


It can also help you improve stamina and exercise longer.

For that reason, some people like to crank up on it when they’re expecting some bed sports. 

Muscle power and heart failure

Has your doctor told you you’re experiencing heart failure? Consuming beets may help improve your muscle power, according to a 2015 study. It’s believed to be due to the nitrates it contains. 

Protect against cognitive decline

The increased blood and oxygen levels being transported around can help the brain, thereby slowing the progression of dementation. That’s according to one 2011 study. As a consequence, cognitive decline is delayed.

The participants’ brains were examined through MRIs, and the frontal lobes displayed increased blood flow. It’s the part of the brain responsible for the behavior and cognitive thinking. 

Get your potassium

Potassium helps muscles and nerves function properly, and beet juice can help you have adequate levels of it in your body. 

Great antioxidants

If you have a generally poor diet, beetroot juice might help mitigate it. Betanin is an antioxidant believed to help reduce fatty deposits in the liver and protect it from toxins. 

Fighting cholesterol

The last benefit to mention here is the juice’s ability to help against high cholesterol. Flavonoids are believed to be the reason why it has such effects.

However, it’s important to know that it could influence your stool and urine. It contains a bunch of red coloring that could come out when you’re doing number one or number two. 

You’ll also want to use caution if your blood pressure is already low. You don’t want it to drop down to a level that’s too low, as that could have its range of issues.

What does beet juice do?

Beet juice contains many minerals and vitamins to help your body function properly. It includes: 

  • copper
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • manganese
  • selenium
  • sodium
  • Zinc
  • Folate

Besides the benefits we mentioned in the previous section, there are reasons why people drink it at night. You’ll want to make sure you’re not adding a bunch of sugar. If you don’t, it’s a great way to help you sleep better. 

Better sleep

It’s once again because of its rich nitrate content. Nitrate is converted to Nitric Oxide in the system.

Nitric Oxide has been proven to increase oxygen levels in the blood and help distribute oxygen throughout. Many physiological processes are improved as a consequence. 

Effective blood vessels

The blood vessels in mountain hikers were improved in the Himalayas. It also means people visiting Colorado and places with high altitudes could benefit from it. 

Better oxygen use

Divers were better able to hold their breath through improved oxygen level use. It’s also believed to help with rehabilitation generally. 

Improvements in quality of life for patients with COPD

Several studies were conducted on patients with COPD, partly because their sleep is usually affected by low oxygen levels. There’s good reason to believe that the observations would extend beyond COPD patients. 

Poor sleep can lead to many illnesses, making you feel sluggish the next day. In pursuing higher life quality, it’s no surprise that some people turn to a natural solution like beet juice. 

Both the length of and the quality of sleep were improved in people that drank beetroot juice at night. Sleep was deeper, which could be confirmed by electrical impulses. In addition, oxygen levels in the blood were higher. 

The study proved in a double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled study how nitrate helped the participants. 

Benefits of drinking beetroot juice first thing in the morning

Its low caloric content can help you lose weight if you drink it instead of a higher-caloric drink. You’ll get an energy boost to help you through the day. 

Energy boost and oxygen flow

There are several reasons to drink beetroot juice in the morning, including lowering your blood pressure and helping wake up your sleepy organs. Blood vessels are opened, and oxygen levels are increased through better oxygen flow. You’ll feel ready to jump out and seize the day.

Clearer thinking

Your muscles, brain, and heart will all get a rush of energy from you making this part of your morning routine. 

The nitrate levels from consuming 250ml of the juice every day for 4 weeks will significantly impact your blood pressure, as one 2015 study showed. 

Organ maintenance

The organs that benefit from this energy shot are working hard to keep you going every day. It’s time you treat them right. 

Boosting physical performance

It’ll be the difference between feeling like you’re driving a minivan versus driving a Porsche. Even if it’s nice to sit down and watch TV, wouldn’t you rather want to be ready to jump out the door?

Some people like to go and get their gym sessions in the morning, but it’s when your body is running low on blood plasma nitrate levels. 

With a daily glass of beetroot juice, you’re off to a good start, given the nitrate supplementation you get from it. 

Glowing skin

Your skin very much reflects your diet. Your skin will look much better whenever you put something good in your body. Fail to eat good nutrients, and your skin will look better.

The consumption of toxic substances increases breakouts or flaky skin. Purifying is needed to get rid of them, and beetroot juice’s antioxidant properties will help you. Start your day off looking your best simply by drinking a fresh glass of juice. Blemished skin will be a thing of the past, and you’ll look youthful and glowing once again. 

How long does it take for beet juice to work?

Blood pressure levels start being reduced an hour after you consume beet juice, as it’s how long it takes to work. 

The good news is that the positive effects will last as long as 24 hours after consumption. It has a half-life of roughly 5 hours, which means you’ll still have half of it in your system after 5 hours. After 10 hours, you’ll still have 25%. 

When is the best time of the day to drink beet juice?

The best time to drink beet juice depends on what you hope to get out of it. If you want to improve your sleep, drink it for 1-2 hours before bed. 

If your intention is that it will give you a boost throughout the day, the best time of consumption is 30 minutes before breakfast. 

Where can you buy beet juice & beetroot extract?

We have a few places we recommend getting it from. In doing so, you’re ensuring you’re getting the highest quality products on the market. 

Don’t simply take our word for it. 

We’ve tried and tested the products underneath and found them to have all the anticipated benefits, including better sleep at night. The product that is better for you depends on what’s important. 

Some prefer extract, whereas others want the juice ready to drink. We’ve got a couple of recommendations for each so you can get the right product for you. 


The first product on our list is a container with 112 servings at a very attractive price. It contains 1 lb of Nitric Oxide boosting powder for a healthier you. For the price, this is s good as it comes. 

However, if you’re less price-conscious, you may want to consider the next product instead. 

NameBeet Root Powder
Diet TypeVegetarian
Material FeatureCertified Organic
Product dimensions9.45 x 8.27 x 0.43 inches
What it doesNitric Oxide Booster


  • 112 servings
  • Cheaper than the liquid option
  • 100% Natural


  • Not as easy as the bottled solution
  • A bit messy
  • The powder can get lumpy when you mix it.

Check the price on Amazon.

Micro Ingredients Store

There are roughly 129 servings in this container, but it is more expensive than the previous product. The advantage you get here is that it’s organic.

If you’re at all concerned about eating and drinking organic, this is what we encourage you to get. It will last a long time and can easily sit in the pantry without taking up too much space. 


  • Resealable bag
  • Helps with blood pressure
  • The taste is more subdued


  • More expensive than the other powder for the same amount
  • Messy to use

Check the price on Amazon.


Here’s a product that’s GMO-free and easy to grab anywhere you go. There’s no added sugar, so there’s no need to be scared of drinking it before bed. 

If you’re not one to want to mix it up in the morning or at night, this organic beet juice is great. It is quite a bit more expensive than using the extract, but it’s also much more convenient. 


There’s no denying that Beetology has the highest per-unit cost. However, it also has, by far, the best taste. The lemon, beet, and ginger taste is so refreshing. 

On top of that, they come in glass containers rather than plastic containers. It means there won’t be all sorts of nasty chemicals leaking into what you’re about to drink. 


  • Tastes amazing
  • It’s organic
  • Glass containers are healthier to drink from.


  • The most expensive of the products
  • Glass can break.
  • The juice is a bit grainy, but not much.

Check the price on Amazon.

Can you eat beets every day & how much?

You can eat beets every day. However, it’s important to know there’s a risk of kidney stones if you do. You may want to hold back if you’re prone to kidney stones. 

To get your daily nitrates requirement, you’d need to consume over two cups of sliced beets. One cup contains 1.88 mmol of nitrate.

If you have any concerns, it’s always best to check in with a doctor. Check the amount of nitrate in the product you consume to be sure not to exceed the suggested limits. 

However, you’re generally fine drinking a glass of beetroot juice per day in order to get the sleep benefits from it. The pros far outweigh the cons with the benefits to your health. 


You can even make your own with a juicer like this one.

During pregnancy

Pregnant women often have to consider their diets as the little guy or girl is growing. The good news is that beets won’t be an issue for someone pregnant. 

In fact, it can be the opposite in that it provides folic acid. Folic acid is necessary for spinal cord development. Therefore, you can both improve your sleep and help your baby grow. It can even be consumed as beetroot tea. 

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