What are the dimensions of 43 & 48-inch TVs

Every year as the holiday season approaches, all of us collectively feel the need to renovate our entire house. Whether it’s the paint on your bedroom wall or the family couch in the center of the living room, the holiday spirit demands a change. So instead of turning your room upside down, let’s settle for a monumental and affordable change. 

Investing in a decent entertainment unit will uplift the value of your home and give you something to look forward to at the end of a busy workday. After all, is there anything better than slagging on the couch with your favorite show on? So before you start browsing for the perfect television set, read through the guide we’ve curated of different sizes available.


From the products we tested, we found that the best 32, 40, 43, & 48-inch TVs were produced by TCL.

Here is a quick look at the different dimensions:

  • The typical dimensions of a 43″ TV are 37.5 inches wide and 21.1 inches tall.
  • The typical dimensions of a 48″ TV are 41.7 inches wide and 23.5 inches tall.

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32S327 on a wooden floor

We’ve also linked a few sets we think you’d like.

Dimensions of TVs

To measure a TV, you wrap an inches-tape along its diagonal length. You stretch the tape from the upper left to the bottom right corner to cover the entire length. Make sure to take the measurement twice to reduce any chances of error.


An average 32-inch TV is 29 inches wide, 17 inches long, and typically 3 inches thick. The thickness can vary depending on what sort of TV and model it is. But if you’re planning to go for a model that doesn’t take up too much room, a 32-inch screen is ideal for you.


The modern HDTV with a 40-inch screen is approximately 34.7 inches in width and 19.6 inches in height. Their thickness is about three inches as well. A 40-inch TV is the most common choice in modern households without being too overwhelming.  


A 43-inch TV is slightly bigger than a 40-inch one, with its height being 21.1 and width of 37.5 inches. So if you’re planning to upgrade from a 40-inch screen, we recommend you look closely at the difference. 


They are often known as the leader of the pack, and a 48-inch model is considered to be a larger tv. It has a width of 41.7 inches and a height of only 23.5 inches. The measurements may seem underwhelming, but a 48-inch screen tends to take up an entire wall.  

Chart by size


Best 32-inch models

TCL 32S327 Roku


Whether you’re looking for a 32-inch or 50-inch model, it must be a smart TV. The TCL 32S327 would be quite bland if it weren’t for the addition of the Roku feature. With this television, you get access to a plethora of apps, streaming services, and even network-based services such as Twitch and HBO Go. Once the need for any sort of cable box or streaming stick is eliminated, this budget model becomes more appealing. 

Unlike most high-end smart option, the TCL 32S327 isn’t compatible with HDR (high dynamic range) media. However, it provides exceptional color accuracy that can easily compete with its larger sibling models. In addition, the Roku tv has a notable contrast ratio. But it lacks the local dimming features, bringing down its screen performance to an average. 

Overall, the model is fit for a small living room or one’s bedroom especially considering the price range.  


  • TCL makes some great entry-level models.


  • It’s not always available.
The TCL 32-inch is a good option.

TCL 32S335 Smart LED


Bigger isn’t always better, particularly when it comes to the 32-inch TCL Smart LED TV. This compact and light smart TV focuses on the most fundamental functions, hence its simple design. Most of the back is made of regular plastic, which has a flimsy feel. But if handled with care, your TV should be fine.

Similar to the previous model, the 32S335 also has Roku embedded. Like Netflix, the Roku my feed section keeps track of the type of content you like and suggests similar shows and movies!

The 32S335’s best feature truly lies in its picture performance. Although it doesn’t support full HD or 4K, the software is efficient enough to scale the quality down to 720p to fit its panel. It’s able to bring dark movies such as ‘A Quiet Place’ to life with its backlighting and deep blacks. 

As for brighter scenes in the daylight, it keeps the saturation and contrast in check. The set ensures your skies are just the right shade of blue. If the contrast isn’t to your liking, you can conveniently calibrate the settings to fit your standards. 

The only lacking quality you’ll see is the erasure of fine details in a dark scene filled with shadows. However, that’s expected with a budget model like this one. 

All in all, this Smart Tv lets you keep your wallet in check while providing the family with an exceptional experience. 


  • It’s a great entry-level option.
  • It has an attractive price point.
  • We love that it’s a smart TV at this price point.


  • It’s not a high-end TV if that’s what you’re after.
TCL Class 3-Series
Here's another option.

Samsung Q60/Q60A QLED

Samsung never disappoints, but its high quality might cause a dent in your bank account. The Samsung Q60/Q60A QLED has that sleek and slim look with a maximum thickness of only 4 cm! 

If Samsung has nailed one thing, it’s the sheer brightness of the screen. The quantum dot LED feature shines through when watching HDR content in the middle of the day. Not just that, but the colors are far deeper and richer too. Each landscape scene is a treat to the eyes!

It’s good that Samsung offers such a captivating picture quality because it’ll distract you from its subpar volume extent. Even with the volume maxed out, it isn’t easy to make out what the dialogue the characters are saying. The higher you go, the more distortions you’ll be able to hear in the audio. Instead, opt for a soundbar to go with it. 

If you’re looking for crisp visual quality and have the cash to splurge, then the Samsung version should be your top pick. However, remember that you’ll have to buy a set of speakers separately!

Samsung is a trusted name, and they also make fridges.


  • The 4K is a generous upgrade.
  • Incredible picture quality.
  • It’s anything you could want in a TV.


  • It’s much more expensive than the TCL.
  • The sound could be better.
SAMSUNG Class QLED Q60A Series
Samsung is a trusted name.


TCL Smart LED Roku – 40S325


Building your home theater is fun and equally frustrating. The 40-inch TCL 40S325 model will tick all the boxes for a safe and affordable option. Starting with its display performance, TCL does not disappoint. Regardless of the price point, the brand stays true to its values. In addition, it also has a fast refresh rate. 

A surprising feature of this TV is the sound quality. Most cheap televisions have lousy audio quality and intensity, but this TCL model definitely breaks that stereotype. It’s not so loud that it can fill every corner of the room. But for a compact and cheap TV, it’s more than enough. 

In addition to the sound performance, the set comes with Roku pre-installed. However, what makes this Roku TV different is the voice control feature. With this feature, you can place your remote all the way in the kitchen and still control your television. It’s especially beneficial for those prone to misplacing the remote often. 

This 40-inch TCL model will be a significant upgrade from your previous model, no matter how old that one is. Aside from that, its features and price point make it one of a kind!


  • This TCL model is also very affordable.
  • The quality is way higher than the price tag.


  • You’re not buying Samsung.
  • It does not come with wired ethernet.
  • The remote is not great.
This model is a bit bigger.

Hisense 40-Inch 40H4F

The Hisense 40H4F is an entry-level TV with quite an adequate build focusing primarily on the main functions. This model does not support HDR but does a good job of handling light reflections. When it comes to its pros, it has some of the best viewing angles. The set gives you a crisp image no matter where your viewpoint is from. In addition, its slightly light curved screen provides a more immersive experience. 

On the downside, the TV has quite a bit of an input lag of 29.8 milliseconds. With the game mode on, it only reduces to 28.6 milliseconds, whereas the ideal should be half of that. 

Overall, the TV is on the more average side. The previous TCL versions might be your best bet if you’re looking for something with the same features. 


  • You can’t beat the price.


  • There’s currently a limited stock left.
  • It’s not the smoothest TV we’ve tried.
  • Issues connecting to the wifi.
  • It’s not as sturdy as TCL.
Hisense 40-Inch Class H4 Series
It has everything you might want.


In recent years, a regular television isn’t worth buying if it doesn’t come with streaming services. Samsung doesn’t use the Roku platform but makes sure of something equally great. Its smart tv platform gives users access to anything from Hulu to Netflix. 

Unfortunately, the set doesn’t support HDR. But to make up for that, it has an eco sensor installed that adjusts the screen’s brightness according to the surroundings! It enhances the watching experience regardless of where you’re sitting. On top of that, Samsung usually delivers a super vibrant display with HD resolution. This case is no different. 


  • It’s a great budget option from Samsung.
  • Good size
  • Good picture


  • The TV is a 2019 model.
  • Bad sound quality
  • Bad stand


Vizio V435-J01


TCL’s rival, Vizio, makes equally impressive TVs for the same price point. But the V435-J01 might be the tiebreaker. Performance-wise, the Vizio display gives them accurate color contrast and incredible brightness. Its display settings are much more extensive than most models on the market. 

In general, Vizio gives you more options to tweak the sound and the resolution settings for optimum performance. Its remote control is the true cherry on top. The sleek little remote has voice control. You can play any show or movie by just saying the title out loud! To make matters easier, the remote has Netflix, amazon prime, and other streaming services as buttons on it. If you’re not the best with technology, this tiny feature will be a game-changer!


  • You get a good TV at an affordable price.
  • The colors are sharp.
  • Great customer support


  • You can’t add additional apps.
They're getting bigger.

TCL 43S435


The TCL 43S435 looks like every other budget TV set, but it beats a full 4K display. It also supports HDR and provides direct backlighting, giving you an above-average viewing experience. 

The whole 4-series has Roku tv installed, making streaming content very convenient. In addition to that, it is also compatible with Apple AirPlay which lets you connect your iOS device to the TV. 

When you’re sitting in front of this model, you’ll notice that it’s not as bright as its other counterparts. However, it produces some of the best color contrast. Every scene is a treat to the eyes with such an outstanding color contrast. Its input lag with the game mode off was quite over the acceptable range, reaching up to 45.2 milliseconds. Once the game mode was switched on, it reduced to 23.3 ms.

It’s easy to say this smart TV is the best multipurpose gadget you’ll find with an affordable price range. 


  • TCL offers great price and value.
  • Good picture quality


  • It has a standard 1-year warranty.
  • You need an email to register with Roku.
  • Some higher-end models are more stable.
  • You’ll need to use two remotes.
Here's a 43-inch TCL.

Sony X85K

The Sony X85K is the perfect model for games that like to sit in the dark and play all night. With its fantastic contrast ratios and super deep blacks, even the details in the shadows are visible. In addition, it also features a Dynamic contrast enhancer that automatically modifies the display settings to fit your environment. 

With the game mode on, its input lag is barely 15 ms, enough to give hardcore gamers the best gaming experience. Without the game mode, the lag reaches a whopping 87 ms. With this model, you win some, and you lose some. 

As with every other smart TV, it comes with voice control. Its android systems bring you plenty of app options from the google play store. All in all, this tv will make gamers and family users quite happy. 

Name43-Inch 4K Ultra HD
Item Weight23.40 lbs
Refresh Rate120HZ
Total HDMI Ports4


  • You get more at this price point.
  • The picture quality is great.
  • It’s great for gaming on.


  • You’re paying more.
  • It took a bit to set up.
Sony 43-Inch 4K
Sony stands for quality.



A 48-inch model is big enough to catch anyone’s eye that walks into the room. That’s enough reason to get a model that’ll wow everyone. You can put the LG OLED A1 in a basement, which will still give you a display like no other. Thanks to the OLED display, each pixel is abled individually, which gives you sable blacks. It also provides the user with perfect black uniformity. 

With its large size, it’s only fair to make this TV the centerpiece. Thankfully, its impressive viewing angle complements the fact that it should be the focal point of any room. Any image on the TV remains constant despite which angle you view it from. Moreover, it also handles reflections with ease! 


  • The Alexa feature works great.
  • It’s a great device.
  • The colors are beautiful.
  • It was better than expected.


  • We wish the pause and play button was still there.
LG OLED A1 Series
We love this 48-inch.

Sony XBR-48A9S

Like all OLEDs, Sony XBR-48A9S produces perfect blacks and an absurdly expressive color palette. Not just that, it even feels like an expensive piece with its robust plastic and metal mix. The series built is quite slim, but the housing of its other components brings a bit of bulk. That’s no issue when your eyes are fixed on the vibrant colors it’ll display. 

To add to its upside, it has a nearly instantaneous response time. The input lag in the game mode is merely 18 milliseconds. The only issue is that it doesn’t come with any HDMI 2.1 ports, blocking the opportunity to experience any sort of PS5 and Xbox series x on this stunning screen. 

NameLG OLED A1 Series 55”
FeaturesAlexa Built-in, AI-Powered 4K
Processora7 Gen4 AI Processor 4


  • Bravia means quality.
  • It is surely the best one on this list.
  • The installation was easy.


  • You’re paying more than the other models.
  • We wish it had HDMI 2.1
Sony XBR-48A9S 48-inch 
Here's another Sony model.

Viewing distance

 It’s guaranteed that any avid tv-watcher has been told to sit away from the screen. Now that there’s proof that sitting too close to a screen can give you eye strain and even headaches, what is the ideal distance and position

The general thumb rule is to be five times the distance as the width of your TV. If your screen is 40 inches wide, you should be about 200 inches away from it. 

Other than that, the angle at which you set up your TV also matters if you’re going to use your TV for multiple purposes, then a 30-degree angle from your field of vision to avoid neck strain

If you’re going to be focusing mostly on gaming, then the distance can be reduced to only twice that of the diagonal length of the TV. For example, you only need to be 4-6 feet away from the TV if you have a 32-inch display. Since gaming requires more focus and attention, sitting closer to it is acceptable. 

These are just rough guidelines. Depending on your room and main usage, your distance and even angle can differ greatly. Just make sure you set it in a position where you’re comfortable, or you’ll have to suffer from the consequences of an ill-placed TV.  

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