8 ways to keep pee warm for drug tests & avoid a failing temperature

Did you know that incorrectly stored pee will start decomposing relatively quickly? 

Males and females occasionally have to do drug tests. Usually, this is required for one of the reasons below:

  • Employment
  • Sports
  • Drug treatment


The best way to keep pee warm for a drug test is by using heating pads specifically intended to pass a urine test, which you check out from the linked box below. A pill bottle with a temperature of less than 93° will fail. That’s why getting the right heating pads and products are important to get you the job.

Check them out right here as many heating pads on the market will make you fail the drug test.

Synthetic Urine With Heating Pads
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How long does urine stay warm between your legs in your pants?

Pee will only stay warm between your legs in your pants for 4 minutes before it reaches a temperature where it will fail. At that point, you will need to reheat it again the right way.

8 ways to keep pee warm for drug tests & avoid a failing temperature

The best way to keep urine warm in a bottle is with the right heating pads, but beware that some brands on the market will either underheat or overheat it. It’s why it’s important to buy it from the source right underneath.

Heating Pads made for the purpose
You can be sure that it will be the right temperature.
urine sample

Some people look towards objects like hand warmers to keep it the necessary temperature.

However, how do you keep pee warm without hand warmers? Why is it even important to do so?

There’s a surprising number of questions we came by when researching this topic. We learned a lot about drug tests and temperature requirements.

We’ll also look at the right temperature to ensure you pass it with flying colors. 

Also, here’s the absolute best set you can buy to know you’re safe for your upcoming test. It includes synthetic urine and the right heating pads that ensure the proper temperature.

Synthetic Urine With Heating Pads
An absolutely great set that even contains urine.

1. The natural way

It’s best if you can excrete the pee when you’re about to go in and submit it. It makes sure that what you’re handing in is as warm as the rest of your body.

It’s the safest way to ensure that you’re not invalidating the test because it’s been taken too long in advance and has time to cool down.

Just ensure that you haven’t touched any substances you’re not supposed to for the necessary time. 

Maybe you’re not fully sure that you’re clean. Various at-home tests can calm your mind as you’ll know the result before handing in a sample. Our recommendation is to go with a 12-panel option. 

You’ll get immediate results with a product adhering to SAMHSA cutoffs and 99% accuracy. There are ones that are FDA-510(K) cleared to make sure you’re getting the right results.

2. A heater vent

Certain things may prevent you from giving a sample in person. Make sure it’s being collected in an airtight container. Seal it according to the recommendations that were given. 

You’re on your way to where the sample is supposed to be delivered. It can be a hospital or a center. Turn on the heat and keep it on top of the air vent. 

However, maybe you’re driving around in a dented car with various issues. It is not the safest way to make sure it stays at body temperature.

Other solutions will work better than this. 

Even if you’re not excreting the sample on-site, you’ll want to store it properly. It should be properly sealed within the hour it leaves your body. 

3. Microwave

So, we can’t say it necessarily sounds appealing to heat this golden liquid in the microwave. However, it is a possibility.

I’d definitely be sure to clean it afterward to make sure there are no spills. Before putting it in the microwave, you will want to ensure it’s properly defrosted. 

If you take it out of the freezer, leave it out overnight. It ensures it gets to room temperature, at which point it won’t need much more heating. The sample should require roughly 10 seconds in the microwave to get to the appropriate temperature. 

It’s very easy to go overboard or not do it long enough in the microwave. A measurement tool or strip should be used to make sure it came out just right. You can bring the device along before handing in the test to ensure it’s still warm. 

You also want to ensure you’re not overheating it as it could damage it. Heat it in small increments so that you can test it periodically. You don’t want your sample losing its good components!

It’s better that you don’t go overboard and overheat it. Rather, use a hand warmer to ensure it keeps its temperature during transportation. 

Rubber bands are a great way to tie the hand warmers around the container, so the heat is being distributed properly. When you’ve properly sealed it up, you’ll want to keep it close to your body so it can maintain the appropriate temperature. 

Put it in a place where the heat from your body will be transferred. Places with close contact are better, like the armpit. You can also put it between your thighs. However, you’ll want tight underwear if you do that. 

Synthetic samples should be treated the same way. It’s crucial that you follow the instructions when you’re heating the synthetic pee, like UPass. It’s very easy for the crucial components to be lost when handled improperly. 

4. Heating pads

Single-use heating pads are great for the purpose. You use them and then throw them away. They’re available at various department stores. 

You’ll want a brand that you know is good. They’re the ones that can stay warm for 10 hours. Follow the instructions of the pad before tying it around the airtight container. 

Again, keep the sample near your body where it can get heat. You’ll want to use a device to ensure it’s sufficiently but not too warm before you hand it over. 

5. Hand warmers are great.

Hand warmers aren’t only used for the hands. They can be used on any part of your body feeling cold. They’re especially popular if you live in the North or anywhere else where it’s cold outside. 

They’re great for keeping a urine sample warm before it’s being delivered. However, there are some things you’ll need to know. It would take roughly 45 minutes to get the sample to the desired temperature if it was previously room temperature. 

Check out the set below!

Synthetic Urine With Heating Pads
They've also got other sets if you already have the urine.

6. Use body heat

Any urine that’s collected should ideally be used within an hour. It’s how you ensure you won’t fail the drug test. Since the goal is to have it at the same temperature as your body, using your body is the best way to achieve it. 

Certain containers are better for storage than others. A plastic fluid bag is great. 

7. Use electric urine warmers

These are great because they use electricity to ensure the pee is in the right range. They come in a range of different options. However, there’s usually a fluid bag and measuring syringe. Follow the instructions provided.

8. Stash undies

This is specific underwear meant to hold things. They’re great for keeping the sample in a spot where it keeps the necessary temperature. They do so by keeping it close to your body, between your thighs.

Failed because of the temperature?

failed drug test

You can actually fail a drug test if the urine isn’t at the right temperature.

What temperature does it have to be?

The right pee temperature for a drug test is 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the temperature it comes out at from your body, less the heat it may lose until it gets tested. 

If you’re submitting something that has a considerably different temperature than that of your body, there’s a reason the tester is suspicious. 

Just imagine that you’re submitting a sample that’s burning warm. How could that naturally have left your body? The answer is it couldn’t.

You will be expected to have another go at the test when suspicion is attracted. What will you do in that situation? If it’s significantly colder than your body temperature, it also becomes obvious that it’s not a fresh sample.

The sample must be at the right temperature to pass a drug test.

Fake pee

The best option for you to pass a drug test is by using the fake pee that we have linked to underneath, along with the heating pads that come with it. You don’t need an electric urine warmer for a drug test, just the right heating pads.

Fake pee
The heating pads ensure the right temperature.

Can hand warmers make it too hot?

The wrong hand warmers can either make urine too hot or too cold, which is why we have teamed up with a company we trust. Visit them by pressing the link underneath.

Fake pee
The heating pads won't be too warm or too cold.

How quickly does it cool down?

Since you’re talking about a relatively small amount of liquid in a plastic container, the temperature will drop very quickly. Within 5 minutes of excretion, you’ll already start seeing significant changes in the temperature. 

Tests taken at the test site will not be concerned about whether it’s stored correctly. When you deliver it there, the testing will be done within the hour, and temperatures won’t be a concern. 

Can I keep synthetic urine in my car?

Yes, you can keep the synthetic urine in your car. However, it’s important that you don’t use it past its expiration. However, we also know that there are other products than the ones we recommend that cannot be kept in the car.

It can be stored in the car
Make sure to use it before the expiration.
pee being collected

What is normal for males & females?

The normal temperature for male and female urine is between 97 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the same temperature as your body. To understand it better, we made a table that is easy to read.

StateTemperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)

Your test will often become invalid if the temperature falls below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 
When it’s been more than 4 minutes since you did the test, the temperature will often have fallen below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is the typical minimum threshold ensuring that the test is administered properly. 

When samples need to be stored for longer periods, it’s important to be done correctly. For a couple of days, it can be stored in the fridge. For longer periods of time, the freezer is a better option. 

It is how you make it keep the essential components for up to six months. The test will become invalid if these components aren’t kept the right way, and a new one will need to be administered.

You must also store them in an airtight container when you’re freezing them. Among other things, you don’t want any leaks you could have to clean up. 

airtight containers

Samples will fluctuate in temperature when they’re not being stored correctly. They’ll quickly become the same temperature as the air around them, which causes them to become invalid. 

How long does it stay good?

healthcare worker handling pee

It depends on how it’s stored. It will quickly become invalid if it’s not stored correctly as it won’t have the required temperature. You can be sure that a pee sample will no longer be good for a drug test if it’s been taken more than an hour ago with no way of ensuring it stayed at least 90 degrees.

It’s not fun to risk losing your job because of a failed test. Heck, it may even feel embarrassing. You will get called to do a second sample in many instances and may have to do it at the site where it’s being analyzed.


Synthetic pee will fluctuate in temperature the same way the real stuff will. It’s why it’s so important to keep it at exactly the right temperature when it’s delivered. You don’t want it too warm, but you also do not want it too cold.

Discoloration of the sample can also cause you to fail. When discoloration happens, it also becomes unfit for analysis.

It’s important to know that you can’t tamper with samples. Doing so could have grave consequences as it’s an offense under the law, with severe punishment being a possibility.

Can you keep it warm on your body?

By using your body’s heat, you can sometimes keep the sample at the temperature it needs. However, it’s a risky tactic. A lot of heat may be lost if it’s stored in a pill bottle.

The best option is to store it in a plastic bag. The best place to put the bag is in the armpit. It’s the same place where a lot of fever samples are taken, but getting the right heating pads that we recommend is still a safer option.

It’s why it makes the most sense that it’s also where you’d store the liquid.

Will it stay good in my bra under the breast?

No, you can’t be sure that urine will stay warm in the bra. You will need to get the heating pads underneath to be sure it stays the right temperature.

Synthetic Urine With Heating Pads
An absolutely great set that even contains urine.

How to keep it fresh for a test

You’ve got to ensure it is at the right temperature when it’s being submitted, which is between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The urine sample can be stored in:

  • Plastic containers
  • Urine collection bags
  • Clean containers with a lid
  • Sterile containers

Ideally, you will want to ensure that you’re taking the sample as close to the time of submission as possible. You will have to store it in the fridge when it’s being excreted more than an hour before submission.

It should then be warmed up again so it’s as warm as your body when submitted. You should do everything possible to avoid submitting a sample that is more than a day old. 

Otherwise, it can start decomposing and smelling. The necessary components will be degrading. 

MMJ smokers can store the clean, golden liquid in the freezer for future use. However, it requires an air-sealed container to be a possibility. Then you’ll want to put it in the freezer for no more than six months.

It will become invalid if handled with the slightest carelessness as the various components can become imbalanced. Make sure it’s an airtight container. 

It’s also important that you collect it in the cleanest way possible. The golden mid-stream liquid is your best bet for both men and women. A midstream sample is collected because it’s the stuff that has the least amount of bacteria in it. 

Make sure to close the container tight before putting it in the freezer. Double-checking that you have done everything right is imperative for long-term storage.

Collecting more than one sample improves your chances of having a clean sample when you need it. Spilling it all over the kitchen floor is easy, but so is spoiling. 

pee in a pill bottle

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