Do Doc Martens run big, small, or true-to-size?

One day, you opened your closet to pick the ideal shoes to go with your outfit. But where you expected fine-quality shoes, you found only tattered lumps of leather. The time has come to set off on a shoe hunt again.

If this happens to you often, you might need more durable shoes. Well, meet Doc Martens. This footwear brand has all but taken over the market. The comfortable yet fashionable design makes owning a pair a great luxury.


Most Doc Martens run true-to-size. However, Doc Martens models Chelsea, Jadons, and 1460 run big. No Doc Martens run small. Avoid the mistake of ordering the wrong Doc Martens because you didn’t check our recommendations for each model underneath.

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Doc Martens 1460

Since it’s a British brand, they use different metrics to label their shoes. How do Doc Martens fit? Do they run big or small? Should you size up or down? In this article, we will answer all these questions and more. Read on.

Doc Martens sizing advice: what size should I get?

Despite their great renown, picking the right-sized Doc Martens can be a nightmare. It is because of their quirky sizing. So how should you navigate the treacherous waters of choosing the right size?

The good news is that most Doc Marten models are true to size. However, there are three exceptions: Chelsea, Jadons, and the all-time favorite 1460. These Doc Martens shoes tend to run large. When dealing with these models, you should pick shoes one size smaller than your regular size.

You should keep in mind that Doc Martens don’t sell half sizes. If you find yourself stuck in the middle, choose the bigger size. Better for your shoes to be a little looser than too tight. Looser shoes are much more forgiving. You can fix them by wearing thicker socks, and adding insoles works too.

Do Doc Martens run big, small, or true-to-size?

Should you size up or down when buying these luxury shoes? Although most Doc Martens run true-to-size, you should consider three models. These are Chelsea, Jadons, and 1460. All three models run big, so you will have to buy them one size smaller than you’re used to.

1460s Vegan

The 1460 model is the most iconic Doc Marten model. With its soft black leather and yellow stitching, you can recognize it instantly. And now, this remarkable model comes to you completely vegan-friendly. Made of pure synthetic leather, no animals have been harmed when making them.


  • They are comfortable to wear even after one year.
  • Strong and durable, you can wear them on your job too.


  • One shoe was sewn incorrectly in the tongue area.
Vegan 1460
The all-time favorite.


Jadon is another popular model. Because of their 1.75-inch long heel, they can make you appear taller. And thanks to their eight eyes, your boot will hold securely to your feet. Unlike the previous model, these are made from real leather. So if you want to experience what the original Doc Martens feel like, look no further than these.


  • The inside of the boot is spacious.
  • We appreciate the fast shipping.


  • The platforms are heavy, making it difficult to climb stairs.
Jadon 8-Eye Leather
We love this model.


If you wish to step into your feminine wiles fully, no shoes will do a better job than these Leona boots. With its 2-inch heel vintage look, they can complement almost any outfit. The sole is made to prevent slipping. It resists stains too.


  • You will get many compliments.
  • Great value for money.


  • These boots are quite heavy.
Leona Fashion Boots
A very popular model.


Not every Doc Marten boots are tall. These 1461s are a great example of that. With just three, yes, they end just below your ankles. Thus, your legs will feel breezy even in warm weather. Like most models, they also feature yellow stitching.


  • We love the design.
  • Non-slip feature makes these ideal for work.


  • There is no cushion at the back of the shoe.

Women’s Vegan Blaire Cambridge Fisherman Sandals

Despite the common misconception, Doc Martens doesn’t specialize in just boots. As the summer approaches, all ladies will share this common problem – a closet full of shoes yet nothing to wear. Well, these vegan sandals will solve the problem for you. Breeze and elegant, they come in 8 different colors. Thus, even the most finicky fashion enthusiast will find one that suits their style.


  • After traveling for 2 weeks with these sandals, we appreciated the comfort and the durability.


  • Will not fit if you have wide feet.
Blaire Cambridge Fisherman Sandals
The only sandals you will want.

Women’s Vonda Casual Boots

But Doc Martens will have you covered in the colder months too. With 14 eyes, these boots will reach high above your ankle. Thus, you’ll no longer be vulnerable to the winter chill. The rose ornament adds a nice finishing touch to your outfit.


  • We love the victorian gothic style.
  • The package arrived quickly.


  • Not genuine leather.
We love their designs.

Women’s Santanita Shoes

But perhaps you already have enough lavish boots. But does this luxury brand offer casual footwear too? The answer is yes! These Santanita shoes are one such example. These are your go-to options if you want something to wear around the house. Remember that they are quite expensive, so think twice before purchasing these luxury shoes.


  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Superior quality.


  • The back of the shoe is very stiff.
It's more of a traditional model.

Women’s Spence Chelsea Boots

Chelsea is another popular design. With their almost 4-inch high heel, they’re bound to make you stand out. It might take you a while before you learn to walk in them. Nevertheless, they complement many different outfits.


  • They can fit even the smallest ankles.
  • You can wear them every day.


  • We are not satisfied with the customer support.
Spence Chelsea 
It's a less popular but still popular choice.

Women’s 2976 Chelsea Boots with Zips

These are not nearly as high as the previous model. However, this 2976 design features a zipper on both sides. Thus, you can say goodbye to the trial and tribulations of putting your boots on. We loved how practical this model is.


  • We love the bouncing airwair soles.
  • They feel high quality in their build.


  • Short life span even with casual use.
Unisex 2976 Smooth Leather
They're great if you don't want to deal with laces.

Devon Heart

Named after their heart-shaped clasps, these boots will draw the attention of anyone who passes you. The stacked heel will make you look a bit taller too. However, this is one of the more expensive models.


  • They are light and don’t weight much.


  • The strap might need more holes to fit perfectly.
Devon Heart
They'll fascinate anyone seeing them!

1460 Service Boots

It is a modified version of the all-time favorite 1460s. Thanks to their innovative design, these 1460 service boots are suitable for long periods of manual labor.


  • The non slip sole is helpful during winter.
  • Superior comfort provided by the cushion.


  • The company shipped a wrong size, but we managed to return it.
1460 Slip Resistant Service Boots
They're great when you need something durable!

Are they comfortable?

Doc Martens will probably be the most comfortable boots you’ve ever worn. Originally designed for therapeutic purposes, they feature air-cushioned soles. The way they caress your feet will make you regret not buying them earlier.

However, it might take you a while to break them in. We’re talking about four to six weeks. During this time, you might develop bruises and blisters. Luckily, there is a way to s speed up this process.

How to break in your Doc Martens faster.

What if you just can’t afford to wait till your Doc Martens break in? Perhaps you’ve been invited to a fancy event and want to look your best. Or maybe you want to turn your friends’ faces green with jealousy. Whatever the case, we can help you speed up this process.

Using a shoe stretcher

To carry out our first method, you’ll have to invest in a shoe stretcher. This ingenious device will take on all the damage that would otherwise fall on your poor feet. Even better, it will loosen your Doc Marten for you without much work. If you’re unsure which shoe stretcher to buy, we recommend trying out LANNEY.


  • Will last for an entire year.
  • The smooth surface will not cause damage to your shoes.


  • This product is made of cheap plastic.
This widener can help you if they're a bit too tight.

Using newspapers or socks

It is the cheaper alternative to shoe stretchers. Although it doesn’t work as well, it’s still better than nothing. Just stuff your shoes with either a clump of newspaper or socks. Make sure it presses against your shoes tightly. If it doesn’t, the stuffing won’t stretch them out properly.

Using a shoe spray

Shoe sprays are designed to soften the leather. Thus, they can help you break in your brand new Doc Martens faster. Just apply it inside and outside your boots. Then, walk in them for a while. It should loosen your boots. The advantage of shoe sprays is that they’re much cheaper than stretchers. Unsure which spray to buy? Consider giving FOOTMATTERS a try.


  • We love the versatility of this product, it works on multiple materials.
  • The spray does not stain your shoes.


  • Slight damage was noticed on the product after delivery.
Stretch Spray
It's a great spray from FOOTMATTERS.

Using Wonder Balsam

Wonder Balsam was made specifically for Doc Martens. This powerful leather conditioner will soak deep into your boots and soften them in no time. Combined with a shoe stretcher, it will make even the sturdiest boots give in. Alternatively, you can buy a cheaper generic conditioner. However, it won’t work as well.


  • Ideal product for your Docs.
  • Will make leather look like new again.


  • The sponge was missing from the package.
Wonder Balsam
It's a great balsam to take care of your recent purchase.

Wear thick socks

Even if you use all the products, consider wearing thick socks with your new shoes. It’s especially during the first week. The thick layer of cotton will press against your boots, forcing them to stretch. If you don’t have a pair of really thick socks, you can wear two at once. It achieves the same result. Wear them like this at least one hour a day, and they’ll cave in soon enough.

Using a hair dryer

This DIY alternative is great if you don’t want to spend any money. After all, your Doc Martens likely weren’t cheap in the first place. All you’ll need is a pair of thick socks and a hairdryer.

Just wear the boots with thick socks and heat them with a hairdryer. Make sure it’s set at least to medium heat. Hold it 6 inches from your boots to avoid damaging it. When you heat them, wiggle inside your boots to stretch them. If it becomes too uncomfortable at any time, stop immediately.

While this method is undoubtedly effective, excessive heat may damage your boots. To prevent this, use this hairdryer technique for only short periods every day. We recommend doing it for at least a week. Applying a leather condition right after you finish may also protect your precious shoes.

Using ice

While stuffing your Doc Martens with ice might seem bizarre, it can work. This technique utilizes water’s ability to expand as it turns to ice. All you need is a freezer and some plastic bags.

To begin, cover your boots with plastic bags. It will protect them from any water found in your freezer. Then, place two zipped bags filled with water inside your shoes. Leave them in the freezer overnight. As the ice expands, it will loosen your boots.

Having cold feet about freezing your expensive shoes? Consider trying the more conventional methods we recommend above. They’re much more reliable anyway.

Size chart

Dr Martens seen from above

Since different countries use different metrics for shoe sizes, knowing what size you should buy can be nightmarish. Check out our sizing guide if all these metrics give you a headache.







While this sizing guide offers reliable estimates, you should try out your first Doc Martens in a store. It will help you find your perfect fit. Once you find it, you can order as many shoes online as you want.

Doc martens

Wide models

You might wonder if Doc Martens will fit you if you have wide feet. Well, not to worry. These shoes were designed to mold to the shape of your feet. Even though they may be a little too tight initially, the soft leather should break in within a month. Can’t wait? Try products such as a shoe stretcher on for size. It will make them fit you well much faster.

The only model that might not fit you well is the 1460s. Their fur lining makes them a bit tighter, so they’re not ideal for wide feet.

How much do the different models weigh?

Dr Martens

Men’s Doc Martens generally weigh 1.60 pounds. Women’s shoes are slightly lighter, weighing 1.30 pounds. However, this estimate may vary slightly depending on the size.

Thick sole models

Nearly all Doc Martens models feature a one-inch thick sole, sometimes even thicker. Because they are air-cushioned, you won’t find any other shoes that can match their comfort. W

How tight should he shoe be?

Mens Dr Martens

How do Doc Martens fit? Like most shoes, they should wrap around your foot tightly but not to the point of discomfort. You should be able to move your feet inside comfortably. But if you get a size that’s way too big for you, your feet might start flying up and down inside the shoe. It leads to blisters. On the other hand, you don’t want to pick Doc Martens that are too tight either – your toes should never touch the toe cap.

How much height do the shoes add?

Are you looking to be a little bit taller? Well, Doc Martens can help in that department. Generally, they can add between one to two inches to your height. The exact number depends on the style.


All told, Doc Martens is one of the most famous footwear brands. Thanks to the soft leather and air-cushioned soles, their shoes are very comfortable to wear. Naturally, they’re always in fashion too. However, you have to look out for their sizes. Because they are situated in the UK, they use a different system. To choose your right fit, just choose one size smaller than your usual US size. 

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