Shocking New Cave Creatures Found In Thailand

They had been filmed by tourists when they were sailing on Railay beach. Many people wondered what these shocking new cave creatures found in Thailand were.

High media coverage and global commotion caused the supposed sighting of strange creatures on an island in southern Thailand. It is now known that they were not real.


The shocking new cave creatures found in Thailand were found to be an artist pranking people.

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The English journalist Jemayel Khawaja spread a video on his Facebook as he sailed next to the paradisiacal Railay beach. It’s where mysterious furry beings were seen. They were similar to the Ewoks of Star Wars, whose images went viral.

It was raised as a mystery and generated great curiosity. Khawaja always knew that they were costumed actors belonging to a local company called Thailand Biennale. They were making a collaboration with the conceptual artist Tori Wranes.

However, there are not too many details about the performance. It is only known that the artists represent hominid beings who play a rudimentary flute while bathing in the sea.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about the new cave creatures found in Thailand.

If you have seen these yourself, we’d love some additional photos to go along with the page! There’s no denying that they managed to get a lot of attention. Congratulations to Tori Wranes for pulling it off.

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