10 Ways To Unlock A Door Without A Key

Learning how to open a door without a key is a fantastic little trick you will always use in life. What would you do, for instance, if your key broke or was lost and you couldn’t enter your room? There are numerous circumstances in which learning to unlock a door without a key is helpful. You will have learned information that might help stop more home and workplace lockouts and be a cool ability to have.


The best way to unlock a door without a key is with a lock pick gun. The second best way to unlock a door without a key is with a powerful piece of metal.

lock pick set

Why Is This Information Needed To Know?

Humans are creatures of habit, and habits frequently lead to complacency. When we become complacent, we frequently start to forget things and adopt a more laid-back attitude toward numerous aspects of our daily lives. As a result of some homeowners forgetting to take their house keys with them when they leave, some people unintentionally lock themselves out of their cars. Things do eventually happen.

Knowing how to open a door without a key makes one more ready for the unexpected. The skills you develop to unlock a door without a lock will also be useful in several other situations. For instance, if you find yourself being held against your will, it helps to know how to escape from handcuffs or other similar restrictions. For unlocking doors without a key, the following methods are offered:

Ways To Unlock A Door Without A Key

Here’s a full list of ways to unlock a door without a key.

1. Plastic Card Hack: Credit Card

The lock may be opened quickly and easily with a credit or rewards card. Use a card that is no longer important because doing otherwise could hurt your other one. Because a barrel bolt is extended through the frame and cannot be opened with a credit or reward card, deadbolts are an exception to this rule. However, most homes have handle locks or spring locks on the doors to the bedrooms, entryways, and other rooms. As a result, almost any door you see will operate with this hack.

How Does It Work?

  1. First, bend one of the corners to make the card fit around the door.
  2. Slide the card towards the door frame’s lock to release the door latch and open the door.
  3. When the door finally opens, wag the door and jiggle your card while pressing it.
Method to open a door without a keyPros/cons
Call a proFast but expensive
Lock pick gunRelatively easy to use
Credit cardWorks for interior doors

2. Using A Knife

The card method and this approach are pretty similar. However, it has been demonstrated that using a knife will harm the door. You’ll need a butter spreader or anything else with a blunt blade to make this work.

Follow the same steps and place the knife in the gap between the door and the jamb. Leaning up against the door, carefully slide it down, and it will unlock. Before the lock opens, it can take a few attempts or even sliding the knife upwards.

3. Using A Screwdriver

Paper clips, junk keys, and eyeglass screwdrivers are common alternatives to real keys.

For privacy, bathrooms and bedrooms are often locked. They typically feature a single cylinder with a key Access on one side and are used with internal door locksets. A twist knob on the other side of the door locks it from the outside. A small hole in the knob on the side of the door doesn’t lock.

You need straight, stiff, slender objects that fit the hole to pick the lock. Simply place the object within the doorknob’s center hole to do this. Some door locks need to be opened by simultaneously twisting the tool and turning the knob. When you hear a click, the door is unlocked. To hear a click, push the locking mechanism slightly harder.

You can also use a “Spam-key,” a tiny metal key used to open cans of food. If you have a door, try using it to open it, even though it might not work very well.

Screwdriver Set

4. Lock Picking

Use common household objects like a tension/Allen wrench, thin, rigid pins, and hairpins. Professional pick sets, however, can be found elsewhere for your convenience.

Still, learning how to pick a lock requires years of practice. It is extremely difficult, but if you want to read additional instructions and practice a bit more, you can do some research. You should know that most locks work similarly regardless of size or shape.

Scrubbing Method

  1. Put a little tension wrench’s short end with a little pressure into the lower edge of the keyhole.
  2. Stable pressure should be applied to the paper clip above the tension wrench.
  3. To make the knob turn, repeatedly push the paper clip in the lower portion of the keyhole.
  4. Continue doing this in a circle until the lock changes and the door unlocks.

Pin-by-Pin Method (If the scrubbing procedure is unsuccessful)

  1. Don’t let up on the Allen wrench’s pressure.
  2. Slowly insert the paper clip.
  3. If it makes contact with a pin, try to catch the paperclip on the bend.
  4. After that, raise it until it clicks into place.
  5. Continue doing this until the lock turns.

5. Remove The Collar Or Ring With A Knob Lock

Unscrewing the door lock collar or ring is one alternative if you’ve lost the key to your knob door. Every door with a knob has a little pin placed right in front of the knob. The only item needed is a flat screwdriver or other objects that can press down on the tiny lock pin discovered after opening the ring.

Turn the knob ring counterclockwise to complete the task. It can take some effort, but if the pin is free, you can locate it inside the circle. A crucial component of the internal locking mechanism is the pin. To see the tiny lock pin, gently remove the collar or ring. With a flat screwdriver, lower the little pin while turning the knob open with your other hand until it releases.

If you need to get into your home, we can recommend this set. However, it’s important that you don’t use it for malicious purposes.

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  • It’s cheap.
  • It’s a very extensive set


  • It takes a while to show up.
  • It’s easier to call a pro.
  • It’s faster to call a pro.
  • It may not be easy to use without training.

6. Using A Drill

Another easy approach is using a drill to swiftly open a door without a key. It appears that you’ll smash the pin with a hand drill so you can freely turn the knob. You should begin by lubricating your drill bit with oil and drilling out slightly above the keyhole along the shear line. After drilling a hole, turn the knob with a flathead screwdriver inserted into the keyhole. It then should be unlocked.

It is not assured that utilizing this method will open the door damage-free because it can damage the door and the doorknob. If you’re lucky, all that may be required is a new lock, the whole door.

If all of your attempts to unlock the door have failed, you still have a few options:

  • Hinge removal for the door
  • Kick in the door
  • Hammer the doorknob till it breaks

Note: These are quite harmful, and you can end up needing to replace the entire door or getting hurt. So take caution.

7. Key Bumping A Lock Cylinder

Most people know their front door lock is simple to pick or enter. You can have a costly lock with a cheap cylinder. Doing so opens the bolt, enabling you to unlock it. High-end locks employ cylinders from various manufacturers. Even if the lock you have is high-end, the cylinder is subpar. The door lock may seem secure in this situation, but unlocking it is simple.

One of the safest ways to open a door without keys s with a bump key. If you didn’t push the bump key in the lock with a little bit of force, it wouldn’t turn.

A bump key works on the theory that when you insert it into the keyhole and bang it against something(like the handle of a screwdriver), the tumblers all strike at once and break. After that, turn the handle just a little bit to have the door pop open. Sometimes it takes a few tries before the door finally opens. An O-ring may occasionally be required for spacing to push the key out after each strike.

8. Using A Paperclip

Two tools must be used for this strategy. The tension wrench is one. The most important piece of equipment for lock picking is the tension wrench. Take one of the paper clips and turn it into a tension wrench. You’ll need a tension wrench to apply tension to the lock’s actual plug or keyway. When all the pins are inserted, the lock begins to turn.

  • Slightly extend the paperclip
  • To make the bar end of a tension wrench, give one of the ends a decent bend.
  • It is what you insert into the top or bottom of the keyway.

The other tool you’ll need is a lock pick. Stretch the clip as far as it will go to create a pick. The pick can be extended straight out using any thin piece of powerful metal to reach all of the lock’s individual pins.


  • Apply light tension with a tension wrench using your thumb.
  • Put the pick inside the keyway above the tension wrench with your other hand.
  • Once you’ve found the binding pin, remove each pin one at a time. The pins could be challenging to find and require a little more experience.
  • Although you won’t be able to see it, you can still feel it.
  • Once every pin has been removed, the door will unlock.

9. Using Bobby Pins

Similar steps are involved in this hack and the paper clip hack. Instead of the typical lever and lockpick, we’ll work with a bobby pin this time.

How To Use Bobby Pins To Create A Lever And A Lockpick

  • A bobby pin should be bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • From the straight end, take out the rubber piece.
  • At the end of the straight piece, make a small bend. It could be used to open locks.
  • Bend the closed end of a second bobby pin 90 degrees to one side. This pin serves as a lever for you.

How To Use Bobby Pins To Pick A Lock

  • Insert the bent end of the lever into the lock and turn it to one side to provide tension.
  • The pick’s bent end should be inserted into the lock above the lever.
  • All pins inside the lock must be raised to the same level to unlock it.
  • Utilizing the pick’s tip, press the pins upward.
  • Start pressing each pin from the outside of the lock inward. You’ve found the seized pin when you run into resistance.
  • Move the pick up and down to release the seized pin. As you go, push the pick deeper and deeper into the hole.
  • Continue until a click is heard.
  • Continue applying pressure with the lever to turn the lock slightly after the seized pin has been raised.
  • Use the pick to keep releasing the stuck pins until the door opens.

10. The New Non-Destructive Bypass Tool

There is now a new bypass tool available. It is a tool that can open a door quickly and without harming any of its parts. And it holds for almost all imitations that use the same principle, whether they use a conventional pin tumbler lock or a smart-key system. Using a BBC 100 bypass tool, you can pass through it in seconds. To unlock the lock, the locking pole inside the lock is moved.

How To Open:

  • Start by prying the metal doorknob cover off with a little flathead screwdriver.
  • Look inside the lid for the two tiny holes where you will feed the toll to overcome the lock once it has been popped open.
  • Be aware that you are using this tool to try to drag the locking pole.
  • The locking poll is on the top portion when the door latch is on the right side.
  • Through the hole, insert the tool.
  • Twist it after insertion, so the tool’s handle faces your belly.
  • Gently pull it out till the locking pole is felt.
  • At that moment, turn the handle to drive the pole’s tip lower.
  • If you drag the locking handle much longer, the door will release.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Level Of Difficulty Is Lock Picking?

Sadly, there isn’t a quick way to pick a lock. Conventional door locks are easier to break than smart key system locks. However, in general, there isn’t a straightforward solution. The most common method of ranking the keys is to apply consistent pressure to the wrench using a lockpick set until the door unlocks. To execute it properly, one must first become as knowledgeable as possible about lock manipulation techniques.

Are Special Lockpicks Necessary To Pick A Lock?

According to the lock system. Some locks are much simpler to open with a homemade lockpick than others, requiring a precise tool like a specialized lockpick. Additionally, skilled lock pickers use a range of easily accessible lockpicks. In reality, using a specialist lockpick may enable you to do the task swiftly and cost-effectively.

Can You Lock A Door With A Lockpick?

The deadbolt or latch is a mechanical device that the lock is designated to operate. In contrast, the lock itself is the functioning of the lock core. The lock is unlocked by only a slight turn of the key, but the door remains locked until the lock core is sufficiently turned to engage the bolt and retract it. A lock can only be opened by picking it. You can modify the latch or bolt without affecting the actual lock in some lock assemblies.

Any action that a key may perform can be carried out by picking the lock. You don’t “forward” or “reverse” pick a lock. Instead, you pick it in the direction you wish to turn the core. Once the lock is unlocked, turn the core in the desired direction.

Some locks will occasionally be easier to pick in one direction than the other. You can use a Plug Spinner device to keep the lock open while turning it past the closed position in the desired direction if you accidentally opened the lock in the wrong operational direction.

There are techniques to deal with practically every lock that can be picked so that it can be operated appropriately. You might need some special instruments to replicate some high-security functionalities.

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