Best alkaline water systems for the home

Alkaline water is all the rage these days. Wherever you look, you can see people flaunting its many health benefits. These range from improved digestion to a lower risk of cancer. It almost sounds too good to be true. Are these benefits real, or are they just a part of a marketing strategy?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this topic. We’ll also introduce you to some of the best alkaline water systems for the home. 


When we tested various products, we found that the best alkaline water system for the home is Spring. The best runner-up alkaline water system was the APEC.

Here is a closer look at our category winners:

  • Best overall alkaline water system: Spring
  • Best value-for-money alkaline water system: APEC
  • Best luxurious alkaline water system: Frizzlife 

7 best alkaline water systems for the home

alkaline water system

Interested in trying out the benefits yourself? If so, you’ll need the right filter. The good news is that the market is bustling with options. These range from affordable to luxury models. The bad news is that this makes choosing the right one for you much harder. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the search for you. We handpicked the best alkaline water systems for your home, outlining the pros of each. It should make your decision much easier.

The best overall under-sink alkalizer

iSpring RCC7AK

Few alkalizers are as thorough as this robust iSpring 6-stage reverse osmosis under-sink system. Thanks to its 6-stage filtration process, it removes most types of contaminants. These include chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, and asbestos. If safety is your primary concern, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Most reverse osmosis systems remove not only harmful pollutants but also beneficial minerals. Luckily, iSpring thinks one step ahead. Thanks to its remineralization feature, you won’t have to worry about drinking nutrient-poor water. The extra minerals also make it taste much better.

Though the alkalizer is pricy, you won’t spend a penny on installation. The product has a clear installation manual and all the necessary parts to install it successfully. The filters will last you for a long time. Once they break down, replacing them couldn’t be easier.

The alkalizer also comes with a 1-year warranty, making it a very safe purchase.

NameiSpring RCC7AK
Capacity75 GDP


  • We love the 75 GPD capacity.
  • It tastes great.
  • Fast delivery
  • Replaces bottled water


  • It’s not the absolutely cheapest system.

The best value-for-money under-sink alkalizer

The alkalizer from APEC comes with a 6-stage filtration system designed to remove up to 99% of contaminants. It can tackle anything from volatile organic compounds to heavy metals. It additionally imbues the water with calcium, increasing its pH and nutrient levels.

We particularly liked how quiet the whole system was, something which isn’t always a given.

The product is long-lasting and comes with a 2-year warranty. Thanks to its instruction manual, you’ll have no issues installing it on your own.

Capacity75 GDP
Product Dimensions16″L x 5.25″W x 17.5″H


  • Easy to install
  • The water tastes great.


  • Not great customer service

The second-best value-for-money under-sink alkalizer

The 6-stage filtration system from PureDrop is a good alternative if you want good value for your money. The reverse osmosis process removes harmful contaminants such as arsenic and asbestos. It can produce up to 50 gallons of purified water without electricity. It also comes with a remineralization process to counteract the effects of reverse osmosis.

The package contains everything you need for a successful installation. And once you install it, you won’t have to do anything apart from replacing the filters occasionally.


  • Lower price
  • Good support
  • The tap looks good.


  • Smaller capacity than other products

The best cheap under-sink alkalizer

The 10-stage reverse osmosis system from EXPRESS WATER is the best cheap alkalizer for the home. We strongly recommend this option if you wish to save as much money on your purchase as possible without sacrificing quality.

Like all good alkalizer, it removes most contaminants such as arsenic, chlorine, arsenic, fluorides, and nitrates. It also supports remineralization, which adds essential minerals back into the stream. These include calcium, potassium, and magnesium, to name a few.

Of all the options on our list, this one is probably the easiest one to install. We were surprised by how straightforward the installation was. The product also comes with a 1-year warranty.

The system automatically refills the tank with alkaline water, ensuring it’s always ready for you to drink. Even better, it features a leak detector that will shut down the whole system if there’s a leak. It can prevent damage to the space under your sink.

NameExpress Water
Capacity50 GDP
Product Dimensions19″L x 18″W x 19″H
MaterialAlloy Steel, Brass, Plastic


  • Great once set up
  • Good value for money


  • 50 GDP capacity
  • Hard setup

The cheapest under-sink alkalizer

Waterdrop TSA

The best thing about this 3-stage under-sink alkalizer from Waterdrop is the price. In terms of affordability, it outstrips all the other options on our list.

The filtration system removes rust, dust, and grime. It also gets rid of bacteria, heavy metals, and other pollutants. In doing so, it improves the odor and taste.

Made of sturdy materials, the system will last you for a very long time. It’s also resistant to freezing. But what stands out the most is its pressure resistance – it can handle as much as 400 psi.

The filter cartridges last from 6 to 18 months, meaning you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. The installation is simple and requires no drilling.


  • Nice price
  • Easy installation


  • Only 3-stage system
  • Not as clean as other systems once filtering has happened

The best compact under-sink alkalizer

This small Frizzlife alkalizer is perfect for you if you don’t have a lot of space under your sink. Though it may not be as effective as the previous options, it will fit under most sinks.

Despite its small size, the alkalizer does everything you’d expect it to. It increases the pH and removes contaminants. Moreover, it also enriches the stream with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. It also removes chlorine odor and improves the overall taste.

You should use it together with a separate RO system to achieve the best effects. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, we have good news. Thanks to the instruction manual, you should be able to install it without outside help.


  • Cheap
  • Easy installation
  • No leaks


  • We preferred the taste of other products.

The best luxury under-sink alkalizer

Frizzlife 500 G Tankless

If you don’t mind spending a little extra money, you can grab this tankless Frizzlife reverse osmosis system.

What makes it stand out is the tankless design. Without a traditional tank, it takes up much less room under your sink. We were surprised at how little space this device needed. It allows you to store more items in your kitchen or bathroom.

Since it doesn’t have a tank, it’s also much less prone to leaking. You’ll also have a much easier time installing it. We also like its capacity – it can purify up to 500 gallons daily. And unlike the other options on our list, it also comes with a digital display that shows the life span of all filtration units. It makes replacement incredibly simple.

Like all good alkalizer, it also features a remineralization system to offset the side effects of reverse osmosis.

NameExpress Water
Capacity500 GPD
Product Dimensions14″L x 18″W x 5″H


  • Impressive 500 GPD capacity
  • Gorgeous design
  • Best system on the market


  • Expensive

Factors to consider

Here are the factors to consider when you’re buying an alkaline water system for the house.

Brand reputation

The reputation of the brand is very important as you’re finding the right water system for your home. Anything that’s going in your body should only be treated by a company that can be trusted.


While cost shouldn’t be the most important factor to consider, it is still something you can’t disregard. Find a system from a reputable company that still fits your budget.


Some systems are easier


The amount of water you need filtered will depend on the household you’re in. Some families need more water filtered than others do.


Filter replacements, cleaning, and general maintenance are things to consider with the system you’re getting. Know what you’re getting yourself into before buying the system.

Type of system

Find out if you’re looking for a mineralized, ionizer, or reverse osmosis system. They have some different capabilities, so you’ll want to choose the one that’s right for you.

pH level

Find out where your water is now to know how strong of a system you need for the house.

How much does an alkaline water system cost?

As we tested the different products, we found that alkaline water systems typically cost between $125 and $450. While you can get systems that are more expensive, it’s near impossible to get one that’s cheaper. It’s also about making sure you and your family get the right water!

Why do you need an alkaline water filter?

An alkaline water machine regulates the pH of the water in your home. The pH scale determines how acidic or basic (alkaline) a liquid is. Distilled water has a pH of 7, which is considered neutral. Mineral water tends to be slightly alkaline, with a pH of 7.5 to 8.5. It is because the minerals ionize as they dissolve, leading to increased alkalinity. These minerals are important for our health.

However, tap water in most US households tends to be acidic, reaching a pH as low as 4. Such low pH can be harmful to our well-being, leading to symptoms such as acidic reflux. Acidic water may also corrode the metallic pipes found in your plumbing system.

An alkaline water filter increases the pH of your tap water, making it more basic. Unlike ionizers, these machines also filter any impurities they may contain. It makes it much safer to drink.

What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water?

Some experts suggest that drinking alkaline water can positively impact our health. Although these benefits are still theories, the implications are mind-blowing.

Here are some benefits of drinking alkaline water:

  • Improved digestion
  • More energy during the day
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Improved nutrient absorption
  • It may help with acid reflux
  • Improves blood flow and oxygen levels
  • Better intake of minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium
  • Some theories suggest it can improve your immunity and potentially help you fight cancer

These are just some benefits. But as we said, not all these studies are conclusive. Take them with a grain of salt. Most of them are just speculations with little to no scientific backup.

What Is an Alkaline Under Sink Water Filter and How Does It Work?

An alkaline under-sink filter is a device that filters your tap water. At the same it, it increases its pH. Many US households have acidic water intakes, which is unsuitable for humans. Installing such a filter can tip the scales back to the standard pH. It lies between 7.5 to 8.5.

These devices also enrich your tap water with minerals necessary for correct bodily functions. They also filter out debris and contaminants. Beyond that, alkaline water machines can remove chlorine stench from it, making it taste better.

Investing in this filter may also be cheaper than buying bottled mineral water all year round.

As the name implies, you install these filters under the sink. The filters themselves can be divided into two types:

Alkaline Water Pitchers

These types of filters usually come with several layers. Each layer contains a medium designed to capture specific contaminants. These layers may include ion-exchange resin, activated carbon, tourmaline, filter cartridges, and more.

While fairly effective, these pitchers don’t work against contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides, and nuclear waste.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are much more advanced than pitchers. In addition to the layers mentioned above, they also contain a semipermeable membrane. It traps dangerous contaminants inside, allowing only water to pass through. Since they are strong, these devices often come with remineralization systems.

Factors to consider

Because each layer targets a specific type of pollutant, your filtration system should have as many layers as possible. Here are the absolute must-have factors to consider for your under-sink alkaline water system for the house:

Sediment Filter

The sediment filter captures the larger particles in the water. These include dust, rust, and other types of debris. Every good system should come with one.

Activated charcoal

This layer removes chlorine from the water, ridding it of the bad smell in the process. It can also filter the most volatile organic compounds.

Ion-exchange resin

Ion-exchange resin removes hard minerals and heavy metals from your tap water, including hexavalent chromium.


This layer removes soluble pollutants from the water. It does so by turning them into precipitates.

Iron filter

Iron filters are only useful if your tap water contains too much of this metal.

Reverse osmosis membrane

A reverse osmosis membrane traps most pollutants in your water.


Are alkaline water systems worth it?

Some studies claim that it can be beneficial for your body. Apart from containing more nutrients, it could neutralize the acid. Some even claim it can prevent cancer and heart disease. Though these benefits sound remarkable, most of the research is still preliminary. It thus falls to you to decide if this is a worthwhile investment.

Is alkaline water better than reverse osmosis water?

Reverse osmosis is a process that purifies water. It rids it not only of harmful pollutants but also of important minerals. It makes it unfit for long-term consumption. To drink it, you’ll also need a remineralization system.

On the other hand, alkaline systems purify it without removing the beneficial minerals. In this regard, it’s much better than reverse osmosis.

Can you drink alkaline water every day?

Most people can drink it every day without any side effects. Doing so may even lead to long-term health benefits. The only exception is people with kidney diseases. Kidneys help regulate your body’s pH. If you have kidney disease, you should avoid drinking it daily.

Some studies also link it to increased stomach pH. It can potentially decrease your body’s natural immunity. Moreover, high pH may also lead to dry and itchy skin. However, these symptoms only occur if you drink more than a gallon every day.

What food decreases your pH?

The tap water in the US is mostly acidic. However, it isn’t the only thing that can decrease your pH. Caffeine, salt, and sugar can all lead to similar effects. Drinking alkaline water can counteract their effects.

Fruit and vegetables can also help you increase your body’s pH.

How long does an alkalizer last?

A good alkalizer should last you several years. However, the filters will need regular replacement. Multi-stage alkalizers feature several different filters. You’ll have to replace some of them as often as 6 months while others will last for 2 years.


Alkalizers are devices designed to improve your water quality. They not only filter out harmful contaminants but also increase the pH. Though not conclusive, some studies suggest this could have long-term benefits for your well-being.

Low pH has been linked to conditions such as acid reflux. Thus, drinking alkaline water could theoretically prevent it. Other benefits include better digestion, smoother skin, and improved oxygen levels and blood flow. Some even claim drinking it may help prevent cancer and heart disease. However, we don’t have enough scientific evidence to back up such claims.

If you wish to try it out yourself, you may invest in an alkaline under-sink filter. Once you install them, they should last you for a year or two. It makes them much better than countertop alternatives. Our list contains carefully selected devices that will get the job done for sure. No matter which one you choose, you won’t regret it.

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