4 best wooden humidors for cigars

Storing cigars is not always an easy task. Still, experts and those well knowledged in cigars will do anything necessary to keep them stored properly. A humidor is a good option, and this storage container is specifically designed to maintain a fixed humidity level.

The tobacco leaves in your cigars are susceptible to changes in humidity, and it is not a good idea to store them in a place where the humidity fluctuates a lot. These leaves will expand and contract based on these changes, and you want to keep them in perfect condition. 

The market is saturated with these products, and choosing the best one for you might be overwhelming. If you have decided to research storage spaces for your cigars and you are ready to invest in high-quality ones, continue reading this article as we present you with the 4 best wooden humidors for cigars under $100 to $200. 


When we tested various products, we found that the best wooden cigar humidor under $100 was the Mantello. The best wooden cigar humidor under $200 was the Woodronic.

Here is an overlook of our category winners:

  • Best overall wooden cigar humidor: Mantello
  • Best luxurious wooden cigar humidor: Woodronic
  • Best cheap wooden cigar humidor: Bald Eagle
wooden humidor for cigars

Why you can trust us & how we picked

You can trust us because we bought and tested each of the humidors listed on this page before suggesting it. We picked products at different price points to ensure there was something for every cigar smoker out there.

Best wooden humidors

There are plenty of products to choose from, and you need to analyze them properly before purchasing one. Consider all their characteristics and extra features, as some of them will be extremely helpful in your situation. We have searched the market for the best wooden humidors, and here we present you with the top ones we found.

Best cheap option

1. Bald Eagle Handmade Cigar Humidor, Cedar Cigar Desktop Box with Humidifier

bald eagle cigar humidor

This handmade cigar humidor has been created from Spanish cedar wood of the highest quality. The team at Bald Eagle is experienced in these products and knows exactly how to manufacture them. You will benefit from an efficient storage space that is also long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about buying a new one anytime soon.

If you have several cigars in your collection, you should know that this box holds up to 25 cigars. A glass top covers the humidor, and you can also place it on display for your friends to see. A hygrometer is included on the front side of the box, allowing you to monitor the internal environment constantly.

The bottom features a black velvet pad that is highly resistant to scratches. It means you can move the box around without worrying too much about any damage. If you know a dear friend that is passionate about cigars, you can also purchase this product for them. More than 4,000 customers expressed their satisfaction through positive reviews, and this company always delivers its promises. 

BrandBald Eagle
Capacity20-25 Cigars
Weight2.6 Pounds
Dimensions10.2 x 8.7 x 2.7 inches


  • It has a hygrometer.
  • The price is very attractive.
  • Very nice value


  • It feels a bit cheap.
  • It can’t hold too many cigars.

Best value option

2. Mantello Cigar Humidors- Royal Glass-Top Humidor Cigar Box

This humidor will be a good choice if you want to keep your cigars fresh and stored in a safe and secure space. The tight seal will keep moisture out, and the humidity within the box is always controlled and monitored. A hygrometer will also help you with live, accurate readings.

You can store 25 to 50 cigars inside this box, and the exact amount will depend on their ring size. A cedar divider will help you organize the interior space. Still, it can also be removed to increase it. Skilled artisans manually crafted this product by hand, and the hinges are gold-plated for an enhanced design.

This high-quality material is made of Spanish cedar and will offer more than durability and efficiency. Your guests will surely be impressed with the humidor you display on the shelf, and the glass top will make your collection visible. The same glass is strong and resistant to marks or scratches. The bottom of this box has also been reinforced with scratch-resistant materials. 

Capacity25-50 cigars
Weight3.8 Pounds
Dimensions10.2 x 8.6 x 4.3 inches
MaterialSpanish cedar


  • It feels nicer.
  • It has a good seal.
  • Holds up to 50 cigars.


  • It may be too small for serious enthusiasts.
  • We wish the meter could be removed for calibration.

Best large-sized option

3. Woodronic Cigar Humidor Cabinet with Digital Hygrometer for 100 to 150 Counts

Woodronic Handmade Cigar Humidor Cabinet

It is the best option if you want a large storage space for your cigars that sells for less than $200. It has a large capacity with 3 individual drawers that can store cigars separately. Each drawer can hold your precious cigars in a safe and manually controlled environment.

The digital hygrometer will display all the necessary information to make adjustments and ensure the best storage conditions. This display also measures the temperature with high precision and is considered much more advanced than analog ones. Superior technology is also included, where crystal gel humidifiers slowly release moisture to regulate the levels.

A tight seal ensures that no external moisture gets inside the cabinet and your cigars are protected from any damage. The front side of this product features a large glass door that allows you to display your cigars and showcase them to your guests. Because the digital display is on this side, you can check the humidity and temperature without opening the door. 

Capacity100-150 cigars
Weight4.19 Pounds
Dimensions10.13 x 10.13 x 13.75 inches
MaterialEbony Veneer
FeatureMagnetic seal


  • Great customer service
  • Great size
  • Well built


  • Significantly more expensive
  • The hygrometer could be better.

Best luxury option

4. COOL KNIGHT Cigar Humidor with Front Hygrometer, Humidifier, and Accessory Drawers

A humidor is designed to keep your cigars in an ideal environment, but this one takes its purpose even further. While you can benefit from the classic superior performance of such a humidor, this one also has an extra drawer that allows you to store all your accessories.

If you often struggle with finding your lighter or your cigar cutter, now you will have a designated space to store these accessories and be more organized. This way, you will have your cigars and the required tools in one place. Cool Knight had high-quality Spanish cedar logs in mind when they designed this product, and their team manually crafted this work of art that is also efficient.

With a large capacity, you can store 20 to 35 cigars inside this humidor. The quantity depends on your cigars’ ring size, but you can find plenty of space for any of your preferences. The top of this box is covered with a display window made of strong glass that is resistant to scratches and damage. 

An analog hygrometer is also included; you can always monitor the humidity level inside this storage space. A cedar divider will help you organize the interior space better instead of having all your cigars in the same space. If you want to move the box around often, its bottom side has been reinforced to resist scratches. 

Capacity20-35 cigars
Weight3.46 Pounds
Dimensions10.08 x 8.27 x 5.67 inches


  • Overnight delivery
  • Great build quality
  • Good for the price


  • More expensive than comparable units

Factors to consider

When you are interested in purchasing a humidor for your cigars, there are factors to consider before making the final decision. These will help you identify your needs, and you can choose the ideal storage option.

Someone who collects cigars as a hobby will have to look for a large-sized cabinet optimized for long-term storage. Those who only want to keep their favorite brands in a safe space before smoking them will be satisfied with a smaller box that monitors and regulates the humidity. Here are factors to consider when you’re buying a humidor.

1. Consider a humidor with a tight seal.

It is one of the most important keys to consider if you want to keep your cigars stored safely. If the humidor is not sealed properly, the insulation will not be perfect. You will find out that the humidor you purchased is ineffective. If you decide to purchase them online, look for this option.

2. Accessories

Some accessories will already be included with the humidor when you purchase it. Most products feature a hygrometer or a thermometer nowadays. Still, you can also purchase them separately if yours does not have them. The hygrometer will be used to measure the humidity levels. You need to know this information to ensure an optimal storage space. 

3. Wood type

Usually, you will find these humidors to be manufactured from Spanish cedar because it is the best type of wood intended for humidity preservation. However, you can also choose some alternatives, such as mahogany. While this is also a popular choice, it will not be effective over time as its efficiency decreases.

4. Portability

If you travel a lot, you might want to take the cigar humidor with you. Enjoying a fine cigar in designated spaces that allow smoking is always pleasant, so that you can take yours with you. Look for those that can carry a few dozen cigars, as they are also lightweight and compact, making them suitable for travel.

5. Choose the right size.

There are many types of humidors; the main difference is their size. If you collect cigars, you might want to look for a room humidor that is big enough to be compared to a walk-in closet. They can store many cigars over a long time, and you will be able to collect them in a safe place.

If you only own a few or want to smoke them often, a cabinet humidor is more than enough. These can carry around 50 cigars, and they are also aesthetically pleasing. It means that these humidors will easily blend with the furniture in your home.

How much do wooden humidors for cigars cost?

As we tested the different wooden humidors for cigars, we found that they traditionally cost between $25 and $400. While you can spend more on it, that’s typically the range most consumers will be in when caring for their cigars.

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