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Shopping is fun, but what can take the fun out of it is when all the sizes in the market start to confuse you. These days all brands have their sizing systems. Globalization means that both US (United States) and EU (European) sizes will be sold together. So here we bring you a simple solution: the perfect guide to 26/27/28/29/30/21/21 or 4/6/8 jeans sizes. So you never have to stand clueless in a store again.

Read up and shop your heart out!


To summarize, here’s what you can see underneath:

  • EU size 26 is a US size 2.
  • EU size 27 is a US size 4.
  • EU size 28 is a US size 6.

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Conversion Chart of US/EU jean sizes ranging

Here is a quick size chart review to spot your match. These increase as the height increases. In this section, we’re talking about even sizes, so there is a column for the US Misses standard.

Women more commonly wear the US misses as they fit perfectly on the average height and average figured women. However, odd numbers of junior sizes are also available. Whether you’re a 26, 27, 28, or bigger, here’s the chart you need.

You can see that a woman’s EU 26 converts to a US 2. An EU 27 converts to a US 4. An EU 28 converts to a 6, etc.

Jean size womenThe US women’s sizesWaist (Inches)Hip (Inches)
29829.5”- 30.5”39”-40.5”

Let’s take a look at how you can avoid being clueless on your next shopping trip. You can take your measurements yourself and cut your trip short instead of trying on every pair available and getting in long lines for the trial room.

How to measure at home

Wear the right footwear
If you want to be precise, wear the shoes you would normally wear with the pair. This will help you gain an idea about the height of the jeans you need.

Take note of the inseam.
This is the length of the area from the crotch to the ankle. It is important for any good fitting. Stand with your back against a wall comfortably and get someone else to measure for you, as self-measurements can be hit and miss.

Note both in inches and centimeters to be safe. Keep in mind the inseam can be different for various styles. For instance, the flared style will have a different inseam than skinny and high-waisted ones.

Measure the hip.
Hold the measuring tape comfortably around the largest part of your hips. You can also get someone else to do this for you.

Measure waist
Take a measuring tape and measure the smallest part of your waist. This is usually a little above your belly button.

Measure your thigh.
Now take the measuring take and wrap it around your thigh. Be careful not to hold it too tight or loose.

Compare it with the brand guide.
In each brand sizing guide, you’ll find inseam length, hip measurements, and thigh mostly laid out size-wise. Keep your recorded measurements close while placing the order. Alternatively, you can also go shopping offline and find the thigh and inseam measurements on the label.

Keep your best-fitted models as a guide.
You can keep your favorite pair that fits you best as a reference. Take measurements of the inseam, the hip, and the thigh, and keep them for your next best pair.

Take note of your rise.
You might want to note whether your want a high-rise, low-rise, or mid-rise pair. High-rise jeans start at the belly button or just below it. Mid-rise start somewhere between the navel and the hip. Low-rise start at the hip bones.


Let’s take a look at the sheer variety of denim we have available at hand for every woman out there.

1. Good old skinny

skinny jeans

These are your never-failing go-to jeans. They are tight hugging and should sit comfortably at your ankles. The material should have some stretch, so it is much easier to put on and take off. They can come in a high rise or mid-rise as well as a variety of different washes.

2. Mom jeans

mom jeans

Nothing spells comfort like Mom jeans, just like a good hug from your mother. This style has a comfortable fit around the hips and crotch. It starts at a slightly higher waistline and goes down from there. It falls loosely around the ankles and has big pockets on the back.

It’s your go-to when you need to slip into something classy fast.

3. Cigarette style

cigarette jean

This is the new work-wear attire that flaunts your figure too. Also known as straight-cut jeans, these fall above your ankle. Why are they called cigarette jeans? Because from the knee-down, they are cut straight right down to the ankle, which makes them look like a cigarette butt. They can also be called Pencil denim or pants.

4. Flared denim

flared denim

A vintage throwback. Here you’ve got a tight-fitting from waist to knees. But knee-down, you can expect a wide cut down to the ankles. Sometimes they finish off quite low below the ankle. They might be closed or have a slit to emphasize the flare. Either way, it’s a great way to get your vintage game on. Pair it with a crop top, and you’re good to go!

5. Jeggings


A combination of jeans and leggings was all the rage in the 2010s. A pair of these is a girl’s best friend since you can expect stretchy comfort and a fitted waistband instead of button and zippers. Since they aren’t pure denim, they won’t take as long to dry either.

6. Ripped

These have been in fashion since the 70s but still haven’t gone out of style. A USP of ripped style is a broken knee and some rips in the thigh and below the knee. Its sister distressed denim is another favorite that we talk about below. Pair a lovely white t-shirt for a basic look or a crop top to show off your tummy.

7. Distressed denim

Distressed denim

The idea behind these is to make the jeans look old and worn in with fraying edges, rips, and tears, as well as fading dyes. The fit is relaxed and loose. They are typically riskier than ripped jeans. Pair them with a simple top, and you’re good to go! Not too great for workwear, however!

8. Boyfriend

These come with a baggy silhouette to capture the look of a pair borrowed from the boyfriend. They hang loosely from the waist and aren’t too hugging around the skin. The waist is typically low in contrast to the girlfriend type that sits higher.

9. Bootcut

bootcut jeans

These have made a comeback since the ’70s and ’80s, and rightly so! They emphasize the height of the wearer. Although similar to flared type, they end near the ankle and aren’t as wide near the bottom. The name comes from the ability they gave you to wear a snug pair of boots with them. If you’re going for an exaggerated height, you can also pair it with heels.

10. 90’s split hem denim

90s jeans

These are another blast from the past. The straight leg cut is loose but not slouchy. The split hem adds a classy touch and can be paired with a pair of wedges. The splits allow for some much-needed relief on a hot day, contrasting to a skin-tight skinny pair that won’t work in the summer.

For bigger women

Although women can rock any outfit, they feel like wearing. Some suggestions look particularly graceful on the curvy body.

1. Straight-cut

Since most plus-size women want to avoid their thick thighs from standing out, you can expect a modest look from straight-cut denim. These will fall gracefully at the ankles. Pair them with heels to accentuate your lovely figure.

Pros Cons
Works with everythingCan be difficult to find good fit
Currently in styleCan be too wide at the bottom

2. Bootcut

These jeans also emphasize the upper body and can be paired with heels. Pairing with heels is the important part because this gives a subtle elongated effect to the lower body. This is perfect for curvy women.

3. Relaxed fit

Boyfriend or relaxed-fit jeans are perfect for plus-size women. They don’t stress on the thick thighs and well above the ankle, which emphasizes the lower body.

Pro tip: any midi-length skirt, dress, or pants are perfect for plus-sized women.

4. Skinny

A bunch of wide and loose options above doesn’t go to say plus-sized women can’t rock skinny jeans. When you find the perfect pair of skinny jeans, pair it with a spaghetti top and a bomber jacket to look drop-dead gorgeous. Plus-sized clothing is all about flaunting your assets, not overlooking them.

5. High-rise or high-waisted

Some plus-sized women need a quick solution to hide their belly or fat tummy. And that’s where high-rises come to the rescue. They not only hide the belly but also smoothen over it to avoid awkward bulges.

High-rise jeans come in many shapes and forms. These include flared, cowboy, distressed, ripped, or washed denim. All look super stylish to the onlooker and are super relaxed for the wearer!

Why you can trust us and how we picked?

The best statement one can make without even saying anything is a ‘Fashion Statement’. If not all, the majority of us love dressing up well and going out. We do it too. That is why we have tried to help you with choosing the right denim sizes with a conversion chart regarding US and EU sizes. Also, we have listed different styles of denim that are available in the market.

Factors to consider

Having good pair of denim jeans is always a good idea. Keep the following factors in consideration and you will never miss choosing the right one.


Different types of denim fittings are available like boot cut, straight cut, relaxed fit, etc. Each one has a different kind of measurement. Look carefully and then select the best one for yourself.

Size chart

The size chart has been classified into a different numbers. Each number denotes a different set of body measurements. It varies from country to country. Make sure that the one you are looking at is according to US standards.


The fabric plays a very important role in any clothing article. Some fabrics tend to lose after you wear them for a while whereas some shrink after washing. Choose the fabric of your denim jeans keeping in mind how it will perform in the future.


Denim jeans are no longer available only in that boring plain style. There are various styles available like distressed jeans, flared denim, boyfriend denim, etc. Choose according to your personality and flaunt your style.

What are some good brands?

There’s no questioning the good old pair of Levis, especially the 501. But other good brands on the market are making a mark in the denim section. AYR, or All year round, is founded by females and is an independent brand standing out with its unique style of denim. There’s also the classic GAP and the rustic Citizens of Humanity. Mother Denim is a brand inspired by the past and using it to make a splash in the future.

Old Navy, American Eagle, and standard go-to brands, but we’re looking at Boyish jeans for standing out for its take on sustainable denim.

Reformation is a similar brand with a focus on eco-friendly denim and non-chlorine bleaches. They also use about only 30% of the cotton and water that other brands use to make a pair of jeans. If that is not commendable, we don’t know what is!

Here’s the full list:

  • Paige
  • GAP
  • Old Navy
  • Citizens of Humanity
  • Levi’s 501
  • Mother Denim
  • Boyish Jeans
  • All Year Round

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