Best small and large coops for 4,5 and 6 chickens

We all love having eggs for breakfast. But do we wonder about the hassle that goes behind it? One of the few important details includes a good chicken coop. And we can help with that. Check out the best small and large coops for 4, 5, and 6 chickens.


When we tested various products, we found that the best chicken coup was Petsfit. The best runner-up was Ogrmar. Here is a full breakdown of the different category winners:

  • Best small chicken coop: Ogrmar
  • Best overall chicken cop: Petsfit
  • Best large chicken coop for 4, 5, & 6 chickens: OverEZ
wood chicken coop

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Top cheap option – MIXXIDEA 65-Inch

Give your hard-working hens a relaxed time with this low-cost coop. It has a swing for playtime and a large nesting box where they can feel safe. It’s super easy to clean, thanks to the removable litter tray. It’s a multi-level wonder with a ramp. Don’t worry about predators, as the locks are reinforced and tough to open. It’s a solid deal under $200!


  • The price is very appealing and serves the purpose.


  • It felt smaller than expected.
  • The materials aren’t of great quality.

Top luxury option – Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor House

This is a fancy dream home for your chicks. It has solid modern wood construction with stainless steel supports. The roof is asphalt protecting your pets from heat and wet weather.

The top cannot be opened, but three different access points make egg collection and cleaning super-convenient! The nesting box is large enough for two and can be used as divided or double. The wooden panel doors are super sturdy with locks so no predator can get in.


  • It’s a clear upgrade from the one above.
  • It feels sturdier.
  • Great value.


  • While durable, we still feel some components could be of higher quality.
Here¨s a great option that's a bit more expensive.

Best value option – Ogrmar Large henhouse

Shielded from the sun and with two large levels – this is a great value-for-money buy for your pets. The levels provide the necessary mobility. The nesting area is shielded from all types of harsh weather conditions.

The best part is that you can parent them from a distance through the gridding fences. The ramps provide easy mobility. The varnish is non-toxic. The wood gives protection from heat, rain, UV rays, and more. The nesting box has a ventilation door, so your hen never keeps cooped up in the coop! For the price, it might be the best chicken coop.


  • It looks nice and clean.
  • Assembly was easy.


  • We’re unsure if it will keep undesired animals out.
Beautiful, wooden solution.

What should be inside a coop?

Let’s take a look at the essential features so you can make the right choice.

1. A good nesting box

A nesting box is a must for the hens. They should feel safe yet not claustrophobic, so that a window would be nice. You can have some soft bedding like wood shavings or chopped straw there for comfort.

2. Good insulation

This is very important if you want your chickens to stay wet during the monsoon and cool during the summer. Some metal models will require insulation in the ceiling. Otherwise, it will not keep the heat out and will rather attract it.

3. Litter trays

Cleaning can get messy, and that’s why a litter tray helps. A portable removable tray will make it easier for you to empty the contents within a few minutes.

The access points should be easy to reach for this purpose. You can line it with newspaper or filter paper to make your cleaning time even shorter!

4. Access points

Access points are important. We focus solely on chickens but forget that humans will also need to intercept the space frequently. That’s why it is important to focus on good access points. The more, the merrier!

5. A good floor

If you’ve got straw and shavings to warm the bed, that’s great. But what’s also necessary is the ventilation. A raised floor can help with that. There’ll be less humidity and drier flooring. Keep in mind a wire-raised floor will provide more ventilation than a wooden one.

Best coop buy for 6-10 chickens – OverEZ Large Henhouse

Looking for a farmhouse feel in your coop? The large model by OverEZ in this category holds up to 15 chickens, and that too in a very comfortable setting. We love the country vibe in natural wood flooring and non-toxic rustic brown paint.

It’s much easier to install than other traditional designs you’ll come across. It includes 5 nesting boxes and 2 vents for adequate wind. The wood is as sturdy as it looks and is completely weather-proof. It’s got a solid rating of 4.6 – what’s more can one ask for?


  • It feels like it will keep your chickens safe.
  • It’s a lot sturdier than the previous ones.


  • The price is a clear step up.
  • It was a bit hard to assemble.
Beautiful, bigger option.

Best coop for 15-20 chickens – OverEZ XL

This one is like a colonial backyard gothic home, but for chickens. The multiple french window display is pleasing to the eyes and does wonders for the light and air. Six nesting boxes are provided for plenty of hens to be at ease at once.

If you feel like you don’t want fresh omelets anymore, it can handle other small animals and not just those with feathers. Just not at the same time, of course.


  • It’s the mansion for your chickens!
  • It’s very sturdy and practical.


  • The price tag had us thinking twice.
With up to 20 animals under one roof, the OverEZ XL is great.

Best small coop – Greatest pet shop deluxe

A lovely enclosure for small pets and 2-3 chickens. A ventilated nesting box and a play area are the ideal coops to go along with it.

The open area is great for exercise, and the mesh provides the security from predators that you would expect. But it’s not too secure for you to find it difficult to feed or clean. Three different access points make the process easier than you would imagine. The best part – a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied! It’s the mansion your furry friends need!


  • It was surprisingly well made.


  • It is perhaps too small.
Greatest Pet Shop
Greatest Pet Shop has this small model available.

Best large coop – Orgmar Large Pet house

A two-story pet house is perfect for that much-needed playtime. Removable trays make the cleaning easy, while the fir wood keeps the chickens dry and cool. It is weather-resistant, anti-corrosion, and waterproof. The fences make it difficult for any wild animals to get inside while also providing a cool draft.

The design is user-friendly, so you can view your pets and not disturb them either. Although it won’t fit as many as 12 chickens, it will still give a lesser number some good space for playtime.

Ogrmar wins another category.

Best metal coop – Pawhut 110″ Metal hut

Nothing is more durable than a Galvanised metal hut for your pets. It’s waterproof and UV-resistant and provides plenty of space for your animals to move around.

The metal fencing is just right, so no claws have to get stuck. A locking feature makes it easier to protect your animals from rodents, snakes, and other attackers. It’s great for backyard use!


  • The quality of the frame is great.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • We thought the wire felt flimsy.
The size of the PawHut makes it very versatile.

Best A-Frame coop – Rockever A-frame Hutch house

A combination of open and closed space – this one’s a beauty. It looks unbelievably elegant on grass due to its pristine white color.

We love the plenty of open space for exercise and sun-time. The asphalt roof keeps things cool in the nesting box. It’s got a metal latch for the extra security. The fir wood means protection from pests and rodents and weather-proof surroundings. Cleaning is made easy with the removable floor. There’s not a single reason we can think of to reject this buy!


  • Easy assembly


  • The instructions could have been more clear.
With its A-frame, the Tortoise stands out.

Best Extra large, walk-in chicken coop

There are many things you want as walk-in options, including walk-in bathtubs. We absolutely love the versatility it offers to be able to step inside when there’s a need.


  • The materials of the frame are great.
  • The instructions were easy to follow.


  • The wire feels cheap.

Best Plastic Chicken Coop

There aren’t a whole bunch of plastic options. With its PVC layer, this product is the one we think you’ll love.


  • It’s surprisingly sturdy.


  • Cleaning it is difficult.
While not being entirely of plastic, it does have a great PVC layer.

Best Trampoline Chicken Coop – DEStar

If you’ve already got a trampoline, this is great. You can simply wrap it around and you now have a place for your furry friends to live.


  • Very easy assembly


  • It was a bit small.
DEStar is great and foldable.

Best predator-proof coop – NSdirect Fir Wood Model

A coop is more well planned than your own home! It is a combination of galvanized wired walls and sturdy wood for the best protection and yet ample sunlight for your little feathered friends.

We love the black and wooden color mix. And that’s saying a lot because coops usually aren’t meant to be pleasing to the eyes, especially ones designed to keep out predators.

The nesting box is one level up, so it’s easier for you to pick out the eggs. The nesting box has a removable tray to clean it up easily. With three access doors and locks, your furry friends are safe night and day.


  • We love the modern look.
  • It’s great for two chickens.


  • It felt a bit pricey.
Fir Wood
If you're afraid of predators, this is what you've been looking for.

Best 4×8 coop – Trixie Pet Products

This one is a medium-sized coop for 2 large hens for 4 bantams. It has no outdoor space, so it’s more suitable for farms that like to let the chickens run free for a while.

It features a nesting house and a sleeping house for the utmost care and comfort of those hens. The ample number of four doors even become ramps for your chicks.

You’ve got a removable divider in your hands. Remove it for extra space or keep it for that privacy. The nesting room has a hinged roof for easy egg fetching. The best part is the pine construction that won’t give away before you finally get bored of it.

Why you can trust us & how we picked

We have tested various chicken coops not just for a day but for a set of days and came out with the list of best small and large coops for 4,5 and 6 chickens. You can rely on us as we closely worked with small poultrymen and took their inputs so that you can have the best product for your needs.

Factors to consider

Let’s get you started on a small guide to buying a home for your chickens before you get dazed with all these choices.

The size

How many chickens do you have currently? How many are you planning on raising? These are the questions you must ask yourself before you buy a coop.

If egg-laying is your major concern, you’re going to need ample space because hens need to feel secure and comfortable for that. They should also be able to walk freely and get some exercise.


Lighting is super important. Since chickens don’t run on clocks like us, they rely on the sun for everything. The egg production process starts with the light, and sexual maturity is also achieved thanks to the sunlight.

Sunlight is what keeps both the eggs and chicks growing healthily. That’s why the roof needs to have a vent for light. There must be adequate windows to let in the sun.

Space for feed and water

There must be space for the animals to move around and nest, but you must also account for the feeder in the area. Feeders will be inserted at regular intervals but must not restrict the paths of the animals.


Your chickens will have to go through the harsh weather with you. Whether it’s snow, heat, or wind – the coop must resist it all. You must consider the climate in your city before you buy the one you want.

If it’s really cold most of the time – consider something that accommodates heating lamps. If it’s super hot, you must buy something with an asphalt roof to keep it cool and dry.

Why you can trust us & how we picked

We have tested various chicken coops not just for a day but for a set of days and came out with the list of best small and large coops for 4,5 and 6 chickens. You can rely on us as we closely worked with small poultrymen and took their inputs so that you can have the best product for your needs.

How much does the best small and large coops for 4,5 and 6 chickens cost?

The best small and large coops for 4,5 and 6 chickens start at merely $25, but we will not suggest you go for them as they are not very durable. A decent and a durable one will cost you around $200. It can go all the way up to $2500, which can also act as a bungalow for your chickens. Psych!


Let’s answer some of those burning questions about the best chicken coops!

What size coop do I need for 2 chickens?

The rule of thumb is approximately 4 square feet for large run chickens and 10 square feet per chicken of small run. So for two, that totals 20 square feet of outdoor space.

How many chickens can you keep in a small coop?

That depends on the size of the coop, but the basic sizes start from 2 large hens or 4 bantams. If you’re looking to house more chickens, a 4×8 will occupy 8.

What size coop is needed for four chickens?

You’ll need around 4×4 or 16 square feet of space for four free-range friends. But anything larger is always great as they get more exercise and sun that way. Smaller spaces can lead to diseases, pecking, and unwanted fights in your backyard.

What should every chicken coop have?

A coop should essentially have a well-ventilated nesting box with insulation. It should also have a lot of outdoor open space to get some sun and exercise. Some roosting bars are ideal. Access points are very necessary, and thus 3-4 doors in large coops and 2 in small ones are a must. It should also be weather-proof. If you live in particularly hot areas, a wooden, as opposed to one made out of metal, is best. Really cold areas might demand enough space in the coop to place heating lamps. Cold areas also demand good insulation.

What are some popular chicken coop brands?

Well, there are quite a few options. Our personal favorites are OverEZ, Petsfit, and Omlet. Of course, some local brands must also be popular in your area, so make sure to check them all out. Barn and backyard coops are quickly being replaced with Omlet’s Eglu design. Make sure to check it out if you’re looking for a modern-day innovation.

It’s your turn to find out if you want the one-story ranch or the Victorian wonder for your little furry friends. Hopefully, this list of the best chicken coops has helped you out!

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