What size hula hoop should I get?

While we are all familiar with the traditional hula hoops from our childhood, technology evolved, and new types were developed. Weighted hula hoops are thicker and heavier than normal ones and generally weigh between 1 and 5 pounds. 

colorful hula hoop

As time passed, smart hula hoops were also developed. They clip around your waist, and a weighted ball will move around you as you move your hips. Fitness experts show an increased interest in these new products, as they can bring several health benefits. 

Any activity is better than no activity. While they don’t give an opinion about weight loss in specific areas, they encourage such products because they make you physically active.

Maybe you are wondering about what size you should get. Let us present you with the best cheap, weighted, and smart weight loss options. 

You can stand in front of the mirror and watch yourself get better at it day by day!


Hula hoops are a great idea for beginners that want to keep active. The best weighted hula hoop is the one from Better Sense. If you want to consider other options, you can also get:

  • The one from Sierliky, which is the best cheap hula hoop for kids.
  • The one from Dumoyi Smart, which is the best smart weighted hula hoop for weight loss.

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What size hula hoop should I get?

There are various sizes and varieties. You might be interested in getting one for yourself, but you are not sure about the size and the model that is most fit for you. In that case, you should consider various factors such as size and weight. Below, we will help you in choosing the best hula hoop size.

You have to measure your height, but not your total height. Take a measure starting from the floor all the way up to your belly button. With this height, you will be able to choose the perfect one for you. 

It should reach around your waist when vertically placed on the ground. For most adults, one between 40 and 44 inches in diameter will be perfect but make sure to choose the one most suited for you. 

Those who are smaller than most can remember up to 4 inches of the diameter determined by the height. For those that are larger than average, they can add up to 4 inches in total. Experienced people can choose a smaller one. Maybe you are struggling to keep the hoop going for 10 seconds. You should probably consider a larger one as it is more suitable for beginners. 

Best weighted option for adult beginners – Better Sense

This weighted hoop is ideal for beginners as it offers smooth foam padding in 8 detachable pieces.

This well-known company has many more products, such as a lighter hoop that may be a safer entry point for beginners. You can adjust this to 3 different sizes and adapt it to your own body and skill level. 

When you order this product, a jump rope and a resistance band are included. It will help you mix up the workouts and increase the fun while exercising. Customers are satisfied with the fast delivery times and how easy it is to assemble. 

When you are not working out, you can take the hoop apart and store it even in tight spaces. Although this product is soft and delicate to the touch, the frame is sturdy and highly durable. It will not break over time. 

We ordered this product and tested it ourselves. While we had a lot of fun with it, we easily noticed the high quality. Overall, there is a lot of value included in the price tag of this product. We recommend this product to everyone who wants to get started with weighted hoops. 

Included Components‎Resistance Band, Jump Rope, Hoola Hoop
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎16.54 x 7.28 x 2.95 inches
Item Weight‎2 Pounds
Warranty Description‎1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • If you’ve not tried a weighted one before, it will teach you a lesson.
  • It’s the perfect weight for someone getting started who wants to progress.


  • It might hit things in your proximity you don’t want.
It's weighted 2 lbs!

Best cheap model for kids – SIERLIKY Fitness Exercise for Kids

This popular product from Sierliky is perfect for your kids whether they will use it for a dance routine, gymnastics, or fun play. You can even use this product with your kid to train your pet to jump, which will be a fun activity for everyone included. 

It is made out of high-quality plastic and is safe around children and pets, as it is non-toxic. The strong, durable material is also environmentally friendly and will last you a long time. The inside of the hoop is hollow, and you can fill it with sand or rice to increase the weight as desired. 

Eight separate pieces compose this product by connecting together. You can easily add or remove these pieces to modify the size. This way, you can adapt the hoop to your child’s size and make it ideal for their body. 

When you connect all 8 pieces together, the hoop measures 27 inches in diameter. These 8 segments are colored for a vibrant look, and they feature butterflies and rose patterns along them. These features are textured and will add more friction, making it easier to grip by children. 

Item Weight7.4 ounces
Product Dimensions11.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
Special featureAbility to add weight


  • The ability to add additional weight.
  • It teaches motor skills to kids.


  • An already-weighted product makes for a nicer product if you want it weighted.
Let your kids workout.

Best smart, weighted hula option – Dumoyi Smart

This weighted option is composed of 24 detachable parts made out of hard plastic, which can be adjusted to fit the base of your waistline. The product description recommends this product for waists in the 31 to 47-inch range. 

A 3-pound ball that swings around 360 degrees is this weight, while the actual hoop will stay fixed on your lower back to protect it from impacts. Customers report a fun experience with this product but notice it to be a little loud. 

That is because of the hard plastic material used, but it should not be a problem. This smart hoop’s fun, overwhelming experience represents a way to lose weight and stay active. 


  • It’s great for adjusting the circumference and giving you the one you want.
  • The 3-pound ball works surprisingly well.


  • When we tried it, we also thought it was a bit loud.
We love this smart option.

Does the weighted hula hoop work for weight loss?

yellow, weighted hula hoop

Because it is a great cardiovascular workout, hula hooping can contribute to weight loss. This statement has been given by many fitness trainers and researchers who study the human body. When it is weighted, it can add more resistance to your body and intensify your workout.

Hula hooping might be the perfect solution if you want to change your cardio workout routine and make it more fun. With this new product, you will be able to keep on track with your workout goals and attain your ideal body. 

Most people enjoy hula hooping mainly because it is fun. When a routine becomes fun, we tend to repeat it more often since it will be something to look forward to. Research also indicates that hoops can bring benefits to your health.

A study showed that participants who hula hooped lost belly fat at an increased rate while developing abdominal muscles. They got better results than others who just walked and did a light physical activity. Because hula hooping is a form of cardio exercise, it will get your heart pumping and promote fat loss. 

To see benefits, it is recommended to spend at least 150 minutes every week hula hooping. Your endurance will increase as well as your energy, and your move will improve along with your overall health. 

Their benefits

weighted hula hoop with ball

Improved cardiovascular health

Fitness experts always recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise, but sometimes we cannot find the motivation to get physically active. 

That’s where this product shines the best, as it represents a form of motivation in itself. You will always look forward to working out now that you have a weighted hoop. It is a fun activity to do by anyone, and you will enjoy it every time. 

Increases flexibility

While exercising with a hoop can be fun and increases your strength and flexibility. It happens because you engage your core muscles to keep the hoop spinning. As a result, you improve your flexibility by constantly twisting and stretching. 

Weigh Loss

exercise hula hoop

Studies found that women will burn 165 calories in 30 minutes while hula hooping, while men will burn 200 calories at the same time. It is considered that you need to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat. Therefore, it should take you around 10 hours to weigh 1 less pound. But it is much more than a weight loss method.

You can tone your body and add muscle definition as this exercise increases multiple muscle groups at the same time. You will also lose weight even when resting because muscles consume more calories than fat, accelerating your metabolism. 

Stronger Abs

Another study found that hula hooping is an effective way to lose abdominal fat and get more definition. This exercise is better than walking because more muscles are used at a higher intensity.

Don’t forget to adjust your diet as well, because nutrition is just as important as physical exercise. If you follow everything right, you will see results in as little as 2 weeks. 

Less perceived effort

Because hula hooping is intensive and engages your upper and lower body, a full-body workout results from every movement you make. 

This means you are burning more calories without feeling the effort. Over time, this exercise will make you more aware of the movements of your body.

You will focus on your body more than the workout itself, as you will ignore all the extra effort. One benefit of hula hooping is the entertaining and fun way of the exercise, which will keep the weight loss process enjoyable. 

Better body tone

weighted hula hoop

There are not many exercises for increasing your body tone. Luckily, hula hooping is one of them that also targets a wide variety of muscles in your body. It provides an intense toning experience that is unique compared to any other exercise.

Because it engages many muscle groups at the same time, it is effective and ideal for toning your body. You can find specific exercises online, which will help you focus on particular muscles at a time. 

Improved balance

While you twist the hoop around your waist, you must have a combination of strength and grace. You must always practice balancing your body while the hoop moves in different directions or speeds. With increased practice, your muscles will train in your core, and you will be able to improve your balance.

Where can I buy one?

You can buy this product from multiple places. You can find stores specialized in sports equipment and outdoor products. There you can find and even try one suitable for you. There is also the option of ordering online, and you can take a look at these models:

smart weighted hula hoop

30-day challenge

If you are unfamiliar with the famous 30-day hula hoop challenge, look at the table below. You can find the workout schedule for every day, and you will see results.

DAY 15 minutes waistDAY 1615 minutes waist + hips
DAY 25 minutes waistDAY 1715 minutes waist + arms
DAY 35 minutes waist + armsDAY 1815 minutes waist + arms + legs
DAY 45 minutes waist + armsDAY 1915 minutes waist + arms + legs
DAY 55 minutes waist + armsDAY 2015 minutes waist + arms + dance
DAY 65 minutes waist + legsDAY 2115 minutes waist + hips
DAY 75 minutes waist + legsDAY 2220 minutes waist + dance
DAY 810 minutes waistDAY 2320 minutes waist + arms
DAY 910 minutes waistDAY 2420 minutes waist + legs
DAY 1010 minutes waist + armsDAY 2520 minutes waist + legs
DAY 1110 minutes waist + armsDAY 2625 minutes waist + chest
DAY 1210 minutes waist + armsDAY 2725 minutes waist + chest
DAY 1310 minutes waist + legsDAY 2825 minutes waist + dance
DAY 1410 minutes waist + legsDAY 2925 minutes waist + dance
DAY 1515 minutes waist + hipsDAY 3025 minutes waist + dance

 Hula hooping is considered a primary cardio exercise and is often compared to other activities such as running or biking. You can expect to see results in 2 to 3 weeks after starting the 30-day challenge. Also, get at least 150 minutes of cardio exercise every week. 

purple hula hoop

A typical hula hoop will weigh less than one pound, but weighted ones can range from 1.5 to 8 pounds. Because weighted ones are heavier, they will add more resistance to your workout, aiding you in getting stronger and losing weight.

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