23 Best entryway mirror ideas in front of the door

There are a couple of things that can spruce up your home, but few do it glamorously as an entryway mirror. In an instant, they can transform a dull home like no other. They come in so many exciting types and shapes.

We’ll discuss all the options available in the market and the best entryway mirror ideas to suit your home right here. Keep reading to find out all the details!

entryway mirror with hooks


The best entryway mirror idea is full-length, which is ideal for this space. You can check your outfit before heading to a party, and your guests can also check themselves as they enter your home.

Other ideas include:

  • Mid-century vibe
  • Multi-purpose
  • Modern

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You can trust us because we bought and evaluated each of the entryway mirrors on this list. We picked products in various styles and budgets so there was something for everyone.

Factors to consider

How much do entry mirrors cost?

Best entryway mirror ideas in front of the door

Here’s a list of the best entryway mirror ideas in front of the door.


Let’s take a look at all the different types of mirrors you can use in your home.

Get Hooked

entryway mirror with hooks

Take a look at this super practical home product.

1. Umbra Estique

Keep your mail, check final looks or hang your keys. These hooked glasses are the absolute epitome of functionality.

The integrated trays can hold up to 5lbs or 2.3kg, so you can keep your keys and other essentials and grab them quickly on the way out. A five-year warranty ensures you can confidently keep your calm.


  • It’s very simple.
  • It adds a lot of functionality to the space.
  • We love the little shelf.


  • It’s reasonably priced but not cheap.
Umbra Estique
It's simple.

An arched alternative

Here’s one that’s even better in its way. Avoiding any bulky borders, it has a full mirror with classy golden hooks instead. Pair it above a console table. You can also keep a coat rack next to it and opt for a fully practical entrance for yourself and your guests.


  • It’s very cheap.
  • The brass makes it versatile.
  • It adds a lot of functionality.


  • It has very few reviews.
  • Some of the other designs are more intricate.
It's nothing fancy.

2. Can’t shelve this idea!

entryway mirror with shelves

Avoid hooks and go with the full shelf look instead. If you’re the kind to carry a lot of stuff when you head out, this is the deal for you. Check it out:

3. FirsTime and Co.

There’s nothing more royal than gold. And what’s better than a shelf along with it? This stunning gold mirror has two shelves along with it. Keep some exciting mementos on it. Your favorite vases or small framed pictures will instantly wow your guests on their arrival.


  • The stand provides a great place to put a plant.
  • It’s a great, minimalist design.
  • It’s easy to install.


  • It’s not always available on Amazon.
It's an instant hit.

4. Yoimori

If you have an all-white home like the trend goes on these days, you can keep a black frame like this one in the entrance. It will both stand out as an accent piece and also subtly blend in with the monotonous white. Keep a white vase or figurine on the shelve to make it pop even more.


  • The price is great.
  • It’s a good, simple option.
  • The shelf is convenient.


  • It won’t win design awards.
It's nothing fancy.

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round entryway mirror

Mirrors come in several shapes, and a round one feels more elegant than a rectangle. Let’s take a look at some examples

5. Decointo

Nothing like a round mirror but with a slight decorative twist. The distressed borders on the edge are what give it the best look of all. It’s a natural wood frame for a perfect vintage look or a farmhouse-inspired home.

NameRound Mirror
Item Weight8.36 lbs
Product Dimensions24″L x 24″W


  • The price is great for what you get.
  • We love the design.
  • It fits in most houses.


  • It doesn’t have a shelf.
Decointo is onto something.

6. Growsun

A round glass in a simple black metal frame is a versatile option. Not only is it perfect for adding some variety to your entrance, but it also can be placed in your bathroom. It’s also perfect for your dresser. The simple metal frame makes it easy to pair with any interior theme.


  • It’ll let you see everything.
  • You can return it if it doesn’t fit in your entryway.


  • The price is higher than we expected it to be.
  • It might be too big for some spaces.
Who says the design has to be advanced?

Wall it up!

A simple wall mirror will work just as well as any other fancy one. Try out these options:

7. Amazon Basics

A sleek design that is super popular. The ratings are reviews of over 11000 customers, telling us that this is a perfect choice for your new or old home. Spruce it up by hanging some fairy lights around it, or keep your favorite things on the opposite side. It’s a full-length mirror that’s super durable. So you can watch your kids grow taller year after year.


  • It’s very versatile.
  • The price is good.
  • It comes with everything needed to hang it.


  • It won’t win design awards.
Amazon Basics
Amazon Basics is onto something.


Why play it safe? If you want your entrance to stand out, get an irregular-shaped frame like this one. This is especially great for those going for a contemporary theme or something offbeat. When your friends check themselves before entering your home, they’ll also check your taste in home decor!

Frame MaterialIron
Item Weight17.86 pounds


  • It’s a talking piece.
  • It has a good size.


  • It may be too funky for some.
  • You might not keep it around for yearsl
ELEHUME is a bit different.

Large sized

large entryway mirror

Life life, king size, they say! So go for something truly large and worth the money like these options below.

9. Chende

This is a large mirror, indeed! When you want to capture the attention of everyone as soon as they enter, this is what you want in your lobby. A huge mirror with dimensions of 39″x39″. The border is what catches the eye of onlookers with its branches of metal leaves. Its bronze material makes it super tough and stunning, like an antique piece.

FeaturesRemovable leaves
Frame Materialmetal, iron
Item Weight12.5 Pounds
Size39″ x 39″


  • It’s an art piece.
  • It also goes well in the living room.
  • We love that the leaves are removable.


  • It’s not cheap.
  • The style may not fit in every house.
Chende is different.


What’s better than a large mirror that’s functional yet stylish? Nothing, we suppose. There is a border of floating crystals that makes the glass even prettier. Due to its ravishing silver color, it can be paired with white or black interiors to shine truly. Keep your framed photographs next to it and lead the onlooker’s eyes to its subtle details.


  • It’s great if you want some bling in your life.
  • It’s very classy.
  • There are free returns.


  • It’s not cheap.


modern entryway mirror

We all want some innovation in our lives. Let’s see how modern living can truly make your home shine.

11. Rivet

Unique shapes where they aren’t expected are always eye-catching. For instance, a round sandwich or a square umbrella. That’s why this rhombus mirror is a one-in-a-million. Its gold borders create a focal point with its luster. The unique shape makes your family linger just a little while longer to glance at themselves and then the outstanding mirror’s details.


  • The shelf is very convenient.
  • You’re paying a lot less than some of the other options.
  • We love the modern look.


  • It’s only 18 inches.
Amazon Brand
It might be what you need.

12. Chende

The glass strip design on this glamorous entrance mirror is a sight for sore eyes. It will make your entire home luminous with its reflection of the sunlight in multiple directions. Made of glass and wood, it also won’t heat up with sunlight on it or have any traces of rust.

Once you see your furniture and living room highlighted with this mirror’s reflected light, there’s simply no going back.


  • It’s a very unique mirror.
  • It adds some attitude to a house.
  • The design is cool.


  • The price is not low.
Here's another Chende.

Full length

Sometimes a full outfit check is the need of the hour, especially when you’re heading off to a black tie event. Take a look at our best picks.

13. Cyhqo

An oversized versatile mirror that can be placed anywhere in the home but looks best placed in the entrance. Let your gaze fall naturally upon this streak-free reflection. Its shatterproof material makes it ideal for homes with kids or clumsy adults.

It’s bendable and unbreakable, so move it around the house when you get bored. Let your kid practice this dance in front of it or simply look at your form while working out.

You can also put it in the bedroom, conveniently helping you out when you’re trying on bras. Otherwise, it can help make your living room bigger and show off your new burl wood table

14. BrandtWorks

Let your vintage interior do the talking with this wooden looking-glass. It’s made of engineered wood and comes in both blonde and brown colors.

You can hang it any way you please, horizontally or vertically. Pair it up with a wicker basket with your favorite artificial plants. You can also add some houseplants around them to complement the wooden look.


  • If you need a big mirror, this is it.
  • It’s available in a smaller size also.


  • It’s pretty pricey.
  • It will be too big for some.
  • We wish it was solid wood.
There's something about BrandtWorks.


A lovely pairing of looking glasses is with benches or console tables. We’ve handpicked some options for you.

15. bench with a mirror by Elehume 

These two make a great pair. First, catch their attention with the oval asymmetrical looking-glass. Place some items of interest like vases, mementos from trips abroad, and framed photographs on the bench.

Make sure whatever you place on the bench is 3 dimensional because it will be reflected at the viewer, and looking at the backs of photo frames is a waste of space.

Hang it all up!

You can also get a hanging bench and place a large vanity glass on top. These floating shelves are quite popular in the community and promise some lasting results. Place a little succulent, two or three of your favorite books or interesting figurines to add mystique. Voila! You’ve got a lovely entrance to your credit.


  • The price is very reasonable.
  • It offers a nice viewing window.
  • It fits into any home.


  • You might want a more intricate design.
It'll get the job done.

Small details

What if you’ve got a small apartment or lobby? Don’t worry. You can still make your home interesting and elegant with smaller alternatives.


Small spaces still need style! And you can bring style with this neat little chained hanging mirror in your entry area. It’s boho chic and easily installed. But the oomph factor isn’t small at all. After all, it’s the details that matter!

It’s the metal frame that keeps your living space looking classy for years to come and promises durability too.


  • We’re in love with the design.
  • It’s simple and elegant.
  • It’s great in a farmhouse.


  • The viewing window may not be big enough for you.
Mount it on the wall.

17. Mid-century vibe

Here’s something that has a vintage vibe and can last long enough to be called an antique. It’s tiny, but it has a rustic feel because of the mid-century design. It’s also much cheaper than other larger alternatives. Hence, it is a quick fix to get your living space sorted.


  • The design is different.
  • You get a discount if you buy 2.
  • It’s cheap to replace if you want something else.


  • It’s pretty small.
  • You may not like how this product from Kole Imports looks.
Kole Imports
It's white and beautiful.


multi-purpose entryway mirror

You’ve got all the uses of a looking glass, but what if you could also use it to store things and be multi-purpose? Check out what we mean below.

18. Mind Reader

Do you want pictures, storage, and the last look before you leave – all in one? We have something for that too!

With 6 drawers and a large cabinet, this is a storage junkie’s dream come true. Install it anywhere in the house and put in photographs to suit the theme accordingly.


  • It’s great for storage.
  • The powder-coated finish is done well.


  • It’s not currently available on Amazon.


If you’re looking for a full-blown organizer, your search ends here. This is a neat, full-length-looking glass in engineered wood that surprises you with its voluminous space. It’s a jewelry cabinet inside, but you can use it as anything; a place for small tools, a stationary cabinet, and lots more.


  • It’s lockable.
  • It provides a great deal of storage.
  • The drawers are a nice touch.


  • It’s not cheap.
Hang it at your house.

Basic rectangle!

When you think of mirrors, you mostly think of rectangle-shaped ones. These are the OG’s that never go out of style and now even come with some neat innovations. Check them out!


A classic addition to your entrance with frameless edges. The beveled borders make the stunning shine seamless and make the reflecting sunlight even more strong. It comes in 4 different sizes for various needs.

It’s also eco-friendly since it’s copper-free. It’s the easiest choice to make!


  • It feels well-made.
  • You can choose different sizes.
  • It’s decorative but simple.


  • There are cheaper mirrors out there,
It gets the job done.


Add even more glam to your home with this backlit LED light-up mirror. Together with a succulent and a portrait on the opposite side, it makes for a stunning accent area of your home. It’s easier than ever to impress your guests.


  • We love the dimmable light.
  • It’s very modern.
  • It has a great anti-fog feature.


  • Hanging it wasn’t easy.
It's even dimmable.

Farmhouse vibe

farmhouse entryway mirror

Some users want a timeless farmhouse vibe, and we’ve got just the stuff for that!

22. Stone and Beam

This mirror is a throwback to gothic era cathedrals and castles, which promises a historical flashback. A stone material with an unfinished finish that looks even more rustic.

This elegant piece deserves a space of it’s and doesn’t require any pairing. We recommend you put it on dark-colored walls to make the stonework pop.


  • It’s great for the price.
  • It’s very trendy.
  • We love Amazon Brand products.


  • It’s not the most practical mirror there is.
Amazon Brand
Amazon also does décor.


There’s nothing more reliable than a solid wood mirror that’s also Amazon choice approved. A whopping rating of 4.7 stars promises great feedback from you. The natural wood frame brings character to any dull wall and any area of your home.


  • The solid wood is gorgeous.
  • The rustic feel is great.
  • It will work great with a farmhouse vibe.


  • It’s not the cheapest option out there.
It works in plenty of places.

Why entryway looking-glasses are great

There are a couple of reasons why these glass beauties are favorites of interior decorators. Take a look at some of the reasons below:

Sense of Space

One of the main reasons why homes should have mirrors is the sense of space they create. This is particularly useful in small homes. If your entryway is very small and cramped, putting a looking glass on one side will lead to an illusion of space. This perfect product from Amazon Basics is a great way to enhance the space in your home.


There’s a reason why stores have so many mirrors on the wall and the ceilings. It’s to keep an eye on the several unwanted miscreants that roam around, creating trouble. Although it is unlikely to have such a scenario in your home, this simple addition can aid any security camera in keeping an extra eye on things.

Buy a product like this one. Place it opposite a security camera in your home, and you’ll be able to cover much more of your home.

Create extra light

If there’s a fabulous spot of sun in your home, that is a great place to put a mirror. It will reflect the light and make the whole space luminous. You can place one at the entrance if your main door gets some sun.

The door opens every time you enter the home, and the light gets reflected to create a beautiful reflection. What will look even more spectacular is the sunlight reflecting off of a decorative sunburst mirror.

Create an aesthetic

Sometimes an incomplete decor is completed with the help of a lovely mirror. Place it in the entryway with a console table in front. Add some ornaments and an elongated vase to the table, and you’ve got a stunning entrance to your credit. 

A diamond cut in sticker form is best for this purpose. The sticker-type looking glass will enable you to change it up whenever you feel like it.

Check yourself on the way out!

Another basic use of this mirror is the act of checking yourself before you head out. You’ll get so used to this. You’ll probably miss it in somebody else’s home too! It’s also super convenient for guests to take a peek at their final look before entering the party.

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