Men’s & women’s glove size charts

Wearing the wrong size is a nuisance for multiple reasons. For one, an oversized clothing article fails to complement your body shape. A tight garment makes you feel uneasy. Apart from how the clothes look, you’ll have to spend extra time and effort to get something in the correct size. And if you’ve ever gone back to a retail store to return something, you know how nerve-racking the entire experience is. So we suggest you have all your size measurements down before you even go window shopping. 


The easiest way to find the glove size men & women need is to check the measurement chart underneath, whether it’s hockey, baseball, or boxing.

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Womens leather Gloves

Knowing the right size isn’t only crucial when buying a new pair of jeans or a body-hugging evening dress. The same rules apply when you’ve to purchase a pair of gloves. And while the wrong glove size may be dull compared to the wrong pant size, it can be just as bothersome. We’d hate to see you buy an expensive pair of motorcycle gloves only to feel uneasy the entire ride due to the wrong size.

So before your money and time go down the drain, we suggest you look at the glove size guide we’ve created.  

What size do I need?

women's hybrid gloves

Depending on the size of your hands, you can determine the size that would be an ideal fit. The size measure may vary across the different types of globes. But essentially, a general size should give you an idea of what to look for. 

We’ve written a step-by-step guide to help you measure your hand size and translate it to the compatible glove size measure. 

Men’s glove size chart

Men’s SizingIn cmIn inchesRecommended product
XS186.5 – 7.5North Face Etip, Recycled
S207.5 – 8.5Blackhawk
M238.5 – 9.5Columbia unisex
L259.5 – 10.5Smartwool unisex
XL2810.5 – 11.5Terramar adult
XXL3011.5 – 12.5Manzella men’s

Women’s glove size chart

Women’s SizingIn cmIn inchesRecommended product
XS15.256 – 6.5Go-Fit Women’s X-trainer
S16.56.5 – 7Smartwool unisex
M17.757 – 7.5Carhartt women’s
L197.5 – 8Columbia unisex
XL20.258 – 8.5Arctix women’s fleece
winter gloves


Post-pandemic, we’ve all gotten used to wearing latex to limit physical contact. But you’d be surprised that the world of gloves is far more populated. From gloves specially designed to enhance your performance across different sports to gloves used as protective clothing, there are more types than we can count on our fingertips. But here are all the sports gloves you need to know of:  


baseball glove
AgeCatcherFirst baseSecond baseThird basePitcherOutfield
Under 729.5-30”11.5”8-10.5”8-10.5”8-10.5”9-10.5”
Over 1432-34.5”12-13”11.25-11.5”11.5-12”11.5-12”12-13”

Franklin Sports

It’s not every day you hit a home run. But with stylish options, at least you can always be on top of your fashion game. They are made with synthetic leather and are perfect for right-handed players. The striking yellow color is bound to make you stand out. But it’s not all about style! 

They come in multiple sizes, each being a perfect match. With its easy to break in quality, you won’t have to spend additional hours trying to rough up the edges. Whether you’re trying out for the adult league or youth baseball, they are the ideal wear.

Additionally, you can customize them to better wrap around your fingers. At about $20, you score a high-end synthetic leather piece that will enhance your form and performance. Suppose durability and premium quality aren’t enough to win you over. In that case, it might surprise you that you can also use them for softball and lacrosse. That’s three sports for the price of one!   


  • It’s a very reasonable price for the Franklin brand.
  • It’s potentially the most popular baseball option out there.
  • It offers excellent value.


  • It’s a bit stiff.
  • You can get higher-end baseball equipment if you’re willing to pay more.
  • Customer service was a bit of a struggle.


hockey gloves
Hockey glove size (inches)Finger base to elbow (inches)

Franklin Sports Hockey Gloves

Hockey is an aggressive game. Therefore, you need every bit of protective gear you can get. Franklin Sports understands the safety requirements and pairs it with a highly-functional design. Not only do the hockey gloves look stylish, but they will pair perfectly with your team jersey. 

They are made with a breathable and flexible synthetic material. No matter how much you sweat into them, you won’t have to worry about any stench or bacteria lining the inner layer. You can get a matching pair with multiple size options for you and your kid. 

The contour fits perfectly around the curves of your hands. Additionally, the short cuff feature allows you to quickly move your hand without applying too much pressure. 


  • It’s a good purchase.
  • They’re great for basement or driveway play.
  • They’re not cheap and will absorb a reasonable amount of impact.


  • The size runs a bit small.
  • League play may require a higher-quality product.
Franklin HG 150
They're made for hockey.


softball glove
AgeCatcherFirst baseSecond baseThird basePitcherOutfield
Under 729.5-30”11.5”8-10.5”8-10.5”8-10.5”9-10.5”
Over 1432-34.5”12-13”11.25-11.5”11.5-12”11.5-12”12-13”

Franklin Sports Midnight

No good sportsperson begins their play without breaking into their brand new gear first. If the gloves are made of technology that doesn’t require a beating to function appropriately, you can begin immediately. Franklin Sports understands that you don’t want to wait around to play a game of catch. 

Synthetic leather ones come in a wide range of sizes and fit for ages seven and above. You can even choose the position you’d play for. They are designed to improve your play and last a long time. Unlike authentic leather, you don’t have to worry about an expiry date. So why wait for an expensive piece that will only last you a year, at best? 

It’s time to don these gloves, adjust the strap and get ready to give the performance of a lifetime. 


  • We love the color.
  • The quality is high for the price.
  • It does what it’s supposed to without making you go broke.


  • It’s a bit stiff.
  • It’s a bit on the small side.
You can get it in a different color.


boxing gloves
Boxer’s weightHand circumferenceBoxing glove size
90-120 lbs5.5-6.5”8 oz
120-150 lbs6.5-7.5”12 oz
150-185 lbs7.5-8.5”14 oz
185 & over8.5-9.5”16 oz

Everlast Boxing Training Gloves

You must be like the most outstanding boxers to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. And while that may seem unachievable at the moment, you can be just as good with enough practice. So why wait another minute? Get your hands on these high-quality synthetic leather boxing gloves and begin your play. 

They weigh about 0.6 kg and are carefully crafted to enhance your boxing abilities without weighing you down. Everlast is a pioneer in sports gear. They manufacture each product after much consideration. They are a testament to their core values as they fit each hand like they’re custom-made. 

The design fits like a glove as it wraps around the crevices and curves on your hands. While the material is highly durable and known to enhance performance, it remains breathable through multiple years of use. It doesn’t allow any odor or sweat to linger for too long. It’s available in different sizes, so all you’ve to do is pick the one that fits you. 


  • They feel like they will last.
  • They fit well
  • The quality is good for the price.
  • It’s a trusted boxing brand.


  • There are higher quality boxing gloves but at a higher price.
  • The thumbs are a bit odd.
You've heard of them before.


golf glove

For women:

SizeLength (cm)Width (cm)

For men:

SizeLength (cm)Width (cm)

Callaway Premium Synthetic Golf

If you wish to partake in a gentleman’s game, there’s no sport better than golf. But a sophisticated game requires sophisticated attire. It is where Callaway comes in with its premium quality golf gloves made from Japanese synthetic material. 

They are available in a wide range of sizes, from small to double XL. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your game being affected by ill-fitted gloves. Additionally, the synthetic material assures you’ve room to breathe. It is stretchable and will likely last you years before showing any signs of wear down. 

You can also decide between an all-white or all-black clean look. Either way, they feature palm patches that are guaranteed to enhance your performance by providing a firmer grip over the golf club.  


  • Callaway is a trusted brand in golf.
  • They make it easy to choose between current and previous models when buying.
  • It’s a great go-to brand.
  • The fit and durability are good.


  • The velcro could give up.
  • Some trouble with shipping for some customers.
If you play the sport, you know the name.


goalie glove
SizeMeasurement (mm)

Storelli Silencer Goalkeeper

The role of a goalkeeper is essentially the most important during the last few minutes of the play. You’re trusted with the entire team’s effort. To best support your team, you need to practice being the best. And there’s no better way to improve than choosing gear that supports your talent. The Storelli understands the pressure you’re under and guarantees to enhance your performance. 

The breathable material is made with German latex and supports finger spines. It makes holding on to the ball much more manageable. With such a premium grip, you’ll surely make your team proud. They might be a tight fit, but their breathability allows them to remain fresh even after years of practice. 


  • Great durability and grip.
  • They feel high quality.
  • They’re also great for punching the ball.


  • They were a bit pricey.
Storelli Silencer Threat Goalkeeper
They're for the goalkeeper.


batting gloves

Franklin Sports MLB 2nd Skinz Batting

Without proper attire, you risk injury while playing. It’s also necessary that you don the right gear for enhanced performance. With Franklin Sports batting gloves, you allow yourself a winning chance at batting.

They are made of leather with a grid texture that improves the batter’s grip. You may find it reassuring that they are tested and approved by professionals in the field. With durable and premium quality material, you add value to your play by spending less than $50. 


  • The price is great.
  • They were easy to break in.
  • They hold up pretty well.
  • They provide great grip.


  • They run a bit big.
Franklin Sports MLB
Are you curious to try them?

Finding the right pair

blue hawk gloves

Measuring your size is no rocket science, but it can be pretty complicated. And if you end up ordering the wrong size, you’ll feel uneasy the entire time. Regardless of the type, you won’t be able to carry out your tasks effectively. 

So here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to measure the glove size that’s right for you:  

pink women's gloves


Before sizing your hands to find the perfect match, it helps to figure out what type you’re looking for. Specific materials are used for particular purposes. For instance, you wouldn’t use a metal-mesh glove while working in the chemistry lab. So let’s figure out the different material types and what each material is best-suited for:  

motorcycle gloves


Fabric ones are typically made of cotton blends, though other materials like silk or wool also get the job done. The primary purpose of a fabric model is to provide warmth or add to your outfit’s aesthetic. It also provides a better, less-slippery grip over whatever you’re holding. 

If you were to repurpose a fabric glove for the laboratory, it would be a bad mistake. The fabric mesh can react with chemicals, often dissolving once in contact.

There’s a greater likelihood of exposing your skin to harmful effects if fabric ones are used. But if you’re planning to make a style statement, there’s no better option. You can also use specific fabric gloves to enhance performance in a particular sport. However, we recommend using ones designed for that purpose.     

Metal Mesh

Gladiators and warriors must come to mind when you picture metal mesh gloves. As part of their war attire, they would don metal gloves to protect against any injuries from the opponent’s blade. The current purpose of a metal mesh glove is similar to its historical significance.

It’s used mainly by blacksmiths, carpenters, and metal crafters. The glove provides sturdy protection against sharp tools and instruments. 

They are typically made from stainless steel because they are non-corrosive and durable. They’re not limited to use by artisans. You could also wear them while chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Though it might be seen as a dramatic measure, it certainly provides greater protection.    


Chemically-resistant gloves are designed for laboratory use. They’re made with a blend of materials that ensure resistance to harmful chemicals. The most common material that forms part of the gloves is rubber, latex, and PVC

There are multiple sub-types of chemically-resistant gloves, but the most celebrated is the natural rubber latex one. Due to their resistance to alcohols, ketones, and organic acids, it’s the ideal contender for lab-related use. Other subtypes include materials Norfoil, which are used in the case of highly toxic chemicals. 


Cryogenic gloves are more commonly known as thermal gloves as they’re designed to protect your hands against extreme cold. They’re highly reliable when handling materials that measure up to -300°F.

Typically, they’re worn when working with dry ice or other freezer coolants. While thermal protection is the primary feature, they offer plenty more. For example, they’re water-resistant, lightweight, and comfortable. Their breathable formula allows you to wear them for an entire day without feeling itchy or irritated.   


men's leather gloves

While some may argue that leather comes under the fabric type, we’ve decided to award it its category. Leather’s versatility is one of its most notable features. But its aesthetic appeal is what truly sets it apart from others. The look of dark leather in combination with a matching leather jacket is peak fashion. 

Apart from wearing it to take your outfit up a notch, you can use it to protect against sharp objects and rough surfaces. An additional layer of the insulated liner makes them ideal for anyone working with electricity.    

men's leather gloves by Indian


Post-Covid disposable gloves have sharply grown in popularity. They’re typically made of plastic or latex. They are used in the healthcare industry because of their leak-resistant and biodegradable qualities. They’re more commonly known as surgical gloves in the medical circle. Re-using gloves can often be more harmful than beneficial. As a medical practitioner, the importance of disposable gloves can’t be conveyed enough. Doctors will also use them if they check out something like a rash.

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