What gauge is a nose piercing? Here’s a chart to help!

Do you want to know the gauge of your nose piercing? It is likely the most common question people ask around these rings. If you are buying it online, you must know your size. Buying it in-store will not be an issue because you can try it out before buying.

There are three things you need to take into account

  • Know the gauge size you will wear, which is the jewelry’s thickness.
  • Know what diameter size will fit you correctly.
  • Check with the seller if there are other considerations you should know about before purchasing.

Some manufacturers take part in the inner diameter because of the design. On the other hand, sellers may have listed the outer measurement.


The common gauge of a nose piercing is either 20G or 18G. You can easily find the common gauge of different types of jewelry by checking out our chart. MODRSA is our top recommendation when it comes to affordable nose jewelry.

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The following sections should guide you through everything you should know about nose jewelry. The end of the article is the frequently asked questions section, which answers the common confusion of people looking to get one. 

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Nose piercing & Jewelry gauge chart

Below is a chart that should be useful in determining your sizes. These are standard sizes for each jewelry type. However, there may be slight variations depending on the manufacturer.

On the other hand, the gauge chart refers to the bar’s thickness. A thicker bar will have a smaller gauge size. A thinner bar will have a higher size.

PiercingStandard LengthStandard Gauge
Belly / Navel Ring3/8″, 7/16″14G
Nose Piercing1/4″, 5/16″20G, 18G
Tongue Piercing5/8″14G
Cartilage Piercing3/16″, 1/4″ and 5/16″16G , 18G
Eyebrow Piercing1/4″, 5/16″ and 3/8″16G (14G is also commonly used)
Industrial Barbell1 1/2″ (varies)14G (16G is also commonly used)
Labret Lip Rings1/4″ , 5/16″, and 3/8″14G or 16G
Monroe Piercing1/4″, 5/16″ and 3/8″16G
Nipple Piercing3/8″, 1/2″14G
Tragus / Helix / Rook / Conch / Daith3/16″, 1/4″ , 5/16″ and 3/8″16G, 18G
Septum3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, and 5/8″14G (16G is also commonly used)
Ear20G and 18G


Are you looking for great jewelry products? The following is a curated list of the best products you will find on the internet.

Same-Side Option

These have a 20-gauge bar with an inner diameter of 5/16 inches or 8 mm. The pole’s length is 7mm, with the ball diameter measuring 2 to 3 mm. The material is highly polished, has a smooth surface, and is comfortable to wear over an extended time.

Items contains:12 pieces hoops + 24 pieces nose studs
Gauge 20
Material 316L surgical steel
They have so many options in this set.

This set includes 12 pieces in the colors rose gold, silver, rainbow, and black. It uses 316L surgical steel, which is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. 


  • Amazon’s choice for Women’s body piercing rings
  • Assortment of 4 colors – silver, black, rose gold, and rainbow.
  • They can be used as lip ring, helix earrings, or nose rings
  • Stainless steel that doesn’t rust or tarnish
  • Come in different sizes, so you can change up often


  • It’s tricky to get them in the first time
You're sure to find one you like in this set.


It is an eight-piece crystal stud nose in different sizes. The post thickness is 0.8 mm or20-gauge. On the other hand, the length ranges from 7 to 8 mm. The stone sizes are different, too – 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3mm.

It is an elegant and stylish option for women and men. It is delicate, lightweight, and small. We think it is a perfect gift for special occasions such as Christmas or Valentine’s. 


  • Highly crafted Austrian crystal
  • 316L stainless steel that promises tarnish-free longevity
  • Assortment of sizes from big to small for your styles
  • It comes with a jewelry box you can use for gifting purposes as well


  • Difficult to take out on the first try
Sllaiss Store
Here is a great selection of studs.

The Ruifan 18-gauge surgical steel set consists of 10 pieces of clear nose rings. It uses 316L surgical steel and cubic zirconia material, so you do not get allergic reactions. The pin length is 6.5mm and has a secure prong that will not easily loosen. 

This set includes 10 pieces.

Cute charm

This two-piece set comes with cute, unique tips for a complete head-turner design. It has a 20-gauge barbell, and the pin’s length is 7 mm. The high-quality 316L surgical steel barbell is a safe material for your body, preventing infections from happening. If you are feeling subtle, you can use the silver one. Otherwise, the pink one is a complete head-turner. 

You'll love these butterflies.

Nose Bridge

The Banavega barbell nose bridge has a 16-gauge barbell. It uses 316L surgical steel. It is easy to clean, bio-compatible, and corrosion-resistant. It is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear. 

We love the black color.

Septum (Bull)

These tiny bull septum rings use surgical steel grade metals. They are hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel-free. It has multiple uses. It includes:

  • lip
  • cartilage earrings
  • earlobe
  • nose
  • and eyebrow. 
With surgical steel grade, you're doing well!

Nose Chain

The nose chain is ideal for women. The Punk Tracker uses high-quality 316 stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and has long-lasting color retention. You can have multiple connections because the chains can connect to other jewelry. 

PunkTracker Store
You'll love this chain.


This set includes three pieces of a double nose ring, which you will absolutely appreciate. The barbell size is 20-gauge, and the diameter is 8mm. It has a polished finish, so it will not irritate your skin. 

You get three different colors to choose from.

Fake Nose Piercing

Fake ones are also available if you do not like getting a piercing. This six-piece pack from Mayhoop offers fantastic magnetic options for you. It uses high-quality, durable surgical-grade steel to prevent allergic reactions. 

This magnetic option offers a broad variety of options.

Clear Option

Clear accessories are popular these days, such as this 18-gauge clear nose ring from D.Bella. They are simple, elegant, and pair well with any outfit. 

D.Bella Store
This option is subtle.


The ORANGELOVE nose ring is in several gauges – 8G to 20G. We recommend choosing a gauge that works great for you. The 316L surgical steel is hypoallergenic, preventing irritations and infections from occurring while using it. 

You'll love the gold.


This fake nose piercing from D.Bella uses stainless steel to prevent irritations from happening. The set contains four pieces that are 16-gauge in size.

The inner diameter is 9/16 inches, and the ball size is 3 mm. It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can still return the magnetic one you purchased if you decide to get the real one. 

No need to get a hole if you don't want to.


These clear retainers use Bioflex acrylic material, which is lead-free and nickel-free. It has multiple applications, such as rings for the following:

  • Belly button
  • Tongue
  • Nose
  • Nipple
  • Septum
  • Eyebrow
  • Ear lobe

D.Bella offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can return the item if you change your mind. 

Check out this set.

Hoop And Stud Piercings

This 40-piece set has 20 nose rings and 20 bone nose studs in several designs, such as:

  • opal
  • cubic zirconia
  • heart
  • sandblast ball
  • and flat top.

They are all 20-gauge and crafted with 316L stainless steel. 

Here's a great golden set.

Indian Style

If you want something with more design, an Indian nose ring will do the trick. It is a 20-gauge with a diameter of 8 mm. You can also have it in different locations of your body, such as the:

  • belly button
  • rook
  • nostril
  • and cartilage. 
It's different from the other options we have recommended!

Classy Stud

This genuine diamond nose stud from FreshTrends is what we recommend if you want something classy and fancy. It features a 1.5 mm diamond that will surely capture anyone’s attention.

The entire jewelry is handcrafted in the United States using high-quality 14K rose gold. These are nickel-free, so they should not have any issues even with the most sensitive skin.

The price tag is justified.

Small Stud

We recommend the Massete gold nose ring if you want something minimal. It is 100% safe on your skin because it is hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel-free. The ball design is big enough to prevent it from slipping off. 

Masséte Store
It's simple but beautiful.

How much does it cost to get a piercing?

nose jewelry in packaging

Are you considering getting one? We think the first question most people will ask is the cost. A piece of jewelry will have a subtle aesthetic upgrade for you, similar to getting a tattoo or dyeing your hair.

There are a few types in the market too. A nostril stud is not very obvious and only adds a hint of sparkle. On the other hand, bold septum rings are complete head-turners.

One of the very first things you need to consider is the price. Aside from the cost of getting one, there is the cost associated with the aftercare process. You can find one in almost every color, size, material, and design.

It is easy to switch between styles to match your outfit, making it customizable. Go for a flashy one during the day, and swap it with a more subtle design at night. 

This flexibility makes it difficult to give an estimate on the exact price. Several variables need consideration. The cost splits into three main components, wherein the jewelry is the most expensive. 

The piercing cost

Generally speaking, you will expect to pay anywhere between USD 30 to USD 60, the minimum. Specialty stores, studios, and popular shops may price higher. We recommend asking about the cost first because there is no fixed rate.

gold nose piercings

The jewelry cost

After knowing the estimated procedure cost, you need to consider the jewelry. Your options are limited right after getting your piercing. It is a wound that needs to heal for a few weeks. We recommend following the piercer’s instructions during these days. The professional may give you care instructions and what not to do while healing.

Most people prefer hoop-style or rings. However, you may need to stick with studs first while it heals. It may take a few weeks to a month. We do not recommend wearing rings during the healing process because it can be difficult for most people.

Once you are okay to wear any jewelry, you will have limitless options! Standard ones cost at least USD 40, while gold and other precious stones may set you back at least USD 500. It depends on your budget and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

The aftercare

The aftercare is likely the least expensive of the three. A rinse in the shower should be okay. We recommend rinsing at least once a day. If you think you need to clean it more, we recommend a saline wound wash cleaner. You can find it in almost any drugstore for USD 5. Consistent aftercare will also prevent irritation bumps from happening. 

Does it hurt? What are the things I should do before getting one?

The short answer is yes. For some time, it will hurt. You may see swelling, tenderness, blood, and bruising. It will likely be red and sore for the first three weeks. The healing of the nostril will take at least two to four months, while the septum may take about three to four months.

Before getting one, look for a licensed professional. Consult with the professional on things that need preparation prior to the procedure. A granuloma may form during the healing process, which will go away in a few days.  

What gauge are they?

Professionals recommend using an 18-gauge. However, several people downsize to a 20-gauge because more options are available. Some even prefer going down to 22-gauge for thinner jewelry.

We recommend avoiding anything thinner than 22-gauge, such as a 24-gauge hoop. These will quickly pull out and deform. Do not waste your money on these thin rings because they are hair-thin.


There are a few types to choose from in the market. Each person has a preference.


The nostril is likely the most common type. You will find it on the side of the nose using a standard 18-gauge. It takes at least two to four months for the wound to heal. The following jewelry types go fine with the nostril, such as:

  • hoops
  • rings
  • screws
  • and studs.

Austin bar

You will find the Austin bar at the tip, making it not too painful. It takes two to three months to heal, which is shorter than the nostril type. The barbell is the most common pair with the Austin bar. 


The septum is otherwise called the bull. Professionals use a standard gauge piercing needle.

It divides the nostrils by running through the nasal septum. The healing time takes one to three months. This type includes the following jewelry:

  • Horseshoe rings
  • Segment rings
  • Captive rings
  • Seamless hoops
  • Bead circular barbells


The septril type looks more complicated but is simple if done correctly. It is a combination of the rhino and septum using a standard needle.

The septril requires stretching your septum because it attaches to the nose’s top area. However, it is a time-consuming and difficult process. With that said, a skilled professional should do the job. 


You will find the bridge at your nose’s bridge between your eyes. Professionals will use a standard hollow needle for this type. It takes two to three months to heal. The best jewelry types are straight and curved barbells.

We do not recommend this type to people who wear glasses because it may interfere. 


The rhino goes through the nose’s tip and exits above the septum. Professionals will use a needle to perform this process. The healing time takes three to nine months, which is much more time than other types. 


The nasallang is similar to the Austin bar, but the process is different. It runs through the nostrils and the inner septum. 


Double type gains popularity daily. It is a combination of two types, which you can choose. The healing process takes two to four months. 

The placement

nose piercings

You can place a nose hoop, stud, or ring along the nostril. The curve of one of the nostrils is the common position for it. There is no wrong or right place for it, so it is up to the person. We recommend placing it on your more selfie side so you can flex it in photos.

If unsure where to place it, ask yourself the following questions before setting an appointment. The specialist will also give a few suggestions and options, but ultimately the decision is yours to make. 

  • Is the nostril’s wing or crease more prominent on one side?
  • Will you get double or stacked piercings or a symmetrical one on both sides?
  • Are you choosing a stud or ring? Do you think you will change in the future?
  • Do you want it further from your nostril or closer to it? 

The piercer should mark these positions to help you decide which option to choose. Getting this step right is important, so most people take time. Hoops and rings may need a lower placement. On the other hand, a stud is better higher. 

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