6 things to look out for in real moldavite crystals

The precious Moldavite is an ancient stone that many believe relieves them of the trauma of the past. But before you buy, there are many things to be aware of. Lean into this article to discover all the pointers before delving into the market.



The most important thing to be aware of before buying moldavite crystals, necklaces, rings, & stones is to make sure that you’re buying it from a reputable source. Another thing to be aware of when buying moldavite is the texture as it should be rough rather than smooth.

In this article, we’ll also cover the following topics:

  • The healing properties
  • Where to buy real moldavite

Things to look out for in real moldavite crystals & stones

There can be quite a few indicators of this that you should keep in mind before delving into the market. Here are things to look out for in real moldavite crystals & stones.

1. Raw stone

The raw stone will not be like the polished product full of swirls and bubbles. Raw stone will have the pitted surface of a normal mined stone from beneath the earth’s surface.

2. The polished version

After the cutting and polishing, you can expect bubbles, chips, and knicks. A glass-like surface that is super smooth is not authentic.

3. The color

The color is always forest green or moss green. Don’t go for something super bright, as that might be a fake. The color won’t be too vibrant, but it can be a duller version of the moss green.

4. The texture

The smooth surface is often a fake. The real Moldavite is often rugged and pitted. Watch out for pieces of glass that look like they came from breaking a bottle or other items since those are the work of scammers.

5. The shape

If the shape of each stone is identical each time, it’s probably a fake since it’s being replicated in a mold. However, the real thing is often irregular and rarely perfectly identical.

6. The rush

If you’re holding it for the first time, Moldavite results in the rush of energy that feels like tingling in the hand and body.

moldavite on a table

What is Moldavite, and what does it do?

It is a special glass that was believed to be formed as a result of an asteroid or meteorite impact. Moldavite is suspected to be millions of years old and is still being mined today. It is usually translucent with some swirly patterns inside. It has green hues inside that resemble forest or moss plants.

Hardness in Mohs is between 5.5 and 7Oh. The area of concentration of this special glass is mainly around Germany, Austria and the Czech believed to be formed 15 million years ago.

Although originally developed for tools, it is now used primarily for crystal healing.

What makes the it so special?

Healers believe that Moldavite can renew old relationships and even manifest new ones. It’s also made from the impact of meteors, making it a rare gem that few can acquire because of its high price. In the coming years, its price will rise, making you richer if you possess some.

It is also believed to be possibly rarer than diamonds on earth. Many swear by its magical properties to the extent that the first touch can tingle your insides.

Healing properties

moldavite on a wooden background

The “Holy Grail Stone” is unique for many reasons. The “Stone of Transformation” is purchased for its relation to the earth chakra.

Firstly gaze into the stone while meditating and launch yourself into the powers of the universe. Connecting with the higher powers of the universe is not so easy. It requires practice and a focused mindset. But if gazing into this stone can make it happen, why not try it?

Moldavite is bought by those who want to become Gurus of healing, transformation, and gazing into the past and future. The reason for this is its ability to transcend time, making it easier for those who want to find their ancestors or future souls.

Emotions can also be maneuvered in the right direction with this gem. You can let go of negative feelings that have been holding on for a long.

Those who remain defeated in life or feel stuck can also let go of the anchor of those tragedies through this crystal.

Spiritual properties

Because it is the gem of transformation, it can hasten your spiritual growth. The intense vibrations that one feels are due to the combination of earth and stardust in its composition.

Those who believe in the chakras will know that Moldavite balances them out. The third eye and the crown are believed to be aligned and cleared.

The third eye is the gateway to the self-belief that not everyone can harness easily. The opening of the third eye represents the tapping of inner wisdom, perception, and awareness. Tapping the fourth primary chakra – the heart chakra is also enabled with this gem. The heart chakra can activate compassion, empathy, and connection with others that you might not even have thought of. Forgiveness can be brought to those who didn’t think it possible.

Where to buy them?

It can be tricky to find the real thing. But we’ve got some offers for you:

Genuine large piece

Real gems are hard to find, but this official distributor from the Czech Republic makes it easy. A 15-carat stone in black display frame will astound your guests and bring peaceful vibes to your home. The item’s height will be about 1.1 inches and width about half an inch. It’s small, but it brings powerful energy into your home and life. Closing up old wounds and making new emotional bonds becomes easier with this product.

Height1.1 inches
Item Length0.79 inches
Width0.55 inches


  • We love that it’s a large piece.
  • Some people believe the size will influence how much good faith it brings.
  • It comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • It definitely feels real.


  • You can’t easily carry it around your neck.
  • It was not cheap.
  • The certificate of authenticity is self-certified.
Genuine large piece
Here's a large piece.

Certified necklace

Always try to buy certified moldavite stones and gems so you don’t dupe. Whether for gifting to your true love or chakra healing, this is the perfect form of Moldavite. It starts healing you from within with the very first touch when it stays in contact with your body. There is a gem testing certificate and an activation guidebook to help you with the meditative journey. It comes with a leather cord to hang safely around your neck.

NameCertified necklace
OriginCzech Republic
Weight0.11 Ounces


  • You can bring it with you everywhere you go.
  • It comes with a certificate.
  • It’s very decorative as a necklace.
  • We love that the material is sterling silver.


  • It’s smaller than the piece above.
  • If you think size matters, this one is less powerful.
Certified Genuine Moldavite Crystal Necklace
Take it with you everywhere you go.

Perfect for healers

Three pieces of raw Moldavite for you to start your transformation. If not for personal use, you can use it to make jewelry and sell it to your customers. Or you can make a handmade necklace for your loved ones so they can feel this miracle gem’s power. Let the soul-soothing begin today!

# of pieces3
Stone shapeIrregular Shape
Stone Treatment MethodNot TreatedCzech Republic


  • It’s great to receive 3 pieces.
  • There are free returns if you change your mind.
  • The stones definitely feel real.


  • It’s less easy to carry with you than a necklace.
  • The stones vary somewhat in size.
  • Some shapes are easier to use in a necklace than others.

Set in gold and silver

Get the best of both worlds in one necklace. Choose 14-carat gold or sterling silver as a cage for your Moldavite. The precious stone is known for its benefits to the heart and third eye chakra. In contrast, precious gold is known for attunement to nature and increasing understanding. Sterling silver brings patience and perseverance to the wearer while protecting and proving balance in life.

Whether you choose gold or silver, the necklace will attract massive amounts of positive energy that you otherwise lack.

NameCrystal Necklace Pendant
Length19 millimeters
Metal14k Gold Filled Setting
Width16 millimeters


  • We love the gold option.
  • It’s nice that it’s also available in silver.
  • It’s very beautiful.
  • The craftsmanship is impressive.


  • It’s quite pricey.
  • The price may be too much for some.

Starborn caged earrings

What better way to flaunt your newfound path to freedom than to wear them as earrings? These collector-grade stones are encased in sterling silver. The mossy green hues are highlighted with the luster of silver. The silver protects the stone and aids in raising your energy levels and keeping your mood stable. Since silver is known for improving circulation and balancing body temperature, you’re in for multiple advantages from a single pair of earrings. It won’t be long before they become your favorite piece of jewelry!


  • It’s a much more affordable option.
  • The sterling silver is beautiful.
  • It makes it very easy to carry the stone with you.


  • It’s not as big of a stone as some of the other sellers.
  • It’s not as popular of a seller as some of the others.

Eternity ring

An oval-cut gem with cubic zirconia makes for a perfect wedding band or promise ring. It is set in 925 sterling silver with 925 polished platinum. It comes with a 6-month warranty so you don’t have to worry about any defects or quality issues. The weight is 4.96 ounces, but its effect on your body and life is priceless. Reviews suggest that the gem works wonders and is perfect for stacking or wearing alone as a band. It’s easy to clean and induces positivity all around.


  • We love how it makes it easy to carry with you.
  • It’s very subtle, which is good if that’s what you want.
  • Its price tag is very appealing.
  • It feels high quality.


  • The piece of moldavite is very small.
  • Getting a bigger piece of stone on a ring would be tough if it still had to be subtle.
Eternity Ring 
It's made of silver.

Rough stones necklace

This necklace might be for you if you want rough unpolished stones in a manageable form. The weight of the stone is less than 2g, but the impact is immeasurable. The high-vibration jewel will add energy and uplift your spirits. It’s also a great gift to someone for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and weddings. Shower some positive vibrations on your loved ones today!

How to use Moldavite

While most gems will come with an activation guide, we can also prepare you in advance.

Cleanse and charge

Just as exercise requires warmup, crystals require charging and cleansing. Start by bathing the crystal in moonlight or sunlight. You can also keep the stone in your left hand and extend it in the sunlight to charge it. Bury the stone overnight in the earth to absorb energy, so it’s charged. Doing this will also ensure any negative energies are released from the crystal.


When you visualize with the crystal, it’s important to have thought about your wishes and goals beforehand. Distinct and specific wishes must be thought out and mentally visualized with this crystal in your hand. Think about the person you want to become emotionally and spiritually.


Familiarize yourself with the crystal in short sessions. Since it’s a high-energy gem, you’ll likely feel the flush at first. Once you get used to holding it, you can extend your sessions. You might initially feel lightheadedness, dizziness, or tingling until you get accustomed to the feeling.

Unlock creativity

Place this crystal nearby when you start some creative work or a new project that you want to delve deep into or unlock hidden potential. The expression and truth you find hard to unlock will become easier through this crystal.

Meditate with it

Hold the crystal in your hand during regular meditation sessions and focus on the glass. Try to look through the glass to focus on your meditation. The gem increases your connection with the universe’s frequencies and your inner consciousness. Your regular meditation sessions will become much more fruitful and insightful.

Why is it so expensive?

This naturally occurring gem is a result of a meteorite crash on Earth millions of years ago. The impact of the asteroid resulted in the formation of this forest-green stone in the region of Southern Germany and the Czech Republic that continues to be mined to this day. It was found that this gem is not only super high in vibrations but also has spiritually healing properties that are unmatched by any other.

Since it is so rare and only concentrated in one area of the world, it is very expensive. You can buy a loose stone or have it caged inside jewelry.

Can it get wet?

Many crystals will benefit from water, and Moldavite is one of them. Running this underwater or keeping it in a water bowl will cleanse and charge your crystal nicely before use. If you want to shower in your jewelry, ensure it is embedded in silver or gold that is immune to water. The only thing to be careful about is immersion in salt water for long hours at a time.


On the Mohs hardness scale, Moldavite is rated as 5.5 to 7. It makes it pretty similar to other types of glass. To make it easier to understand this scale, diamond is the hardest at a 10, and conundrum is at a 9.

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