8 Best sling bags for men

Fashion is always important, especially if you have your unique style. How you present yourself in today’s society can make a difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person. Besides prestige and social validation, having a good fashion sense also benefits your self-image.

The way you perceive yourself will directly influence how others see you. Feeling good and comfortable in your clothes will improve your days, and choosing the best items that meet your preferences is important. 

sling bag for men

Why you can trust us & how we picked

We tried all the sling bags before writing the review or including them here, which is why you can trust us. We picked products in different styles and price points so that every consumer gets a convenient storage option.  

spidewire sling bag


As we tested the various products, we found that the best sling bag for men was SEAFEW. 

Here is a list of the category winners:

  • Best overall sling bag for men: SEAFEW
  • Best small sling bag: SYCNB
  • Best leather sling bag: BULLCAPTAIN
  • Best designer sling bag: Leathario

Best sling bags for men

A shoulder bag speaks casual style, and you can also benefit from the practicality that comes with it. You can store several small items, and its position allows for easy access. See below, where we show you the best 3 sling bags for men we could find on the market. 

1. SEAFEW Small Black Sling Crossbody Backpack Shoulder Bag for Men

This men’s crossbody bag is too small to be considered a backpack but also big enough to carry several items at the same time. It is intended for everyday use and comes with an incorporated USB charging port. A great addition for someone who lives the busy city life, you can now charge your devices while on the move.

The company that manufactured this shoulder bag is strict with quality. They only used the best grade of nylon, making it waterproof and dirt-resistant. It means you can take the shoulder bag on more adventurous trips without worrying about any permanent damage.

It also contains mesh material in its composition, which you will find useful during the hot summer days. This material is breathable and soft, so you will not have any issues with sweating as the bag will dry quickly. You can also enjoy more comfort with the adjustable, reversible shoulder strap with a padded strap.  

We tested out the SEAFEW and took it traveling. The price was great, and we found it very comfortable. It felt adequate for the purpose, being able to carry whatever you need.

Product Dimensions8.7 x 3.9 x 11.8 inches
Item Weight12.3 ounces


  • Great price
  • Overnight delivery
  • Perfect size


  • The material inside feels a bit cheap.
  • It probably won’t be the bag that lasts you a decade, which is fine at the price point.
It's a very neutral option.

2. adidas Originals Festival Crossbody Bag

adidas crossbody

Everyone is familiar with this famous brand, and now you can purchase a crossbody bag from them. Like any item they produce, Adidas made sure to use only high-quality materials in its construction. A large screen-printed logo will let everyone know that you are a fan of this company.

The main compartment features a zip lock, which you can quickly open and close. There is plenty of space inside for you to store small and lightweight items such as a camera or your phone, so you will not run out of space anytime soon. It is ideal if you want to carry more items than your pockets can hold, but this crossbody bag also enhances your style.

Whether you are an expert in fashion or just want to look good, this product from Adidas will make you look original and unique. Combine this bag with your outfits and see which one you like most. It is guaranteed that other people will notice your newest addition quite soon.

We tested this bag out for a day and took it around the city. It did well and we often forgot we were even wearing it.

Product Dimensions6.75 x 4.75 x 2 inches
FeatureZippered main compartment.


  • The material feels a bit higher quality.
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for small items


  • The strap feels a bit obnoxious with “Adidas” plastered all over it, if that’s not your style.
  • A bit smaller than the previous model.
Adidas has more character.

3. SYCNB Small Crossbody Bag for Men, Mini Messenger Bag

This small crossbody bag is extremely practical when traveling as it can easily hold small items. You can keep your passport in a safe place with quick access. Your wallet and keys can also be placed in the main compartment, locked through a zip. 

If you take this bag with you on your adventures, rest assured that it is water and scratch-resistant. When the rain starts pouring, you can safely store the most valuable items inside to keep them dry. Inside, you will find the multi-compartment design quite useful.

The cellphone pocket will hold your smartphone, and+ the smaller card pocket can store several of your credit cards. Whether you want to transport your headset, glasses, keys, or a power bank, this crossbody bag is the best solution for you. For your convenience, the shoulder strap can also be individually adjusted to meet your own needs. 

As we tested the SYCNB, we were impressed by the quality and price point. It felt roomy and very comfortable. It felt ideal for things you don’t want in your pockets.

Product DimensionsNylon
Feature4 main compartments / 1 main top zip pocket



  • Inexpensive
  • Great value
  • Comfortable


  • Don’t expect to carry your laptop around.
  • Not big enough for everyone
It's perfect for a passport.

Leather sling bags for men

Everyone has their style, and you might enhance yours with a leather sling bag. There are many models available for men, and you will surely attract attention with such an exquisite accessory. Take a look at some of the best ones you can buy right now. 

Everyone has their style, and you might enhance yours with a leather sling bag. There are many models available for men, and you will surely attract attention with such an exquisite accessory. Look at some of the best ones you can buy right now. 

4. BULLCAPTAIN Mens Leather Crossbody Bag Shoulder Sling Bag


The team at BULLCAPTAIN used 100% genuine leather when they hand-crafted this product. It gives the bag a soft and comfortable feel even when you wear it for long hours. Weighing only 0.85 pounds, you can also carry it easily thanks to its reduced weight.

This casual bag can be worn by anyone for any occasion, as it is also highly versatile. Designed to be multi-purpose, this bag can be used in sports as well as casual events. You can use it as a messenger bag or cross-body bag. Still, you can also attend business meetings and hold important documents inside the main compartment.

This model comes in 3 different colors. They are coffee, black and brown. Feel free to choose the one that matches your outfit, or you can get all 3 of them and try new combinations. You can also purchase this product as a gift and make someone in your life happy. 

We felt a lot more stylish as we tested the BULLCAPTAIN. A stroll around town surely made us feel great wearing it. It arrived really fast. We felt the many pockets were great, and it was great for more than just most than your basic items.

Product Dimensions6.8″x13″x3.5″
FeatureGreat compartments


  • Good size
  • Very classy
  • Quality leather


  • It was more expensive than the previous models
BULLCAPTAIN steps up your game.

5. Le’aokuu Men Outdoor Casual Travel Hiking Tea Crossbody Chest Sling Bag

Outdoor activities and sports are rarely stylish, but now you can change that with this casual travel sling bag. You can go hiking with this leather bag without worrying too much about the damage. It is waterproof and highly resistant to external factors, and the items you store inside are kept safe.

Made from genuine leather, this company always delivers the promises they make. Customers are also satisfied and seem to recommend this bag to their friends and family. Most of them purchase this product for outdoor sports such as climbing or hiking, but you can also use it in your daily life.

That is because the high-quality leather makes this bag a great addition to any style, and you can also try new combinations. This model comes in 9 different colors and patterns to choose from, so you can get creative with your outfits. 

We loved how high the quality is of this bag. We felt this bag was very roomy for its size.

Product Dimensions6.8″x13″x3.5″
FeatureGreat compartments


  • Our favorite leather bag, especially at the price.
  • It had lots of space.
  • Very stylish


  • The price isn’t the cheapest.
Le'aokuu is in a different league.

Designer sling bags for men

Those that truly respect themselves and have no limit on their budget will go for a designer sling bag that will surely enhance their style. While the brand is often important, do not overlook the quality and design of the product itself as well. Below, you will find 3 designer sling bags for men that also come at an affordable price.

6. Leathario Sling Bag For Men

Leathario created this product for those that have a good eye for exclusive fashion. Made out of genuine leather, this sling bag has a zippered main pocket with a large capacity. You can store small items, documents, and even an umbrella inside this bag. 

Clear textures and delicate details will create an elegant appearance that will attract attention. When you wear this designer sling bag, you should expect many compliments and remarks on your style. The ergonomic design makes this product ideal for everyday use, and you can take it anywhere.

Students will take advantage of the large storage space and take this bag to the university. Those that are in the business world will find it convenient when going to a meeting. But outdoor lovers can also bring it with them on a short adventure. 

We didn’t feel Leathario was as high quality as the one from Le’aokuu. However, the price tags were also vastly different.

Product Dimensions6.7 x 8.7 x 3.42 inches
Item Weight1.06 pounds


  • We love the versatile look.
  • The price is great.
  • Good value


  • It’s PU leather.
Quality meets price with Leathario.

7. Crocodile Leather Sling Bag, Cool Man Bags One Shoulder Backpack for Men

If you want to be different and attract attention at any event, this crocodile leather sling bag will make you stand out. It is stylish and will make a statement on itself regardless of the way you carry yourself around. The distinctive shapes and the attractive leather will get you lots of compliments.

The strap is adjustable, and you can modify it according to your needs. It makes the crocodile leather sling bag wearable on the left or right shoulder, and the choice is yours. High-quality genuine leather has been used and placed so that it resembles a crocodile pattern. 

While the leather looks strong and rigid, it is quite soft to the touch and feels comfortable for the wearer. This item is not limited to any purpose. You can use it for many activities like walking, biking, or hiking. 

Package Dimensions12.09 x 9.96 x 4.06 inches
Item Weight1.05 pounds
FeatureAdjustable and comfy strap


  • It was a great find at the price.
  • Well-constructed.
  • The compartments were nice.


  • There are cheaper options.
  • It’s not a look for everyone.
NIUCUNZH is the most distinguishable on here.

8. Henmifyer Leather Messenger Sling Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Men

Whether you like a casual or advanced style, this sling shoulder bag is an exceptional addition to your outfit. Not only can it change your appearance significantly, but it will also increase your versatility since you can store small items more conveniently now.

It is the perfect leather bag for everyday use; you will find it more often in the business world in an urban environment. Weighing only 0.97 pounds, this product is ideal for those that want to travel lightly. While this messenger shoulder bag features a minimalistic appearance, its efficiency is quite high.

If you know someone who appreciates these shoulder bags, you can make their day by giving them such a special gift. Whether it is for father’s day, Christmas, or a friend’s birthday, now you got the perfect gift idea.

We thought the leather strap was very comfortable as we tried the Henmifyer.

Package Dimensions9.1 x 2.6 x 10.2 inches
Item Weight13.76 Ounces
MaterialPu Leather


  • It has a very classic look.
  • Sturdy
  • It was surprisingly big.


  • It may be too big for some purposes.
Henmifyer is relatively big.

Factors to consider

Men can choose from several accessories ranging from watches to sunglasses and more. Nowadays, more and more men have started using various types of bags, both for practical and aesthetic purposes. Depending on the activity you perform and the purpose of your bag, you will have to choose from several types.

Before making a final decision, it is important to do proper research and see which is the best for you. In this article, we will talk about the best sling bags for men, with 9 examples you can choose from. Continue reading and see which one of them catches your eye. 

Here are the factors to consider as you’re buying a sling bag for a man.


Even if the price should ideally not be the determining factor when you buy a sling bag, it may be more compelling to buy one that’s $20 than $100.


Zippers stop working. The material gets damaged. You want to buy from a company that you know provides customer support.


You may be using a sling bag to carry important documents, so security is important. Get one that fits your needs for security.


A bag with different compartments means you can keep things in it where you want them to be. Multiple compartments make it easier to organize things.


The style can be a reflection of who you are. It should fit your personal preferences.


Choosing the right material will help ensure that you get a bag that will last you a long time. Leather, canvas, nylon, and polyester are commonly used.


The size is important to consider. It also depends on where you intend to use it.

How much do sling bags cost?

As we tested out different sling bags for men, we found that they typically cost between $10 and $70. While you can find models that cost more, the stylish man will usually pay somewhere between those two numbers.

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