5 Best all-in-one mushroom substrate grow bags

Mushrooms are everyone’s favorite, whether in a quiche or on pizza – you just can’t get enough. What’s better than eating them is growing them! Imagine mushrooms in your backyard! And it’s easier than you think with the new invention of all-in-one mushroom substrate grow bags. Take a look at the full details below.


We tried various products and found that the best all-in-one mushroom substrate grow bag for the home was Out-Grow. The runner-up best all-in-one mushroom substrate grow bag was MushroomSupplies.

Here are our category winners:

  • Best overall all-in-one mushroom substrate grow bag: Out-Grow
  • Best cheap all-in-one mushroom substrate grow bag: Back to the Roots.
  • Best grow bags without substrate: IMPRESA

Best all-in-one mushroom grow bags.

When it comes to bags, there are many in the market. But let’s pick out the selected few that the users of the internet and we have both loved so far. Here is a list of the best all-in-one mushroom substrate grow bags.

all-in-one mushroom substrate grow bags

1. All-in-one Mini bags: Out-Grow

There’s not even a need to plant substrates in this one. Simply inoculate and start away! There’s a 0.2-micron filter that keeps the soil pure. The mini grain spawn bags are perfect for first-time hobbyists and those with less space but a big green thumb.

NameOut-Grow Store
Item Weight1.5 Pounds
FeaturesFully Hydrated and Sterilized Ready to Inoculate


  • Great starter kit
  • We were very pleased with the overall experience.


  • Not the biggest on the market
  • Shipping can take some time.
  • Not inoculated

2. Organic mushroom growing kit: Best cheap all-in-one option

Probably the most bought shroom kit on Amazon with over 25000 positive reviews. It was super cheap too! This Back to the roots kit is completely easy for kids to use. It’s even organic and non-GMO, thus also ethical. Just place it near the window and mist it twice a day. You’ll have beautiful and yummy shrooms within a few weeks. Even the mister is included in the kit. You can expect a full family meal with one box since it has three to four servings of mushrooms. It is a perfect holiday gift for curious kids and gardening enthusiasts.

NameBack to the Roots
TypeOyster mushrooms


  • Easiest kit to use
  • Great for oyster mushrooms
  • There’s also a kit for Pink Oyster.


  • Pretty small
  • The shiitake kit is often not available.

3. Amazon’s choice Value pack: Best without substrate

A 50-bag pack may sound cheap, but that does not mean it’s cheap quality too. With more than 500 ratings, it’s got a superb 4.4-star rating. We love that it’s tear-resistant as well as temperature resistant. You can spawn, substrate, fruit, and harvest in the same bag. It’s also a small business, so you’ll invest in a good cause.

NameMushroom Spawn Bags
Weight2 pounds
Dimensions5 x 6 x 20 inches


  • It’s great if you want to prepare the substrate.
  • Good economical solution
  • It’s tear-resistant.


  • It doesn’t come with the substrate.

4. Grow kit-in-a-bag

Simply inject some spores into this substrate-filled bag, and you’re ready to start your colony of mushrooms. Open up the bag when it’s time for fruit, and give some room for it to blossom. You can grow 2.5 lbs in a single bag which says a lot about its durability. When you order from this seller, you have a whole community of mycologists to clear your doubts. The products are also graded for 100% sterility with a money-back guarantee!


  • Great size
  • Overnight delivery
  • Easy to use


  • It needs to be inoculated before you can start.
  • Not great customer support

5. Easy-to-use

We have some even easier bags for you than the ones above. If you’re a complete beginner, these are perfect for you! The substrate is filled in with high-yielding nutrients and a perfectly balanced pH. All types of mushrooms, like Ganoderma, bamboo fungus, and more, can be grown in this unique product. It also comes in many sizes for your various needs. The ease of use is rated 5 stars, and that’s why it is so great!


  • Great if you just need the bags
  • They feel sturdy.
  • Pressure cooker safe
  • Economical option


  • Not great if you need more than the bags

Factors to consider

Here is a list of factors to consider as you’re buying a mushroom grow bag.

Type of mushroom

The type of mushroom you want to grow is important to consider. They don’t taste the same way, and you may have preferences.

Grow bag size

The grow bags come in different sizes. One option may not be right for everyone.


The reputation of the company is important to consider. It’s especially the case as you’re dealing with a live product.


Even if you’re growing mushrooms, it’s important to consider the price.


Most mushrooms require specific humidity conditions in order to grow nicely. Make sure the one you’re trying to grow can grow in the conditions you’re doing it in.


Contamination of the grow bag is a real issue. Proper sterilization should be done by the company that you’re buying from so as to avoid problems.


Mushrooms eat the substrate as they’re growing. However, some types require some substrate and other mushrooms do better other substrate.

How to grow mushrooms?

Lion's mane mushroom being grown

It’s certainly not easy to understand how the growing process works. But we can break it down for you. Just like how you need seeds to grow any fruit or flower plant, you need to spawn mushrooms to start a colony of mushrooms. This spawn can be started in mushroom spawn bags. The next step is to use this spawn to grow the rest of the mushrooms. The mushrooms then are grown in fruiting blocks which use sawdust as substrate. After the mycelium takes over the substrate, the fruiting process can begin. These all-in-one bags allow for fruiting also to take place in the same kind of bag.

Let’s take a look at how this happens.

Growing them in a bag

Several important components of this special bag easily accommodate every stage of the growing process. Let’s break them down individually:


The make of the bag is polypropylene, and it is important as it denotes the thickness and temperature resistance of the bag. Since sterilization can also occur in the bag, the plastic should withstand high temperatures.

Filter patch

The filter patch at the top allows fresh air to get to the plant and keeps out contaminants that could ruin it. Mold spores and bacteria could take over your entire efforts, which is what the filter patch stops from happening.

Gusseted shape

The bag’s shape is folded from the inside, which means it lays out flat but is more spacious than it looks. You can store the cultivators within the folds during sterilization.


What sets it apart from regular fabric grow bags is its transparency. The transparent color means you can always monitor the growth of the mushrooms. Even a child could help keep track of the process easily compared to the guesswork in an opaque bag.

The process

The entire growing process can be done in the same bag. Here’s how:

The spawn

These are the seeds of the mushrooms that need to be grown first. Also known as the first-generation grain spawn, they are grown in a bag with a substrate like sawdust or straw. With some inoculants, a large amount of spawn can be produced. Simply fill the bag with the substrate, soil, and inoculants and seal the bag shut. The filter allows for fresh air and humidity inside the bag. Once this is done, you can move on to the fruiting.

The Fruiting

Once the spawn is ready, the bags can also be used for fruiting blocks. In this scenario, the bags will open from the top to allow fresh air and room for the mushrooms to grow. The substrate becomes the fruiting block.

Alternatively, you can move the bags to a fruiting room with the right humidity, air, and lights. Cut some slits in the bag and mist them daily.

In both cases, the bags are exceptional to use.

Lion’s mane in a bag

mushroom grow bag

The fungi kingdom has several amazing mushrooms, but the lion’s mane is becoming quite the rage. It’s widely discussed as a great source of nutrients and possibly a healer of many diseases. Here are some of the expected benefits:

  • It can protect the body against depressive symptoms. It does this by increasing the health of the hippocampal area in the brain, which is responsible for emotions and memories. It speeds up the production of brain cells which heals the hippocampus further.
  • It also increases the recovery speed of any spinal cord injury. The mushroom stimulates the growth and healing of nerve cells throughout the body. It has also been known to recover from brain stroke injury in rats.
  • It can help fight ulcers in the stomach lining due to bacterial growth or alcohol use.
  • It helps in reducing cholesterol and betters the health of the heart.
  • Since it helps stimulate brain and nerve cells, it can also fight the effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia during old age.
  • It can also help ease the effects of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Diabetes is a disease that hinders many bodily processes and worsens many conditions, like kidney disease and nerve damage. Lion’s mane is known to lower blood sugar due to its blocking of the enzyme glucosidase.
  • It has high-antioxidative activity. It is not only great for reducing inflammation but also for keeping skin and hair healthy. Antioxidants also help reduce the effects of autoimmune diseases.
  • A healthy immune system has a great role to play in today’s day and age. The lion’s mane mushrooms help to do just this. It aids in the protection of the body from external threats like bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. The intestinal immune system activity increases with the consumption of this shroom, and therefore immunity also increases.
  • The great thing about this superfood is that it has virtually no side effects, even with high doses. Only those prone to allergies to the food need to beware. At the same time, the rest can safely consume after confirming with their medical health advisor.

How much do all-in-one mushroom

Lions mane

Here’s the full recipe for getting started with this great panacea.

  1. Get the substrate ready – You’ll need soy hulls and hardwood fuel pellets. Add 450 grams to a grow bag. Add 1.4kgs of water. Everything should be mixed thoroughly before packing to ensure even distribution and moisture.
  2. Fold for sterilization – The gusseted shape aids in this process, so fold on the inside to get it ready.
  3. Sterilize – To get rid of the contaminants, load the bags into the pressure cooker and sterilize them at 15PSI for 90 minutes. Allow to cool on its own and only open after it’s depressurized.
  4. Add grain spawn – You need 200 grams for every 2.3kg of the bag. Use the aseptic technique to inoculate the grow bags.
  5. Seal bags and wait – Immediately seal the bags to prevent contamination.
  6. Fruiting – once the bag has fully colonized, you can cut it open for fruiting. Put the bag into a fruiting temperature with plenty of fresh air and light.
  7. Harvest – Cut up the mushrooms. Enjoy and eat!

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