5 Best 8-inch tablets for the home & work

No matter how slim a laptop may be, it’s still a hassle to carry around. There’s always your phone, though, that you carry around. But with the limited screen size and the numerous distractions, you can barely stay focused for long. And that’s why – an 8-inch tablet may be the perfect solution for all your woes. The screen size is adequate for watching movies, reading, doodling, and taking great notes. That’s right, all the perks without the added weight in your bag!

We’re guessing you’re in the process of making up your mind.


As we tested various products on the market, we found that the best 8-inch tablet for the home or work was Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.4.

While you’re at it, we’ve narrowed down a few best 8-inch tablets according to the following categories:

  • Best luxury 8-inch tablet: Apple iPad Mini
  • Best value 8-inch tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.4
  • Best affordable 8-inch tablet: Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus
8-inch tablet

Best 8-inch tablets for work or home

Here are the best 8-inch tablets for work or the home.

1. Best luxury: Apple iPad Mini (6th generation – 2021)

Ipad Mini 6 With Apple Pencil 2

Suppose you plan on doing plenty with your tablet, and you’ve also got a few extra bucks to spare. In that case, don’t second guess yourself and get yourself the iPad mini (6th generation). There isn’t anything it can’t do. Are you planning on binging some Netflix, Youtube, or other video streaming platforms? The colors are gorgeous, as is the sound without headphones.

Are you planning on purchasing an iPad for school? Because reading, scribbling, and taking notes is effortless with the Apple pencil 2. That’s an additional purchase, though, and shouldn’t come as a surprise because Apple Products do tend to get a bit heavy on the pocket.

Lastly, the iPad Mini makes a great option for artists if you’re an artist that’s ever-ready to catch in on some inspiration. Then, what’s better than a lightweight iPad that you can whip out anytime and start creating away?

Detailed Specifications:

Display8.3-inch Liquid Retina
Resolution2266×1488 with 326ppi (pixels per inch)
Brightness500 nits
ProcessorA15 Bionic Chip with 6-core CPU, 5-core GPU, and 16-core Neural engine
Camera12 Megapixel Ultra wide front camera with a cool center stage option and 12 Megapixel wide back camera
Battery10 hours
CapacityAvailable in 64GB and 256GB
PortUSB C-port for charging, keyboard, etc.

Decision-making can be hard with so many numbers to look at. Let’s take a look at their pros and cons to give you a better image of the device:


  • 10+ hours of battery life.
  • With the A15 Bionic processor, performance is fast and best in range.
  • Vivid Camera
  • Sleek design that’s also easy and lightweight to carry.


  • More expensive than iPad 9, which was released around the same time with a larger screen size.
  • Only 60hz screen
  • No headphone Jack
  • No Face ID

Best Value

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.4

samsung Galaxy Tab A8

This one was a tough debate. The best value may mean different things to different people. But here, by best value, we mean the tablet we think can get you the most of your money’s worth! And we came up with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. With less than half the iPad mini’s price, it gives you a neat picture quality. That, too, with interesting viewing angles, thanks to the 2.5D curved glass embedded in its display. When making its products interesting, Samsung knows how to bend its glass!

There’s not much to complain about its overall performance at this price. You can stream for hours without the battery giving up on you. And it’ll last even longer if you weren’t so much of a Netflix junkie. The battery life is great, given your reasonable screen time. The only issue we found with the battery was the pace at which it re-charges itself. As honest tech reviewers, we must tell you that it is an incredibly slow rate. It took around 3-4 hours to restore the Galaxy Tab A8’s battery fully. Nonetheless, this problem is no hassle for somebody who’s organized enough to plug in their tab for charging overnight.

Unfortunately, unlike the previous Samsung Galaxy Tablet models, this one has decided to drop the S pen. It might be because artists prefer wider screens (preferably 10 inch+). But the stylus is generally a great addition to owning a tablet.

Detailed Specifications:

OS  Android 9 Pie
Display  8.4 inches
Resolution  1920 x 1200, with 270 PPI
Brightness  200 nits
Processor  Exynos 7904 Processor and Mali G-71 MP2 GPU
Camera  8MP back camera and 5MP front camera
Battery  Around 12 hours
Capacity  32 GB storage (expandable up to 512GB)
Ports  USB-C port and a headphone jack
Weight  0.68 lbs

To help gain perspective, let’s look at their pros and cons:


  • LTE network service, along with Wifi
  • Lightweight and easily held by one hand
  • Enabled with Face ID
  • Affordable (you get the most for your buck)


  • Slow charging
  • Incompatible with the S pen and can’t connect to a keyboard either.
  • Android 9 is a little old
  • 32GB of storage is low but can be solved with an SD card.

Best Cheap Option

3. Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus

Amazon Fire HD 8

We know many of you just want a portable bigger screen to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. And you’re ready to buy the cheapest option that’ll allow you to stream through them easily. And let’s just say that the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus was made for an avid audience like you.

It might look like a regular tablet, but its performance isn’t quite comparable to a regular tablet’s. By regular tablets, we’re talking about tablets built by mainstream tech companies like Samsung, Apple, or Lenovo. Except for some regular web browsing, kindle reading, and video streaming, you should expect little from it. Then again, when you pay such a low price, you will stand impressed with just the bare minimum.

But for the main purpose that it’s built for, it certainly delivers. It’s got a battery life of up to 12 hours, Alexa support, and expandable storage of up to 1000GB (great for downloads and offline viewing). With features like these – nobody can stop you from regular TV and movie marathons!

Detailed Specifications:

OS  Android 9 Pie with Fire OS UI
Display  8 inches
Resolution  1280 x 800 with I89ppi
Brightness  400 nits
Processor  2 GHz Quad core, Arm Cortex-A53, 64-bit
Camera  2MP front camera and 2MP back camera
Battery  Upto 12 hours (Wireless available)
Capacity  32Gb, which is expandable to up to 1000GB
Ports  A headphone jack and USB-C port
Weight  0.78lbs

Though you should’ve gotten a pretty good idea of what this device can and cannot do, here are its listed pros and cons:


  • Quite Inexpensive
  • Wireless charging is available, though the dock for the same is sold separately.
  • Support of Alexa Voice Assistant
  • Great Battery life


  • Though prime membership is inexpensive as well, using this device is necessary.
  • Practical buy for Video streaming only, with limited usability due to its OS.

Runner Up Options

4. Vanquisher 8-inch ultra Rugged Tablet 10 Pro

This list of best 8-inch tablets would’ve been incomplete without the mention of the very popular Vanquisher 8-inch ultra-rugged tablet. Living up to its name, the Vanquisher is military-level equipment that provides a solid grip to its user. Unlike other tablets appealing to their consumers through their sleek state-of-the-art designs, the Vanquisher 10 Pro markets to those that spend time and explore nature and its terrain.

Yes, this tablet is perfect for carrying on hikes, treks, rocky roads, a jungle, the wild – you name it. The Vanquisher can take the slips and falls that come with all your adventurous expeditions. But Military level protection and dependability are not all there is to this device.

You can expect reliability in all forms. As per our tests, its Qualcomm octa-core processor ensures the device runs smoothly, with barely any lagging noticed. On the other hand, the resolution of 1920 x 1200 delivers beautiful colors for your regular video streaming. Then there’s the 8500mAh battery and a built-in GPS, making this the perfect choice for travelers or people on the go.

So suppose you’re looking to up-scale your manufacturing unit by handing your workers this tablet for better connectivity and record-keeping. Or perhaps you’re a marine rigger, building engineer, or are involved in any other hands-on job. Then you best believe this Vanquisher tablet can easily become your prized helping hand.

Although it didn’t fit our other categories, we had to ensure your readers knew about this. That’s why this one is our first runner-up!

Detailed Specifications:

OS  Android 10
Display  8 inches
Resolution  1920 x 1200 IPS Screen
Brightness  700 Nits
Processor  Qualcomm 8
Camera  5 MP front camera and 13 MP back camera
Battery  8 – 10 hours
Capacity  64 GB (available in different variations)
Ports  USB-C port, headphone jack, TF card slot
Weight  1.38lbs

It’s pretty obvious who this device is made for. Nonetheless, it’s always good to look at some pros and cons:


  • It’s close to impossible to cause any damage to this device with just a drop or gentle fall
  • It comes with a strap-on for people who’d like a more hands-free approach when they’re on the go
  • Nice battery life
  • Good overall video and processing experience (no lags)


  • Expensive
  • 64GB may be a small storage size for some, but it is expandable

5. Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite is your best bet when you’re on a budget and still need your tablet to be an absolute all-rounder. The Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite is simply the only 8-inch tablet that is a jack of all trades. It has a neat resolution of 1340 x 800 and comes in a sleek aluminum structure with somewhat plastic here and there. Altogether, it does give you the feel of holding a high-end device in your hand. The processor, which is Octa-core Mediatech Helio P22T, allows you to do all basic things with ease, whether it’s watching movies, taking notes, or browsing the web. With Samsung, you never worry about applications freezing or lagging.

All the perks, still at a reasonable price. We told you it’s the ultimate jack of all trades regarding 8-inch tablets, even when we talk about affordability.

Detailed Specifications:

OS  Android 11
Display  8.7 inch
Resolution  1340 x 800
Brightness  360 Nits
Processor  1.8 GHz Mediatek Helio P22T
RAM  Available in 3GB and 4GB
Camera  2MP front camera and 8MP rear camera
Battery  10-12 hours
Capacity  Available in 32GB and 64GB
Ports  USB-C
Weight  0.8 lbs

To get a clearer picture of whether the Samsung Galaxy A7 lite will be your next purchase, here are some pros and cons:


  • Look, feel, and weight is modern and quite state-of-the-art as compared to other tablets in this price range
  • Battery life is great, but with 15W fast charging, it becomes delightful
  • Budget-friendly
  • Samsung processors are reliable and fast


  • 5G is not available
  • Even if you go for 64-Gb, it can still be low storage for some
  • Memory cannot be expanded
  • The front camera is quite low quality

Factors to consider

That’s it! We’ve given you our list of the Top five 8-inch tablets. With so many numbers and specifications, feeling a bit overwhelmed is normal. You may be wondering, what are you supposed to look for? Let’s help you out and simplify this. All you have to do is decide what you’d want from your tablet.

Pencil support

Suppose you’re an artist, for example, who’d like to work with a stylus and still want to opt for an 8-inch tablet. Then you should get your hands on the iPad mini with iPad pencil support. As you should, you’ll be doing some hefty tasks such as video editing, photo editing, or designing.

Watching movies

However, if you’re looking for a bigger screen to watch movies and TV shows, then the Amazon Fire HD plus 8 would suit your needs a bit more.


On the other hand, suppose you’re just looking for a tab that can handle your routine tasks and your Netflix binge. Then choose one of the Samsung tabs according to the budget mentioned above.

Special environments

Lastly, people who spend more time in the ‘field’ should opt for the Vanquisher Ultra Rugged Android Tab. It’s better to spend a little than buy a tablet that won’t survive in the environment you spend most of your time in.

Which is a better 8-inch or 10-inch tablet?

Again, it’s all about what works for you. Most artists prefer a 10-inch tab with a big screen to draw and scribble. Others who might buy the tab for reading will prefer an 8-inch device. They can easily carry it on the train or airplane and bring it to work. We’ve listed the various uses of an 8-inch device compared to a 10-inch one.


  • Great for reading e-books where the weight of the device starts to matter after holding it for a while.
  • Good choice for individuals who are browsing the web, replying to emails, and record-keeping on the go.
  • Easy to hold while playing games.
  • A portable option.

10- inch

  • Great for designing, attending online classes, and doing tasks that require more concentration and detail.
  • Though movies can also be watched on an 8-inch tab, most people prefer a 10-inch screen size. It is because the 8-inch screen size is closer to that of a phone than a tablet, which most people already have.
  • Usually not portable unless very sleek and light.

How much do 8-inch tablets cost?

As we tested the various 8-inch tablets, we found that they usually cost between $150 and $450. While you can pay more or less, you don’t have to.

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