Belt size charts for men & women

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the variety of clothing options you have? From summer dresses to flip-flops, making a single decision can take you an entire day. The fashion world isn’t as exclusive as it once was. In addition to local brands, you can now scroll through the catalogs of businesses set up far away. 

Having a plethora of choices makes it easier to find a clothing option in your price range. But the accessibility to a global fashion world isn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

If you’ve ordered online from an international brand, you’ll understand the dilemma of picking a size. Often what you order is far from what you receive. The issue is seldom of a change in design or quality but mostly how you end up with the wrong size.


The easiest way to find find the belt size for men & women is to use the charts below. The size belt you need is commonly the size of your waist plus two inches. You need to put on a slim pair of pants and measure around the waist with a measuring tape to find the right size.

Belt size chart for men

Bulliant mens belt

Picking the correct one might not be rocket science, but looking at the number of people that get it wrong would make you think otherwise. Selecting one that compliments your body is vital to how you present yourself. You can don the most expensive three-piece suit. But if your belt is the wrong size, your entire outfit will look shabby. 

Numerical belt size3032343638404244464850
Waist circumference (inches)26.5 -2828.5-3030.5-3232.5-3434.5-3636.5-3838.5-4040.5-4242.5-4444.5-4646.5-48
Length of an existing belt (inches)28-3031-3233-3435-3637-3839-4041-4243-4445-4647-4849-50

So far, you might have been convinced that your size equals your waist size. This is why a large population of men roam in ill-fitted pants. But we’d like to inform you that they’re pretty different. But you can easily calculate your size using your waist size.

Belt size for men is measured in inches and even numbers. The rule of thumb is that a man’s size is two inches greater than their waist. And if your waist is an odd number, add three instead of two. For example, your belt is a 36 if you’ve got a 33″ or 34″ waist.  

In addition, a few more rules ensure your outfit doesn’t look like a mismatch. For instance, the prong is supposed to go in the middle. A standard belt has about five holes, so you should be able to lock it in the third hole.    

Belt size chart for women

womens belt

Picking one that perfectly snuggles your body will make you feel good about yourself. With bigger designs, you feel the weight of the entire world pulling you down. But with smaller designs, you struggle to keep it all together. 

Numerical belt size2828-3031-3233-3536-3738-3940-42
Waist circumference (inches)Up to 2626-2828-3031-3334-3536-3738-39
Length of an existing belt (inches)Up to 2828-3031-3233-3536-3738-3940-41

Since the sheer variety of feminine pants is vast, you’ll need to decide on the pant style before you can measure your size. For instance, a belt for low-rise pants may be different in size than a belt for high-waisted pants. This is especially true for curvier and full-bodied women. So get an accurate waist measurement before you order a piece because we all know how hectic getting a refund can get. 

mens belt

The general rule for measuring is adding two inches to the waist. However, you can add three instead if your waist size is an odd number. For example, your belt will be 40″ if you wear a 37″ or 38″. 

You don’t need to wait for a failed experience to do better. So before an order of the wrong one ends up on your porch, we’ve devised a step-by-step guide to help you measure your size accurately. Here are all the steps you need to follow:

How to measure

Put on a pair of slim-fit pants
People often mistake measuring their waist size by wrapping the measuring tape against their bare waist. However, it would help to put on a pair of fitted pants first. They don’t have to be too tight or loose, just enough that they need a belt to secure everything in place. So it’s best to choose a pair of pants you’d typically wear with a belt.

Wrap a measuring tape around your waist.
Once you’ve your pants on, it’s time to start measuring. First, wrap the fabric measuring tape around the pant’s waistband. Make sure you start with the zero at the front. Finally, join the two ends of the tape and take a reading.

You can ensure you’ve got an accurate reading by taking a deep breath in and breathing out before measuring. Additionally, ensure you’re not wrapping the tape too tightly. You can even ask someone else to take the measurement, leaving no room for error.

Add a few inches.
We’ve explained the difference between waist and belt size. Once you’ve got an accurate reading of your waistband, add two inches if it’s an even number and three inches if it’s an odd number. For example, you want to purchase a 38″ belt if you’ve got a 35″ or 36″ waist.

Figure out your universal size.
Not all brands are big on selling individual sizes. It’s easier for a retailer to stock a range instead of piling up different belts. Therefore, you need to know what range you fall into. For this, you can consult any universal size chart.

For a 90 cm waist, a man’s large and a woman’s double XL or higher would do. Men’s and women’s sizes have a slightly different range. For instance, a men’s XL is about 90 cm to 100 cm waist. Women’s XL is somewhat smaller, about 73 cm to 76 cm in waist size.

vintage womens belt

Therefore, make sure you’re consulting the right guide.   

Convert from inches to cm

mens leather belt

The age-old debate between the Imperial measurement system and the Metric system is still ongoing, with no end. While the engineers are busy debating which is the superior system, we’ll learn to compromise and understand a simple conversion between the two. 

If you’re ordering one from a non-American company, you’ll be required to put your measurements in centimeters. So all you need to do is take your size in inches and multiply it by 2.54. 

That’s it! Before the debate reaches half-time, you’ll have the perfect belt wrapped around your waist.   

leather belt

The ideal one for your body type

Now that you’re well-versed in the art of measuring belt size, it’s time to move on to a different area. You must’ve heard the phrase ‘Fashion is subjective.’ It means that style is to each its own. However, there are specific guides and rules in place which help you take your entire look to the next level

If you’ve ever felt a specific accessory doesn’t highlight your best features, you need to understand what works for your body type.

The same logic is valid for belts. Not all designs are meant to complement all body shapes. But you don’t have to worry about figuring this puzzle out. Instead, just keep reading, and we’ll tell you what works best for you. 

Here’s a list of various body types and styles that go well together:


Six-inch heels or walking on tiptoes is not the only way to appear tall. Instead, you can wrap a slim belt around your waist. The closer the belt’s color is to your outfit’s color, the taller appearance it will give to your body shape.

So why spend months in the gym trying to look like your favorite supermodel when there’s a highly accessible way out?  

If you’re trying to understand the logic behind wearing a slimmer design, allow us to elaborate. A belt cinches your waist, giving your body an hourglass shape. And if it matches the color of your bottoms, an illusion of longer legs is created.    

Tall and wide

Being tall can be very practical. You can easily reach the kitchen’s top shelves, and everyone assumes you play professional basketball.

But let’s be honest, there aren’t many clothing options that complement your height and broad figure. This is why you must wear a wider design. A simple change in accessory guarantees to elevate your style by ten folds. 

You can style a wide belt around your waist or your hips. Either way, it creates an illusion of a shorter and broader torso. So the next time you’re looking for an accessory to pair with your sundress or flare pants, go for a stylish wide belt. 


An hourglass figure may be the most sought-after body type in modern media, but it’s also the most challenging to dress. If you wear stiff or boxy fabrics, you’ll likely end up looking a lot bulkier. Similarly, business clothing also gets a lot trickier. 

Instead of reading the long list of dos and don’ts for an hourglass figure, correct your belt placement. Unlike the slims and the talls, you don’t have to settle for a single style. But you do have to ensure that the placement complements your outfit.

If you have an hourglass figure, take the following advice:

  • Avoid voluminous shapes and excess pleating.
  • Maintain a proportional silhouette by always drawing the eye to the waist.
  • Choose fitted garments that skim your shape.

The ideal position is a bit to the north of your natural waist. This positioning ensures your curves are emphasized in the best light. 

Straight and super-slim

If you’ve got a boyish or straight figure, you understand the importance of adding curves. You can achieve your desired body by hiring an expensive gym instructor and following a strict workout regimen. But if that sounds like a lot, we’ve got a far cheaper and more effective alternative.  

Grab the narrowest design and tightly wrap it around your waist. It would be best to place the belt right above your belly button. This ensures your waist is cinched and hips widened out, giving the illusion of a much curvier figure. 

Curvy or plus-size

Your fashion choices are limited if you’re on the heavier side of the weight spectrum. And even when you find something in your size, it tends to be pretty bland.

So instead of rummaging through the plus size section of stores, choose the right accessories and take your outfit to the next level! 

Pair an ultra slim belt with your favorite mid-length dress or work pants for the illusion of a taller body. The belt accentuates your natural curve without making it feel like a lot. 


With a short torso, you’ve limited shirt options. Everything you wear is bound to look baggy unless stitched to your precise measurements. But having every garment tailor-made is not only an expensive but a time-consuming task.

Therefore, we have an alternative that will make every clothing option ideal for your body without wasting too much money or time.

Wrap a narrow belt or chain below your belly button. The lower you place your belt, the longer your torso will appear. Wear it right at the hip level if you’re wearing a dress. The placement creates the illusion of a long-line body, making your upper body feel much more stretched.     


Finding the right accessories for your body shape is a strenuous job. And if you have a long waist, you may feel like the choices are endless.

But that can be a good thing. You can experiment with multiple styles and buckle designs. Another thing you can incorporate into your daily clothing is wide belts with funky buckles.

Here are some fashion tips for those with long-waisted figures.

  • Dress monochromatic
  • Wear paper beg designs
  • Choose shorter jackets
  • Wear high waisted pants or jeans

Not only will trendy designs elevate your fashion game, but they also cover a significant portion of your torso. Thus, giving you a more balanced look. The only thing you need to look out for is the belt placement. If you position it too low, your torso will appear even longer. So make sure the belt is right at the center of the waist.   

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