Washing machines smell as rotten eggs & sewage

Everyone expects their bathroom to be a heaven of cleanliness. What if your washing machine not only doesn’t wash your clothes but also emits an unpleasant odor? That is something you wouldn’t want to deal with. When it happens, there is not much choice but to look for possible solutions. So, why does your washing machine smell?

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The most common reason a washing machine smells like rotten eggs & sewage is due to bacteria that develop in the presence of moisture. The “what to do” about it usually includes a cleaning table to take care of the smell.

In addition, we’ll cover the following:

  • Which products to consider
  • Whether to consider getting an entirely new unit
  • Other reasons

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Samsung washing machine

Why does my washing machine smell?


Kenmore washing machine

How long has it been since you cleaned your machine? Maybe you had no idea that it should be cleaned once in a while. It’s time to make a room in your schedule for your clothes-washing device maintenance. 

Your machine needs a cleansing procedure once in a while because of bacteria. If you often do the laundry in low temperatures, you risk getting a smelly machine. Bacteria are everywhere, and they multiply faster in cold conditions. 

You should do your laundry in hot temperatures, not just so you can avoid bad odors. Your clothes need to be disinfected and decently cleansed. The clothes mold if there are some bacteria left on them after washing. You can achieve a good result with hot water. That’s why it’s more reasonable to stop saving your money at the expense of quality. You never know when excessive economizing will cost you more money. 

When it comes to the cleaning part, bacteria are not the only issue. Sometimes, washing your clothes can tear inside the drum and leave small pieces there. After a time, they’ll rot and smell. Insects can also enter the system and contribute to the sewer odor. That’s why you should carefully clean your machine with the help of a manual. It’ll tell you what part to remove and how to put it back.

You may not believe it, but using too much detergent for your laundry can cause a sewer stench in the washing machine. When the amount of detergent is disproportional to the amount of water, it stays in the drum after the washing is done. Detergent is a perfect agent for bacteria to develop and multiply. That is why the more, the better does not work. Choose the right amount of detergent, and you’ll have a better chance of not facing sewer smell in the future. 

One of the reasons your washer smells is unclean water. Filthy water can get into your machine if it is connected to the kitchen sink with the same drain hose. When you empty it, the smelly water may come straight into your clothes washing device and produce a smell of sulfur. To prevent that, make sure your drain hose is connected correctly. 

Sewage smells can occur when you have a clogged p-trap, drain, or vent pipe. The first one you can clean on your own by pouring water through it. For the second one, it’s better to call a plumber with a sewer, especially for such occasions. A professional plumber will also do good with unclogging vent pipes. However, you can use improvised materials to pull out anything that has gotten stuck there. If that doesn’t work, use a professional assistant. 

If you notice that your washing machine smells like sewage, there are two things you can do about it. Find out what causes it and get rid of it on your own. The other resolution is to call the plumber and throw any worries off your shoulders.

Rotten eggs

The smell of rotten eggs is in no way something you want to sense in your laundry room. The same annoying bacteria often cause it as the smell of sewage. During washing, your clothes tend to leave hair, small threads, or tiny fibers inside of the drum. Without proper cleaning, all those things will rot and develop a smell inside of the machine. 

Often, bacteria multiply inside detergent trays. If you don’t clean it, the detergent will accumulate and become a slimy substance. After a time, it develops the smell of rotten eggs in the washer. Ideally, you should clean your washer once a month, so this unfortunate thing will have no chance of happening. 

To avoid the smell of rotten eggs coming out of your detergent tray, consider cleaning it and changing your regular detergent. Some of the products tend to stick to the surface better than others. If you have a high-efficiency washing machine, buy a special detergent that is suitable for it. That will give no chance to bacteria unless you forget about cleaning at all. 

One of the reasons for the rotten egg smell is a possible gas leak. When it comes to gas, manufacturers often lubricate the parts of the machine with a special substance. If it comes into contact with the gas, you’ll smell sulfur in your bathroom. You should immediately call for professional assistance when you suspect a gas leak.

Best products

washing machine cleaner tablets

Searching the internet for solutions to bad washer smell will lead you to various traditional methods involving low-cost items. While cheapness is an advantage, it often does not involve high efficiency. You can substitute traditional methods with washing machine cleaners that are specifically designed to kill bacteria and neutralize the smell. Consider those three best products on the market, and you’ll be satisfied with the result.

Active cleaner

Home methods of cleaning are cheap, but are they effective? Instead of using the quite popular vinegar method for cleaning your washing machine, it’s better for you to buy an Active cleaner. It will do the job more effectively than any cheap method. 

You’ll get rid of a few issues in one bottle of product at once. Active not only effectively eliminate:

  • nasty odors
  • slime
  • and all bacteria.

However, it also removes limescale. The only thing that is required from you is to put the tablet into the detergent tray and run the standard cycle. No wiping with vinegar is needed.

NameWash Warrior
Material FeatureNon-Toxic
Package Dimensions6.81 x 5.08 x 0.75 inches
Weight9.14 Ounces


  • The tablets are very easy to use.
  • The results are great.
  • The price is very fair.
  • We love that it comes in a hard form rather than a liquid.


  • It’s easier to get better results if you’re consistent with it.
  • You may have to repeat it a couple of times if the buildup is bad.
Try out Active today.
Whirlpool washing machine

Dr. Beckmann Service-it

Have you ever thought that a product that removes 99.99% of bacteria exists? With Dr. Beckmann, it is possible. This washing machine cleaner eliminates all the bacteria and fungus inside of your appliance. When there are no bacteria, there is no stench. The only thing you’ll smell is the fresh lemon fragrance.


  • It’s very effective.


  • It’s more expensive as there’s only one treatment.
  • The reviews say it’s better than it actually is.
  • The packaging is not in English.
  • It’s not in tablet form, so you’re essentially shipping water.
Dr. Beckmann
We love Dr. Beckmann

Wash Warrior

Wash Warrior Cleaner is one of the most effective fighters against bacteria and unpleasant odors. Its active oxygen technology removes all mildew, detergent scum, lime scale, and calcium deposits. There is no chance of any bad smell remaining after your washer is cleaned with this efficient helper. 

If you haven’t been cleaning your appliances for a while, just add some more tablets to the detergent tray. You’ll get a freshly cleaned appliance. It is advised to use those tablets once a month. If you do that, you can forget about bad smells altogether.


  • The price is more reasonable than the previous product.
  • The tablets work great.
  • You get 15 tablets, so you won’t have to buy the product again immediately.


  • They’re not more effective than Active.
Wash Warrior
Try out Wash Warrior today.

How do I get rid of the smell?

Use a vinegar mixture to clean your drum.
One of the cheapest methods to clean your appliances is by using vinegar. All you need to do is mix it with water and then spray it inside the drum. Make sure not to miss any elements. For better effect, you can take a cloth. Wet it with vinegar and then wipe the inner parts of the drum. Don’t forget about the rubber gasket, as it is a place where all the mold often accumulates. You can also wipe the outside parts, but be careful with the wires.

Make a vinegar mixture for a more thorough cleaning.
After you do the swiping, mix one cup of vinegar with five tablespoons of baking soda and pour it into the detergent tray.

Run a hot cycle
Turn on your washing machine to the hottest cycle it has. Some sites suggest substituting vinegar with bleach. It is logical to use it against bad smells. In reality, bleach worsens the state of the drum. If you don’t trust the idea of home-made methods, buy a special cleaner for your washing machine. It’ll do the job even more effective than traditional methods.

Why did a smell develop?

Different types of smells can come out of your machine. Each one points out a particular issue within this appliance. The smell of sewage often comes from the sewer. When you sense this kind of odor, it’s important to tackle it immediately because the gases from down there are toxic. However, there can be different reasons for sewage odor. If you clean your washer and it stays, there will be no doubt that the sewer causes you trouble. 

washing machine cleaner by TIde

If you smell rotten eggs and it doesn’t come from your kitchen, it’s probably your washing machine gone bad. This type of smell is related to all the bacteria that accumulate in the drum. It happens naturally with all appliances that come into contact with moisture. The good news is that you can easily get rid of that type of smell by following simple steps. Do not cease reading to find out more about this common problem. 

When it comes to moisture, the other typical thing that it causes is mold. If you smell mildew coming from your washer, it’s time to clean it. Appliances that regularly face water will develop mold without cleaning.

The gasket is the rubber ring around the drum. It is particularly vulnerable to moisture. It has a bent shape, which means that some of your tiny clothes can get stuck there. If you feel a damp odor coming out of the drum, inspect it closely for lost pieces of clothes. The next step is to wash your appliance. 

A burning smell is the opposite stench that can come out of a washer. That one signifies mechanical damage to the internal parts. When your bathroom stinks as if something is burning in it, it’s time to call for mechanical support from a professional technician. 

It can have a burning smell because of a malfunction of the motor, drive belt, drive couplings, or other electrical elements. The issue can also be within a plug or socket. If you notice a burning stench, immediately unplug the device. Without doing so, there is a great risk of fire. After unplugging your machine, call the technician. 

Of all the possible odors that can come from your washer, the smell of rotten eggs and sewer stench are the most common. So what are the reasons why a washing machine smells like rotten eggs and sewage? The following information will answer that question and tell you what to do in that case.

Are you ready to get a new one?

Sometimes cleaning is not enough to banish the odor. Like any other household appliance, washing machines break down without any chance for repair. If there are still parts you can mend, it usually costs more than the new one. That’s why it’s reasonable to consider buying new, highly-efficient appliances.

Kenmore 28″, Top-Load

Kenmore 28-inch top-load washer

Maybe you’re looking for a cheap option that manages to wash the clothes as well as expensive alternatives do. The Kenmore top-load washer should be your choice. 

One of the disadvantages of top-load washers is the fewer cycles that they often have in comparison to other models. However, Kenmore is a top-load that has 12 customized cycles that you can choose from. With that number of alternatives for your clothes, you’ll never have any issues with effectiveness. 

With Kenmore, you can do Express washing if you need the clothes to be clean as soon as possible. Otherwise, use the Bulky Bedding setting if your bed sheets require a touch of freshness. All the same, you will be pleased with the final result.

 With this beast, you can do all of your laundry in one wash. Kenmore has a 4.2 cubic load capacity, meaning you can wash more than 9 kg at once. Doesn’t it sound like an economy of your time and effort? 

With Kenmore, you will forget about constant bending while loading your clothes. Just open the top machine door and throw the clothes in. It’s that easy and does not require any bends in your spine. With all the advantages the machine has, it is perfect for your laundry room.

Name28″ Top-Load Washer
Capacity4.2 cu. ft.
Item Weight134 Pounds
Max Spin Speed660 RPM
Product Dimensions27″D x 27.5″W x 43″H


  • Kenmore is a trusted brand.
  • It’s very quiet.
  • It does everything you’d expect.


  • The washing machine is not always available on Amazon.
  • The lid needs to be shut to fill with water.
  • It’s not a high-end option.
Here's a Kenmore machine.



If you’re a fan of front-load machines, the LG TurboWash is perfect for you. It has 14 different cycles to choose from. Your clothes will be as fresh and clean after washing as if you just bought them. 

LG Turbo has a capacity of 5.2 cubic feet and weighs approximately 239 pounds. Hardly ever do you see such a powerful machine. It not only takes care of a large number of clothes but also does it with high efficiency. 

The LG washer has a 1300 RPM speed, which is one of the best speeds a washing machine can have. The higher it is, the less water is left in your clothes after the end of a cycle. Having such a good model in your laundry room will be a pleasure for you.


  • It has more functionality than the Kenmore.
  • It looks stylish.
  • It works great.


  • The LG washer is not always available on Amazon.
  • Some people have had issues with warranty claims.
We love the steam technology.

LG WKGX201HBA 27 Inch Smart Gas Single Unit Tower


Have you ever felt regretful for spending so much time on laundry? What if there is an option to load your clothes and come at any time you want to take them out, already fresh and dry? This heaven becomes possible with the LG single-unit wash tower. 

The LG Tower is a machine that consists of two units; a washer and a dryer on top of it. This smart positioning is definitely advantageous for your space. Moreover, it can be installed anywhere you want because of the drying system without any vent. 

It has a 4.5-cubic foot capacity and easy-to-use settings. Because of its single-unit construction, it is gentler with your clothes than any other washer. It will carefully elevate your clothes to the dryer section, preventing any snagging and damage.

 It has fabric sensors and smart pairing functions. If you often struggle to choose the right cycle for different types of clothes, this function is a savior of your time. With such a helper at your disposal, you’ll forget any worries about your laundry.


  • We love it for apartments and other small places.
  • The design is sleek.
  • It’s very quiet.


  • It’s not cheap.
  • We wish it shipped faster.
  • The detergent dispenser feels cheap.
LG WashTower
It's great when you lack space.

Why trust us and how we picked?

It certainly isn’t easy to get rid of these pesky smells, but since they’re pretty common it’s easy to experiment and research with the solutions. That’s exactly what we did! Cleaners in the market in each budget category and brand were both tried and tested and we have provided you the top 3 right here. The best washers have also been listed after much research of customer reviews and trying out each product personally.

How much do they cost?

You can be done with cleaners like Active and Dr. Beckman within a range of just $8-16.

Washers and dryers are another ball game. Kenmore models like the one listed above is between $499- $620 depending on where you get it from. While LG models will be almost double the cost at $1100-1200. However, single unit Washtower design with dryer included will cost you around $2000 and upwards.

Factors to consider

Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for new washers:


How many members are in your family? Is it just you and your partner? Are there kids in the house and especially babies who frequently need changes and hence the laundry piles up quick. This will impact the size of your washer.


Stackable washer and dryers enable space saving that is much needed in cramped apartments. However, large spaces can make do with separate washer and dryers. Maybe you like to change things up a bit or are prone to moving around a lot – then portable washing machines are for you.

Preference of top/front load

There might not seem to be a difference but there are some. A top loading machine is easy on the back while the front load is not so much. A top loading machine doesn’t require a direct water connection while a front loading one does. However, a top loading washer can prove dangerous if the house doesn’t have earthed wiring. It’s not possible to load the front loading machine midway whereas a top loading machine provides this flexibility.

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