Homemade vinegar and baking soda rust remover

The fate of every iron object is to become rusty after some time. There is a popular belief that iron develops the orange flakes on its surface only when it is exposed to moisture.


The best homemade vinegar and baking soda metal rust removal remedy consists of soaking metals in a vinegar and salt solution and cleaning the items with baking soda and water. We tested the theory and it’s the most effective method for removing rust.

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Can rust be removed?

As you know, exposed metal will change over time, especially if not protected. After some time, it would develop a corrosive layer on the surface, whether you like it or not. The only solution for this issue is to find the methods that will help you remove them and use them in practice. 

The good news is that it is possible to get rid of annoying orange layers on your favorite tool. You only need to read this article to find the best remedy for any rusted item you may have. In that case, any small or large metal objects at your house will stay clean and safe.

Homemade vinegar and baking soda rust remover

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Baking soda is one of the more popular remedies against corrosion and probably something you have in storage in your kitchen. If you want to use it to fight this orange disease of iron, follow the next steps with our homemade vinegar and baking soda rust remover: 

Step 1: Wet the surface with water and then generously dust it with soda. 

Step 2: Leave the object covered with soda for about an hour. 

Step 3: Scrub the baking soda off using a wet pad. If there is a lot of rust, repeat the procedure until it all comes out. 

Using only one remedy can be helpful, but using two is even more effective. If you both have vinegar and baking soda at home, there’s no need to go out and spend money on already-made solutions. Everything that is required from you is to follow this step-by-step guide. 

How to clean corrosion and rust off metal with homemade vinegar and baking soda

  1. Prepare a solution of vinegar and salt. 

    There is an option only to sprinkle vinegar on the surface and then wait a certain period until it does its work. However, soaking is a better solution, especially for cleaning rusted screws. To make a solution, mix ½ cup salt and 8 cups white vinegar inside the plastic container.

  2. Soak the rusty items in a bowl

    The next step is to put objects that need to be cleaned into a pre-prepared solution. Then you should wait 10 to 12 hours for the corrosion to come off. 

  3. Neutralize the vinegar on the metal. 

    When the required amount of time has passed, you should pour the solution out of a plastic container. Keep all the objects inside while doing that.

  4. Clean items with baking soda and water. 

    To get rid of the vinegar that stays on the surface after soaking, make a solution from soda and water in the same plastic container or kitchen bowl. Let the items soak for 10 minutes, then rinse them with warm water. You should get a paste out of it. You can apply it with a toothbrush.baking soda

  5. Dry-clean the objects. 

    The final step is to dry everything thoroughly so the corrosion doesn’t have a chance to appear again.

It’s one of the best ways and old tricks in the book.

What is the best homemade solution without scrubbing?

When you face such a problem as corrosion, there are many different remedies that you can find on the internet. Some of them suggest scrubbing the surface with sandpaper or steel wool. It will be helpful for every large metal object, but anything with a detailed exterior needs other treatments. 

For cases without the scrubbing method, the best option is to use a cheap homemade vinegar and baking soda metal rust removal remedy. The other alternative methods involve lemon juice or even cola. Suppose you prefer to buy an already-made mixture. In that case, corrosion removers and converters are available on the market for this purpose.

Before going with an easier resolution, you should know that rust converters are expensive. They only transform rustiness into other protective layers. Mind that you will need to apply paint after using the converter so that the effect stays longer. Suppose you don’t have any spare money or prefer cheap alternative methods. In that case, you can try to remove corrosion with baking soda.

Best prevention sprays

You have figured out an effective way to remove the corrosive layer from your tools. It is time to think about how to protect them so that you wouldn’t see any orange coating on them any time soon. For that purpose, you can buy the best rust prevention sprays: They leave no chance for it to develop on any iron item for more than a year.

Cosmoline Rust Preventative Spray

Cosmoline Rust Preventative Spray is one of the most efficient sprays that create a durable wax coating. It is perfect for cars and small objects like rusty rings. You spray it, wait 25 minutes till it dries, and forget about corrosion for years.

The secret of this spray is that it creates a long-lasting wax coating on the surface. This coating is resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and salt. It’s not to mention that it prevents any moisture or air contact with the surface. It gives no chance for rust to develop. Once you purchase this product, any iron object you have becomes immune to corrosion.

NameCosmoline RP-342
BrandRP Military-Grade Rust Preventatives
Finish TypeGloss
Paint TypeSpray
Size12 Ounce (Pack of 1)


  • There’s a reason it’s called “heavy.”
  • The product definitely does what is advertised.
  • We love that it is military grade and 1-coat.


  • We wish it was more obvious how big a surface one can could cover.
  • Some may rather want more of an undercoat than a wax.
  • The can is more expensive than some alternatives.
  • It’s a bit more expensive but potentially worth it.
Protect your various surfaces.

WD-40 anti-rust spray

Have you ever imagined that one product could make you forget what corrosion looks like?WH-40 Anti-Rust Spray is a high-quality product that is capable of doing that. It is easy to apply. Once you spread it on the surface, it stays in place until it dries. You will have no trouble using it. 

WD-40 spray isolates iron from water and air. It also protects the metal from extreme weather conditions. If you use it for things that stay indoors, you can be sure that they are protected for more than two years. The lifespan of outdoor objects is one year without any signs of corrosion. If you are not a fan of polishing rusty items, make sure you have this magic spray in your garage.

NameWD-40 Specialist Corrosion Inhibitor
Country of OriginUSA
Item Weight8.0 ounces
Product Dimensions3 x 3 x 7 inches


  • It costs less than the product above.
  • It’s a trusted company.
  • It ranks toward the top in many tests.


  • The coating is potentially less strong than Cosmoline
  • You’ll need to figure out which specific products you want.

Best Commercial Products

Effectiveness is not the reason why you might prefer professional rust removal products over homemade remedies. There is no doubt that they guarantee better results and higher efficiency. However, you can expect from them not just high efficiency but the ease of usage as well. Those two advantages make them worth considering. Below are the three best rust removal products that will please you with great results once you buy them.



Suppose you need a fast solution for corrosion on any type of object. In that case, Evapo-Rust Remover is exactly what you need. This product is water-based. It contains no dangerous acids or fumes that can injure your respiratory tract. That’s why you can safely use it for cookware or any other iron items for daily use. 

All you need to do is soak rusty things in Evapo-Rust Remover, wait for some time, and then rinse them in water. You can also use corrosion-preventative spray for protection in the future. 

NameCRC Evapo-Rust
Item FormLiquid
Item Volume32 Fluid Ounces
Material FeatureNon-Toxic, Biodegradable, Water-based
Product Dimensions‎2 x 5 x 7.5 inches
Specific Uses For ProductAutomotive


  • It’s a great commercial product.
  • We love that it has no VOCs.
  • It’s very reasonably priced.


  • Make sure you get the right size.
  • Some people received the wrong size product.
Evapo-Rust Remover
It's very effective.


Home utensils can also develop corrosion. When it happens, it is better for you to have a good helper that effectively dissolves rust and leaves everything clean and shiny. CLEAN MY STEEL rust remover is exactly what your utensils need. It suits microwaves, sinks, refrigerators, grills, and other objects frequently used in your home. 

CLEAN MY STEEL’s product will remove rust, grease, built-up residue, and fingerprints that are common for all home appliances. Apply it on the surface, wait 5 minutes, and wipe it down. After these three simple steps, you will see nothing but a clean surface.


  • The protectant is great.
  • We love the all-round focus on removing rust and protecting.
  • It took away all the rust on an object after two passes.


  • It’s a more pricey product.
Use it on steel.

WD-40 Rust Remover

If you prefer to avoid the tiring task of scrubbing, WD-40 Rust Remover is what you need. After purchasing it, you will realize how easy and fast removing corrosion can be. This product is perfect for small iron objects. All you need to do is soak them in it and wait for the results. There is also an option to use an applicator and spray it on a big surface.

Whatever surface you have, WD-40 rust remover will make it clean. Moreover, it does not contain any harmful elements. Every constituent of this solution is biodegradable, which is important for safe use.


  • We loved the product that we received.
  • It’s non-toxic.
  • It’s made with biodegradable ingredients.


  • Surprisingly, they have very few reviews.
WD-40 Specialist
WD-40 is a trusted brand.

Other homemade fixes

You would be surprised at how many remedies for corrosion you can find on the internet. Some of them are more helpful; other ones are less so. It is entirely up to you to select one. You might not have vinegar or baking soda at home, but a lemon could be in your refrigerator. You can as well use it to fight corrosion.

Do it using lemon juice

For this popular method, you will need lemon, salt, and a metal brush. Once you have all the items, follow the next steps. 

Step 1: Make a lemon juice and salt coating for rusty items. 

You can rub the places of corrosion with a piece of lemon or directly spray lemon juice on them. Then sprinkle salt on a wet surface to form a thick coating. Then spray some more lemon juice. 

Step 2: Wait a couple of hours and scrub the coating off. 

During the second step, you don’t have to do much except check if the corrosive part loosens. When you see that it did, use the metal brush to remove the coating. Don’t overdo the scrubbing part so as not to damage the metal surface. 

Step 3: Rinse the surface and dry it. 

The final step is to rinse the object with water and then make sure to dry it completely. This method is efficient for small areas of corrosion. If, after the final step, you see some orange traces, try other methods.

What causes rust?

The science behind rust is surprising. You might be surprised to see it on objects you’ve safely protected from rain. However, the cause of a reddish surface is not water but oxygen.

Which metals can rust?

Let’s look at metals that rust and those that don’t. Not every metal rusts. For example, anything made of aluminum, silver, gold, titanium, bronze, or brass will not develop any orange coating with time. Unfortunately, not all objects are made of noble metals. Such items as bolts, knives, screwsdrill bits, etc., are destined to face rustiness. The sooner you figure out how to remove corrosion from your tools, the better.

How to remove it from tools with coke

Coca-Cola is one of the drinks that can both refresh you and remove rust from your tools. This unexpected effect is caused by the phosphoric acid found in some drinks. However, its percentage is lower than in professional cleaners. Due to this fact, you will have to wait more time for a proper result. 

Even if cola works slower than other remedies, it is still helpful. You can use it if you don’t have the ingredients for other alternative methods. Here are a few steps to take to remove corrosion with cola.

Step 1: Soak rusty iron in cola.

Fill the plastic or glass container with cola and put the rusty objects in it. Let them soak for about 24 hours. If you need to clean massive objects like parts of your car, you can scrub them with aluminum foil. Before scrubbing, pour some cola onto the foil. 

Step 2: Scrub the piece with a nonmetal scrubbing pad. 

After 24 hours have passed, take the things out of the container and scrub them with a nonmetal pad. If there are any remaining orange spots, feel free to repeat the soaking process. 

Step 3: Rinse and dry the items.

Finally, rinse everything with water for deeper cleaning, and then let them dry. It will also be good to apply a layer of corrosion-preventative sprays as a final touch.

Another tip is to cut a potato in half. It has lots of oxalic acid in it and can remove rust stains for that reason. It’s yet another natural option for your bicycle or tools.

Rust spots can easily be removed from your favorite knife or other pieces in your kitchen. While there are many ways to deal with it and advanced recipes, vinegar and baking soda are so easy. You don’t even have to put in a lot of elbow grease. It’s a green and environmentally-friend option. It’s even inexpensive and non-toxic.

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