What are Torx head screws?

You are most likely familiar with regular slot-head and cross-head screws that are most commonly used whenever a screw is needed. When doing some repairs for your vehicle or computer system, you will encounter the Torx head screw.

Without knowing useful information about this type, you will struggle to remove it and continue your repair process. Keep reading to learn about stripped screw removal and what Torx head screws are in general.


Torx head screws are a type of screw drive that has a 6-point star-shaped pattern. The best way to remove stripped crews is with the kit from RWYMQWT. The T30 is a type of Torx screwdriver with a strong, well-balanced design.

Torx head screws are becoming more popular, and you should use them in your future projects. The best Torx screwdriver set is Acroma’s 12-piece Magnetic Torx Set which contains 12 screwdrivers of different sizes.

ace torx set

What is a Torx Screw?

With fasteners, it is often the case that they do not secure things to the maximum extent. Over time they become loose and require replacement. For this reason, Torx were invented that are more durable and can manage torques better than their alternatives. 

This type has a characteristic feature of a star-shaped head that requires a suitable screwdriver. It is often used in vehicles, computers, motorcycles, and bicycles because of its higher level of security.

Those screws firmly fasten mechanical parts and make them unmovable. The screwdrivers used for them also last longer than the regular ones because of a lower friction point while unscrewing. 

Because of being that advantageous, these fastening items are gaining more popularity with time. Internal Torx screws are the most commonly used, but external ones are equally popular for the same security reasons. 

Best set

Removing Torx screws is a struggle if you don’t have a proper screwdriver set. It is impossible, so the most reasonable thing for you is to purchase the best Torx screwdriver set once and forget about any difficulties in the future. 

Acroma’s 12-Piece Magnetic Torx Set is the finest option in the market. It’s because of its attractive design, durability, and simplicity in use. 

It consists of 12 screwdrivers of different sizes. Those are:

  • T5
  • T6
  • T7
  • T8
  • T9
  • T10
  • T15
  • T20
  • T25
  • T27
  • T30
  • and T40. 

There is no way you could not have one that fits the type you have. Each item in the set has a non-slip handle. It will be not only comfortable to hold them but also to control them. The material of the handle is also long-lasting. 

The shank is made of steel and has a black coating on the tip that provides longer life. The tip is also magnetized, which is extremely useful when you deal with screws. All items from the set are organized in a tool bag that is easy to carry and store. If you need to repair your phone or home appliances, Acroma Set is the best choice for you.


  • It’s a great value set.
  • It has everything to get you started.
  • The case it came in was nicer than expected.
  • The durability is pretty high up there for the money.


  • It’s not sold by a big, reputable company.
  • We wish the screwdrivers were a bit longer, but it’s not something you can’t deal with.
We love this set.

Different Torx screw sizes chart

craftsman torx set

Torx comes in different sizes, and you should match the screwdriver with each size accordingly. Internal stars are labeled with the letter “T” and external ones with the letter “E.” In the same manner, internal and external fasteners have different size charts. For your convenience, look at each of them and find a suitable screwdriver for your Torx head.

Size chart


Internal Torx sizePoint to Point (inch)Screw Diameter


External Torx sizePoint to Point (inch)Screw Diameter

As you see, there are different sizes and varieties of star fasteners. If you need one, you can buy a Glarks Torx set with 6 high-quality screws of different sizes and a T25 bit for their installation.

Each of the stars is made of 301 stainless steel. This material is strong and resistant to rust. You would not need to change those fasteners for new ones because of their long and faithful service. 


  • It’s always a great present for a dad that you know.
  • The screws are of pretty reasonable quality.
  • The delivery came in quickly.


  • They perform better with pilot holes.
Glarks 211Pcs
It includes everything you need.

Every Torx screw has a different size:

  • 1/2”(13mm)
  • 5/8”(16mm)
  • 3/4”(19mm)
  • 1″(25mm)
  • 1-1/4”(32mm)
  • 1-1/2” (38mm).

Before purchasing, make sure that the set contains the one you need. Moreover, the stars have button-type heads. 

If you need a star fastener for your car, you might want one that nobody can remove without special equipment to protect yourself from theft.

The heads of screws in Glarks’ set are tamper-proof, guaranteeing their safety against undesirable removal. You can get them out only with the help of T25 bit, and no one except you possesses it. 

Glark fasteners are easy to install. There is no need for an additional hole. They have a self-drill tip that easily inserts into metal, wood, and other surfaces. You can rarely find such high-quality fasteners as those in Glark’s set. That’s why it is better not to hesitate in choosing one.

What are security screws?

One of the things we expect screws to do is to keep things attached for a long period of time. Regular cross-head and slot-head are commonly used.

In the long run, they often fail to meet your expectations. On the other hand, security Torx screws are perfect fasteners because of their tamper-proof design. 

Unlike the regular one, a security Torx screw has a pin in the center that provides additional security. It is impossible to remove this fastener without a specific screwdriver. It is a good and relatively cheap way to protect your vehicle or other valuable things from theft.

What is a T15, T20, T25, & T30?

Torx screws have different sizes. You will need a special, suitable screwdriver to install or remove them. T15, T20, T25, and T30 are some of the star sizes.

The letter T in front of the numbers signifies the internal trx. T15 is 0.128 inches or 3.25 mm in point-to-point measurements, and M3.5-M4 is the diameter of the screw.

The point-to-point size of T20 is 0.151 inches (3.83 mm), and the diameter is M4-M5. Regarding T25, this one is 0.173 inches, 44 mm, and M4.5-M5 in diameter. Finally, T30 is 0.216 inches or 5.48 mm. It also has an M6-M7 screw diameter. 

If you have one of those fasteners or all of them, you can buy a 5-piece AKTOO set. Each piece in this set is made of durable steel with magnetic heads. They are easy and comfortable to use because of their anti-slip handles.

Head StyleTorx
Item Weight‎9.6 ounces
MaterialChrome Vanadium Steel
Package Dimensions‎9.69 x 3.23 x 0.94 inches


  • We like the magnetic tip.
  • The quality is alright for hobby use.
  • The product arrived quickly.


  • They’re not the highest quality screwdrivers out there, but neither is the price.
  • The grips are small.
It's a convenient little set.

Stripped screw removal

If you were making some repairs and accidentally stripped the head of a screw, there is no need to worry. Even when it feels impossible to get a damaged screw out, there are some useful tips and tools you can use to make it happen.

First of all, you should stop doing whatever made your fastener strip. It will prevent further irreversible damage and give you more chances to get a screw out with less effort.

Using power tools to remove the star fastener is often not the best choice. It’s because it does not allow you to control the pressure. That technique can do you more harm than good. 

Instead of power tools, use hand tools that give you more control over your movements. If the screwdriver you’re applying does not manage to get the stripped screw out, try to use the one with a bigger head. There is no need to rush, so move the screwdriver slowly and carefully so as not to worsen the state of the stripped Torx.

One of the useful tricks you can try is using a rubber band. You can place it between the screwdriver head and the Torx and hope it will fill in the stripped parts. It is also better to change the current size of screwdrivers to a bigger size for better effectiveness.

Suppose you cannot remove the fastener completely. In that case, you can use pliers and turn them slowly in the right direction until it comes out completely. 

The other methods that can help you to remove stripped fasteners involve using a magnet, a hammer, or even heat. Magnets can help you to retrieve the piece if it is stuck deeply in the hole.

A popular tip is to use a hammer and screwdriver. For this one, you should hit the screwdriver with a hammer once it is attached to the head. That should make it more loose and easy to retrieve. The heat is also used to loosen the star.

The previous methods require a lot of effort and do not always lead to successful results. For that reason, you can invest in items designed to remove stripped tees. They guarantee an efficient outcome for as little effort as possible.

Extractor Kit

The RWYMQWT extractor kit for stripped and damaged screws consists of six pieces suitable for any drill and damaged screws of different sizes. It is easy to use. All you need to do is follow two simple steps.

First, insert the remover head into the drill and make a hole inside a stripped fastener. For this task, you should use a smaller drill than the damaged head of a screw. 

The second step is to change the drill tip to an extraction head and use it to remove the fastener. You should do this at low speed, slightly pressing the drill to get a desirable result.

The extractors in this kit are made of high-speed steel with 63 HRC of hardness. Simply put, this kit is durable and will serve to remove any other stripped fasteners in the future.


  • We tried it on stripped Ikea screws, and it worked.


  • It may not work with all screws.
  • The instructions weren’t great.
  • It’s a cheap kit.
Extractor Kit
It's compact and useful.

Screw Grab

The rubber band method is cheap, but it does not guarantee 100% success. Instead of using rubber bands, you can buy Solder-It screw grabs that are easy and effective to use. Keep in mind that this method will not work with extremely stripped screws. Before applying it to fasteners with damaged heads, you should shake it. 

You may wonder how GRAB works. It simply fills in the stripped parts of the metal surface and makes it easier for a screwdriver to fit. Then it becomes easy and effortless to get the fastener out. If you have no intention of playing with a rubber band and screwdriver, Solder-It Grab is an effective way to save your time and energy.


  • You’ll want to put this in your toolbox.
  • It worked as we had expected.
  • A reluctant screw came out with two minutes of work using this.
  • Free returns


  • The reviews are either very much in favor or very much against it.
Extractor Liquid
It really works.

THINKWORK extractor set

Maybe you are looking for a kit that will manage any size and any type of damaged fasteners. The THINKWORK extractor set is the best choice. It contains 20 pieces of extractors in 10 different sizes.

These extractors are suitable for metal and wood screws as well as hex and lag bolts. They will successfully get out fractured, damaged, broken, or rusty fasteners. 

Torx bit socket

This kit also contains a bit adapter, a bit holder, a Y-type hook driver, and an M35 high-hardness drill bit. All the pieces are securely packed in an easy-to-carry case where they are stored in order. You can buy this set once and be sure that it will be a faithful helper for a long time in the future.


  • It’s a bigger set than the previous one.
  • It works great for the price.
  • We tried it on a stripped screw, and it worked.


  • It feels a bit cheap.
  • You may need a different set for larger bolts.
It's a more encompassing set.
Torx drivers

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