7 things to put in air fryers to substitute parchment paper

With the invention of air fryers, cooking is no longer the time-consuming and strenuous task it once was. All you need to put a good meal on the table now are the necessary ingredients and a piece of parchment paper. Once you’ve lined the air fryer with parchment paper, you can sit back and watch the meal cook itself. In addition, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the grease off the air fryer tray even after you’re done. Instead, you can remove the paper and throw it in the trash.


Yes, there are several things you can put in the air fryer instead of parchment paper. The best thing to put in the air fryer instead of parchment paper is Lotteli’s reusable silicone liners. Our runner-up for the best alternative to parchment paper and air fryers is a silicone pot, although it may not get you the same crisp.

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Parchment paper has thus become a modern-day kitchen staple. From wrapping tortillas and absorbing excess grease to lining oven trays and air fryers, it’s a must-have product. But what happens if you run out of parchment paper? Of course, having substitutes is always a wise choice. Especially when continued use of parchment paper increases waste and could ultimately prove heavy on your wallet. So are there any substitutes that compare to the easy-going parchment paper?

pizza on parchment paper

Best things to put in air fryers to substitute parchment paper

We’ve compiled the best products you can use in an air fryer instead of parchment paper. These products are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. They include:

Lotteli Kitchen’s Reusable Silicone Liners

You might have convinced yourself that parchment paper is the most convenient and economical option for your kitchen. However, Lotteli Kitchen’s reusable silicone liners urge you to reconsider. These liners are eco-friendly, but they also guarantee to improve the overall cooking experience. They’re made from food-grade, premium-quality silicone. They’re free of any BPA or plastic. With high heat resistance, you can use the liners for cooking anything from chicken pot pie to a fruit cake.

The liners are designed keeping in mind the air circulation of an air fryer. With the perforated design, you’re ensured even cooking with no bits left uncooked or cold. It perfectly sits on the base of the basket, preventing any grease from collecting at the corner. Once you’re done preparing the meal, you can run the silicone mat under soapy water to remove any oil. And just like that, your liner is ready to be used again!

Customers rated the product highly for its ease of use and cleaning. It’s also appreciated for providing excellent value for money. Investing in the flexible and waterproof liner means you’re good to go for months. You no longer have to worry about devoting hours to cleaning the air fryer or restocking parchment sheets.

Brand NameLOTTELI KITCHEN Reusable Silicone Liners
Product Dimensions9 x 9 x 0.1 inches
Item Weight10.2 ounces


  • They’re an absolute breeze to clean with their non-stick features.
  • It’s a game-changer.
  • They come in several different sizes available.
  • The different sizes fit different types of air fryers.
  • They got clean when they were thrown in the dishwasher.


  • They’re not always available in the square 8.5″.
Great liners for your kitchen projects.

Bykitchen’s Non-Stick Parchment Paper

If you’re tired of the flimsy parchment sheets sold at the supermarket, you’re not alone. They’re unable to stay put unless a heavy object is placed on top. Even then, they’re prone to sliding. Bykitchen’s parchment paper is a revolutionary product that fixes all the flaws in a traditional parchment sheet. It’s made of wood pulp, making it relatively thicker in size. Bykitchen uses food-grade pulp that is 100% non-toxic and safe to use. It also has a high heat resistance which means it can withstand up to 446°F.

The perforated air fryer liners are available in six different sizes. Since the sheets are made out of the pulp, they’re non-stick. But that’s not all. They’re also oil-proof and waterproof. So regardless of what you’re cooking, there’s no chance that the oil will leak into the air fryer basket.

If you’re baking bread, you might be concerned the paper will make it soggy and wet at the bottom. But with these sheets, you can rest assured that your bread will come out fresh and airy. The holes in the pre-cut liners ensure even cooking. So you can go ahead and bake a cake without the fear of the center being left uncooked. Since the liners are cut to fit your air fryer basket precisely to the inch, they’re designed to be tear-proof.

Switching to the on-stick parchment liners speeds up the prep time and reduces the time and effort it takes to clean up after.

Brand NameParchment Paper/Bamboo Steamer Paper
Item Weight6.7 ounces
Package Dimensions7.44 x 7.09 x 0.75 inches


  • It makes cleaning a lot easier.
  • They’re available, ranging from 5 inches to 10 inches.
  • The cost per sheet is low.
  • The holes in the parchment ensure proper crispiness.


  • Parchment paper is not reusable.
ByKitchen parchment paper
The parchment paper that ensures your food turns out perfect.

Simple Lyfe’s Silicone Pot

Are you looking for a parchment sheet substitute that is both easy to use and offers an excellent value for money? Well, look no further because Simple Lyfe has got you covered. Its silicone pot is designed exclusively for air fryers. With elements like raised lines running along the pot’s surface, cleaning is made much more manageable. It also improves the air circulation within the pot, so no part of your food is left uncooked.

The platinum silicone is a premium quality, non-toxic, non-stick, and BPA-free material. It’s also highly heat-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the pot melting or catching on fire if left in for too long. In addition, the pot is specifically made to be thicker. So it has both the structural integrity and weight capacity to support an entire family-sized meal.

With a traditional parchment or aluminum liner, you’re always either looking to restock or worrying about any spillage. But with Simple Lyfe’s silicone pot, you can rest assured the food is safely contained within the deep tub. In addition to reduced chances of oil drippings coating your air fryer basket, you’re also relieved of the harsh cleaning after. You can get the pot back to brand new by simply running it under warm water.

The platinum silicone pot has handles attached on either side, making removal easier. It also makes it possible to drop in the pot into a preheated air fryer without burning your fingers. The product is celebrated amongst homeowners for its convenience and sturdiness. The pot is not flimsy enough to fold on itself, unlike parchment paper. Ultimately, this is a reasonable investment for anyone who regularly uses an air fryer.

NamePremium Silicone Pot
Item Weight9.9 ounces
ManufacturerSimple Lyfe
Package Dimensions11.02 x 7.24 x 3.23 inches


  • There are 3 different sizes available. T
  • The pot is incredibly convenient to take out of the air fryer.
  • It’s very easy to clean.
  • The silicone pot feels durable.


  • We wish there were holes at the bottom to better ensure crispiness.
Simple Lyfe
Here's a silicone pot that will change your life.

Demedo’s Reusable Liners with Raised Silicone:

Maybe you’re tired of single-use parchment sheets because they create too much waste and are a hassle to restock every time. Demedo might have a product for you. The reusable air fryer liners are made of BPA-free and non-stick silicone, which is an excellent investment for your kitchen. The mats are available in either a square or round shape, with two different size options. They’re the ideal replacement for parchment paper. In fact, they might even be the better choice.

The silicone mat can withstand heat up to 460°F, so they’re perfectly safe for your air fryer. Additionally, they’re non-stick. So you no longer have to worry about your sweets sticking to the surface. Maybe your air fryer’s non-stick surface has been scratched off. It’s more cost-efficient to purchase these mats instead of a new basket. The liners are perforated and slightly raised, which helps create an even heat circulation and improve the airflow. As the heat is distributed more evenly, the food cooks much better with reduced chances of burning.

Once you’re done preparing the meal, all you need to do is remove the mat and rinse it with water. Gone are the days of aggressively scrubbing your air fryer basket clean of any grease or burnt food bits. With Demedo’s silicone liners, you guarantee longer life for your air fryer with less frequent repairs.

The product has received positive reviews from many customers, with most appreciating the stern yet flexible structure of the mat.


  • The little spikes ensure really good airflow.
  • They’re worth the money.
  • They’re easy to clean.
  • They do what they’re supposed to.


  • They are often not available on Amazon.
  • We wish there were an even bigger option.
Non-stick silicone for your kitchen wonders.

Silpat’s Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

You may have heard of a Silpat baking mat for baking cookies and macarons. What if we told you it could also be used to line an air fryer? The silicone baking sheet has proven to be significantly successful with an oven. It’s made of a non-stick and highly heat-resistant material, an ideal substitute for parchment paper.

With a wide variety of sizes available, all you need to do is measure the dimensions of your air fryer basket. Then find your perfect match! Customers have rated it as easy-to-use and versatile. Since the sheet is washable, it’s an excellent investment in an eco-friendly option. The mat is made of fiberglass mesh and food-grade silicone, so it’s likely to last you a couple of decades.

The material’s structure allows for even heat distribution, ensuring your food is cooked thoroughly. If that wasn’t enough, its non-stick surface lets you cook anything without so much so leaving a stain. You can quickly melt caramel or taffy without the fear of it burning your sheet or getting stuck to the bottom of the air fryer. The Silpat baking mat is an excellent way to protect your air fryer against scratches or grease buildup. It perfectly lines the air fryer basket and collects any oil drippings from leaking. After you’re done cooking, you can remove the sheet and rinse it for your next meal.

Silpat guarantees better treatment for your air fryer and reduced waste. Essentially, you’re not only helping your air fryer last longer but also contributing more to the environmental cause.


  • They’re not sticking on them at all.
  • They’re great for making coconut macaroons on.
  • It feels good to be eco-friendly.
  • They’re easy to use.


  • We’re unsure how long they will last.
Silpat baking mat
Here's the baking mat you will come to love.

Infraovens’ Unbleached Parchment Sheets

With a pack of 100 pre-cut sheets, you won’t have to worry about running out soon. The unbleached sheets are available in five size options, ranging from small to XXXL. The variety in size makes it compatible with any make or model of air fryer you may have. What truly sets these sheets apart is that no bleaching chemical was used to lighten the paper. So if you’ve ever been concerned about chemicals seeping into your food, the Infraoven’s sheets take care of that.

The perforated sheets allow better airflow, which significantly improves the cooking process and reduces cooking time. From a small pot pie to a rotisserie chicken, you can rest assured that your food will cook throughout. Once you’ve lined your air fryer basket with an Infraoven’s parchment sheet, you won’t have to worry about any grease buildup in the basket. It effectively collects any excess oil or drippings from the sauce. You won’t even have to clean the basket afterward. That’s how good the sheets are!

Forget about scraping burnt food off the edges of the air fryer. The pre-cut sheets cover the entire basket, so nothing falls off. It’s reviewed positively by customers and critics alike. To make things even better, Infraoven throws in a reusable grilling mat at zero cost for each pack of sheets purchased. You can wash the mat in the dishwasher. Before you know it, it’s ready for use again. The Infraoven sheets elevate the overall cooking experience and significantly improve the life of your fryer. With no scratchings on the basket, the non-stick layer remains intact. You can continue using it indefinitely.


  • We love that the parchment paper is unbleached.
  • Cleanup is easy.
  • They’re available in different sizes.


  • They’re not reusable.
  • We wish the holes were closer together to ensure more crispiness.
  • We’d choose the other parchment paper product over this.

Wavelu’s Premium Silicone Pot:

The premium quality silicone pot by Wavelu has been designed to improve your kitchen experience. It makes the cooking process a whole lot easier, but it also saves time cleaning. So if you’ve been planning to take up gardening or knitting but could never find the spare time, this might be a solution. You can place your ingredients inside the silicone pot. And once done cooking, you need to rinse it to remove any grease or food bits.

It’s available in two different sizes – large and X large. The circular pot has a ridged base, where the elevated lines make it easier to clean. The base also tilts slightly towards the edge of the pot. So any grease or oil drippings from the food can drain into the side. The pot is fitted with two holders, allowing you to comfortably squeeze in your fingers to lift it out from the air fryer.

The premium silicone is ideal for an air fryer because it’s a highly heat-resistant material that can withstand up to 450°F. The structure allows for smooth heat distribution, so the food is cooked at an even temperature. Similarly, it doesn’t restrict air circulation. So you can even put in an entire turkey leg, and it will be cooked through and through. The non-stick property of the silicone means no food gets stuck to the pot, and there’s no grease buildup. You can burn your food to a crisp, and all it would need to clean the pot is just water.

The Wavely silicone pot is a one-time investment into a hassle-free future. It is an eco-friendly option that is also light on your wallet.


  • We love the thicker and stiffer sides.
  • Cleaning is really easy.
  • They come in two different sizes.
  • They cook the food well, but the restricted airflow means less air at the bottom.


  • It¨s more expensive than the other silicone pot.
WAVELU Silicone Pot 
Here's another silicone pot.

Can you use parchment paper?

It quickly became a kitchen staple, with rolls of parchment paper available at the departmental store at meager prices. It’s a highly versatile product. It’s whether you’re lining your baking tray with a parchment sheet or using it to remove excess grease from an oven-baked pizza. But is parchment paper safe for direct use in an air fryer? It has been declared safe to line over a baking tray. However, the rules are slightly different when it comes to direct exposure to warm air.

The consensus is that even though it isn’t ideal to use a parchment sheet, there’s no harm either. It can block up to the majority of the fryer’s airflow. It may inhibit the fryer’s ability to cook food evenly, but that’s it. But if you’re making a dish where the grease must drain away, you might have a problem.

And if you’re using low-grade paper, there’s a high risk of the paper catching on fire or burning your food. So if you must use parchment paper, make sure you purchase a high-quality one. And even then, don’t use it for recipes that release a decent amount of oil.

baked good on parchment paper

Maybe you’re concerned about what’s the right way to place a parchment sheet onto an air fryer. Here are a few steps to get you started:

french bread on parchment paper

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