7 reasons a smoke detector beeping with a new battery

While they are effective in detecting smoke, these devices can also be lifesavers in case of a disaster. As soon as a fire forms inside your house, these detectors use special sensors to pick up the smoke way before you do.

They broadcast a loud noise all over your house so you can be warned and take the necessary action as soon as possible.

While they do a good job, they have been designed for the purpose. Smoke detectors can also be inconvenient, especially when they go off randomly.

There are many reasons why these devices could be randomly triggered, and we will explore them later in this article. 

But because they are not wired into your house’s electrical system, these devices are powered up by a couple of batteries. When they get depleted, and you change them, you might notice that the detector is continuously beeping.


The most common reasons a smoke detector is beeping with a new battery are that the unit is malfunctioning and there’s a lot of humidity in the air. However, a smoke detector can also be beeping if dirt is stuck inside the unit.

In this article, we’ll also go through the following topics:

  • The best detectors
  • How to change the battery

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If you are confused, continue reading as we show you 7 reasons a smoke detector is beeping with a new battery. There could be several issues at hand, and you might have to call an electrician!

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Reasons a smoke detector beeping with a new battery

Changing the battery will solve most of the problems if your smoke detector is not working. But in rare cases, the detector will continue chirping even after changing the battery.

It might be difficult to explain the exact reason, but below, you have a couple of them that you should consider. 

Here are the reasons a smoke detector is beeping with a new battery.

  • The wire is grounded.
  • The batteries need to be changed.
  • It could be coming from somewhere else.
  • The silence button is activated.
  • Malfunctioning
  • Humid air
  • Dirt

1. The wire is grounded.

If the alarms are interconnected, they will chirp every 5 seconds if this connection is grounded. While this is not a common reason for the smoke alarm to keep beeping, you should make sure that the interconnect wire is not grounded.

2. The batteries are not fresh.

Another reason to consider is the state of the batteries you just purchased. When these batteries are stored in cold areas or refrigerators, they lose their charge more quickly. Maybe they were transported and stored in cold conditions before they reached the shop. 

As a result, they lost a lot of charge since they left the factory. Check the freshness date on the package when you purchase batteries in a pack, and make sure they are not too old. 

You should also purchase several more and keep them stored in your place. This way, you will make sure they don’t get depleted by keeping them away from cold environments. 

3. The sound is coming from somewhere else.

These alarms make a very generic sound when their battery is depleted. If you have many things in your room, consider the possibility of the chirping sound coming from elsewhere than the smoke detector.

Some gadgets feature a similar sound when their battery is depleted. Pay close attention to the sound and identify the source correctly.

4. You pressed the silence button.

While operating the smoke detector to change the batteries, maybe you pushed the silence button by mistake.

Because it is difficult to notice, the alarm will make a beeping sound once a minute for up to 15 minutes. It will warn you that the siren will stop working and won’t broadcast the loud alarm in case of an emergency.

Check the device’s buttons and ensure the detector is working properly. Perform another reset if you have to, which will resume the alarm to its original state.

5. The unit is malfunctioning.

These devices will break down over time as they have a limited lifespan. When a fresh set of batteries doesn’t solve the problem, it means that the issue is internal, and it is not much you can do about it. 

Consider purchasing new smoke detectors and also upgrading to better models that last longer. See below where we recommend the best 3 models we could find.

6. A lot of humidity in the air

Air humidity can sometimes be mistaken by detectors by some types of units.

7. Dirt is stuck inside

If your unit has a bunch of dirt in it, you can try using a vacuum to clean it to get it back in working order. Compressed air can also be used to blow out dirt.

Best products

Google Nest Protect

Many smoke detectors are available on the market, but none is as good as the one manufactured by Google.

It has sensors that detect both carbon monoxide and smoke generated by fires. When there is a fire in your home, a voice will also communicate the room or the location of the hazard.

You can install an app on your phone to be alerted even if you are away from home. The detector looks for carbon monoxide and tells you where it is located thanks to its performant sensor.

You can also silence the alarm directly through your app, as this device is modern and digital.

BrandGoogle Nest Protect
Item Dimensions LxWxH5.3 x 1.5 x 5.3 inches
Item Weight1 Pound
Power SourceBattery Powered


  • We love this design over other comparable products.
  • It’s a welcomed surprise that the alarm doesn’t need to be an insane noise.
  • We love how it connects to an app where you can control it from.


  • It’s a pricier product than others.
  • We wish you customize the verbal part so it would give more precise instructions.
Google Nest Protect
The Nest Protect looks so smooth.

First Alert Z-Wave

First Alert Z-Wave

This battery-operated device can accurately detect smoke and prevent early fires from extending by alerting you of the danger. First Alert smoke alarms are generally known to have superior quality compared to other models. Lately, this company has implemented some modern technology as well.

It works with Ring Alarm or Samsung SmartThings so that you can control and operate this detector from your phone. To keep your family safe, this device is powered by 2 AA batteries which are easy to access and replace. Because it is a photoelectric smoke detector, its accuracy is greatly increased.

The horn is powerful and loud and can broadcast the siren at 85 decibels. This loud noise will get your attention once a dangerous situation is signaled. Photoelectric smoke detectors are highly effective and can recognize the smoke better than ionized ones. 

That is why this First Alert unit can reduce false alarms caused by cooking or shower steam. You can install this device in the kitchen without disconnecting it when cooking a grand meal. 

You can also place one device in the bathroom, and you won’t have to turn it off while taking a steamy shower. Several positive reviews show that this company always delivers what it promises, and this high-quality product offers more value than what it is worth. 

BrandFirst Alert Z-Wave
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.66 x 6.75 x 8.5 inches
Item Weight0.68 Pounds
Power SourceBattery Powered
Sensor TypeElectrochemical, Photoelectric


  • It’s a much more affordable option.
  • It does what it’s supposed to.
  • They’re easy to install.


  • You won’t get the fancy features of the Nest.
  • Google’s app experience is much better.
  • It uses a lot of battery compared to other options.
First Alert Z-Wave 
It's more budget-friendly.


Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Kidde is a famous company in this industry, and its smoke detectors are known to be reliable and safe. The high number of positive customer reviews shows that this company always delivers what it promises. This particular model has many features that will increase your comfort and safety.

LED lights will display the level of the battery charge, and a friendly voice will be broadcasted when there is a danger. The device can differentiate between smoke and carbon monoxide, so the voice will tell you which one of the dangers you are facing.

In case of low battery, the voice will inform you about changing them. It protects you even during power outages. You also get a 10-year limited warranty when you place your order. 


  • We trust Kidde
  • It works as intended.
  • It’s budget-friendly.


  • It’s not a fancy alarm.
Here's another great model from a trusted brand.

How to change the battery

When it runs out of battery, it will warn you by broadcasting a specific sound. Purchase new batteries that are compatible with your device. After you have them, remove the alarm from the ceiling and open its cover to expose the depleted batteries.

You might have to press and hold the test button for a couple of seconds to reset the device fully. However, not all models are reset this way, and you might have to check the manual for more instructions. A full reset is necessary to drain the charge that is left inside, so you can start fresh with new batteries that are fully loaded.

After the reset, insert the new batteries and close the compartment. While you still have the smoke detector in your hands, cleaning it properly with a microfiber cloth is recommended. These devices do not get cleaned often, and you must maintain them properly to ensure a long lifespan.

Finally, press the test button again. It will confirm that the alarm is working properly. All you have to do is place it on the ceiling and let it do its job. 

Make sure that you change the battery out with one that has not been exposed ot low temperatures. You want your unit to have a strong power source, and low temperatures are harsh on batteries. If you have a battery drawer in your proximity, grab one from there. However, never store them in the fridge.

How do you reset the smoke alarm after replacing the battery?

It is recommended to reset the smoke alarm after you replace its battery. It ensures that there is no residual charge left over that could interfere with the functionality of your smoke detector. Resetting it is easy.

Take out the drained battery after removing the cover and press the test button for up to 30 seconds. It should fully reset the alarm and drain any charge left inside. If this procedure does not work, it means that your model requires a different operation.

Check the manual for further instructions the manufacturer provides and follow the steps presented there. 

It beeps 5 times then stops.

Your smoke detector will communicate with you through various signals. The most important one is the loud siren that will warn everyone inside a building about the presence of smoke. When there is smoke, it means there is fire, too, and you should take the necessary action to protect yourself.

But these devices can broadcast different sounds for various reasons. For example, five beeps on a smoke alarm mean the end of its life. It informs you that getting a new one would be a great idea. These devices have a limited life span and will lose performance after some time.

If your alarm beeps five times every 15 minutes, it is a clear warning that the device is dying. This signal is different than the low-battery one, where the smoke detector chirps only once. Deal with this issue immediately and avoid putting yourself at risk. 

It beeps once a day.

There are a couple of reasons why your smoke detector beeps once a day. The most common one is related to the batteries of this device which need to be changed regularly. When the batteries get depleted, the smoke detector will inform you.

An alarm will sound every 60 seconds for a minimum of 7 days. Every day at the same hour, you should hear the same sound, signaling that the device is running out of power. All you have to do is to replace the depleted batteries with brand-new charged ones.

Some models have a low battery hush button that silences them for up to 12 hours. This way, you can mute the annoying sound after acknowledging the problem. 

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