Men’s to Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Shoes are important in our day-to-day lives, both for safety and stylish purposes. These should be picked carefully since they decide your comfort and ease of walking.

Picking a shoe that is too large will make you struggle to keep them in place. On the other hand, one that is too small will cause pain and make walking difficult.


You convert from men’s to women’s shoe sizes by subtracting 1.5 or using the conversion chart. You convert from women’s shoe sizes to men’s by adding 1.5.

As a consequence, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • Women’s shoe size 9 is a men’s 10.5
  • Size 10 men’s shoes to women are 8.5.
women's shoes

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Men’s & women’s shoe size conversion chart

We made an in-depth table with conversions already calculated for you. If you want to know specific sizes and their comparison between the genders, check out the table below. It’s the only men’s and women’s shoe size conversion chart you’ll need for Europe, the UK, the US, & Canada.

You can go between the following countries and their size measurements:

  • Europe
  • UK
  • US
  • Canada
EuropeUKUKUS and CanadaUS and Canada

While these conversions will come in handy for you when shopping for sneakers, be advised that they’re not exact and do not apply to all the shoes in the world. As we mentioned, different brands will create their products in distinctive ways. 

That’s why these measurements should be used as a guide. In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether these new shoes are good for you. Ultimately, you can get the best impression and observe whether they fit you or not by trying them on.

After all, the best way to choose the right dimension remains the old classic shopping spree at local retailers. 

How to convert

Before you learn how to convert shoe sizes manually, it is important to learn some things about footwear. There is no one specific and fixed dimension that is suitable for all shoes of different kinds and brands. Most of the time, brands have their methods of producing their models. That’s why they differ in measurements. 

If your old sneakers were a size 10, there is no guarantee of comfort and a perfect fit if you purchase another size 10 footwear. The material used also plays an important part in choosing the perfect match. 

When you try a new pair from a different brand than the one you’re used to, the most important thing is fitting. It is one of the first things you should pay attention to.

Is it too tight or too large for your feet? Pick your ideal dimension and try as many pairs as necessary until you find the perfect ones. 

Men’s and women’s shoe sizes are never equal. A conversion must be made to meet similar pairs for both genders, but the formula is quite straightforward. You don’t need advanced knowledge of mathematics to apply it, as you can see below:

a pair of high heel shoes
  • If you want to convert from women’s to men’s, subtract 1.5 sizes from the first one. 
  • If you want to convert from men’s to women’s, add 1.5 to the first one. 

Your options

Maybe you got your eyes on a favorite pair of newly launched sneakers, which sold out rather quickly at your local retailers. In that case, ordering them online might be the only option available. There are many solutions to choosing the perfect size, even when shopping online.

One of them requires a significant initial investment. You will order multiple pairs of the same model and try them all when your package arrives. This way, you’ll be able to use the classic try-on method recommended for retail shopping while you’re ordering them online. 

After you choose the best size suited for you and confirm they’re not too tight or large, return the other ones you ordered and ask for a refund. Be careful, as this method does not apply to every brand or online store. Make sure to check their return policy. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a couple of extra pairs, which will be too large or small for you.

Another solution is the simple measurement of your feet. Extract as much data as you can with specific methods you can use for determining your size. After you find the results, compare them against the chart. Most brands will provide one on their website so you can check the exact dimensions required for their products. When taking measurements of your feet, make sure to calculate the width and length. 

Measurement device

If you want to measure, we suggest you get this device.


  • The price is great.
  • You’ll have to measure in US units and convert with the graph above.
  • It provides everything you need.
  • It’s great to have as children are growing.


  • We were expecting it to have more reviews.
  • It’s not a high-end measuring device.’
2-piece product to help you measure.

Brannock Devices

Here’s another measurement option to go with.

NameCombination (US mens/women)
Product Dimensions14 x 8 x 2 inches
StandardInternational standard
Weight1.7 Pounds


  • It’s the Lamborghini of foot measurement.
  • It’s highly reliable.
  • It’ll be passed down to your children.


  • Its price tag is much steeper.
  • It doesn’t measure past men’s size 15.

Shoe standards

As there is no certain industrial shoe standard, some manufacturers assist their customers with charts that contain conversion rates between men’s and women’s sizes. 

Occasionally, your shoes might still feel uncomfortable even after picking the right dimension. That’s why exact measurements should be taken, and don’t forget to check the width and arch. 

If you’ve been in the fashion community for a while, you heard about different shoe sizes, such as 7, 8, 9 & 10. Below we will assist you with a men’s to women’s size conversion chat. We’ll also be discussing some key points to consider when buying your next sneakers. 

white women's sneakers

Differences in gender sizes

Some even use different materials for the midsole or the heel support in their women’s and men’s models, which can affect fit, comfort, or weight.


Their width makes the main difference between men’s and women’s shoes. While they are usually of the same length, men’s are wider and are not ideal for a woman. Because of the foot shape difference between the genders, women’s shoes also have narrow heels. 

The difference between men’s and women’s models is also made by style, where ladies have many choices from the color palette. However, the brands use bright colors and white more often when they design women’s shoes. On the other hand, men choose a darker tone, with black being more common in the soles. 

Men have a greater variety when choosing athletic and sports shoes. It seems like ones made for ladies are designed with style and aesthetics in mind. At the same time, men’s models are intended for practicability and high durability. 

Slowly, most companies and designers are starting to realize differences between men’s and women’s shoes. Nowadays, they are no longer differentiated just by dimension and width. More and more preferences are reflected in their shoes. 

shoes for women

While sizes differ worldwide, a men’s shoe will usually be 1.5 smaller than a woman’s in the United States. For example, a men’s size 9 will be similar to a women’s size 10.5. In the measurement used by Americans for width, the average width for a man’s size is D while women’s have a width B. There are many more sizes, such as:

  • C
  • E
  • and AA

The smallest is AAAA. 


There are many things to consider when picking the right shoes. Usually, a woman might need to choose half a number for the ideal width while also considering things like toe width or heel height. 

high heel shoes

The easiest way to find the perfect shoe for you is to try them on. In stores and certified retailers, that’s easy to do. You will try different sizes, and you can compare the feeling and walking comfort between them. In the end, you’ll choose the one that fits you best and know your ideal dimension for future reference.

But when you order online, it’s much more complicated to guess the right ones for you. Before ordering them online, check the measurements from the chart presented above. This way, you’ll have an idea of what dimension is the perfect one for you. If you know someone else’s size, you can compare your feet to them and get an ideal result. 

Some online stores will let you purchase multiple sizes of the same design. Although this requires a higher initial investment, you will get your money back after returning the ones that don’t fit you. 

The brands consider many factors when they design for men and women. For example, ladies have 15% less muscle than men and weigh less than men. That’s why a man’s midsole will be able to sustain 15% more impact than women’s shoes as the feet hit the ground. 

As we mentioned before, men’s shoes are more durable and practical. That’s why you’ll find women to be:

  • smaller
  • softer
  • and sometimes very lightweight. 
brown men's shoes

Most women’s models aim to look as small as possible, exposing the skin and toes for beauty standards. This way, the shapes and curves of the feet are outlined, and the shoe itself will be more highlighted. That’s why a woman’s model should never be too big, and it should fit her like a glove

High-heeled ones and flats will have to fit from the sides and hold tightly into place without falling off. Straps and laces are used to help hold the shoe steady and fit on the women’s feet. However, this is still a challenge for numerous brands and designers. 

Some people have difficulty choosing the shoes most suited for themselves, but there are plenty of options to test and consider. A popular way to find the ideal size is by pressing your wet foot on a sheet of colored paper. 

Make this process as precise as possible without sliding your foot across the paper. After you’re done, trace the outline left on the paper and take the necessary measurements. 

Take a look at all your most recently worn sneakers. They can tell a lot, and you can analyze them to know which next purchase will be most suitable for you. Check the inside of your worn sneakers. Lots of wear on the inside could determine a sign of low arches. It means you should go for a shoe with excellent support levels. 

purple women's sneakers

You might have high arches if the outside edges start to wear out. If that’s true, then you should look for soft midsoles and high cushioning when you buy your next pair. 

If your old shoes have worn uniformly, then your feet have a neutral arch. You should choose similar shoes to what you wore before. Stability shoes can provide the best comfort when you wear them while walking for perfect balance and support. 

Some people believe that once we grow up, we have the same foot size throughout our lives. That is not true since our feet will change regularly in our lifespan. Numerous factors can influence the dimension of our feet. One can be weight gain, where feet can expand or swell as humans grow in size. 

That’s why it’s recommended you check your shoe size at least once a year. Maybe the shoes that fit you well 2 years ago are no longer an ideal comparison to your next ones. 

Our feet expand at the end of the day, although it is not noticeable. That’s why experts recommend shopping for sneakers in the evening, where trying them will reflect the overall feeling you will experience during the day. When you choose your shoes, every part should fit perfectly without being tight on your feet. 

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