How to get rid of sewage smell in bathroom drains & sinks

The smell of smoke in your car can inarguably make you not want to drive around in your car very often. 

The bad smell of sewage water from your bathroom drains, and sink is completely disgusting. There is no desire to go there in the morning despite you having to do your morning routine.

Suddenly, your kid who used to take 30-minute showers can now magically be done in 4.

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A clog is the most common reason for a sewage smell in your bathroom drains & sinks. Food being washed down the drain is another likely reason. The best product to use includes the Omont drain cleaner tool and various cleaning products to eliminate the bad smell.

Here’s a list of the topics we’ll cover:

Kitchen and bathroom drains need regular attendance in the form of cleaning to avoid becoming stinky. It includes the sinks in both rooms. You may be able to cover up the smell by putting out things, but that doesn’t mean the problem has been handled. 

bathroom sink

Eliminating the odors requires you to figure out the source and take care of it. 

Regular maintenance is the right way to ensure you don’t get smell drains in the future. We’ll teach you how to do it and some of the best products you need to know about.

Learn what causes the sewer smell so that you can keep the odors out and the pleasant times in. 

Why does my sink smell?

bathroom sink with cleaner in it

There could be several reasons why it’s the case. The good thing is it’s probably not hard to take care of if you’ve come prepared. You’ll get rid of the smell in no time!

There’s a particular place around the bathroom sink that is commonly the reason why the smell appears in the bathroom. 

Do you know what the P-trap is? It’s there to make sure your room does not smell like sewage. Now that the smell is there, there’s a chance the P-trap isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. 

It’s the curved portion under the sink. It will hold water under normal circumstances. This water prevents nasty gases from going the wrong way. It creates a seal, but the seal could have been affected for some reason. 

Some situations would require you to need a pro to come out and take a look at it. In the same way, you can’t install all deck railing by yourself, and some plumbing issues require a plumber. 

For instance, it’s probably not a DIY job if the vent by the sink isn’t working properly. It’s supposed to deal with backflowing gases and take them away from your bathroom instead of towards it. A blocked air vent could be the cause of the issue. 

Figuring out if the smell is coming from your sink or drain can help troubleshoot the problem. If it’s from your sink, the faucet is the issue. If it’s coming from your drain, there’s another issue at hand. 

bathroom drain

Are you able to take off the aerator? Is there any buildup or gunk that you can clean up inside there? The more frequently you maintain drains, the lower the risk that you’ll end up in this situation again. 

It’s probably also due to a lack of maintenance if suddenly your AC isn’t working anymore. Stagnant water could be the cause of the issue. Check to make sure it’s not the case in the overflow drain. 

Drain cleaners are a great way to get started and avoid similar situations. 

How to get rid of the smell

The best way to get rid of sewage smell in bathroom drains & sinks is by removing a clog and using a disinfectant.

kitchen sink

The kitchen has a P-trap the same way that the bathroom does. It’s there to keep smells away, especially sewer smells

It’s also a place where there’s supposed to be water with no exception. The gases get free rein to enter your house if there’s no water, so check that the P-trap isn’t dry. 

A vent problem or a drain pipe problem are other possible issues. It may be a clog or something obstructing your vent. Pipe damage is another possibility. 

Clog remover

You can use some powerful tools on the market to get rid of a clog. For instance, there’s this clog remover that’s 24 inches long. It’s made by a company named Omon, and they have more than 12,000 reviews.

We tried the product and thought it was brilliant. Even more impressive is that you can pick up a 6-pack of it for as little money as it costs. If you find a clog in your bathroom or kitchen, it could be the reason for the bad sewage odor. 

NameDrain Clog Remover Tool
Item Weight‎4.6 ounces
Package Dimensions‎12.17 x 3.43 x 1.85 inches


  • It’s very satisfying to use.
  • It works better than a lot of snakes we tried.
  • Great DIY tool


  • It’s a nasty job.
  • It’s better to use if the hair is causing the issue.
  • It might not deal with other clogs.
  • They will eventually break because of the material.
It looks scary.

A special plunger

A couple of years, I decided to improve my plunger game. It may sound a bit weird, but I found this incredible plunger that beats any other model I’ve tried. With its high-pressure air, you’re sure to get rid of most things that may not be moving in the direction they should be moving. 

Hospital-grade disinfectant

If you find debris stuck in the overflow compartment, you will need a disinfectant to get rid of it. Virex is a great option for it that the debris and bad odors are being removed. It is also great for various things, including hard kitchen floors.

Do you remember how we had a little virus that caused lockdowns for an extended period of time?

A disinfectant can also be used on surfaces like cabinet handles to help avoid the spread of disease. Everyone must eat, but it can be good to be especially careful when cleaning surfaces when someone has fallen sick.

NameAll-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner
Capacity1 Gallon
Item FormLiquid
Size32-Ounce Spray


  • It’s great at removing odors.
  • Cheaper than buying small options at the store.
  • Great against grime also.


  • It takes a bit to dry.
  • It has a strong smell as do other disinfectants.
  • It’s not scent free.
It's a great cleaner.

You can do as many of the steps below until you manage to solve the issue that you’re having with the smell. We do advise you to use a good product afterward to help with any stubborn debris. 

How to get rid of the bad smell

  1. Remove the drain cover from your sink.

  2. Turn on a flashlight to see if any visible things are blocking the drain.

    If so, is there a chance you can pull it out?

  3. Use tweezers to remove any accessible things blocking the drain. 

  4. Put out towels around the place as they could leak. 

  5. Fill the sink with water sp you can create an airtight seal. 

  6. Use a plunger to see if it can extract whatever is stuck in the drain. 

    It will be very obvious if the plunger manages to get rid of the clog. You may suddenly have a bunch of nasty water come up, but at least you probably solved the issue.

  7. Get a FlexiSnake Drain Weasel snake cleaner.

    It is a very handy 18-inch device that can go far down the drain. It can get rid of most issues and is very similar to what a pro would use. Check out the FlexiSnake.

    Follow the instructions that come along with the FlexiSnake and see if you’re able to retrieve any debris. You should not attempt force when you’re working with plumbing. It could easily make everything worse. 

    If you can, try lowering it in at a different angle so that it might catch more debris. Hair has a bad habit of getting stuck. 

  8. Repeat the process with the FlexiSnake if you can feel a clog.

    Have you managed to come across a clog yet? 

  9. See if the hard work has fixed the smell. 

  10. Start the process of cleaning the p-trap. 

    It’s a nasty process, and you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing gloves for this. Put a bucket underneath the p-trap.
    The p-trap is attached with slip nuts that pliers can loosen. You may be able to loosen them by hand. Dump the water into the bucket and see whether you can find any clogs. 
    Grime trapped should be removed, and you could attempt doing so with the snake. A bristle brush should be used on the p-trap to remove any additional dirt before it’s put back in its place. 

  11. Use a drain clog remover.

    We recommend the Drano Max, which can help against several blockages, including soap scum. It’s a great addition, even if you have managed to remove the clog.

If the above steps don’t help, go ahead and call a plumber. You may be dealing with pipe damage or a big obstruction that you need to troubleshoot. In any case, you will want to ensure the P-trap is full of water. Water may have evaporated over a long time and is now no longer providing a seal. 

The fix could be as simple as turning on the water if it’s a sink that’s only used every couple of months. You could now be in the clear with regards to unpleasant smells. 

My shower and bathtub smell – why is that?

The two drains could be experiencing the issue for different reasons. You will want first to make sure that you know what is causing the issue before proceeding. 

Different issues will require you to handle the smell in different ways. Maybe there’s debris in your drain, and odor-causing bacteria are the issue. They love what you’ve been feeding them! 

When there’s debris and bacteria in the drain, a sewage smell could be the result. Let’s get rid of those rotten eggs once and for all. Let’s also make sure the drains stay clear of unnecessary debris. 

You probably already knew that the bathroom is the ideal breeding ground for mold, and it can get smelly. Debris laying in the pipe for a long time molding can get ugly. It gets smelly, too. 

Mold is just another reason why debris does not belong in the drain. 

It could be why you’re also experiencing a sewage smell coming from your kitchen drain and sink. 

Is the problem coming from your kitchen?

sink in the kitchen

A kitchen sink that smells like sewage could be caused by food being washed down the drain. It was probably never washed out the way it was supposed to.

There’s an easy suggestion you can try. Take a cup of vinegar and a cup of baking soda and pour them into the drain. When it has sat for 10 minutes, you will want to flush it with boiling water. Residue and smelly particles may get washed away as a consequence. Did it work? 

The old food has now been lying there rotting and molding for extended periods of time.

It smells when the water runs.

When the bathroom sink smells when the water is running, you have an issue with the overflow duct. Like air ducts, it needs to be cleaned. It could be the remedy you’re looking for and all it takes to fix the situation. 

You should be able to use a long bottle brush to clean it out. Accompany it with some disinfectant, and you’re on your way to a clean overflow duct that doesn’t push the sewage smell back into the bathroom. 

Set a weekly reminder so you can make sure the duct stays clean. 

How to clean pipes

Did you know that you might be able to use lemon juice to get rid of stinky bathroom pipes and get them clean?

Find a bottle of lemon juice and pour ½ cup down the drain in combination with the same amount of baking soda. Let the solution work for 60 minutes while you have plugged the drain. To wash out the mixture, you will want to let the hot water run for 60 seconds after you’re done. 

It will help eliminate the sewer odor and make the drain smell better! It’s a great way to deodorize the sink drain naturally.

Using boiling water

boiling water

Another great trip is to use boiling water frequently. It has a certain power to it that will help rinse out potential clogs before they get established. The sewage smell could occasionally be fixed simply with half a gallon of boiling water.

When cleaning the bathroom, make this a part of your regimen. It’s simple to do and isn’t an expensive Amazon bill either. The gunk that has dried in the pipe may get loosened enough for it to flush away. 

5 minutes after you’ve poured boiling water down the drain, go ahead and give it some cold water. It will help rinse the pipe and remove whatever was loosened enough but didn’t quite manage to get flushed away. 

If you’ve got the patience for it, repeat the process. It’s especially good if you noticed that it helped with the smell but didn’t quite get rid of it. It’s a great way to stop drains from selling when it’s repeated frequently.

Factors to consider

Cleaning agent

If there is not much sewage in the drain then it can be cleaned only with water. But if there is too much clogging and no amount of water is passing through the drain, then it needs some chemicals to fix it.

Water temperature

Cold water can also unclog the drain but the needs a lot of pressure. But the hot water has the added advantage of breaking the grease without applying much pressure. That’s why always keep the temperature of the water hot.


It is very important to consider the frequency of clogging. If it’s happening again and again then you must call a professional to fix it.


You need to find out if it is just the smell and no clogging or smell with clogging or clogging with no smell. Identify the problem first and then act upon it.

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