Ring size chart in inches

Are you buying a ring for your special day but have never been more confused with the sizes? Ring sizes are tricky because you only seem to need them twice or thrice in a lifetime, and no one bothers keeping a record.

But don’t worry! We’ll teach you all the basics of ring sizes in this perfect guide to buying one. Get an accurate ring size chart of 2.25, 2.5, 2.75, and 3 inches right here!


The ring size chart below is the easiest way to convert between inches and ring sizes. Here’s a quick summary of the most popular sizes:

  • A 2.25-inch circumference is the equivalent of a ring size 8.
  • A 2.5-inch circumference is the equivalent of a ring size of 10.5.
  • A 2.75-inch circumference is the equivalent of a ring size 13.
  • A 3-inch circumference is the equivalent of a ring size of 15.5.

Ring size chart in inches

Buying one is quite a nervous task in the first place. But if you don’t have your measurements straight, it’s even more nerve-wracking. They are measured similarly to other garments: in inches.

A ring size chart will then help you locate the size the inches translate to in circumference.


InchesRing sizeMillimeters
1.53 (1 1/2 inches)139 mm – 40 mm
1.581 1/241 mm
1.63242 mm
1.682 1/243 mm
1.74344 mm – 45 mm
1.793 1/246 mm
1.84447 mm
1.894 1/248 mm
1.94549 mm – 50 mm
1.99 (2 inches)5 1/251 mm
2.04652 mm
2.096 1/253 mm – 54 mm
2.15755 mm
2.27 1/256 mm – 57 mm
2.25 (2 1/4 inches)858 mm
2.298 1/259 mm
2.35960 mm
2.49 1/261 mm – 62 mm
2.451063 mm
2.50 ( 2 1/2 inches)10 1/264 mm
2.561165 mm
2.6111 1/266 mm

You’ve got the ring size chart, but how do you measure your finger the right way? We teach you the simple procedure right below:

How to measure your ring size?

Get some string
You need a piece of string or thread for this method. You could also use floss if you haven’t got the string.

Wrap it around the finger
You should wrap it around the finger you want to wear it on. The string shouldn’t be too tight or loose, or the size will be affected.

Mark with a pen
Use a pen to mark where the string starts to overlap. This will be used to match the size chart.

Measure the string
Now lay down the piece of string next to a ruler or a measuring tape. See how many inches or centimeters the marked piece of string is.

Convert to millimeters
Make sure to get the size in millimeters or convert accordingly. This will help maintain accuracy.

Use a chart
Now that you have the exact measurements look at our size chart. See which millimeter or inch fit best. That’s the one for you!

Another way you can get your size is to find the size of the bling you already own. If this particular one fits you perfectly, you can go ahead and measure it with a string or place it on a size chart with markings for accuracy.

So then, what’s the best sizer for you?

It’s this adjustable and reusable little sizer tool. Use it on any finger and adjust it like a measuring tape every time. We recommend this instead of huge physical sizers that are super bulky with the weight of several rings and unnecessary most of the time.

The best part is that it’s portable. You can use it to measure toe and finger rings for adults and children to find the circumference!

NameRing Sizer Measuring Set
Item Weight0.317 ounces
Package Dimensions6.25 x 3.35 x 0.25 inches


  • It’s very easy to find the right size.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • It’s very light.
  • It’s easy to see the different numbers.


  • Some people prefer mock rings where they can try on different sizes.
  • The cheapest option would be to use a string to measure.
  • It doesn’t give you the feeling of sliding it over the finger joint which is usually thicker.
  • It’s easy to lose.
It's easy and cheap to use.

Best inserts to adjust sizes

Your partner has just proposed. You’re on top of the world and the world’s luckiest person. But there’s just one problem: the ring doesn’t fit.

Is it too tight or too loose?

Now you want to show it off to your friend and family but wearing it is so inconvenient! So what do you do?

The solution is an invisible insert.

Invisible DIY options

Loose ones have the risk of falling off and getting lost. Using this invisible adjuster for wide rings will make it perfect for your finger. It won’t look awkward as it will be fully concealed.

They come in various colors, so whether you have a gold, white gold, platinum, or silver ring, there’s something for everyone! Just cut off the desired size and amount and start flaunting your bling!

Whether the one you have is super loose or just slightly, you can find the right fit for you! With this invention, you can reduce the size from 0.5 to 2 with this invention!

NameRing Size Adjuster
Item Weight0.32 ounces
Product Dimensions4.88 x 3.39 x 0.31 inches


  • It’s invisible.
  • It really makes a loose ring feel tighter.
  • We love the price.
  • More than 4,500 reviews.


  • You can see the solution up close.
  • Getting the right size in the first place is better.
  • It may not be good in the water.
Nothing needs to be loose anymore.

Silicone adjuster and spacer

Here is a neat invention that is even more comfortable. This silicone attachment comes in various options and must simply be matched and worn underneath the band. The results are amazing, with oversize rings also being comfortably worn!

The best part is its versatility. You can wear several thin rings together. Space out the multiple parts and hold them in place with this product that is invisibly supportive of your fashion choices! And they don’t differentiate between men and women too. Just pop them onto any jewelry and let your jewels speak for themselves.


  • It works great for some people.
  • It’s very comfortable.
  • Perfect amount of readjustment.


  • The other product was better at adjusting the size.
  • The resizer might fall out.
  • Some people have good success with it. Others don’t.
Silicone adjuster and spacer
It's great to adjust the fit.

Silicone spiral

Another alternative you have in adjusters is a long spiral that is spun around the base of the rings and makes the fit tighter. You could also have a go at the straight adjuster instead of the spiral. This simple clip-on must be measured and worn in the right size.

However, the spiral can be cut and twisted around the base in your preferred length and size. Both options are anti-scratch and easy to use with superior results.

A fold-over latch

There are more than plenty of resizing options in the market, and a fold-over latch is another innovative one.

A latch is for you if you don’t like squeezing your finger through rings after you get out of the pool, or come back from the gym or finish with the dishes.

It features a simple hinged latch at the bottom of the ring. When you put it on, keep the latch open. After putting it on, close the latch and go about your day. These are super comfy and very practical for fitness freaks and working professionals.

Ring guard

These are resizing as well as protection tools. They also enhance the look of solitaire rings. It consists of a small band on one or both sides of the solitaire ring. The choice of metal and the shape is entirely customizable.

Sometimes your rings will get tighter or looser, and the solitaire will flip to one side due to the weight. Guards are great to keep them propped up when this happens.

Do it yourself

While it is considered best not to mix foreign substances with your skin, some DIY resizing alternatives may be harmless. For instance, you can get some yarn or thread and wrap it several times around the base of your ring. Keep checking by sticking your finger inside and seeing whether it fits. Cut off the thread and tie the loose end together when it fits.

Try not to use any striking colored threads that will look funny with the ring. Use thread or yarn without any synthetic coloring to avoid allergic reactions.

Pro tip: While this is a quick fix, it is not permanent. Over time the thread will thin out, and the ring will become loose again. The knot may even come loose. You can either repeat the process or go for other more durable options like plastic, metal, or silicon adjusters.


wedding ring

Unlike the common misconception, rings aren’t just worn for weddings. You can wear them to flaunt your style, make a statement, and for many more reasons. They can be categorized according to purpose, metal, style, stone, and occasion.

Check out the various types of rings below.


vintage ring

These are inherited or gifted and are older than thirty years in total. This makes them antique pieces worth preserving. Once it hits 100 years or a full century, it is officially labeled ‘antique.’


A type of wedding band but more than one. It consists of two separate bands that both fiances wore before the wedding in Renaissance England. After the wedding, both were joined together using a small metal pin.


diamond engagement ring

These are usually the centerpiece in the jewelry store. The rave in engagement rings is still around diamonds and solitaires crafted inside gold or platinum metal. However, the metal and jewel can be your choice if you don’t want to go the conventional way.

diamond ring

Moissanites are one step below diamonds but are just as precious since it is a rarely found element in nature.


These have no rules and can be styled in any shape, color, metal, or size.


A neat invention to convey your mood to others and yourself. Working on the principle of body temperature, this liquid-filled crystal changes color when you heat up and let loose.


birthstone ring

These are rings with the gem associated with your birth month in the center. This is meant to give the wearer good vibes and luck. The stone is usually inscribed like a solitaire in the middle of the ring. If inherited from a parent or grandparent, it can also become a ‘Mother ring.’


promise ring

Consider this a trailer for the engagement. It can be in any metal or gem. It symbolizes a cultural or religious promise from the gifter to the wearer.

Wedding band

It serves the same purpose as an engagement ring but has a wider band and no obvious top or bottom side. It can be identical for both husband and wife.


These types are statement bling today. But back in the day, they were used for sealing paperwork with the family signage by pressing the ring into hot wax. Thereby also naming it signet. The family sign would be engraved onto its surface.


These are special romantic ones. They have inscriptions on the inside that lovers would exchange. It would sometimes be poetry, and hence the name poesy.


cocktail ring

These are large statement pieces popularized in the Prohibition era. The gemstone in the center is oversized and surrounded by smaller gemstones.


These are very thing rings all worn on the same finger to showcase a delicate melange of jewelry. It could all be of the same color and style or various ones. You may or may not have gems on them.

There’s a design out there for anyone! Find something that matches your earrings, necklaces, & bracelets. With the right diameter, you can now start your collection of designs. Knowing your accurate finger size will make shipping products easier, especially when buying from overseas British designers. You no longer need your ring finger to look bare with this ring size guide!

There are different materials to explore out there for fingers that have a different widths. We hope you loved these tips!

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