PVC pipe fittings chart & connector types

When you’re working with them, pipes can be easily connected. It is done with the help of fittings which will aid you in your plumbing work. PVC fittings can have different types and purposes, such as draining water. 

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PVC pipe fittings are types of connectors made out of a versatile material – PVC. With the chart below, you’ll be able to find the actual diameter of the different options. Some of the connector types are elbow and union.

We’ll also take a look at some of the following things:

  • The names of the different options
  • The best products
  • How you connect them

PVC pipe fittings chart

PVC SizeActual Diameter
Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Furniture Grade
Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Furniture Grade
Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Furniture Grade
Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Furniture Grade
Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Furniture Grade
Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Furniture Grade
Schedule 40, Schedule 80
Schedule 40, Schedule 80
Schedule 40, Schedule 80
Schedule 40, Schedule 80
Schedule 40, Schedule 80
Schedule 40, Schedule 80
Schedule 40, Schedule 80
Schedule 40, Schedule 80

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What is a PVC pipe coupling & connector types?

PVC couplings are small pieces that connect one part to another permanently. They are simple and cheap, and they can connect 2 pipes. They can also connect one pipe to a fitting. They can vary in shape and size, as some will allow you to connect small pipes to large ones. 

There are several types of couplings which we will explain below.

  • Full couplings – They are used for small bore pipes. Both ends are of a threaded connection, but they can also be socket ends types. 
  • Half couplings – They got their name from being half-sized. A socket or thread end can be found on only one side, and they are used for branching from a large bore pipe to a vessel. 
  • Reducing couplings – These couplings have the same connection method but are sized differently. Usually, reducing couplings are used to connect pipes of different parameters. 
  • Compression couplings – These special fittings are made for connecting existing PVC. Compression couplings prevent leakage by using rubber seals or glue on both sides.
  • Slip couplings – Repair couplings allow up to 2 inches of pipe to be removed and repaired. These are the most efficient in repairing leaks, as they are made without any internal stop. 
Type of couplingConnection typeBonding agentThreadsPurpose
Full couplingSmall pipe to small pipePVC solventBoth sidesJointing same sized pipes
Half couplingLarge pipe to large pipePVC solventSingle sideSmall-bore branching from a large bore pipe
Reducing couplingLarge pipe to small pipePVC solventNo threadsTo connect pipes of dissimilar sizes
Compression couplingBoth large and smallRubber ringNo threadsFix leakage in underground connections
Slip couplingPipes up to 2 inchesPVC solventNo threadsTo remove and repair up to two inches of PVC pipe in one fitting

A detachable piece of pipe intended for connecting 2 pipes is called a fitting. Most of the time, these objects are used for mechanical and plumbing work. 

box of pvc fittings

The PVC fittings have their own system for standard sizing. That means you will find all the parts of the same size to be compatible with each other. For example, all 1″ fittings can perfectly fit on a 1″ pipe, making it easier to work with. 

However, the outer diameter will be greater than the pipe’s size. That’s why the fitting also needs a larger fitting than the size. If this confuses you and you find it complicated, don’t worry! Below, we will show you everything you need to know about them.

Also called connectors, they differ from one manufacturer to another. They can be made of various materials and have unique applications and uses. Below, we will show you the various connector types and a PVC pipe fittings chart to help you better.

To find the right fitting for your plumbing needs, you must figure out what size pipes you need for your project. Determining that size can be confusing for some, but we are here to help you with a step-by-step guide.

pvc fittings on the ground

When they hear about the size, most people think about the outer diameter. However, the size determines the nominal diameter. When we look at fittings, their inside diameters must be large enough to go over the diameter. 

To measure the outside diameter, use the following steps. You can also look at the chart presented above, where you will find the PVC pipe fittings measurements.

How to find the right PVC pipe fitting

  1. Wrap a string around the pipe you are trying to measure.

  2. Mark the point with a marker where the string touches together.

  3. Find the length between the tip of the string and the mark you’ve made. Use a ruler to get exact measurements. The result is called the circumference.

  4. Divide the circumference by 3.14159

    With the result, you can choose the right PVC fitting for your plumbing needs. Look again at the different types and determine which is ideal for your project. 

Table of Contents

Names of fittings

We have you covered if you are curious about all the types of fittings out there. Below we will present all of them in a detailed explanation. Each fitting has a unique design and size. If you want to find more about them, visit their respective product page.


These are used for connecting 2 different parts. Slip or threaded sockets will allow connection between them. Either male-threaded or female-threaded, the adapter fittings are also called reducing couplings. 

They can be of different types. Expansion adapters have flexible parts intended to absorb the dilation of the connected pipes. Mechanical joints connect pipes to different materials, while bell adapters have the same purpose but use a stainless steel ring

Best adapter – Nibco C4804 2 HXMIPT Male Adapter

This adapter is used for various systems, such as drain or waste ones. Nibco created this product with a hub connection on one side and a male threaded connection on the other. 

It can connect different types of pipes, regardless of their diameter or material. It is made of PVC and intended for residential and commercial sanitary systems. They are not ideal in high-pressure pipes, but the material can resist corrosion and chemicals. 


  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Less heavy than metal fittings
  • Smooth interior finish for frictionless transition
  • Certified by ASTM D2665 and D3311 for quality assurance


  • Delivery might get delayed
Nibco Male Adapter
Perfect for residential systems.
Name NIBCO C4804 XMIPT Male adapter PVC
Thread Size 2 in
Dimensions2.7″ x 2.7″ x 1.7″
Thread typeNPT
Material Polyvinyl Chloride


elbow fitting

These connectors are facilitating a change of direction. They are installed at a 45 or 90-degree angle between 2 pipes. When they differ in size, elbow connectors can also be called reducers. Tents and boxes will use side elbows, which are 3-ended elbows. Elbow connectors are threaded, but they can also be socketed. 

pvc elbow fitting

Best elbow – letsFix PVC Elbow

This manufacturer is known as a top professional PVC pipes and ‘manufacturer. They also offer 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way elbow fittings made of PVC. All US standards are met with high-quality procedures.

These products are white and won’t gradually turn yellow with time. It is because of a special UV resistance formula that does wonders. Perfect for corner and center connections, it has a wide application. 

We needed a 4-way elbow for plumbing work, and our client and we were satisfied with the results. The letsFix company delivers the promises and meets the highest standards.


  • Wide applications – Greenhouse, tent, tomato support frame, DIY projects, corner and center connections.
  • Furniture grade, proven to be better than water-grade PVC
  • Chamfered to avoid sharp edges
  • UV-resistant ingredients in the material


  • Cannot withstand too much pressure
letsFix PVC Elbow
This one is UV resistant.
NameletsFix 3-way PVC fittings
Size1 1/2″
Material Polyvinyl Chloride
Number of pieces 4


These are known as the most simple and cheap PVC pipe fittings. Their purpose is to connect 2 pieces permanently, and they are of different types. Standard couplings have an internal ridge that will prevent a deep insertion of a pipe. 

Slip couplings have no such ridge and require increased attention and precision. Measurements must be made at the final location to meet the limit. These are also called repair couplings. 

Best coupling – Rainbow Dream 3/4 Inch PVC Coupling

These couplings are used to connect 2 pipes in a straight line. They are made of PVC, offering superior corrosion resistance. Rainbow Dream made them lightweight and resistant to high impacts without breaking. Easy to install and maintain, they are also non-toxic to the environment.

Perfectly fit for water pressure systems, such as pools or irrigation systems. They have high impact strength and have a maximum temperature limit of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Great for cold water irrigation systems
  • Non-toxic, lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • High-impact strength
  • Compliant with NSF requirements


  • It will require proper measurements to get the right fitting.
Rainbow Dream Coupling
Ideal for cold water irrigation systems.
Thread typeNPT
Material Polyvinyl Chloride
Max temperatureup to 140 F


The union fitting is similar to the coupling one. It still connects 2 pipes, but the difference is that union fittings are not permanent. They can be easily disconnected multiple times, whenever needed. It’s made out of 3 parts, and the nut seals the male and female ends. It can also be easily removed for maintenance and deconstruction. 

Rotary units are also made of PVC, allowing the mechanical rotation of one connected part. These units are very durable, and they can easily prevent leakage. 

Best union fitting – NDS WU-1500-S, 1-1/2-Inch Slip Union

These fittings are ideal for high-pressure applications. You will use these for indoor plumbing or outdoor irrigation systems, as they perform well at high pressure. You can also use it for pools or hot tubs.

They require little maintenance and are easier to use than coupling or elbow fittings. If you use this union PVC fitting, water will be safe to drink as high safety standards are ensured. 


  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use
  • Easier operation than a coupling
  • Schedule 40 compliant
  • Safe to use for drinking water


  • Delivery might take some time
NDS Slip Union
Get this one for your high-pressure applications.


A short stub of pipe will also be named a nipple. It is used to connect 2 female fittings of a system, and they are made with a schedule 80 PVC. It is done because they need a tighter fit but can also be compatible with schedule 40 PVC. Again, there are multiple types of nipples.

Best nipple – FangKingNo 10pcs 0.75 Inch PVC Nipple Male to Male

These nipple fittings made by FangKingNo are made for connecting 2 threaded pipes. They are PVC but have Teflon tape at the ends to prevent leakage. Because they are made from PVC, they weigh less than ones created from metal. 

At the same time, they offer high strength and superior corrosion resistance. They can be used underground for various pipes but also rainwater collection systems. It is not recommended with drinking water or hot water. 


  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Lighter than metal fittings
  • Smooth finish for smooth flow of water
  • Inbuilt threads


  • Not suitable for drinking water
  • Can be used only with cold water
FangKingNo PVC Nipple Male to Male
Compared to other fittings, this one is lighter.


Reducers are used to reduce the size of 2 connecting components. They can easily change the size and diameter and come in 2 different types. 

The concentric reducer will connect 2 pipes on the same axis, and it also looks like a cone. An eccentric reducer will connect 2 pipes with different parameters. The shape looks like bells that have offset center lines. 

Best reducer – Supply Giant 6I52 Flexible PVC

Created with stainless steel clamps, this flexible PVC-reducing fitting is the best one you can find for the value. Their flexible connectors ensure leak-proof pipe sealing on any type of material. 

It can connect same or different sizes quickly and easily. Stainless steel clamps ensure a safe and secure connection. However, this material is also corrosion-resistant and highly durable, lasting long. 


  • Flexibile to use with iron, pvc, copper etc
  • Leak proof and rot proof guarantee
  • UPC approved
  • Safe to use underground as well


  • Might show some leakage if not installed properly
Supply Giant Flexible PVC
You will never have problems with leaks and rot.


This PVC fitting is shaped in the form of the letter “T.” There are 3 ends, 2 of which are in a straight line. The other is situated on the site at a 90-degree angle. 

It is used to separate pipes that have to be split at a 90-degree angle but can also connect 2 of them into a single mainline. Most tee fittings will have slip socket ends which are more durable than cross fittings. Different sizes are available, and there is plenty to choose from. 

Best tee – NIBCO – F01840D C401-015 11/2 TEE

These tee fittings by Nibco are made of PVC and feature slip connections. It is T-shaped, and 3 openings will connect 3 pipes, 2 on the main run and one at a 90-degree angle in the middle. They have female slip openings intended for male unthreaded pipes

This company used schedule 40 PVC when they manufactured this fitting. That’s why it is highly resistant and weighs less than similar models made from metal. It is mostly used for cold water distribution systems, such as potable and chilled water applications. 


  • Can connect 3 pipes at once
  • Slip opening for quick connection
  • Suitable with hot water as well as cold water
  • Cheaper in price than other similar products


  • Some customers complained of delayed delivery
Connect 3 pipes at once with this tee.

Caps and plugs

The caps are designed for a single reason: to stop the flow. They are most commonly used on an end of a pipeline with an open ending that doesn’t need to be connected to another pipe. 

They do a good job of stopping a pipeline that can be expanded later or offering easy system access when necessary. They also have an aesthetic purpose, which can be used to cover pipes in finished building projects. 

Plugs are like caps but stop the flow in a fitting instead of a pipe. In this case, a fitting is still necessary, and the plug is placed inside it. 

Best cap – NIBCO C447-007 3/4 CAP

Nibco never fails to provide the best products in the plumbing market, and they developed this cap is a very good choice. They’re made of high-quality material, and this cap is strong and durable. 

It will stop the flow at the end of your pipes and last a long time. It features a white shade, and the UV protection coating will prevent it from turning yellow over time. You can also use it for aesthetic purposes, and your finished projects look great. 

Take a look at the pipe fittings chart below. It will help you with quick conversions, so you won’t have to calculate the measurements you get every single time manually. This way, you can also find out what you need depending on the size of your PVC. 


  • Very snug fit
  • Good finish and build quality
  • Very easy to install


  • Take care of PVC and CPVC sizes before ordering as it can be confusing
Anyone can install this.

Why to trust us and how we picked?

Personal experience and plenty of research is the secret to our perfectly curated list of PVC pipe fittings that we have provided for you above. Customer reviews, and other factors like material strength, cost, and brand were all taken into consideration.

How much cost?

Union fittings are cheap – each pack of 40 will be around $25. However, nipple fittings are more expensive and come in packs of 10, priced at almost a $1 each. Adaptors are priced at $13-15 for a pack of 10. Elbow joints are more elaborate and hence more expensive, a pack of 4 costs about $20.

Factors to consider

A beginner wouldn’t know where to begin, so we’ve listed the things to consider below.

The size

You need to know the size of the joint you need. Even a millimeter too large or small and your money is wasted.


While some areas in your home will have high pressure and require more strong joints, others won’t be as vulnerable to pressure. So pick your pipes accordingly.

Bulk buying

Consider the number of joints and fittings you need before you go shopping. Once you have the figure in mind, you can buy them in bulk and it will be much cheaper than individual units.


What size PVC pipe fits inside each other?

A 1-1/2″ Thinwall will easily accept a 1-1/4″ PVC pipe. It maintains the same diameter but has a larger opening inside. This opening is enough to accept other PVC components inside of it. 

What size fitting do I need for a 1-inch PVC pipe?

A 1-inch PVC will be 1.029 inches inside diameter and 1.315 inches outside diameter. Fittings are specially designed for this pattern, and a 1″ fitting will be able to accept the 1-inch PVC pipe. 

What’s the difference between a repair coupling and a coupling?

The repair couplings are considered the most efficient way to repair leaks or damaged portions. A coupling made of PVC is a fitting that allows a small part of the pipe to be removed and repaired occasionally. 

How do you connect two different size PVC pipes?

PVC cement can be used to glue a coupler to the larger pipe. Then, the glue will be applied to the inside of the opening and the outside of the smaller ones. For the last step, the smaller one is slid into the opening. 

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