Oven Country-Style Ribs Recipe: How to Cook it

The recipe for country-style ribs in the oven is one of those classic secrets that wars have been fought over. While it isn’t entirely sure where it all began, many things are clear throughout history.

The recipe has been tried replicated many times, using various things like a slow cooker. There are also people that have had the audacity to try an make it in a crock pot or slow cooker. Cooking it in an instant pot has even been attempted by some. Some have tried doing it with beef rather than pork, but all have fallen short in their pursuit of this little piece of heaven.

The art form that few have had the luxury of experiencing in its truest form.

Today, I am bringing you this recipe in all of its glory. This is the way country-style ribs are supposed to be prepared – in the oven is how this boneless pork wonder needs to be made, and more specifically at 350 degrees in the oven. While it can be made in a pressure cooker, it’s not really the way it should be made. That is, of course, if you ask my correct and very humble opinion on the topic.

Given that this recipe has been the actual reason why wars were started, this really ought to be the one that you give a try when you are bringing friends and family together. It involves many different components that you shouldn’t skimp on, including a tasty dry rub, coca cola, as well as the perfect cooking conditions to ensure that tenderness you’ve always been longing for.

You know, the tenderness that doesn’t just keep you up during the day, but the tenderness that you’re also dreaming about as you’re resting your eye lids. While other variations of this dish call for BBQ sauce, the one that many lives were lost over, is made without BBQ sauce. It’s an easy recipe to follow with Western, as well as Southern influence that will leave your stomach longing for more.

And all you need in order to get started with it is a piece of pork meat.

However, before we get started, it’s important that we indulge you in its rich history.

(Somewhat) truthful history of this great dish

old statue

Now, there may be some of the details in here that may seem hard to believe, but we really dug deep as we were doing our research for this recipe. Along the way, there have also been alterations to the recipe, however, the one that we are about to present to you was finalized in today’s form during the Mongol empire, around the year 1,300. Even if the British empire attempted making alterations to the recipe, they never managed to make any sort of improvements to it.

When they had discovered that there was nothing further that could be done to improve on this recipe, it was buried deep down inside Big Ben for more than 150 years. Done so by Victoria, the only child of Edward Duke of Kent, it was never sure when this was ever going to be unleashed on the public out of fear of the potential consequences. With the many years of continued war, caused by the various civilizations wanting to get their fingers on it, it was believed that more empires would fall over their possession of this valuable document.

Throughout its time, this document has been stored in various mansions around the world. However, it is also believed to be what inspired Leonardo da Vinci to design the first ever L-shaped home as he was lying in bed towards the end of his life. While he knew that he would never be able to invent something that could ever rival ever rival the popularity of this infamous dish, he swore to create a piece of architecture that would withstand the test of time. In his heart, he simply hoped that people would use house plans just like the ones he designed, and that families would gather and learn about the finer things in culinary life.

Today, I am excited to finally bring Leonardo da Vinci’s dream to life. I am proud to be the bearer of the long waited news. I am fully unveiling the recipe.

However, to fully understand the intricacies of the dish, it is important that we go back even further and explore everything that this dish has been through. The various romances that have helped shape and influence it so that it has finally been able to obtain the rich flavor that you will get to experience should you choose to make it yourself.

There are even rumors, although we weren’t able to confirm them that Romeo and Juliet was written by Shakespeare as he was consuming this dish. Yes, there really are no limitations to what it has accomplished through time.

However, let’s take you back to its origins. While Victoria played a vital role in ensuring world piece by successfully keeping it away from the hungry hoards of people trying to get their hands on this document, its origins appear to date way further back than originally intended. It has also been said that there was a plot to overthrow Victoria that was successfully avoided, although it is a story that has very few details available.

A story of love

To go back to where it all really started, we need to go back back roughly 2,600 years to where tales started originating about it. While they may not have had the technology we have today, there are still mythical tales of people meeting in large gatherings. However, documents and tales stemming from back then talk of a dish that was cooked at 325 or 375 degrees, while no reference was ever made that this dish was attempted cooked at 350 degrees.

The dish likely originated in the Assyrian empire, on the border of the Tigris River in Upper Mesopotamia. We can only speculate as to whether it originally came out of Northern Iraq or Syria. However, the first original document we have of it being passed on was from Ashur-uballit II in 612 BC, where it was believed to be passed on to the king of the Median Empire at that time.

The story goes that the country-style ribs were given as a gesture in order to win the love of the young princess. Like most princesses, she had many suitors, but none that had ever successfully managed to spike her interest. She was a woman of significant sophistication who spent her days exploring. Ahead of her time, she had an understanding of the healing effects of flowers, and she was known to have a voice so enticing to any man that she could make them do anything she wanted.

Men would travel hundreds of miles just to get a glimpse of her; to see if she really existed. If the tales were true and her beauty was as real as the rumors went. Her name was Princess Fiona. While her beauty was undeniable, Princess Fiona was also a woman intricacy. She knew of the finer things in life, and she would have spices imported from various parts of the world that she would cook with. Some would come from the misty highlands. From Northern India, she would get spices like coriander. Yet other spices would come from parts of Africa.

She knew that she was going to marry a man of sophistication. She knew that it would be a man whom she could share this intricate love with. She knew it would have to be someone who could create something that very few other people possibly could. Many men were considered for her by her father, but she kept turning them down.

Many scholars came her way, and spoke fancy words and wrote poems. But she wanted nothing of that. She wanted a man who could tell the different spices apart, and would pair foods with the gentlest of wines.

Along came a man

But Princess Fiona knew that true love could only be found by a person who understood her passion, without her sharing her passion with them. She knew that she could never reveal that the way to her heart was through her stomach. She was convinced that she had not met the one that could rightfully win her over.

And many men came by, and they tried various things. The poems got long and windy, while others dueled. Everyone with the same purpose of trying to win over the beautiful princess, and secure their eternal happiness together. And some came close. Some made mashed cauliflower or chicken casserolle, spiced with shredded cheese and ground nutmeg. But it did not win over the princess.

And news of the princess traveled to far countries. Stories traveled that her beauty cured the ill from nothing more than a brief touch of the hand. The news made it to Ashur-uballit II. He sent his six best men to see if the rumors were true. They traveled day and night for 14 days in order to see whether she was in fact everything that was being said. Men sang songs and many were afraid of the alluring promise of seeing her.

Wives would force their husbands to stay out of the city she was in.h

After 14 days traveling, the soldiers arrived to the city she was in. They found a place to feast and suddenly heard what sounded like the voice of an angel. In the distance, a Goddess was singing. The men had never heard anything like it in their lives before, and they were intrigued. They knew that no ordinary woman would be able to create sounds that matched the ones they were hearing.

Despite what they thought, they were not prepared. It was as if the tavern lit up when the sound came through the door. Heads started turning and people started slowly getting up.

It was impossible to not be intrigued. They immediately got up and started following the soothing sound they were hearing.

vintage statue

As they walked through the door, the singing seemed to intensify. Still being far away, they knew they had no other option than to follow the other men that were leaving the tavern. All the men of the village were seeking towards the singing, as it had a hypnotizing effect on them. As they all approached the source, the singing got louder up until the point where they could tell that they were right next to it. They could hear it around the street corner.

People had stopped and stared. They knew they were in the right place as everyone had suddenly stopped. No one was walking anymore and everyone around looked mesmerized.

As they approached the corner, suddenly the crowd of people got denser. It was practically impossible to get through the crowd, and seeing through the crowd was impossible as well. The men had to push to get through. Through a crowd, unwilling to budge, they were trying to see if the stories were true. The singing was loud, and the huge crowd seemed occupied with nothing but listening to the singing.

As they were pushing, they could tell that they were getting closer. People further towards the front seemed even more hypnotized than the ones further in the back, and it was getting increasingly difficult getting through the masses.

With one last sweeping arm, Ashur-uballit II’s most trusted man pushed an eager suitor aside at which point he was met by a beauty he had never seen before. He had never known of anyone as beautiful as the wonder he was standing in front of. It suddenly all made sense.

It made sense why the many rows of crowds had resisted moving. For a while, Ashur-uballit II’s group just stood there, mesmerized. After a few minutes, the oldest finally came to his senses. He knew that he would never be able to leave if he didn’t do it right then. He knew that he would never be able to return and deliver the news of her beauty, and that Ashur-uballit II would send for their families to be put in captivity from their disobedience.

While the eldest was trying to convince the other five to leave, two seemed especially hesitant. Even if they had sworn allegiance to the king, they vowed to never leave princess Fiona out of sight. The eldest knew that he could not convince them to leave.

As he rounded up the rest, they prepared for their journey home. As they returned after 14 days, they were met by Ashur-uballit II’s guardians that escorted them to his castle. He was eager to hear of their travels, and what they had come to learn.

Only the best

The men were eager to tell the king of their discoveries. They knew they would never experience anything like it ever again but swore to tell their tales.

When Ashur-uballit II understood that their stories were true, he knew that he was dealing with a real princess. He knew that in order to win her love, he would need to give her the best.

He ordered every recipe of the oven country-style ribs destroyed, so that no person in the country would be able to ever make it again. He knew that winning her over would require devotion, and if anyone could make the beautiful boneless pieces of pork, he would forever lose his chance at winning her love.

Seeking to win her over, he prepared for his trip. For a princess, only the best would be enough. He bathed in honey for 7 days and his skin was as smooth as silk. He had the only version of the recipe printed on the finest parchment paper he could find, and all the remaining copies were burned.

At this time, he was ready to seek out the woman he was destined to be with.

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