A Florida Man Is Arrested For Trying To Get A Caiman Drunk

The facts were recorded so that the police could identify the suspect and accuse him of illegally capturing the reptile.


The most important thing to know about this story is that the man was jailed along with his friend because they captured the alligator. After pouring beer in his mouth, the animal started being aggressive.

Timothy Kepke is an American from the town of Hobe Sound in the state of Florida. He was arrested on October 3 for having forced a caiman to drink beer. According to a statement from the Florida Wildlife Conservation and Fisheries Commission, the statement is. They were cited by the local portal TC Palm.

The incident occurred on August 26 and ended badly for Kepke, who was bitten by the reptile. He is 27 years old. The outcome of the events was easy to foresee. Kepke was provoking the animal, which had been captured with bare hands by his friend Noah Osborne shortly before. His friend is 22. However, the alligator did not bite Kepke until they poured beer in his mouth. 

It is reported that Kepke told police that he had also consumed some beers that day, although he denies he was drunk.

The facts were recorded. The video served the Police to accuse Kepke, who acknowledged being the person of the images. Kepke and Bond were sentenced to prison on bail of $ 5,000 and $ 2,500, respectively. They were released the day of their detention.

Palm City man accused of enticing alligator to bite him, pouring beer in its mouth https://t.co/EKhG9tHE3o

— TCPalm (@TCPalm) 7 October 2019

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