Most reliable refrigerator brands with the least problems

Buying a refrigerator is a bigger commitment than you’ve been led to believe. With an average life span of 7 to 10 years, you want to spend your money on a brand that you can trust to get the job done.

Apart from the initial investment, you don’t want to get stuck with a brand that requires frequent repairs. Reliability and style are both important things to consider!

Frigidaire fridge


We’ve tested many different models and found that the best & most reliable refrigerator brands with the least problems are GE, Frigidaire, and LG. Besides our own testing, we went through thousands of reviews to declare those the best & most reliable brands.

On the other hand, we found out that Smeg and Bosch are refrigerator brands you want to avoid due to problems.

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Certain brands often lure you in with a lower list price, but the maintenance cost outweighs the initial deal. To ensure you get a product for what your money is worth, it’s important to review each leading brand closely.

As with unreliable brands, you’re sitting on a ticking time bomb. There is a possibility of losing your investment and contracting serious diseases from spoilt food.

And if you like to prepare meals in advance, it’s crucial to separate the good from the bad.     

Refrigerator brands to avoid

As we tested different refrigerators and thoroughly analyzed the market conditions, Maytag, Bosch, and Smeg were brands to avoid. If you’re getting one of their models, make sure it performs well over time.

Most reliable refrigerator brands with the least problems

Here’s a list of the most reliable refrigerator brands with the least problems and the ones to avoid. We have gone to great lengths to gather feedback to be able to provide the best advice for your configuration. Make sure you get a model with a great lifespan.

Multiple factors come into play when considering the most reliable refrigerator brands. So we’ve listed the brands that offer a perfect blend of all these features. From the service rate to the energy efficiency, they’ve it all. So here are the top-rated contenders:

General Electric

GE is ideal for you if you’re looking for a brand that fulfills consumers’ needs at a highly affordable price. The brand enjoys a reputation as the most reliable yet innovative name on the market. It offers a wide range of products, each more stellar than the last.

GE is well-reviewed in all areas, from the classic top freezer to the modern French door. But what truly sets the brand apart from its competitors is its durability. Your GE model can easily go years before requiring any maintenance or repair.

In addition, most models are highly energy-efficient. They support a ‘turbo cool’ setting that ensures the fridge remains excellent even if the doors are opened frequently.

While most of the models offered by the brand are well-reputed, there are certain that outdo themselves. Amongst the best, the following picks are included as good refrigerator models with enough capacity for your family:

GNE25J French Door

A highly customizable model that offers multiple adjustable shelves, including two humidity-controlled drawers. It comes equipped with an interior water dispenser and a stainless steel finish. While this model may be on the pricier side, we assure you that it’s completely worth it for the money you pay.  


  • The humidity-controlled drawers are great for making food last longer.
  • It’s a beautiful design.
  • We are in love with the French doors! They’re so much more convenient.


  • The price tag is pretty steep.
It's a great option.


An icy product equipped with multilevel drawers and an ice maker that is 50% more efficient than the rest. It also has great freezer shelves. The internal water dispenser is sure to keep your summer blues at bay.  


  • We love the fingerprint-resistant material.
  • It’s convenient that it has showcase LED lighting to make it easy to find food.
  • The Turbo Cool setting ensures your food stays good.


  • It’s not a cheap option.
Here's another one from GE.

Keep reading to learn about others.


Frigidaire refrigerator

When it comes to creating products that last a long while, Frigidaire is a master at work. The brand takes pride in its modern collection of refrigerators that are guaranteed to outperform your expectations.

Frigidaire offers high-quality and energy-saving units at an affordable price point, making it a highly-rated brand. Most of the fridges have spacious designs with multiple adjustable shelves. And when it comes to the exterior, stainless steel is used to ensure a smudge-proof design.

Regardless of which model you choose from their broad collection, you’ll not have to worry about spending any hefty amount on repairs and maintenance. Frigidaire not only takes care of your durability concerns but offers a wide selection of fridges with flexible storage.

The brand has countless designs that may catch you off-guard, but some of its most celebrated designs include:


FRSS2323AS – Stainless steel side-by-side

The contemporary design comes at an affordable price point and supports a vast interior. The refrigerator’s EvenTemp cooling system circulates cold air throughout the appliance to keep your food fresh.

With an in-built ice maker and water filter, you save tons on purchasing plastic bottles or water purifying systems.  


  • The cooling system is great at avoiding freezer burn.
  • The storage crispers for fruit and vegetables is a nice touch.
  • The design is very elegant.


  • You’re still paying a steep price for the unit.
It's a reliable model.

FFHT1425VV – Brushed steel top freezer

The classic top freezer sells for less than $1000 but offers invaluable features. This compact model is ideal for smaller apartments.

As an energy star-certified product, you save money on electricity each month. In addition, the EvenTemp cooling system coupled with humidity-controlled drawers ensures your produce remains fresh and crisp.  


  • The brushed steel is magnificent.
  • It’s a reasonable size.
  • It’s a great size for people that aren’t quite as tall.


  • It’s more affordable.
The brushed steel looks great.


A brand that is infamous in the electrical appliances arena for its high-quality and durable products. You might already be familiar with LG for its stellar display screens and sound systems. But another product that the brand has successfully dominated over the last few years is refrigerator units.

The brand has received multiple awards for its state-of-the-art product lines, which are compact and durable.

Regardless of the model’s price, each is a marvel of technology with its spacious and energy-efficient design. The refrigerators will last a lifetime before requiring any major overhaul.

Their anti-bacterial filters guarantee your food lasts just as long. In addition, all LG models come equipped with adjustable counters and chest freezers from top to side-by-side refrigerators.

A few of LG’s most trailblazing designs include:

LG 889L – GR-J31FTUHL – French door

The refrigerator has state-of-the-art technology that provides features other brands fail to include at such an affordable price point. The fridge tops all lists, especially with its inverter linear compressor that ensures your electricity bill remains in check.

It provides even cooling throughout the unit, so your food remains crisp. While your guests enjoy the sleek design and modern look, you can use your smartphone to pinpoint any problems with the refrigerator. Indeed an appliance of the future!


  • It feels luxurious.
  • It’s convenient to be able to look into the fridge without opening it up.
  • It helps save energy.


  • The many features come at a price.

LG 235L – GL-D241AMLI – Single door

For those looking to make a safe investment in a trusted brand, this model is ideal for you. It offers features that no other brand can match at such a competitive price.

You can’t go wrong with this highly-rated product, from a 5-star energy rating to a cooling system that guarantees efficient circulation throughout the unit!


  • The French door design is not for everyone.
  • The smart inverter compressor is great.
  • We love the feel of the toughened glass shelves.


  • Admittedly, we prefer some of the other options.
LG 235L
LG can be trusted.


Purchasing a refrigerator on a whim never pays off. Even if you spend little money to buy the product, you’re most likely to spend more on repairs. However, that’s not the case with Whirlpool. This brand is primarily trusted by homeowners and sellers alike. Your research will confirm it!

Regardless of the model you choose, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth when it comes to Whirlpool. The brand provides a stamp of durability and quality. But that’s not all! It offers various products, ranging from French door units to two-tiered freezer storage.

Whatever your requirement is in terms of design and price, Whirlpool might just have a product matching your exact description. The brand has been proudly serving its customer for over 100 years. So far, only good things have been heard about its products’ performance and life span.

Whirlpool is ideal for you if you’re looking for a brand that prioritizes the consumer’s needs. Here are a few models that are amongst the best that the brand has to offer:

Whirlpool 20.5 cubic feet – Top freezer

At under $1000, the compact design offers two humidity-controlled crispers and multiple shelves that can be adjusted to increase storage. The Flexi-slide drawer provides ample space for your deli meats and cheeses. The model might not have a water dispenser.

Still, the efficient cooling system and heavy-duty freezer make up for it. The Whirlpool 20.5 is well-suited for anyone on a tight budget, hoping the product lasts years without requiring any maintenance.


  • The frameless glass shelves are a nice touch.
  • The Flexi-Slide bin is great for making space for taller objects.
  • It has a humidity-controlled crisper that works great.
  • The price is very reasonable.


  • It can be hard to find product on Amazon.
Whirlpool 20.5 cubic feet
Whirlpool is yet another great name.

Whirlpool 36-inch – French door

Maybe you’re looking to splurge on a product that will not only upscale your home but provide utility for an indefinite period. This is the model for you. The design supports a spacious interior equipped with frameless glass shelves and a temperature-controlled deli drawer.

So you no longer have to worry about your expensive cheeses going bad! The fridge also has an interior water dispenser that pours chilled, purified water at the touch of a button.

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you, the model has a high energy efficiency rating. You know your monthly bill will never get out of hand.


  • It’s so luxurious.
  • It’s a fridge in a completely different league.


  • It’s not a cheap model.


When it comes to innovation, Samsung has already built a reputation as a market leader. The brand’s features remain unmatched as a pioneer of technology and state-of-the-art home appliances.

Samsung is a great high-end refrigerator brand and one of the best out there, with consistently good ratings. Their customer service is impeccable, with everything you need with clean designs. Several of their models even have wi-fi.

Whether you’re looking to spend a large sum on a futuristic refrigerator or something that fits more into your tight budget, Samsung has a product for all your needs.

The designs are infamous for being exceedingly spacious while also appearing compact and not taking up much space.

All the models support a twin cooling system, ensuring the freezer and the fridge section work independently. You can change the cooling setting for one section without altering the settings for the other.

Similarly, the interior remains odorless regardless of the type of food you put in. Specific models even allow you to take a peek inside the fridge without opening the door.

You can view what’s inside through a phone application from the comfort of your living room. Now, this is a future we’re excited about.

While most of the brands are phenomenal, there are certain that especially stand out from the rest. Such top-notch models include:

Samsung RS22T5201SR – Side-by-side

A highly-rated model built like a high-end cash vault is what you need to revamp your home. The design may be breath-taking, but the fridge offers much more than just a stunning exterior.

One of its most spectacular features is the Power Cool option, which allows you to drop a compartment’s temperature within minutes drastically. So the next time you’ve guests over, you can turn on the power freeze option and have chilled drinks at your disposal in no time. It has plenty of space because of its size.


  • The flat doors are magnificent.
  • We love the easy-to-open recessed handles.
  • It’s a great appliance that adds style to your home.


  • It’s not the cheapest.
Samsung RS22T5201SR
We love Samsung. They also produce other types of appliances.

Samsung RF22R7551SR – counter depth

You might think you can only use a fridge to chill your drinks and keep your food fresh. Samsung’s latest design begs you to reconsider. The model is unlike any other available in the market. It supports a touch-screen display that could essentially replace your tablet.

From music to shopping lists, your refrigerator could be your new buddy. But an embedded digital display is not all the model offers. It has an ice dispenser for the scolding summer days and a metal cooling system that ensures the fridge remains well insulated even on the hottest days.   

It’s a great, high-end brand with a good size with and there are lots of reports from happy customers. Samsung is a great manufacturer and appliance brand.


  • We love the different temperature settings for the storage department.
  • Samsung prides itself on ensuring freshness with a tighter seal.
  • It’s available in 3 colors.
  • Our favorite color is Tuscal stainless steel.


  • It’s not a cheap model.
Samsung RF22R7551SR
Here's another Samsung.


If you spend your summer afternoons baking fruit cakes, you might already be familiar with the brand. But KitchenAid offers much more than hand-mixers or electric ovens. It has a wide variety of impeccable models that are trusted all across the globe for their durability. It’s one of several great companies.

The brand also pays close attention to the different types in its inventory. From French doors and top freezers to side-by-side and bottom freezers, KitchenAid has it all.

You can’t get wrong with KitchenAid, whether you’re looking for a classic white exterior or a sleek metallic finish. The brand takes pride in catering to all customer bases, regardless of budget restrictions. There’s a model for everyone, from high-end luxury models to affordable options.

Apart from the competitive pricing, they have multiple adjustable shelves and an economical cooling system. With KitchenAid, you will never have to worry about your fridge being unable to work in hotter temperatures.

The freezer maintains a low internal temperature regardless of the external temperature. Here are a few models that stand true to the brand’s ideals:

KitchenAid 20 cubic feet KRFC300ESS – French door

You need not spend like a luxury to feel like a luxury. The KitchenAid supports a design that resembles a built-in fridge. It gives your kitchen a sleek appearance but at the cost of a French door model.

It has multiple shelves, and each serves a specific purpose. For instance, three racks are designed for drinks and condiments. There is a separate rack for all you wine lovers. The model may give you a taste of luxury, but it ensures your monthly utility bill is not too extreme.


  • It’s great at preserving produce.
  • The humidity-controlled crispers work phenomenally.
  • The counter-depth design makes it a great option for a modern kitchen.


  • Its price tag is north of $2,000.
KitchenAid 20
KitchenAid makes all sort of appliances and kitchen devices.

KitchenAid 36″ – KRMF706ESS – Multi-door & freestanding

A five-drawer model practically sells itself. From ample storage to optimized cooling, this particular design needs no convincing. The unit’s internal temperature is maintained through an efficient cooling system, which also ensures your electricity cost remains in check.

The water dispenser takes the model to the next level. It can be configured to serve a specific measurement. So the next time you want a cup of water in your recipe, just ask your fridge to hand it over.     


  • It’s a very high-end product.
  • The door system is a bit different but works great.
  • We love the look.


  • The price might scare you.
KitchenAid 36
Here's another KitchenAid.

Magic Chef

In the list of refrigerator giants, Magic Chef may find itself the odd one out. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less reliable than the other brands. Magic Chef may lack the luster of a high-end appliance brand.

Still, its functionality and performance certainly make up for it. With a central focus on improving the consumer experience, the brand creates designs that support a roomy interior and speedy cooling system.

In addition, all the benefits of an innovative and modern brand come at a highly affordable price.

So whether you’re looking for a mini-fridge for your bedroom or a contemporary design to grace your kitchen, Magic Chef has you covered. Here are a few models that represent the best the brand has to offer:

Magic Chef 9.2 cubic feet – bottom-mount

With three adjustable glass shelves and multiple storage racks on the inside of the door, this is an ideal model for anyone looking for a compact design at a highly affordable rate.

The bottom-mounted freezer offers a spacious storage basket and a wire rack. The efficient cooling system ensures cold air is circulated throughout the fridge. As the model loses little heat, it works wonders for your electricity bill.

Brand Name‎Magic Chef
Capacity‎9.2 Cubic Feet
Certification‎Energy Star
Item Weight‎132 pounds
Model Info‎MCBM920W1
Product Dimensions‎26.8 x 23.8 x 59.8 inches


  • It’s a very reasonable price.
  • It’s very simple


  • It’s not always available on Amazon.

Magic Chef MCBR440S2 – Mini

A mini-fridge may not be an ideal addition to your kitchen. Still, there is nothing more well-suited when it comes to a dorm room or a bachelor pad. The mini-fridge only appears small by name.

It has two adjustable glass shelves that you can rearrange to make more room. The top freezer compartment maintains a low temperature even if the door is opened frequently.

This model is intended to make it as convenient as possible for smaller spaces. Therefore, you can attack the fridge door in either direction.

Brand Name‎Magic Chef
Capacity‎4.4 Cubic Feet
Item Weight‎138.6 pounds
Package Dimensions‎36.95 x 25.7 x 23.2 inches
Part Number‎MCPMCBR440S2


  • Its 4.4 cubic feet is a great size for a college dorm.
  • It does what a fridge is supposed to do.


  • It won’t serve an entire family’s needs.
Magic Chef MCBR440S2
It's great for the smaller needs.

Refrigerator brands to avoid

Gone are the days when refrigerators were deemed as only cooling boxes. Even though they keep your food fresh, multiple other features are offered to improve the overall experience.

But innovation often comes at a price. The introduction of new features or experimentation may not always go right. Sometimes hope for better results in electric failures and poor performance. It could also cause overheating.

So before you set out on a journey to find the most reliable brand, you must eliminate the worst of the lot. Here’s a list of the refrigerator brands to avoid.


The brand may seem to do well on paper, but secrets are hidden beneath the surface. Maytag doesn’t seem that unreliable, from a wide variety of products to a high consumer affair rating.

However, multiples complaints and terrible reviews have been registered about the products costing an arm and a leg to repair. Not only is the maintenance service fee deemed high, but the filters and other spare parts can be pretty pricey to get your hands on.

Apart from the Maytag refrigerators costing you a penny, they also seem to perform poorly in the freezer department. The cooling is described by many as underwhelming and underperforming. Whether it’s the circulation of the cold air or the maintenance of the internal temperature that’s the issue is unsure.

However, it’s certain that the freezing lacks significantly. You may need to avoid Maytag, from frequent ice-maker malfunctions to mushy frozen food. 


The brand may be hugely popular for its home appliances, but it falls short on refrigerators. Since the brand has earned a good reputation for its products, it isn’t easy to list it as a company to be avoided without sufficient evidence.

But as multiple people file complaints and leave negative reviews about the water leakage problem and the air filter issue, it becomes apparent that there’s a severe oversight. The most significant issue is that their models suffer from a water leakage problem within months of use. This problem may stem from the inefficient freezer cooling system, rendering the ice-maker completely useless.

In addition, the luxury line is often criticized for the high cost of maintenance. But that’s not all! Even after expensive repairs, the wiring problems and loud noise generation reappear. Customers especially denounce the Bosch 800 series. Replacing crucial parts could prove quite heavy on the wallet. It includes the condenser coil.


When affordability comes to play, a question arises whether the low cost is worth the product. With Smeg, it appears the consumers display the same concern. Firstly, the products seldom live up to their expected life span.

This makes the product’s value far lower than what you initially paid for it. Secondly, there have been several complaints about the performance of the condenser coils and compressors. They don’t last as long and can be pretty expensive to replace.

Finally, the mini-fridge series by Smeg is especially condemned by the consumers as it only received a 20% satisfaction rate. Even with slightly pricier models, the same negative reviews are reported.

Are LG refrigerators good?

LG refrigerators stand firm in the market, where most models are well-received. They stand as the market leaders in innovation and bringing a futuristic approach to home appliances. The brand has received multiple awards, namely the J.D award for three years.

The brand offers a 5-year part and labor warranty, which is a testament to its high-quality commitment.  

Are Samsung refrigerators good?

Any brand ranked number 1 for customer satisfaction is a brand that you can trust. Samsung has pioneered the growth of the home appliance industry. Specifically for refrigerators, Samsung stands as a highly-reputable brand.

The majority of the reviews speak in favor of the brand. This is because the refrigerators designed by Samsung put the consumer’s convenience as the most critical factor. It also prioritizes creating a durable and highly-efficient product.

Yes, Samsung warrants being on our list of the most reliable refrigerator brands with the least problems!

High-end brands 

When it comes to selling a budget-friendly product, not much attention is paid to the details like the price itself is a significant selling point. However, with luxury prices comes greater scrutiny.

Any person looking to buy a high-end product conducts a thorough examination to evaluate its worth for the money they pay. Save you the trouble of closely inspecting different brands. Here are the ones that will force you to take a second look at the price tag:

  • Miele
  • Dacor
  • Liebherr

In addition, here are a few models that particularly stand out for their luxury:

  • Best high-end French door model – Retailing at $10,999, the ‘Thermador Freedom 19.4 Cu.’  
  • Best high-end bottom freezer model – Retailing at $9,999, the ‘Miele MasterCool 19.56 Cu.’
  • Best column model – Retailing at $9,300, the ‘Monogram 14.59 Cu.’
  • Best counter depth – Retailing at $7,999, the ‘LG signature 22.8 Cu.’

Which brands make the best, most reliable refrigerators?

A few brands currently dominate the market and have earned a respectable reputation amongst customers. But namely, the ones that have provided the greatest utility with the least problems include:

  • General Electric (GE)
  • LG
  • Frigidaire

It’s important to know there are other brands out there that didn’t make the list, like:

  • Electrolux
  • Kenmore
  • Amana

We didn’t find enough reasons and data for us to warrant putting them on either of the lists, despite their products having the necessary bells and whistles. On the other hand, class-action law suits were common against the brands we think you should avoid as was frequent appliance repair.

When buying a major appliance, you want to be extra careful. Maybe a double-door model is important to you.


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to the most reliable refrigerator brands with the least problems and the ones to avoid. No matter if you’re buying it from Best, Buy, Home Depot, or Amazon, Consumer Reports can help you make an educated decision. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a door counter-depth or require other capabilities. You’ll also want a stylish, quiet option with available replacement parts.

What brand do repairmen recommend?

When it comes to purchasing a refrigerator, the ideal choice is not the one that comes at the lowest price but can provide the most significant value.

And who else would know the value of a product over time than those in charge of maintaining it. As per the repairmen, Whirlpool and KitchenAid are the most reliable and trustworthy brands.

What brand lasts the longest?

With durability listed as a feature under most brands’ banners, only a few truly mean it. Whirlpool is a brand that designs lowmaintenance and long-lasting units when it comes to refrigerators.  

Which brand has the least repairs?

Whirlpool is currently the market leader in providing the most durable and low-maintenance units.

Which brand has the most problems?

An entire brand can’t be tainted due to the fault of a few products. However, at certain times the issues exceed the rules of the blame game.

Such as, with Bosch, the problems outweigh the benefits. And while multiple brands have a tainted reputation, Bosch, Beko, Smeg, and Vikings stand as the worst brands.

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