10 best home remedies to get rid of roaches overnight

The last thing you want to do is open the drawer in your RV. 

However, it’s not a bra or a shirt that reaches your hand. Instead, it’s a cockroach.

Yes, you can find these little creatures whether you’re on the road or in a more permanent home. They’ll make their way in where the conditions are good for it. 


While there is no way to get rid of roaches instantly, the best home remedy to get rid of roaches overnight is with the use of Combat Max. Combat Max is the undisputed best way to get rid of roaches fast.

In this article, we’ll also talk about the following:

  • What they’re attracted to
  • How you can use boric acid

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In this article, we’ll look at home remedies and the best ways to get rid of cockroaches overnight. 

We’ll talk about things that kill cockroaches instantly, so you know what you need to have available at home when there’s a heavy infestation. If you found a cockroach in your house, several paths exist. 

One option is to call an exterminator. It’s nice. It’s quick. However, it doesn’t mean they won’t come back. There are ways to deal with these pests, and make sure that you get rid of an infestation forever. 

It may require continued effort from you, but it will leave you sleeping peacefully at night. The good news is that some of these actions won’t just be effective against those fast, black insects.

Some of these prevention methods may also help you against mice and ants. It’s not as easy as turning on the lights when you go to bed. 

However, it’s not like these home remedies are hard to follow either. You’ll no longer have to fear these small creatures running across your kitchen floor in the middle of the night. 

Some of the steps you can possibly take include:

  • Using Combat Max
  • Using boric acid
  • Using diatomaceous earth
  • Using borax

Best overnight remedy

Various options claim to be the best overnight roach killers for the home, claiming they work instantly. However, your best option is Combat Max. 

They’re not just great in terms of working fast. They also last 12 months when they’ve been put out. 

They have attractive bait that makes sure they’re not just another addition to your pest exterminating initiatives. They’ll work night and day to keep your house clean and uninfested.

You need to strategically place them around the house, and you’ll see results in hours. You can go to bed knowing your house will be less infested in the morning.

BrandCombat Max
Country of originUSA
Insecticide usedFipronil
Item Weight4.16 Ounces
Product Dimensions1.8 x 7.1 x 4.6 inches


  • It’s great that it’s child resistant.
  • They really work.
  • Easy to use.
  • They’re generally good for about 6-12 months.


  • The manufacturer still says kids and pets should not play with the traps.
  • They’ll eventually need replacing.
  • The bigger your infestation, the more frequently they’ll need to be replaced.
  • If you’ve got a big infestation, you’ll need to place a lot of them.
Combat Max
We love Combat Max.

Best instant solution

Ortho’s Home Defense Max product is the way to go when you want something that works instantly. Home Defense Max is a great product when you want to get rid of roaches on the kitchen wall. 

It kills by contact and means you won’t have to clean up all sorts of roach juices when you’re done squishing them. It’s great for both American and German cockroaches. 

What to do if you see one?

The first thing we’ll take a look at is what you should do if you see a cockroach

Several questions may fly through your head as soon as you see one. It’s especially the case if it’s alive. 

  • Do they bite?
  • Is there a heavy infestation somewhere that you don’t know about?

You’ll be happy to hear that a single one doesn’t necessarily mean you have a massive problem and must pull out the big ammo. It could be a lonely one that somehow managed to make its way into the house. 

It’s natural to go into a panic when you see one, and maybe you even squeal a little bit. A vertical jump in the air has been known to happen. You’re suddenly chasing down things that you could use to kill it. 

You’re looking for a shoe or maybe a broom. You’re running around, and meanwhile, your heart rate is at 160.

You don’t remember the last time you were this scared. It’s incredible that such a small animal can impose such an amount of terror on some people.

However, jumping on a chair is not the solution. You may want to scream, and you are fully entitled to do so. If there are more, it just won’t get rid of them. 

For some, their sheer presence will induce a panic-like state of mind. 

Take action, so you avoid getting a heavy infestation with various preventive measures. However, do those along with the measures to kill the roaches that are already in your house. 

How do they get into your house?

To effectively eliminate an infestation, it’s important to know how roaches got into your house in the first place. 

When considering their small brain, it’s impressive how resourceful these creatures are and what they’re capable of doing. There’s a myriad of ways that they’ll be able to get into your house.

More often than not, they did not have any James Bond-like skills. They’ve got all sorts of techniques that they use. It’s even quite likely that you were the one helping them inside in the first place. 

So, here are some of the ways they get into your house:

  • Using pipes to get from one apartment to another.
  • Finding cracks and holes in apartment walls to move across. 
  • Jumping into your grocery bag when the roach was already in your car. 
  • They’ll climb into a bag or a suitcase. Maybe you had an old lunch box with crumbs in it that they found interesting. 
  • Tiny cracks from the outside are easy places for them to enter through. 
  • Open windows look like invitations. If you’re not careful, they’ll invite all their insect friends. 

They’re animals that are great at finding food and water, and it does not take much to achieve the goal. They may already be living in your house without you knowing.

The good news is that cockroaches do not bite but can cause other issues. They bring potential health problems with them that you don’t want. You don’t want them in your kitchen or in any other room for that matter. 

Cleaning your rooms frequently is a great start at preventing cockroaches, but they can get in despite it.

They’re not the animals you would want to play hide and seek with because of their abilities to hide. They’ll do so without you even knowing they are there in the first place. 

Cockroaches will find cracks in the walls you didn’t even know were there. They’ll go into cabinets and come out and feast overnight. They’ll hide in the air ducts if they have to, although it’s not their preferred hiding spot. 

Cracks and crevices are common places to start looking. Behind refrigerators and under sinks are good places to start your search. 

They’re commonly looking for food in the late hours, feasting on whatever’s available. For that reason, you shouldn’t be surprised if you come across cockroaches in the kitchen at night after crumbs have fallen on the floor.


What are they attracted to?

Cockroaches are attracted to a range of things, including cribs that have been spilled and dirty dishes in the sink. Excess moisture and your cat’s favorite food are other things that will attract them.

We’ll go over natural remedies and all sorts of other things, and you’ll soon be efficient at getting rid of cockroach infestations for good and forever.

How to get rid of roaches instantly & overnight 

  1. Use duct tape.

    Duct tape may seem too simple to work, but it’s genius. It’s an old-fashioned trap that ensures the creatures aren’t going anywhere. It will also help you gauge whether or not you have an infestation. 

    You usually don’t want to leave bait out, but in this situation, you do. You’re creating a sticky surface they’re incapable of leaving once stuck to it. 

    The bait is placed on top of the tape, and it’s now a waiting game. If there truly is a heavy infestation, this should draw out a crowd. 

    They go for the food, and now they’re stuck. Place the tape upside-down on a surface you expect them to be drawn to. The kitchen floor is a good example. Place a piece of food on top of the duct tape. 

    Place several of them around the house, making one potent, natural home remedy. It’s ruthless, and you’ll see results overnight.

    It will give you a feeling of where they’re traveling, and you can now put up poisonous traps.

  2. Combine baking soda and onions.

    Unfortunately, baking soda is not something that cockroaches will eat by themselves. They need a little bit of motivation to delve into it. That’s where the onion comes in.

    Many people may not be fascinated by the idea of raw onion. For roaches, it’s a solid meal.

    The onion is the bait, and the baking soda does the job. Dice onions and generously sprinkle them with baking soda. You probably already have this stuff lying around. 

    It’s a great, natural way of dealing with the problem. It’s also natural!onions

  3. Combine peanut butter and boric acid.

    Boric acid is your friend when it comes to dealing with an infestation. It’s also great for ants and is used in the most popular ant-killing product we talk about here

    The little creatures won’t be able to resist the peanut butter, and then the boric acid will do its job.

     Put it on top of a piece of aluminum foil if you don’t want the stickiness of the peanut butter all-around your house.

  4. Wipe your counters.

    Wiping your counters won’t in itself get rid of the roaches, but it will help deter them from going into the kitchen. Anything you do that increases the cleanness of your home will help deter infestations. 

    It’s a good practice to help remove their food source. wipe the counter

  5. Use diatomaceous earth.

    Diatomaceous earth will act the same way as boric acid and baking soda will. It is powerful at dehydrating the roach and its exoskeleton and taking care of those long-nostrilled pests. 

    Baking soda or boric acid are preferred, however. It should be handled with caution in the concentrations you can get it in.

    However, you can mix diatomaceous earth with sugar, and you’ve now got another lethal combo. Take equal parts sugar and diatomaceous earth and put it on top of some foil. 
    Now the waiting game starts. 

    Roaches will seek the sweet sugar, not knowing what’s waiting for them.powdered sugar

  6. Make a borax wonder.

    Borax is a great laundry booster, but it has more functions than that. It can also help dehydrate your little, unwelcomed friends. It’s time to make another sugar combo!

    Equal parts of borax and powdered sugar create a recipe that your roach friends cannot stay away from. When they eat it, it’s too late.powdered sugar from Lidl

  7. Plaster of Paris and Cornstarch

    Plaster of Paris and cornstarch are a great combination, at least when getting rid of roaches. 

    Maybe you’ve just gotten done with a major home improvement project. It’s a great, quick-setting gypsum plaster that doubles in function. 

    Maybe it’s just something you have readily available at home. This dehydrating recipe requires equal parts cornstarch and Plaster of Paris, and you’re good to go. 

    Place it where you’re thinking it will be eaten, near cracks and crevices. 

  8. Use bleach or ammonia to flush them out.

    Roaches often seek out the drains because of the humid conditions. However, placing a trap down there is not easy. 

    Bleach is potent, and you should treat it accordingly. What you’ll need is ¼ cup that is poured down the drain. Plug the drain before doing so, and then leave it there for 30 minutes. 

    Flush with water afterward to remove the material, as leaving it there too long is bad for the pipes. 

  9. Use a natural cleaning product that includes tea tree essential oil.

    There are certain essential oils that cockroaches find repulsive. It will make them stay far away when they find this stuff. 

    You’ll want to make such a combination for your cleaning product. Get one of the essential oils that repel them and mix it with vinegar. You’ll have a roach-repelling natural cleaning product. 

    While vinegar doesn’t kill them, it is a good idea to make the conditions less hospitable. 

  10. Use different types of bait.

    German roaches are known for adapting, and they may just become suspicious if you’re using the same bait always. We’ve suggested a couple of different options here that should all work well in your home. 

    Give different ones a try, and you’ll have a roach-free home in no time, and you can even do so without an exterminator. It works great in apartments, kitchens, and other rooms.

If you use these various methods, you will permanently eliminate the roach infestation. You won’t risk them having a dance party in your living room at night!

However, the first step is to do what you can to keep them away and out of your house.

Have you decided which of these tactics to implement to fight the infestation?

  • Combat Max
  • Combining peanut butter and boric acid
  • Using diatomaceous earth
  • Using borax

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