3 best gnat killers for indoor plants at home

Whether they appear in your indoor or outdoor garden, fungus gnats are always a problem for every gardener. The damage is significantly greater for the crops in your backyard. Still, even your indoor plants will feel these gnats’ negative impact. 

If you have indoor plants, your home’s green area must be perfect. The environment you create for them is different from the one they get outside directly from nature. You can eliminate and even prevent gnats from appearing by actively monitoring and analyzing their condition.

When indoor plants get infected, they can spread fungal diseases and accelerate the withering process. Your precious indoor plants will be decimated sooner than you think, and this unpleasant surprise can discourage any gardener.


The best gnat killers for indoor plants at home are bug spray, bug traps, and electric trap. The most common cause of gnats inside is water-related issues, including your plants and pipes.

Here are the 3 best products to get rid of gnats:

  • Best gnat-killing spray: Bug Soother
  • Best cheap traps: Dwcom
  • Best electrical gadget: Katchy

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insect trap

There are several solutions to a gnat problem, and you can apply the best one. Quick action is necessary, but make sure to do your research before applying a treatment. This article will discuss the 3 best gnat killers for indoor plants at home. You will see how effective they are against these pests, and your plants will thank you. 

Best gnat killers for indoor plants at home

Once you notice fungus gnats flying around your houseplants with no restrictions, you should eliminate them as soon as possible. The longer you let them swarm around your indoor garden, the more damage they deliver. 

If you want a quick and effective solution, we got you covered with the best gnat killers for indoor plants. Take a look at them and choose the one that is most suited for your garden’s needs. They are all guaranteed to work, and the choice is yours.

Best spray: Bug Soother Spray

Why you need it:

  • Kills the bugs immediately on contact.
  • Safe for humans and animals.
  • Ready to use – no preparation needed.
  • Made from natural ingredients.

Few products can deliver instant results, and this is one of them. Once the order arrives, this solution is ready to use, and you don’t need to follow any additional steps. Start spraying the infested area, and you will see the fungus gnats drop dead within seconds. 

The team at Bug Soother created this product with versatility in mind, which means you can use this spray for any other infestations you are dealing with. You can use the same product whether you are struggling with sand fleas or mosquitoes.

Natural ingredients make it safe for humans and pets, so you won’t have to worry about any side effects if this spray ends up on your skin. Castor oil and Lemongrass are just some of the elements that make this spray highly effective. 

Bug Soother Spray
It's DEET-free.

Best trap – 24 Pack Traps

Why you need it: 

  • Highly effective in catching fungus gnats.
  • Easy to set up with no complicated procedures.
  • They last for a long time, and you won’t need replacements soon.
  • 24 pieces, enough for all your houseplants.

If you have a large indoor garden, purchasing this pack is wise. This way, you can ensure that each pot gets one of these traps. You must peel the white film on both sides and insert the trap in the plant’s soil.

The sharp bottom makes this procedure easier, and you don’t have to force its installation. Fungus gnats will be attracted to them and will eventually get stuck once they hit the strong adhesive. Because it is made from natural ingredients, it is not toxic and has no odor.

24-Pack Fungus Gnat Traps
You'll have great results with these traps.

While these traps are highly effective against fungus gnats, they will also eliminate mosquitos and other flying insects that bother your indoor houseplants. Several customers expressed their satisfaction through a positive review, and it seems like most of them are impressed by the longevity of these traps.

Once you install them, you don’t have to worry about anything else. They will do their job for a long time before you have to replace them again. 

Best gadget – Katchy Indoor Trap

Why you need it:

  • Powerful UV light is efficient against many insects.
  • Easy to use with an automatic setting.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and looks better than other traps.

With more than 80,000 satisfied customers, this product is the best choice for a modern gardener. While other alternatives are just as effective, this one comes with bonus features that will make your life easier. 

It even has a catchy name!

All you have to do is to select between the standard and low-speed settings. Once you activate one mode, you can leave it to work even when you are not there. Keep in mind that this product is intended for your indoor garden. While it will easily get rid of fungus gnats and fruit flies, it is not effective against house flies.

Modern and highly advanced technology further increases the performance of this product. A powerful UV light and a durable fan will bring the insects to the board covered in glue. It is irresistible in a bug’s eyes, and they will be drawn to their trap magically. 

To easily compare the differences between these three effective solutions against fungus gnats, check the table below.

ProductPriceStrong pointLink
Best trapLowLong-lasting24 Pack Gnat Traps
Best sprayMediumInstant resultsBug Soother Spray
Best gadgetHighLots of featuresKatchy Indoor Trap

What causes infestations?

When you notice gnats, the first step is to apply the necessary treatment and save your potted plants as soon as possible. But if you want to avoid any further infestations, continue by identifying the source of the problem and remove it permanently.

gnats in a bowl

For that, you will need some basic knowledge about these bugs and where they come from. In this article, you will learn more about them to be more prepared. What is the humidity level in your home? When there is a lot of moisture in the air, the environment is ideal for these gnats to develop.

If you have some water-related issues, you should fix them immediately. Check the pipes in your basement and make sure there are no leaks. Additionally, you can purchase a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture levels in your home further. Fungus gnats cannot survive in a dry environment, so that you can use this factor against them.

Keep a consistent watering schedule and never over-water your indoor plants. If the soil is too moist, it becomes the perfect environment for these pests. Allow enough time for the soil to dry completely between waterings. 

gnats on a trap

Can house plants attract fruit flies?

Houseplants cannot attract fruit flies directly, but you might see some of these flies flying around them. Usually, fruit flies are attracted by the following:

  • rotting fruit
  • sweet drinks
  • dirty surfaces
  • unclean drains

These are just some of the reasons why fruit flies appear in your home. When they do, you might notice them around your houseplants, but they are not attracted to them. The fungus gnats have a special preference for potted plants, and there is a difference between these two pests.

Regarding color, fruit flies feature shades of tan to black, whereas fungus gnats are dark grey. It is easy to identify them visually, but those that do not have a trained eye will want to look for more details. The shape of fruit flies represents a rounded body that looks similar to the house fly.

Fungus gnats are notorious for their legs and long bodies. It is why many people mistake them for mosquitos, although their behavior is not similar. Lastly, fruit flies have big red eyes, which can be spotted easily. However, you might have trouble identifying the eyes of fungus gnats because they are significantly smaller. 

Are they harmful?

While you might wonder about the damage these pests cause to your plants, one thing is for sure – they are an annoying inconvenience wherever they go. When they reach maturity, fungus gnats will not do much damage to plants or humans.

But their simple presence is enough to be considered an alarming problem. After all, nobody wants their indoor garden to be swarmed with mean-looking insects that drastically reduce the aesthetical aspect given by your potted plants. 

Remember that fungus gnats larvae are more than just a visual problem. When they are present in large numbers on the soil, the plant will suffer tremendously until you get rid of them. These larvae can damage the root and impair the growing process, with the younger plants sustaining the greatest damage.

If you are excited about the sprouting of your favorite plant, its future will be ruined once fungus gnats larvae are present in the soil. Plant death and severe root damage are almost guaranteed, so it is better to take the necessary action and apply treatment as soon as possible. 

How to keep them away

Once you get rid of them, you will finally be relieved to be free of this problem. But you have to prevent any future infestation by following some simple tips. With these measures, you can keep them away, and fungus gnats will think twice before invading your indoor garden again.

Light a candle

It is a very easy trap that is also highly effective. These pests are attracted to light and fly toward their source without considering the risks. Once it gets dark, turn off all the lights and light the candle. But always be present and monitor the candle to avoid dangerous accidents.

Reduce moisture

Because they thrive in humid environments, your goal is to reduce the moisture as much as possible. Keep a balanced environment and avoid over-watering your plants. When the soil is too moist, gnats will come rushing and will multiply faster than you expect.

Clean the drains to reduce humidity further.

When there is a water leak, the humidity will drastically increase. It creates a favorable environment for gnats, and it will be difficult for you to identify the source. Double-check the pipes and drains in your basement and ensure they are in good condition.

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