Pros & cons of gas & electric washers & dryers

We all have plenty of clothes to dry every day. No matter the type, having a dryer will always make the difference between having extra time to spend for ourselves.

Have you ever wished you’d know everything about technology as I did?


The biggest difference between gas and electric washer & dryer hookups is how they’re powered, as they still perform the same function. Gas dryers are more expensive to install as the machines easily cost $1,000-$1,500 without installation. On the other hand, you can find good electric dryers for $800-$1,000.

The biggest pro of gas washers and dryers is that they’re cheaper to operate if you have a gas hookup. The biggest con of gas washers and dryers is that not everyone has a hookup available. It’s important to check the gas line to ensure the safety of gas dryers.

The biggest pro of electric washers and dryers is that they’re cheaper to install initially, and you don’t need a hookup. However, their biggest con is that they’re less efficient.

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Choosing a suitable dryer for your laundry room will save you time on paying the bills and keeping your schedule on time.

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Throughout this article, we will cover all the aspects you should know when shopping for a dryer.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about gas vs. electric clothes dryers. However, make sure you don’t put your bras in there! It’ll wear them out faster.

You’ll even find these appliances in high-end RVs for full-time living.

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How do gas dryers work?

Let’s get started with gas dryers. The most important question about them is the most basic. How do they work?

The answer is as straightforward as you’d expect. They function the same way as a gas-heated oven or stove.

In the center of the dryer, you will find a light bulb that lights whenever it’s active. The light inside signifies the administration of gas applied to gas conduction. The air inside the machine starts to heat whenever the light inside switches on.

Through the use of gas, these types of dryers are considered to be efficient when it comes to the quantity of gas exhausted. Because of its efficient process and igniting capabilities, gas dryers don’t take a long time to heat the entire machine.


Both types of dryers have nearly the same advantages. I will attach below a complete list that covers all the pros & cons of owning one.



gas dryer
  1. Superior lower consumption and operating cost

Because of its usage of natural resources, it consumes less energy. Gas is cheaper and more resourceful when depleting the power provided.

  1. It is the perfect decision to take should you have a gas hookup already set up.

It’s a no-brainer to say that gas dryers need a hookup installed in your household pipe network. Without one already installed, this could be a con for you.

  1. Planning ahead

If you’ve got your plans figured out for the coming years, then choosing a gas dryer will be your cheaper option. Owning a gas line leads to energy savings, noticeable throughout time. They are typically more energy efficient than its counterpart.

  1. Affordable operating costs

A gas dryer typically requires a solid initial investment in a hookup. All of the annual operating costs that come after are the main benefit of its category. The coming bills will have lower prices to pay for the energy consumed.

  1. Owning a 120-volt electric outlet

They require 120-volt electric outlets. If you already own one, there will be nothing more required.

Used electric dryer

Maybe you have already subconsciously decided when you chose your home to include all the above factors. You already know the decision you have to make.


LG gas dryer

As with all existing things, they do come with cons.

  1. Higher MSRP

Not all things can be cheaper when it comes to gas dryers. Because of its energy efficiency and annual operating costs, they have a higher MSRP (The manufacturer’s suggested retail price ). By definition, MSRP is the recommended manufacturer’s price of sale. It influences the unit’s initial cost, which is higher than its counterpart.

  1. Substantially higher installation cost

The initial cost is all that positions the gas dryers in the category of expensive. Not owning a gas line will demand a robust early investment. As with every investment, it will quickly be recovered later.



electric dryer with the door open
  1. Do not require a hookup.

All you need to set up an electric dryer is a 240-volt electric outlet.

  1. Short-term plans and costs

The costs of setting up a gas line greatly exceed the energy costs saved from owning an efficient gas dryer. Owning an electric model will save up on a potential initial investment if you plan to move on to a different home in a few years.

  1. Lower MSRP

Unlike gas, the electric models permanently save up on the initial investment. The cost of manufacturer’s recommended retail price is lower due to its potential for low-term usage.


  1. Higher operating costs

Electric dryers function entirely based on electricity. Due to that fact, the price is by far exorbitant. Depending on the energy provider available to you, the price may vary. Because of its electricity consumption, it will always be more expensive.

  1. Lower efficiency

This type is less efficient due to the time required to heat and the intensity of the warmth built inside. The longer it takes to heat the laundry, the more energy it will consume. Even if the electric dryer has a lower initial cost than its counterpart, the energy bills will slowly add up to the potential investment you could have profited off.

FeatureGas DryerElectric Dryer
Fuel SourceNatural GasElectricity
Cost to OperateUsually cheaper than electricUsually more expensive than gas
AvailabilityNot available in all areasAvailable in all areas
EfficiencyGenerally more efficient than electricGenerally less efficient than gas
MaintenanceIt may require more maintenance.Usually requires less maintenance

Cost of each

I will break down the costs of both types into three essential categories.

Initial Purchase Cost

The initial purchase cost is the first aspect we look for when purchasing a new device. Laundry dryers come in two categories, electric and gas. The retail price of an electric model is more affordable than the gas version. Although the difference in the price varies from model to model, it should always be about 100$ cheaper for the electric version.

The electric version is perfect for you, considering that you are tight on the budget and are looking for a short-term investment.

The gas version is excellent for making the most of your budget on a longer-term investment plan. It’s because of its affordable monthly energy bills at the cost of an initial upfront cost.

Overall Efficiency Cost

Gas is overall an efficient energy source when it comes to heat production. Because of its instant ignition properties, it has a faster process of heat generation inside your dryer. The result of that process will reduce the energy lost inside the structure of your dryer.

Electric energy has an entirely different process.

The heat generated from burning fossil fuels is converted into electricity in a power station far from your house. The electricity must travel all that distance to your home through cables.

Due to the resistance built in the wires, some energy is lost along the route. When the remaining electricity arrives at your house, the dryer turns it into heat. The conversion process of electricity generates a loss of power, thus marking this technique as not ideal.

With the ongoing issue of better taking care of the environment around us, I’d be glad if you would ask yourself one crucial question.

Which type is suitable to use for the environment?

If solar panels power your home, electricity will surely be the better option that suits you.

If your home is powered by any other source of electricity other than eolian or solar, you should not hesitate to opt for a gas-powered source.

Cheaper costs of operation

The comparison long awaited is finally here.

Gas will always come first when it comes to affordable prices.

It’s easy to guess why. It burns efficiently every resource put to use, producing hotter drying temperatures. Because of that, it permanently reduces the time needed to dry the clothes.

Let’s take the example of an average family that performs twenty loads of laundry every month.

We have a variable cost of $130 yearly for an electric model that operates for that capacity. The cost varies from one energy provider to another.

The cost is reduced to $85 yearly for the same gas dryer. That results in $45 savings by using a different energy-usage method.

Remember that these prices are just an average calculation and can be strongly influenced by the energy provider available to you. The same methods can bring you more savings or higher costs.

Due to all of the facts presented in this article, a gas model will return the initial investment in a maximum timeframe of 3 years. The return investment also varies on the frequency of usage.

A household that requires frequent laundry can return the investment in less than one year. The following years of use will return a profit, as you will not be forced to spend a higher amount.

Do you know what that is called?

A well-thought-out investment plan.

It is best to decide to follow this plan when building your new home. It makes better sense to take measures early rather than doing it later and regret it.

If you are looking for an already finished home to buy, make sure that it already comes equipped with a built-in gas line.

That being said, it is customary to mention each type’s benefits and downsides.

It’s notable to say that a gas dryer will mainly save the time and finances available to you. Its fast drying capabilities make shorter cycles. Thanks to that efficient factor, we could all use the time available in our lives to mend other vital things. Rather than waiting for the next load to finish, this type will help you achieve better time management.

Best Gas Models

It is only normal to help you find a suitable option when we have just talked about how important time management is. That’s why I have already chosen some of the best dryers in this category. You may enjoy and relax while it ships directly to your already prepared home.

Best Overall

GE 7.8 Cu. ft. Capacity Smart Front Load

I have chosen this model for its overall capabilities and functions. It comes with a variety of cycles, such as:

  • Steaming out wrinkles
  • Reduces static
  • Sanitizing cycle through high heat temperatures
  • Drying of small loads in under 23 minutes
  • Tons of features controlled through intelligent technology
  • Quiet cycle
  • Affordable price considering all available features

It truly is the best option for reducing costs and saving time. It can be controlled remotely from any place accessible to the internet through the usage of your phone. It can also be linked to the washer to automatically select the proper cycle for the clothes that are preparing to be dried.

Comfortable To Use

GE 7.4 Cu. Ft. 13-Cycle

This specific model seems to be the easiest to use. It has a wide door that can be opened without much trouble, making it extremely easy to load and unload the laundry.

Enjoy the simple and easy-to-use control panel when setting your laundry cycle to be finished in under 30 minutes.

Aside from its flawless designs, it can be remotely monitored through your smartphone via a simple Wi-Fi connection.

Inside you will find a rack perfect for drying various clothing and shoewear.

Best electric

Best For Its Value

Amana 6.5 Cu. Ft. 11-Cycle

The optimal model to choose for any budget. This simple model will do the job just as well as any other.

It has an excellent value for a dryer under $700, with simple settings that are easy to use for anyone.

It has three different heat settings that integrate into shorter or longer cycles, depending on the type of laundry prepared to dry.

The machine is perfect for those that do not have substantial loads, as it’s slightly under the standard of being a full-size model.

Best Overall Electric Dryer

GE – 7.8 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle Model with Steam

This model has impressed me with its features for the price it demands. Its modern look and features overcome many available models accessible in the same price range.

GE stands to impress us once again with all the characteristics the model has to offer, such as:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Solid drying performance results
  • Quiet cycles
  • Outstanding Control Panel
  • New, improved model

It can become difficult to tell which model you own if you do not know from the start. The gas pipe is generally situated at the back of the machine, making it hard to check.

Still, there are some steps you can follow to find out your model’s type.

It would be best to look for a gas line connected to a shut-off valve.

Things to consider

TypeThere are several main types of dryers: gas dryers, electric dryers, and ventless dryers are some of them.
SizeDryers come in different sizes. They’re measured in cubic feet determining the size. Get one that matches your laundry room and the amount of laundry you typically do.
CapacityConsider the capacity of the dryer. It influences how much laundry it can hold at once. A larger capacity may be more efficient if you have a lot of laundry. However, it may not be needed for everyone.
FeaturesDryers can come with a variety of features. Multiple drying cycles is an option, as is a wrinkle-preventing setting. Some come with a steam cycle. Some are important to you, and some you may not be willing to pay extra for.
Energy efficiencyEnergy efficiency is an important factor to consider when buying a dryer. An Energy Star rating is worth looking for and can save you a lot of money.
PriceDryers can range in price from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. The features they have influences the price.
new washing machine and dryer


You should first determine which type of primary energy source your appliance could use. Starting with that, weigh the best possible options that you have. It would be best if you did that determined by your budget and possibilities.

Choosing the electric model will save you the initial investment and the trouble of connecting to a natural gas pipe.

Investing in a gas model will save you more money and time in the long run.

From now on, it’s up to you!

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