Email Newsletter Statistics That Will Make You Shift Your Marketing Efforts

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You’ve been told that converting cold traffic is hard. It’s incredibly hard. We’re put in front of endless ads every single day. Most people’s ads don’t stand out.

Email newsletters have many advantages, and it shows in their statistics. It will make you question your current marketing efforts.

Why aren’t you putting more energy into converting your existing audience into active users? Why aren’t you getting more revenue from them? 

The easiest user to make more valuable are the ones that trust you already. There’s a reason why major companies are doing so much email marketing – and in a big way.

Did you know that 40% of B2B marketers have indicated that email newsletters are the most important part of their content marketing plan?

It’s a great way to nurture leads. 31% of the B2B market says it’s the best way to do so. Before someone buys your product, they need to trust you. 

Email newsletters have an advantage over other ways of getting in front of potential buyers. Your content is being put in front of the prospective buyer often. They’ve consented to get your content, and you’re slowly winning their trust. 

Find out how often you’re sending out content. You don’t want to burn out in the process, but it’s got to be sufficiently often that you stay top of mind. The prospect must keep being reminded that you’re a good option to purchase from. 

If they don’t trust you, you won’t get their money. 

High open rates

Did you know that newsletters get opened 22% of the time? It may seem low, but it isn’t. Ecommerce stores consider a 1% conversion rate good. A 5% conversion rate is phenomenal.

 If you have an email list of 150,000 prospects, that’s 33,000 people that see your content as soon as it’s published. 

79% of B2B marketers believe it’s the most effective way to distribute content. It’s not just about distributing content but about proving that you’re a thought leader. 

Maybe you’ve got a $1,000 course. 5% of 33,000 people buy it, and you’ve just made $1.65 million. That’s a number I wouldn’t mind adding to my bank account!

Send newsletters can serve a range of purposes. It can be used for lead nurturing or transactional purposes. It can also be a stand-alone action. 79% of companies that use newsletters use it for that, among other things. 

Everyone’s doing it. Are you?

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Oh, and 83% of companies with more than 100 employees send newsletters. Is your company missing out? Of small businesses, 64% use email marketing.

You’ll want to make sure you’re not overwhelming your audience. You won’t want them to get more content than they want, or they’ll simply unsubscribe. The magic number of newsletters will depend on your audience. 

When you start segmenting your audiences, that’s when it gets really interesting. Marketers that segment campaigns can increase their revenue by more than 700%.

Does it seem too complicated? Why would you even set these up? 

Maybe you own a dental clinic. Everyone’s supposed to go in to get their teeth checked twice a year. When you’re sending out a reminder that it’s been six months since their last visit, you’re not being annoying.

You’re simply looking out for your customer’s health. And your lining your pockets at the same time. 

Businesses commonly report getting as much as $42 in incremental revenue from every $1 spent in this marketing category. With that being the case, why aren’t you using it already?

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