What Size Drill Bit Should Be Used For A 10-24 Tap?

Several sizes of drill bits are available in the market, making it confusing to choose the one that works best for your application. Inexperienced or those lacking experience may have more trouble finding the correct size.

Moreover, the overall drilling process may feel daunting to many people. We suggest taking your time learning the processes and understanding the measurements.


The most common drill bit size used for a 10-24 tap is a #25 drill bit. As we tested various products, TEMO is our preferred manufacturer of best drill bits, which you can see below.

This article focuses on the 10-24 tap. We also added more details on related topics, such as how to drill and considerations worth knowing before starting the process. 

What is tap drill size?

Understanding the tap drill size is important because it is a foundation for everything you need to know about it. Getting a firm grasp of it is important because you will encounter this term several times throughout the article.


A tap drill is a tool that allows you to cut through the material, typically a metal, and form a cylindrical opening. Tapping comes after it, which is a cutting thread process inside a surface. Ultimately, it aims to create a hole that accepts the screw. The tap itself uses hard metal and has sharp threads. The driller needs to insert it in a hole to carve the threads in the inner surface of the cylinder. It forms the female part of the mating pair. On the other hand, we form the male part, a bolt or screw, using specialized dies on a pre-formed cylinder. We call this process threading.

The use of nuts, screws, bolts and other similar materials to lock or fasten things together has been around since the middle ages. Humans have long used these materials to lock two things in place. The earlier forms of these fasteners utilize wood, while modern ones leverage metal. The size of these fasteners is directly proportional to load, so an increase in load means an increase in size.

Machine shops use a hardened drill bit to pierce through a hole. The most significant factor in choosing the tap drill is selecting the correct size. Removing excess metal from the hole is essential to prevent additional cutting work, resulting in less stress on the tap. Manufacturers size the tap by diameter and length. The hole is narrower at the bottom and slightly wider at the top.

Several craftsmen nowadays can efficiently and effectively tap and thread through any material for custom work. The typical application is tapping holes for screws and nuts to fasten these pieces with other components. We match the tap to commercially available screws and bolts. 

Size for a 10-24 tap

Several sizes are available in the market, making it impossible to deal with everything. The #25 drill bit with a 5/32 inches diameter is the correct drill bit size for the 10-24 tap.

We recommend against guessing the size you need for a tap because it will lead to issues in the future. Getting accurate measurements will save you time and the possibility of getting into trouble. The thread count signifies the drill size.

The 10-24 tap offers two thread count varieties. However, the drill sizes for these are different, so be mindful when choosing what to purchase. Remembering each size is difficult, so we detailed everything in the following sections. 

Best products

We prepared a curated list of recommendations for the best drill bits for a 10-24 tap. All these products are on Amazon, so you only need to look at one place. Jumping through different sellers or websites is confusing, so looking into one place will save effort and time.

Amazon offers several options for its consumers, but the wide availability of choices makes it daunting. We guarantee you will find at least one product in the list below that will fit your needs.

TEMO 2-Piece Combination Set

The TEMO 2-Piece 10-24 Set uses high-speed M2 metal for aluminum, steel, brass, and copper. It does tapping, deburring, and drilling in one operation, so you do not need separate tools to do the job. The tapered design prevents over-drilling.

Its one-piece construction guarantees accurate drilling for the 10-24 tap size. It also has a self-centering split-point tip, preventing misalignments from occurring. We recommend using a cutting coil and cleaning it after use. When backing out, reverse the drill to pull it out.

TEMO also offers one of the best aftersales support thanks to its US-based customer service. They are available through phone, chat, email, or in-person assistance. The customer service center is in La Crosse, WI, as of the date of this writing.

We recommend checking the manufacturer’s website for updated information regarding aftersales support. These may occasionally change.

NameTEMO 2 pc 10-24 Combination Drill and Tap
Item Weight‎1 ounce
Product Dimensions‎3.5 x 4 x 0.25 inches
RememberCutting oil


  • The two components still worked after making a bunch of holes.
  • You get great value with this set.
  • They seem pretty durable.
  • They made a bunch of holes for us with no issues.


  • We don’t love that it’s not a household name brand.
  • Some customers didn’t have success with them lasted.
TEMO 2-Piece 10-24 Combination
Get what you need from the TEMO Store.

Drill America DWT57097

We can use the Drill America DWT57097 10-24 to create new threads or re-thread a jammed one. These come in three styles – taper, bottom, and plug.

  • Taper – The workpiece starts the thread square
  •  Bottom – The bottom of the hole generates the thread
  •  Plug – We use this in creating holes

Using a high-speed hand machine works best with this particular item. Some popular applications are CNC and general machine tapping. The durable construction promotes wear resistance, increasing its service life. 


  • They have a great selection.
  • The flute spiral point tap gets the work done.
  • It may just be the best-organized Amazon listing there is.


  • Customer support was less than impressive.
  • They may break if used wrong.
Try out this point tap.

Drill America POU10 24#10-24 and #25

The Drill America POU10 10-24 uses a black oxide coating, which is ideal for maintenance, production, and portable drilling. We recommend using it for CNC and general machine tapping.

The POU10 is compatible with plastic, wood, and metal materials. It also comes with a plastic pouch to keep everything safe and clutter-free. 

NameDrill America – POU10-24
Finish TypeUncoated
Item Dimensions LxWxH6 x 4 x 2 inches
MaterialHigh Speed Steel
RememberCutting oil


  • Here’s another option from Drill America.


  • We have the same notes from the previous product.
Drill America 
It's a trusted brand.

uxcell Machine

The uxcell has a thread length of 0.83 inches / 21 mm and a shank side width of 0.15 inches / 3.7 mm. It uses high-speed steel (HSS), which is durable and wear-resistant. It is best for cutting, tapping, and drilling aluminum plates, iron, and soft metal.

Users can drill a spiral point, straight flute, or spiral flute. These fall into two categories – machine and hand taps. This particular model does not have any coating and features the base substrate, making it suitable for general applications.


  • Great value
  • Great product


  • They’ve received really good reviews, but not very many of them compared to other stores.
  • The packaging was cheap, but it worked all right.
  • We wish the size were printed on them.
Uxcell Machine Tap #10-24
Uxcell can be the solution you need.

IVY Classic 06004 10-24 NC Combo

The design of the IVY Classic 06004 allows deburring, drilling, tapping, and countersinking aluminum, brass, plastic, and copper. Its construction uses tempered and hardened M2 high-speed steel for maximum durability and performance.

It has a split point of 135 degrees, allowing accurate self-centering. The tapered design prevents damage from the threads because of excessive drilling.

Name10-24NC Combo Drill/Tap Bit
Country of Origin‎China
Item Weight‎0.798 ounces
Material‎Alloy Steel, Brass
Product Dimensions‎2.15 x 0.3 x 0.3 inches
RememberCutting oil


  • It might be a bit more expensive but feels worth it.
  • It got the job done very quickly.


  • IVY Classic’s shipping was slow.
IVY Classic 06004 
Is the IVY Classic 06004 right for you?

Century Drill & Tool 95306

The Century Drill 95306 Machine Screw uses high carbon steel and precision cut threads for accurate threading. Its one-inch hex cross flat allows for a clean, precision cut through the material.

Century started manufacturing in 1940 and is one of the leading retail brands in the industry. The design of their products will withstand the most challenging applications. 


  • Here’s yet another great purchase from Century Drill.
  • They worked as intended.
  • They didn’t break!


  • Make sure to use oil.
Century Drill & Tool 
Get your home improvement juices flowing!

What to consider

The most important consideration is selecting the correct tap drill, which includes knowing the tap size. We use it to cut the threads. Removing any excess metal is important because it prevents extra tap cutting. Why do we want to prevent it from happening? It can significantly increase stress on the tap, affecting its lifespan. 

Why make a pilot hole?

Drilling a pilot hole before using a nail or screw to join two or more parts together makes the process less complicated. It also prevents wood from splitting if your application is any wood type. 

How to get started

man using a drill

We recommend following the four steps below to drill a pilot hole into almost any application.

Step 1: Picking the correct size

Select the right size and type of drill bit for your fasteners and materials. Nails should use one with a slightly smaller diameter than the shank. On the other hand, screws should have a bit that matches the threaded portion diameter.

Step 2: Mark and measure the pilot hole location.

Marking where your fastener will go is important to avoid drilling at the wrong location. Measure the workpiece from edge to edge. Draw short lines at the intersection point, marking the center of the pilot hole.

Step 3: Load the drill bit into the chuck

Load the drill bit into the chuck, holding it in place. Do not forget to tighten it, ensuring everything is secure and in the center. Switch the driver setting to drill, which likely has an icon.

Step 4: Make the pilot hole

Set the drill direction forward and get a firm grip on the trigger. It should have a perpendicular alignment to the surface. Pull the trigger gently to start off slowly.

How to use 10-24 taps?

drill bit

Here are four easy steps you can follow when using the 10-24 tap.

  1. Know the dimensions and choose the correct drill size.
  2.  Use clamps to hold the material in place, preventing rotation and slippage.
  3.  Apply masking tapes to the material surface, marking the drill location.
  4.  Position your drill at a 90-degree angle, ensuring it is perpendicular to the material.

We suggest using scrap material if you are new to this space.

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