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We all know a good home is because of the people in it. But what’s severely underestimated is the power of really pretty curtains! We’ve got you covered if you’ve got a new home to do up or are looking for a do-over.

You’ve got the perfect curtain length guide and rules. Standard and size charts are all right here. How long should the curtains be? How many are enough? We answer these basic questions right here.


The most common standard lengths for curtains are 84, 96, and 108 inches. The two most important curtain rules are to not hang them too low and making sure they’re long enough. With the curtain guide and & chart below, you’ll be well on your way to a glorious home.

In this article, we also cover the following:

  • How wide should they be?
  • How to choose the right length
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What length do I need?

Word on the street is that your curtains need to graze the floor. But windows are different sizes! Apartment windows are different from penthouse windows and so on.

You’ll need to properly measure up the length of your requirement and get enough fabric for the perfect length. But when it comes to measuring: where do you start?

Here’s a tip: you want to go about 10 inches wider than your window. In terms of length, you want the rod to start 12 to 24 inches above the window trim.

Standard Length Guide

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If you don’t want to invest a large sum of money in custom-made curtains, you can always go with one of the standard curtain lengths! The sizes you will come across in the standard market are:

  • 63 inches
  • 84 inches
  • 94 inches
  • 108 inches
  • and 120 inches.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to take measurements. It just means rounding off to the closest standard size that’s available.

It’s the 108 inches and 96 inches that work well in most homes. Anything lower usually ends up looking funny.

Pro tip: you want a look of high and might with long curtains because it adds drama and accentuates high ceilings.

Curtain lengths size chart

Before we dip into sizes, you must know the terms of the market. A relaxed gather in your curtains refers to those spread widely across the rod. There won’t be as many folds, so you’ll need relatively less material.

But a full gather will have more folds on the rod and require more fabric. Now let’s look at the curtain length size chart to get the exact idea.

Curtain width (cm)Full gather pole length (cm)Relaxed gather pole length (cm)


Here are some more tips to keep in mind about the curtain length rules. However, remember that it also depends on the window size you’re working with.

1. Do not hang them too low.

Sure, puddle curtains are a thing. But not if you’re not able to keep up with the high maintenance it requires. You want yours to be half an inch above the floor.

That is enough to cover unwanted toddler paintings on the wall and ugly radiators. A short height can reduce the appearance of the ceiling by half instantly.

2. Make them wide enough

child looking out through curtains

Length is surely an issue, but width is even more so. Don’t go and bring the exact width of your window in curtain width too! Remember, they will fold over and sway in the breeze. You’re looking for something at least 5 inches wider than your window on either side.

3. Install the rod correctly

The rod also shouldn’t be the exact width of the window. It should be higher from the window by at least 12 inches and wider than your window frame. If you decide to open up a window one day and the rod comes in the way, you know you’ve gone too low.

4. Modify where required

Apron drapes are those that are worn like skirts on only the bottom halves of windows. These are more common around the kitchen areas. They can be placed in nooks and corners where light is more acceptable during the day. It includes places like a living room nook or dining table where you aren’t seated that long.

5. Don’t hold up on the fabric

You’re going to need as much as it is needed to cover the windows and add a dramatic flair. Since the rods will be placed higher up, your measurements need to add a couple more inches. It’s done to ensure the fabric doesn’t end up short.

6. Make sure they match the hardware and curtain rods

You’ll want a type and design that matches the hardware and curtain rods. Drapery should show the fullness of the curtains and window treatments provide. It should create a space where you feel at home, as if a designer lives there. The curtain panels play a role as well.

You might even make sure the linen, furniture, and pillows match. Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration, examples, & help. When you’re working with curtains, you’ve got more leeway than when you’re working with blinds.

Your options are many, depending on whether they’re for entryways or high-ceiling areas. Floor-length can be popular in bedrooms.

Some thing will look good on 14-foot ceilings, while others look better with 9-foot ceilings.

Here’s how you can get started:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to choose the right length?

  1. Mark up!

    You’ll need to decide if you want puddle length, aprons, window sills, or just plain floor length. Mark the wall with chalk where you want the bottom of the curtain to end. Now mark where you want the rod to go a couple of inches from the top of the window.marking up curtains

  2. Measure up!

    Get a metal measuring tape ready, and keep a ladder or stool handy. Now depending on what look, you’re going to start measuring from the top to the top of the window where the rod will go. Make sure to have a steady footing and not end up on the floor.measuring curtains

  3. Side to side!

    Now that the length is all set up, you can move on to the width. Decide whether you want a relaxed gather or a full gather in your panels. This will decide how much coverage you need. Make your marks for the width a couple of inches extra on either side of the window as curtains will never sit straight. They’re meant for flying! Now measure up and note down your measurements.side view of curtains

  4. Round up

    If you’re going for a customized drape, you can simply hand over these measurements to your upholstery shop with some added inches considering the gathering. Maybe you are going towards a standard cut to save the money and hassle. You’re going to need to round up to the closest standard size available. Take a look at our size chart to see what we mean.curtains

Short products we recommend

If your window isn’t nearly wall-sized, you will want short drapes, only enough to keep the sun out. These are also common in the bedroom for a cute cozy look.

One major advantage of these is that they don’t get dirty easily since they’re off the floor. Check out some of our personal favorites below.

1. Short privacy option by RYB Home

We can’t get enough of these! The colors have so much variety. You’ve got everything from Aqua, beige, and teal to the more risky lilacs and burnt orange. There are even burgundy reds.

Place them in your bedroom for a nice deep sleep without the sun disturbing you because 85% of the light is blocked out. You can also expect easy maintenance since a simple machine wash is the only thing required: no crazy expensive dry cleaning!

MaterialPolyester, Polyester Blend
Product Dimensions36″L x 42″W


  • They’re a great price.
  • These curtains feel of great quality.
  • They’re darkening properties are great.
  • The color is beautiful.
  • They do what we’d expect them to.


  • They’re not entirely darkening.
  • Some people have received ones that weren’t the right dimensions.
  • You may get better quality if you spend 3 times as much on other products.
They're available in any color you like.

2. Pony dance

These don’t just look great but are super-useful too! They’ve got amazing features like triple weave fabric and the ability to block harmful UV rays shining in your home. You can expect to sleep in a dark, cool room with the light blocked out and cool air conditioning temperature locked in.

The beautiful colors are endless, like Blue mist and olive green. They also have mocha and silver grey. All heights are available, ranging from 36″ in height to 84″.

ColorPure White
Item Weight1.52 Pounds
MaterialPolyester, Polyester Blend
Product Dimensions45″L x 42″W


  • They’re available in several colors.
  • They help keep the cold out.
  • They’re a great value option.
  • You’ll be happy with the purchase.
  • They were nicer than we expected.


  • The sewing is a bit basic.
  • They’re not complete blackouts.
  • They feel a bit cheap.
These are very decorative.

3. Amazon Basics with grommets

Step away from the boring solid curtains with dull tones. Bring in the Amazon basics lovely printed short blackout curtains in an array of patterns and colors. They’ve even got grommets to accommodate all your fancy rods. There’s a velcro tie if you want to pull them back during the day.

100% blackout ensures your beauty sleep is achieved. The best part – it’s got the technology to survive any season. It’ll keep your room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Isn’t that neat? If that doesn’t convince you, the 38K happy customers sure will.

BrandAmazon Basics
Item Weight2.84 pounds
Product Dimensions63″L x 42″W


  • They’re very effective at keeping the light out.
  • Very good quality for the price
  • We liked the light grey color.


  • They had a lot of lint on the first wash.
  • The material doesn’t seem machine-washable, although it’s claimed to be.
  • They were a bit wrinkled when we unwrapped them.
Amazon Basics 
Amazon's got you covered!

How wide should they be?

Consider that they should cover your window neatly and still put up a nice flair in the room with its gathered folds. They should be more than the measurement of the window.

As a rule of thumb, if you plan to close them during the night, get the fabric in double or even 2.5x the width of the window. It will drape nicely, and you won’t find yourself pulling them tightly shut at the slightest breeze.

If you plan to keep your drapes open and are just planning to do up the window a little, you can buy fabric that is 1.5 times the width of the window.

beautiful curtains

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