Million Dollar, Dorito Crack Chicken Casserole Recipe: How to Cook It

Today I’m sharing something very special with you. It’s not just any other dish you’re going to be making, nor is it just a dish that doesn’t have any type of history to it.

The recipe for million dollar, Dorito crack chicken casserole is one that has a lot of history. And before we get into cooking this marvelous treat, it’s important for us to really honor how it came about.

There are many recipe variations of a chicken casserole dish that will involve a bunch of different things like poppy seeds, tater tots, green beans, cauliflower, mushroom, sour cream enchiladas, ranch or Swiss cheese, however, none of them have quite the story that this dish does. Biscuits, broccoli or squash are also some of the common additions.

If you have previously had a chance to look at our country-style ribs, you will see that we go really deep when we find these dishes. We like to find things that the common family wouldn’t necessarily just stumble across on an ordinary day, and make sure that you understand the rich history.

We’re focused on finding foods that have rich histories where you can also learn more about the origins of it.

And the story of the million dollar, Dorito crack chicken casserole fortunately does not disappoint, nor does its recipe. It’s one that your entire family will love, and that you will be proud to pass down to your grandkids. While considered simply keeping this recipe to ourselves, due to its sheer deliciousness, we figured that it would be in the best interest of the world.

If the country you live in is experiencing a wide shortage of Doritos, there’s good news for you, too. You can make this with Ritz crackers instead, and it will be edible. It won’t be great, but it will be edible. There’s no denying that it simply comes out better when it’s been made with the right ingredients, and that includes Doritos.

Doritos on a white background

Just look at these beauties. Would you really want to be cooking chicken casserole without them? (The answer is no).

In order to truly gain a level of appreciation for this recipe, it’s important that we understand where it originated. While these are likely documents that will never be declassified, we have fortunately been to parts of the internet where it was revealed that this exact dish is responsible for peace in the universe.

If you are a non-believer, we fully get it. But we have strong reason to believe, as well as compelling evidence, that the universe would have been in trouble had this not been made published between the various empires of the universe.

(Somewhat) truthful history of this great dish

In order to fully get a grasp of what the story entails, we need to take a look at where it was developed. The first version of this chicken casserole was developed 17,000 years ago by emperor Chzao. He had just finished building the house he was planning on living in for the next 3,000 years before he was supposed to be passing on the throne to his heir.

See, emperor Chzao wasn’t just your average ruler of the time. He was the ruler of more than 7,000 planets with more than 200 different species inhabiting them.

When building his mansion, he had not wanted to build something cheap. He was on the market to build something that would be true to his legacy. Something that would withstand the test of time and something that would leave people talking about his reign for millions of years.

He had wanted something that could be replicated by no one, why he was working with the most renowned architect of the galaxy to create the blueprints for his castle. He wanted something that would make any other place look small, and he wanted something that could be seen from the neighboring planets.

While many different designs were considered, emperor Chzao and his architect finally settled on one. In fact, it is said that the emperor was the person who popularized the L-shaped design, which has since traveled many planets and grown in popularity.

Building his house took 300 years and the help of more than 1,000 workers. Each individual room has its own theme, and the emperor made sure that all the materials were sourced from the most exquisite places across the area that he ruled over. He was meticulous in ensuring that even the most minimal detail was taken care of, and before any room started construction, it was carefully laid out on parchment paper, in a fashion that resembled the use of today’s home design software.

In order to make sure that no one would build anything of equal importance, it was decided that they were going to build a palace of 5,000,000 square foot, which would be several times bigger than any of the other emperor’s castles at the time. It would be an undertaking no universe had ever witnessed, with an attention to detail that was unprecedented. The emperor wanted to build something that no one would ever imagine would be possible.

In a lot of ways, the construction of his palace would resemble the impressive way that the million dollar, Dorito crack chicken casserole is made.

He also wanted to create something that could withstand a potential revolution. It had to be so strong that no one would ever dare to question his rule, nor attempt to overthrow him.

In order to create a structure of such a magnitude, it was determined that the outer walls would be 15 feet thick and made of the strongest material available, with an anatomical structure much like that of today’s diamonds. It was then coated with a fire-resistant finish while made to be shiny, even in a world where light was a rare occurrence. Emperor Chzao was also known to be the first ruler of his galaxy to ban standardized testing, in a belief that every individual had to be cared for in an individual manner.

The emperor was ahead of his times in many ways and even allowed for workers to leave their jobs and rotate into other positions where they could find more happiness and satisfaction. It was perhaps because he focused so much on keeping his people happy that his reign succeeded in lasting thousands of years, allowing him to pass it on to his successor.

A betrayal

However, what many don’t know is that this casserole recipe was lost for hundreds of years, and it was all because of a betrayal that occurred within the emperor’s own ranks. He would have never guessed that his demise would have been initiated by the love of his life.

Since he had been a young boy, he had always had a raging crush on a girl that he used to play with. Despite his interest, princess Lola had never seen the emperor as more than a friend. One that she confided with every single day. In fact, the two had not spent a day apart since they were both very young children.

He would always invite her along whenever he was traveling the galaxy, and out of loyalty towards her best friend, she would never turn him down. He knew this about her. At a young age, she had had boyfriends, which young Chzao was never happy about.

In his mind, the two of them had always meant to be together, but despite being the heir to an already big empire, he had never managed to get the courage to act on his emotions. For a brief period of time, young Lola in fact had a crush on Chzao. When her mother passed away in a tragic accident, Chzao had been the one person who had been there for her.

He had believed that it would finally be the time when he would be able to win over her love, and while he had had the chance, he had never acted upon it. On his quest to win her love, he had lost her interest. She had always believed that he should have gotten the confidence to finally ask for her hand, but he was a romantic.

He believed that by teaching himself to cook, he could become the man she had always wanted. While he was a man who loved studying, his mom had taught him the importance of being able to cook a well-tasting meal.

Whereas others in his position would have simply used the servants he had available to him, Emperor Chzao took pride in his ability to cook. He was a man known to spend hours in the kitchen when he was having guests over.

And while he was also a man that built a castle that was unrivaled by anyone wanting to take his place, he saw himself as a humble man. He would spend hours every single day meditating, helping him find his inner peace.

With the power that Chzao had, also came the envy from others. Other rulers wanted the power that he had, and the legacy that he was going to leave, but Chzao took many precautions to keep himself safe. In his castle, he was practically untouchable. When he wandered outside, he would always be protected by the finest security team the galaxy had to offer.

He was aware that his power was attracting the attention of others, and that others wanted to take over for him. He was also aware that in order to be able to keep the power that he had amassed over the years, that he would need to develop strategic partnerships.

He knew that without alliances with the surrounding galaxies, some of which were controlled by other people, he would not be able to keep his power. During his later years, Chzao had grown content with the size of his empire as he knew that it would be very hard for anyone to amass the same power and influence that he had.

justice statue

He went into a part of his life where he wasn’t about amassing additional wealth and power, but he wanted to ensure that everything he had built wouldn’t simply go to waste when he was going to hand over the power to his successor. Little did Chzao know that him cooking his Dorito chicken casserole recipe was going to be what eventually led to the loss of the important document.

As he was getting older, he realized that his rule would start getting more threatened. He knew that while any one single contestant wouldn’t be able to overthrow him, that it would be possible to do so if all his competitors worked together.

He knew that by keeping them happy, but keeping them in check, he would have been able to keep his power.

Little did he know that it would in fact be the food that he served that caused him to lose his power, and lose the recipe.

He started doing annual meetings with his strategic partners. At first, many of them seemed convinced that meeting with your enemy would in fact be a bad idea. They did not originally see the benefit in meeting with forces that they were fighting wars with.

It became clear to him that the strength of the alliance was very much dependent on peace within a larger amount of his strategic partners. With peace between them, they were able to help each other out when it was needed. If there was a year of famine or in one kingdom, the alliance partners could help each other out by trading.

On years where there was an abundance, the favors were to be repaid.

However, the 100th year when Chzao was hosting these annual dinner meetings, he was committing the biggest mistake of his life. His wealth had grown over the years, and through trade, no one had experienced much hardship. While the intention of the alliance had been fulfilled, some of the partners had grown sloppy.

They were no longer taking the same safety measures to protect their kingdoms expecting the alliance to step in if they were ever in trouble. Additionally, Chzao had become more lenient in whom he invited along to the dinner meetings.

And it was that one very night that Chzao was to commit the biggest mistake of his life with the dish that he served.

magical night

Chzao would bring in entertainers from all over the galaxy to put on shows that most people could not believe. The talent was exquisite. On the 100th anniversary of his alliance, he decided to invite 100 partners.

This was the night when Chzao served his million dollar chicken casserole dish, as he had named it. He had jokingly said that he’d never part with the recipe or share it with anyone, not even if they offered him a million dollars for it.

In fact, when he served the chicken casserole, someone offered him a thousand dollars for it. He turned down this generous offer and told the offeror that the night was for entertainment and enjoyment only.

The offeror, emperor Khan, was not planning on taking no for an answer as he had fallen in love with the dish. He knew that he would need it if he was ever going to experience happiness again.

Khan knew that he could never be able to gain access to Chzao’s castle, even if he had a large army. He did, however, know that Chzao had a major weakness for the beautiful Lola. He had seen how she would stand by his side, and how he showered her with jewelry.

He also knew that Chzao kept the recipe in his bedroom, which was guarded by 20 of the strongest soldiers of the galaxy.

In the middle of the night Khan had Lola’s grandmother taken. His men informed Lola that she could never tell anyone and that she was going to have to gain Chzao’s trust so that she could steal the recipe from him.

Not wanting to betray her friend, Lola was hesitant. However, she also knew that she could never forgive herself if she didn’t do everything she could to protect her grandmother.

On a night where Chzao had had a glass of wine too many, Lola decided that it was time to act. She had been increasingly flirtatious throughout the night. As the night was nearing its end, she had gently kissed his neck, leading him to think he had finally won her love.

She invited herself into his room, and it didn’t take them long for buried emotions to present themselves.

In the morning, there was no Lola, and there was no recipe. The guards had simply she wandered off, hoping to catch some fresh air, but it was the beginning of the recipe going missing for several hundred years.

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