Ceiling fan rotation direction during the summer & winter

Keeping your house cool during summer and warm during winter becomes way easier if you have a ceiling fan. You may not know, but this unpretentious device is multifunctional. It will do a no worse job than an average air conditioner. From an economic point of view, it is better than any conditioning system because of its low energy consumption. 


The common practice is that you keep the ceiling fan’s rotation clockwise in the winter. The ceiling fan’s rotation should be counterclockwise in the summer.

As per our testing, clearly the winner ceiling fan is : Reiga 52 inch Silver Ceiling Fan

In the following article, we’ll also go over the following:

  • The best fans on the market
  • Why you should switch the direction during summer & winter

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50-inch ceiling fan

This little house appliance is often underestimated. After all, what can a little ventilator on the ceiling do? Surprisingly, it can manage quite a lot. You can see for yourself after discovering what that tiny motor housing switch is meant for. This and even more, you will learn after reading the following tips about the ceiling fan rotation direction for summer and winter.

There’s no need to pack your luggage and travel somewhere else. We’ll help teach you how to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

Which way should a fan spin in the summer and winter?

Here’s a small chart that shows which way a fan should spin in the summer and winter.

Fan spin Direction

What is the switch for?

big, outdoor ceiling fan

Even if you’re the owner of a fan, it does not save you from knowing little about what you keep in your house. It’s easy to guess how to turn on and off your ventilator, but those are not the only functions it can do. Maybe you look closely at the motor housing of your appliance. There is a switch that is meant to make blades spin in different directions. 

During the summer, your fan usually spins counterclockwise as it is its standard setting. When the season comes to an end, and there’s no need to cool your room, you may turn off the ceiling ventilator till next summer. However, there is still a chance to use this appliance and save money on heating during the winter. The small switch on the motor housing makes it move clockwise and functions not as a cooling system but as a heater.

Ceiling fan direction. Is it a myth?

brushed nickel ceiling fan

It may seem that the direction of spinning does not matter. In reality, each clockwise and counterclockwise movement has its own specific purpose. To tell you more, the way blades spin should be matched to the season you are in. It’s not a myth that the direction of the ceiling ventilator can and should be changed. You may also start doing so to get maximum efficiency out of your ventilating appliance.

Which way should it spin in general?

As you noticed, the fan does not have any cooling mechanisms to change the temperature of the air. Yet, having a ceiling ventilator in your room makes it cooler. The point is that there is no need for complicated and bulky cooling systems to be able to make you comfortable during summer. Knowing basic physics will be more than enough. 

ceiling fan laying down

That is what the fan uses during its operation. Hot and cold air is different in terms of their density. The special feature of hot air is that it always rises towards the ceiling. That happens because it’s lighter than the cold air, which always stays on the ground level.

Knowing that makes it easier to understand which way the blades should spin. Depending on what effect you want to get, you can choose the direction of rotation. The clockwise direction will make the hot air go from the ceiling area towards the bottom. On the contrary, the counterclockwise movement will make the air move up towards the ceiling and then return down. As the fan operates, the air constantly moves and its temperature decreases. 

In the summer

ceiling fan on the ground outside

Counterclockwise is the right way for the ventilator to spin during hot summer days. When the blades are constantly moving in that direction, the air in the room flows incessantly. It creates a pleasant cooling wind. The ventilator does not change the temperature in the room. Its only task is to move air from the ground towards the ceiling and then direct it through the walls back to the bottom. 

If you’re unsure whether your device spins in the right direction, you can stand under it and see if you can feel it blowing air. When the air seems still, that means the fan is spinning clockwise. If you sense the cooling wind, your appliance operates correctly.

How should a fan spin in the winter?

ceiling fan on the ground

If you think that a heater turned on at full power will make the room warmer during winter, you are deeply mistaken. It may increase the overall inside temperature, but ultimately all that heat will rise towards the ceiling. The smarter and energy-saving way to warm your apartment is to start using your ventilator for cooling and heating. 

To take advantage of this tip, switch your appliance to clockwise movement during winter. After doing so, you’d be happy to lower the thermostat setting because the high operating mode will be unnecessary. Remember that the ventilator should work at a low speed to move the air without making it cooler delicately.

What angle should the blades have?

ceiling fan

Even if the fan moves in the direction that fits your requirements, it does not necessarily mean you’ll get a desirable effect. The part that plays a major role in your ventilator’s efficiency is the angle of its blades. The blades should have a proper pitch between 12 and 14 degrees. Deviation from it will result in inadequate operation or damage to the internal parts. 

If the blades are too low, they will keep cutting the air without moving it in the right direction. That’s why if you don’t feel the cool wind while standing under the fan, it may mean not the wrong direction of the blades but their wrong angle. 

When the blades are positioned too high, they will meet resistance. As a result, the motor will burn out after some time of trying to conquer this resistance. Each case creates an unlucky scenario you would not want to deal with. That’s why you’d better check the blades’ angle to ensure they operate correctly.

How do I change the direction without a switch?

dismounted ceiling fan

Whether or not your fan has a switch and where it is located depends on the model you have. A ventilator without the ability to change spinning direction is extremely rare on the market. However, it is possible. You should check if the one you have is equipped with this function. 

Maybe you have a model that does not require a manual switch and has a wall panel. You’d be able to shift the blades’ movement just by adjusting the change-direction settings. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll need to climb up to the switch on the motor housing. Keep in mind that you should turn off the appliance before doing so to avoid any injuries.

When should I clean it?

two-blade ceiling fan

Like any other appliance in your home, a ceiling ventilator should be cleaned regularly. When you open the window, pollen and dust particles fly into the room and accumulate on the blade surface.

Not to mention how pets and different bugs tend to pollute the space. The more dust gathers in your room within a short period of time, the more often you should swipe all the surfaces with wipes. 

When it comes to the ventilator, you should not forget to clean it every week. If you don’t have time for deep cleaning with water and soap every so often, you can limit yourself to dusting. However, you must thoroughly clean at least once a month to ensure your appliances’ good operation.

Best ceiling fans

wooden ceiling fan

Maybe you have an old and unattractive fan that you have always wanted to change to something more glamorous and easy to operate. It’s time to go into action. Maybe you’re sick of having an appliance that needs to be manually adjusted to the right setting. 

When there are a lot of modern ventilators equipped with smart technology, there is no need to hold onto something that slowly vanishes in the past. In any case, you need a guide that will present you with the best ceiling fans available on the market. Keep reading to find the one you need!

SMAAIR 52-Inch

The SMAAIR ceiling fan has a gold housing and three black blades. It also has a light that you can change depending on your preference. There is an option of white light, warm light, or yellow light. No matter if you want your room to be gloomy or bright, SMAAIR will always give you the most comfortable light. 

This ventilator does not have a wall panel. It’s all because it uses WIFI instead of outdated technology. With this progressive appliance, you can transform your house into a smart house. SMAAIR works with different voice devices like Alexa, Google Assistance, and Siri. There is also the possibility of controlling it by using phone applications. 

Among all the advantages, SMAAIR has 10 speeds and a sleeping timer. It will allow you to turn off the fan automatically whenever you don’t need it to keep working. One of the features of this device you’d like more than others is its energy efficiency. It is 75 % better than a standard ventilator with an AC motor. After all, that being said, the SMAAIR Smart Ceiling Fan will be one of the best purchases you’ve ever made.

Number of Speeds10
Product Dimensions52″D x 52″W x 11.4″H
Special FeatureRemote Control
Wattage27 watts


  • We love the clean look.
  • It’s available in different colors and sizes.
  • It was very easy to connect to Alexa.
  • The gold look is our favorite.
  • The app and remote both work well.


  • We would love if the settings were saved with the light switch.
It's beautiful.

52 Inch Indoor Outdoor OFANTOP

The other smart device that will make your house more pleasant to live in is the OFANTOP modern ceiling ventilator. It comes in white and gold colors, giving your room a first-class look. This appliance has 3 dim levels and 3 light tones that are easy to change with the help of WIFI and Bluetooth functions. 

When it comes to the operation, it has 6 speeds and the option to change the direction of blade movement. This ventilator is not just easy to control but easy to install as well.

All you’ll need to do is follow the simple instructions. After a short period, you’ll have a new, attractive ventilator hanging on your ceiling. There is no need to hold onto your old ineffective device if you can buy a new OFANTOP Ceiling Fan. It will make your life easier and more pleasurable.


  • It’s very quiet.
  • The design works in a farmhouse home.
  • It works and looks good.


  • It was not the easiest to install.
  • Squeezing everything into the housing was tough.
It's a clean look.

Reiga 52-in Silver

Have you ever wished you could keep your fan turned on during the hot summer nights? The Reiga makes it possible as it has a silent motor that makes no disturbing noises during operation. You can use this appliance during different seasons as it has a two-way rotation function. It will reduce your utility bills significantly as there will be no need to use an air conditioner and heater constantly.

This device is controlled by a remote controller. It allows you to select the most comfortable lighting and even the operating time. If you don’t want your ventilator to work while you’re away, you can use a 1/3/6 hour sleep shutdown. It will turn off automatically after that time. The Reiga ceiling fan is not only multifunctional but also energy efficient. It will be a worthwhile addition to your home.

Fan Size52.00 inches
Material‎Alloy Steel
Special Feature‎Remote Control


  • It is a clean, metal look.
  • The dimmable lights work really well.
  • It’s also available in a wooden look.
  • Good remote
  • The LEDs are very bright.


  • It’s a bit pricey.
  • The instructions weren’t great.
It's sleek.

Honeywell 50608-01 Xerxes

The Honeywell Ceiling Fan has 8 blades with a soft gray oak color on one side and a dark oak color on the other. You can turn it to whenever side best suits the interior of your room. You will not have any trouble with settings because Honeywell has three speeds necessary for effective work. 

It’s usually difficult to find a ventilator that can be installed on an angled ceiling. Honeywell has no problem with any type of surface. With additional brackets, it can be hung on your angled ceiling as well. You can control your ventilator using a remote controller or smart technology assistance. If you want to have a stylish device to cool your house in the summer and keep it warm in the winter, Honeywell is your choice.


  • It’s available in several colors.
  • Honeywell is a trusted brand.


  • It’s a look you either love or hate.
  • The fans are not made of real wood.
  • We had some trouble with the remote.
Honeywell is a trusted brand.


Maybe you are looking for a noiseless and fashionable ventilator for your home. The Warmiplanet Ceiling Fan is what you should consider buying. This appliance comes in a stainless steel color and has a dimmable light. You can choose the temperature and brightness of light with the remote controller. There would be no need to climb towards the motor housing to switch the direction of blade spin. All the settings that you’ll need are already on the push-button control. 

If most of the rooms in your house have low ceilings, it won’t be an issue to hang a Warmiplanet there. This and other advantages will make your life much easier when you purchase a Warmiplanet fan.


  • It’s a very clean look.
  • The dimmable LED light looks great.
  • The motor is very quiet.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • It was easy to install.


  • The remote isn’t the best.
  • We don’t like the other variations of this fan.
Receive it tomorrow.

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